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Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara

According to the post-1900 publications of Theosophy, i.e. the writings of C. W. Leadbeater, Alice A. Bailey, and Benjamin Creme, as well as the Ascended Master Teachings of Guy Ballard, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Geraldine Innocente, Joshua David Stone, and other Ascended Master Teachings teachers, Sanat Kumara is an "advanced being" at the ninth level of initiation who is regarded as the Lord or Regent of Earth and of humanity, and the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah, a city said by Theosophists and those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings to be a floating city the on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert.

It is believed by these authors that he is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, which is composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom (called in the Ascended Master Teachings Ascended Masters) and volunteers from other worlds who have joined together to advance spiritual evolution on Earth.The One Who is known as Sanat Kumara is The Head of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth. He has variously been called The One Initiator, The Youth of Endless Summers, The Fountainhead of The Will, The Ancient of Days (in the Bible), and The Lord of The World. Prior to coming to this planet, He had lived 900,000 lives throughout the universe, many of them as planetary saviors and lives of leadership for planetary civilizations. Approximately 18 million years ago, The Solar Logos (The Creator of this system of planets) was considering the dissolution of Planet Earth because the evolutionary progress of the planet and her life-forms was going so poorly, and the planned advancements were not occurring.

Sanat Kumara, Who was The Spiritual Leader and Lord of The World for the Planet Venus agreed to come to this planet to place it on an evolutionary path more commensurate with The Plan of The Solar Logos. In passing, it should be said that the very advanced civilization on Venus was at a much higher Dimensional Level than can be seen by the telescopes of our astronomers. Out of loving compassion and in a sacrificial act of monumental magnitude, Sanat Kumara came to this dark and laggard planet 18 million years ago along with an Entourage of 104 Great Beings Who are called The Lords of The Flame in the occult literature of Master Djwhal Khul.

The Spiritual Hierarchy and Great White Brotherhood were formed at that time, and the focus of their presence and the center of their activity was called Shamballa, The White Island, in what was then the Gobi Sea and what is now the Gobi Desert of Western China. Sanat Kumara could come no lower in physicality than The Aetheric Level and there remained in His aetheric body. His immediate circle was comprised of 6 Kumaras, 3 Exoteric Kumaras (or Buddhas of Activity) and 3 Esoteric Kumaras about Whom very little is known. The rest of The Lords of The Flame then made up The Spiritual Hierarchy of that time and served the purpose and the intentions and the plans of Sanat Kumara.

The One Who is called The Planetary Logos is The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara, The 1st Kumara, and That One is called The Silent Watcher and The Great Sacrifice. All of life on this planet is held within The Aura and The Consciousness of The Planetary Logos. The energies of The 7 Rays are received by The Planetary Logos from The Solar Logos and passed on to Sanat Kumara for distribution to The Lords of The 7 Rays and their Departments where they are qualified and transmuted for the benefit of all The Kingdoms of Nature on the planet and for furtherance of The Evolutionary Plan.

The coming of Sanat Kumara produced an extraordinary stimulation in the evolutionary process by his methods of force distribution and greatly accelerated the evolution of all life on the planet. The germ of mind of Animal Man received stimulus and became a fit receptacle for self-conscious entities (Souls) to incarnate in, and The Human Kingdom thus came into being, and the self-conscious, rational unit of Humanity began its career. All of the other Kingdoms of Nature received similar extraordinary stimulation for advancement.

Sanat Kumara established The Path of Initiation during mid-Atlantean Times as the surest and most efficacious method for spiritual advancement of the sentient life on this planet, and that is The Path followed by all whether they are aware of it consciously or not. He is called The One Initiator because He approves and oversees those step-wise advancements in consciousness called Initiations. Lord Maitreya is The Hierophant at the first 2 Initiations (although Sanat Kumara is there at a Higher Level). Then Sanat Kumara is The Hierophant beginning with The 3rd Initiation, which is considered the first Major Initiation by The Hierarchy. His Rod of Initiation is called The Flaming Diamond.

I realize that this is a very brief introduction to The Great Being Who has been with this planet for millions of years out of sacrifice and love for its evolutions, but in its brevity, I thought I could capture more attention and spread the word a little further about The Magnificent One Who has brought this darkened planet from near dissolution 18 million years ago to the very threshhold of an Era of Peace, Love, and Harmony during which there will be stupendous achievements brought about by The Human Race. All of life on Planet Earth owes a debt of gratitude to The Youth of Endless Summers.

Sanat Kumara is a manifestation of God, a spiritual being of great light. He is known as the Ancient of Days, the Eternal Youth, the Regent Lord of the World and ruler of Shamballa. He is also one of seven holy kumaras referenced in sacred scriptures.

Sanat Kumara is the bearer of fire. Leading the armies of heaven, he takes up serpents in order to bring peace. He represents the Rose Cross and the Ruby Cross. His emblems are the Flying Eagle (the elevated glyph of Scorpio) and the Yule Log, which symbolizes the rekindling of the threefold flame in the heart of man. In some cultures, he is associated with the symbol of the fish, with the water of life and with the Pleiades. 


Sanat Kumara and 144,000 Lightbearers

The following is a true story about a dark period in the history of the planet. It is about an Ascended Master named Sanat Kumara and 144,000 lightbearers.

Sanat Kumara, also known as the Ancient of Days, is the Hierarch of Venus. Long ago, around the time of the caveman, Sanat Kumara came to the earth to keep the flame of life (thethreefold flame) for everyone on the planet. This was during the earth’s darkest days when the consciousness of the people had fallen to an all time low and no one honored God or the inner flame of the heart. It was such a dark time that a council of the Cosmic Hierarchy convened to discuss what could be done. Sanat Kumara convinced the council to let him come saying he would keep the flame of the heart on behalf of the people until at least some started doing it for themselves. He was granted this request and prepared to go into exile when 144,000 lightbearers from Venus volunteered to come and support him in the mission.

A special envoy went ahead to build the retreat of Shamballa on an island in the Gobi Sea. Today we know this area as the Gobi Desert. Sanat Kumara placed a focus of the inner flame (threefold flame) on the altar where it remained in the physical for many centuries. Although Sanat Kumara resided in this retreat he did not embody in the physical and remained in his higher body of light. In subsequent lifetimes he did embody. What this master did was truly beautiful and demonstrates the love of an Ascended Master of Light for all of us. He anchored a filigree ray of light from his heart to each heart on the planet and continuously nourished it plus assisted everyone to be quickened by the consciousness of the Christ. After a period of time people began to respond and finally some of them started raising their consciousness and developing their inner flame. This allowed Sanat Kumara to return home to Venus.

Many of the 144,000 lightbearers who were part of the original mandala are still here today. Some have returned home and others got sidetracked or entangled in karma. Today, we have the opportunity to once again pick up where we left off on the path of initiation with the masters. To assist us they have provided the teachings and the tools we need to successfully make the journey home. If you feel a tug on your memory, you might just be one of them!


The Legend of the Ancient of Days

A long time ago
On a star far away
A great council assembled
In solemn array.

The question weighed heavy
On everyone’s mind—
T’was the fate of the Earth,
What to do with mankind.

The planet was burdened
With discord and strife
Human beings had forgotten
The purpose of life.

They had even begun
To walk down on all fours
In their eyes and their souls
God’s great light shone no more.

“Earth must be dissolved,”
The cosmic council decreed
“Her energy returned
To the great primal sea.”

I, Sanat Kumara
Arose from my chair
And invoked Opportunity
From those who were there:

“Let us give them a chance
And perhaps over time
These ones will remember
They once were divine.

“I will show them the way
I will be the front line
And bring mercy to Terra
If you would change your mind.”

“My Son,” said an elder,
“You know the law well—
You will be tied to Terra
Until your ranks swell.

“To win back her people
The flame in your heart
Must inspire them to love
And become Freedom’s Star.

“These are new beginnings
For children of man
By your grace we do grant them
A fresh divine plan.”

I gratefully knelt
Before the Great White Throne
Where the Nameless One blessed me
As I left for home.

“My son, they will call you
The Ancient of Days
To the Great Spirit in you
Give glory and praise.

“You are known throughout cosmos
For your eternal youth
May your Word now spring forth
Like a fountain of truth.

“I anoint you with Spirit
The ark of the covenant
And the embodied Lamb.”

On my shoulders descended
A mantle of light
Power, glory and honor
Love, wisdom and might.

I bid the council adieu
And returned to my star
Where fair Venus awaited
With Holy Kumaras.

Winged messengers had announced
The cosmic council’s decision:
That Earth was now granted
A new dispensation.

Our daughter Meta greeted
Me home with a kiss.
“Father, we’re thankful,” she said
“For your courage and faith.”

Though we rejoiced that night
In a grand ball reception,
Our hearts were weighed down
By a measure of sadness.

The pain of separation
Could not be eclipsed
As we thought of the loved ones
We most surely would miss.

Many eons would pass
Before we’d meet again
Our mission accomplished
Our victory at hand.

Twilight dropped upon us
A blanket of peace,
Our twin star gently twinkled
With ethereal surcease.

Then I looked to the mountains
And to my surprise,
Mine eye caught a spiral
Of light hovering nigh.

T’was the souls of my children—
Hundred forty four thousand
Approaching our palace
With joyful compassion

The anthem of brotherhood
That echoed below
Still rings clear through these valleys:
Solstice Ode to Joy.

They reached for our balcony,
Stopped, lifted their eyes,
Then stepped forth to address me
’Neath violet skies.

I saw in their leader
My beloved son
Whose loyal steadfastness
Was rivaled by none.

“Our Father,” he said,
“We have heard of your plight.
We will not let you down,
We will fight the good fight.

“We will prepare the way
We will help tend the flame
We will spread love and light
We will speak in your name.

“We will be at your side
When you enter the fray;
We will go first to Earth,
To keep evil at bay.”

Their love was so touching
Their service so rare
We were moved beyond words
By their life-giving prayer.

These hundred forty four
Thousand, my lady and I
Wept together for joy;
Angel legions stood by.

Then I called from among them
An hundred forty four
To become our forerunners
In this epic untold.

The veil was now drawn
The heaven world left behind
Clothed in bodies of flesh
They were born of mankind.

Neither castle nor palace
Would be their Earth home
Rather shacks, caves and huts
Humble hearths carved of stone.

They waxed strong and matured
In the ways of their kin
Yet their souls would oft stir,
With an urge to transcend.

T’was a deep inner memory
That could not be erased
A magnificent city
That would now be their fate.

Came a day they set forth—
Friends and family behind,
To sail for blue horizons
And seek holy ground.

Hearts brimming with passion,
Pressing on day and night,
Only intuition to guide them
Toward the appointed site.

From four corners of Earth
These great pilgrims arrived
Mighty warriors of spirit
Crossing lands, seas and skies.

The Gobi Sea was the place
Destiny had assigned
For these men to accomplish
Their purpose sublime.

The pilgrims had reached
Their final destination
Then one among them came forward
To speak of a vision:

“A resplendent white city
Is ours to erect
Reminiscent of Venus ’n
Divine architects.

“On a lush, verdant island
Seven temples our feat
Focusing sacred fire
In alabaster retreats.

“A beautiful bridge
Will be our first task
Over sapphire blue waters
Where others can pass.

“Fashioned with pure white marble
Engrained with finest gold,
Lined with sweet cherubs carved
Mem’ries of days of old.”

By the sweat of their brow
Initiating the task
They hauled rocks, stones and metal;
Nine hundred years passed.

Down from neighboring hills
Savage hordes would attack
To destroy what was built
Cosmic goal now set back.

Determined and constant
The pilgrims kept their pace
Lifting up from the rubble
Planting trees in its place.

At the top of the island
The main temple was raised
Where Sanat Kumara’s
Blessed feet one day would graze.

Twelve marble steps
Leading up to the throne
That was framed with perfection
By a high gilded dome.

A massive gold door
Shimmering rays in the sun
Like a gigantic mirror
To welcome each one.

Tall trees lined the path
Leading up to the gate
Reflecting pools, rainbow fountains
Vibrant floral parquets.

A sacred space was created
Where brotherhood shone
The builders called it Shamballa
To remind them of home.

The task was completed
The altars were groomed
With delicate flowers
Picked from most fragrant blooms.

Sanat Kumara would come now
For time had run short.
To depart unto Earth
With his devoted court.

He bid his lady farewell
In a poignant embrace
And ascended o’er Hesperus
Into stellar space.

The souls that convened
Offered sweet hymns of praise
And he blessed them sincerely
With affectionate gaze.

Then to their amazement
Midst a brilliant light trail
He vanished away
Like a comet’s vast tail.

In Shamballa the builders
Waited with bated breath
For their lord to appear
So to give Earth a rest.

The birds hushed their singing
The seas ceased their sway
And all nature grew silent
On this momentous day.

Slow and majestic
His feet touched the ground
Then all life felt his presence
Though there was not a sound.

Fresh peace, hope and comfort
Each troubled soul stilled
As his Great Spirit swept
Over woods, lakes and hills.

Withered flowers that drooped
With new strength raised their heads,
And the laughter of children
Was heard once again.

The builders were happy
They wearied no more
And knelt in Thanksgiving
To honor their Lord.

Then upon the altar
The Ancient of Days
With a powerful fiat
Invoked a dazzling flame.

Threefold and immortal,
Pink, Yellow and Blue
Fount of love, wisdom, power
Precious life renewed.

From each flickering plume
Flashed forth filigree threads
To connect each one’s heart
In a mystical web.

The crisis was over
The planet sustained,
And the Earth was redeemed
For a new golden age.

Now the end of this story
Is yours to create
As you search in your soul
For the keys it contains.

Close your eyes, try to see
Your mighty threefold flame
Anchored deep in your heart
’Tis your spiritual claim.

Pulsating, blazing
It waxes and spins
Helping you find your mission
So you too can ascend.

© 2004 Therese Emmanuel Grey


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