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Sananda's Insight: The Light Wins!

Sananda's Insight: The Light Wins!

Turn to your heart and your soul. Free your fears and the fear issues that come to you around the world will not be able to harm you. The ruling elite will eliminate itself. Their power has long since been taken away, and their intentions are showing their frightening effect for the last time.

What is currently happening on Earth?

What is behind it as events unfold before your eyes like a reel until everything unfolds before you?

So what is the current state of the planet and where does it seem to be going?

Seems, yes! Because “deviations” cannot be predicted, but the possibilities and the tendency can be clearly seen.

Let us now turn to this question.

First of all, let me say: You are on the way back into the light! That is certain and cannot be changed.

But it is precisely this “shaking”, these shocks, that scare you and keep the worry alive in many people. Worry about the future and what could come next. This concern is justified, but it is by no means an expression of certainty from the knowledge that things will get worse than they currently are.

This concern is understandable from today's perspective and from your perspective, but in the context of timeless existence this concern does not exist.

The strife, the wars, the discontent of peoples, the manipulation of humanity, the climatic conditions, natural disasters, suffering and misery, in a personal and global context - all of this makes your concerns seem plausible and understandable.

Please see through what is being played here and I will provide the knowledge of the current situation of Gaia and the humanity living on it.

The divine light breaks through!

That is a fact and truth. Any other information about it is meaningless and misleading. The light will heal and redeem everything. God's grace is effective and the earth is healthy: sustainably and forever!

This should be made clear here, because this will make it easier for you to get through this time.

The “final battle” is currently taking place. There's no better way to describe the current state: final battle.

Through the breakthrough of divine light, invisible to most people, each and every one of you becomes awake, clarified and awakened.

This has been going on for years and nothing can stop it. The light finds its way into people's hearts!

So what does that mean and what impact does it currently have?

All dark forces have pooled their energies. More than ever, they are aware of their situation and are doing everything they can to keep control. As an example, I would like to cite the renewed commitment to nuclear energy. An energy that you cannot control and that is now celebrating a “resurrection”. This is intended to achieve two things:

Further stoking fear. Because everyone knows that such a power plant is a ticking time bomb, and so these paralyzing fear energies are maintained. And the absolute turning away from “free energies” – energies that are freely to every available person from the ether. The technology for this has long been available and these systems could immediately create a completely new living situation for people.

Free energy means freedom.

Those who are currently successfully preventing this know this, and their insatiable lust for power, their hunger for power and control, are preventing the release of these life-giving energies to people.

No manipulation could be effective anymore, and people would be self-determined through unrestricted (also free) access to this energy from the ether.

The pressure to survive that exists due to this artificially maintained lack evaporates immediately when there is no longer any connection with the acquisition of it that threatens human existence.

Imagine if you could all receive energy freely, free of charge, unlimited and tailored to your needs. A vital industry that keeps people fearful and dependent would become obsolete, overnight.

The energy supply on earth is one of the greatest crimes of those who are still clinging to power!

Free energy creates free people. Your income wouldn't disappear because heating, cars, in short: electricity for everything, would be free. This is the first big step that humanity is now taking.

But the old forces still prevent this and make you believe that they are looking out for your well-being. They make you believe that there are no other ways to solve the energy problem than what they offer you. Again and again until you resign and surrender.

They lie and abuse their power! They are the destroyers of Mother Earth and nothing is sacred to them because they are separated from the light that they are. Therefore, there is not a shred of responsibility or compassion in the hearts of these people.

Love is foreign to them because they are cut off from life. They can be called “messengers of doom,” but these messengers will fall. They will fall and be led to repentance. But at the moment it doesn't look like it!

Great storms are coming, but the storm will sweep away those who called it, those who invited these forces, because their intentions will be against them!

Do not be afraid, you people from existence! Even if threatening clouds gather: you are protected! The clouds will disperse and the sun will illuminate everything. The dark forces' grand plan has failed! They still don't want to admit it, nor are they spreading fear and terror. But their time is up.

They are currently rearing up again and people are being kept dependent on various levels, economically, socially and through religion. The freedom that God has given you as a basic right, since you are free, self-determined gods, is still being withheld from you. They are resisting it with all their strength so that they can continue to enslave you, lie to you, mistreat you and cheat you.

I guide all children of light to follow me. To hear my call and receive this message. Nothing can happen to you because the light has already broken through and the time of joy and blessing is beginning to unfold. The traits within you, the qualities that you possess, are becoming more and more apparent, and the new earth is taking shape.

I guide you to remain calm and at peace!

No matter what current shocks come to light on a political, economic and religious level. The horror of her intentions now becomes apparent until it turns against her.

They still manage to stir up fears, but there is only a very short time left for this. The solution to the energy question will send a powerful signal, and that is imminent. The wars, injustice and destruction that have caused this issue will cease, and people will taste the taste of global peace for the first time.

But what can you do now to make your contribution so that the new reality spreads to Gaia as soon as possible?

Stay in peace. Stay in love. And: CALL THE LIGHT!

Don't give any weight to the dramas around you.

Feed on the light of God and live life through His love. Nurture your longing for your home in heaven, and you will establish heaven on earth.

The time for noisy revolutions is over. Today the significant changes are happening quietly. In the depths of every heart a new life can grow.

Turn to your heart and your soul. Free your fears and the fear issues that come to you around the world will not be able to harm you. The ruling elite will eliminate itself. Their power has long since been taken away, and their intentions are showing their frightening effect for the last time.

Center yourself and remain in God!

Trust your inner guidance and trust that nothing and no one can harm you. All the crimes of this time will pass you by without a trace if you do not waver in the knowledge of your existence. So you walk on earth according to your orders.

Recognize that it is fear that is being spread across the board to keep you away from your abilities. Recognize that and draw conclusions. Don't be afraid any longer!

Your nature knows no fear. Awaken and you are free. Your inner transformation transforms the earth. Worry about your existence on this planet is also a mirage that will disappear as soon as you have clarity about yourself. New spirits that were long thought to be expelled are looming threateningly in front of you, but I tell you:


As of today, let it be proclaimed: Freedom will prevail at all levels, and human slavery is over!

I am Jesus Christ, the Consciousness Sananda,
and I am with you. All the time.

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