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Sanat Kumara - You Are The Creators Of Your Lives

Sanat Kumara - You Are The Creators Of Your Lives

The problems that you have set on your way already have the answers within them, along with the perfect solution.

Greetings dear hearts! I AM Sanat Kumara, I AM Raj, Holder of the Planetary Logos, teacher of the Universal Laws, your family and your friend.

I come today to address all of you in this forum and beyond, for many of you are asking your higher selves, and the Council of Love, how to integrate the love that you feel while meditating, or tuning into the 13th Octave, and communing with the higher realms. How do you bring that pure love and peace into the world? How can you be the love that you know that you are in every moment of your journey, regardless of the twists and surprising turns, and some of the low vibrational encounters you experience? How do you permanently align with the Universal Laws of Love?

And I am saying to you that this is very simple, but requires your constant awareness as you feel into what your bodies – physical, emotional, mental and energetic ones – are constantly communicating to you. It is necessary that you pay attention, and then recognize that which is causing a lowering of your vibration and a shift into a state that it is less than pure joy and love.

Furthermore, you need to take some type of action to release and remove the culprit, these dense energies, and to bring yourselves back into the peace and love of your hearts. The goal is to be constantly in a state of excitement for the life that you have prepared and set up for yourselves, and not in a state of dread and fear of what might be challenging you on a certain day in the future.

You see, you are not a victim of circumstances, you are the creators of your lives. This statement alone should make you feel strong and resourceful enough so that you understand that the problems that you have set on your way already have the answers within them, along with the perfect solution.

So many times you get entangled in the false routines and busyness of the old paradigm, and then, when you get overwhelmed you return to your prayers, or take a short break and meditate, or you even manage to put together a small vacation in the hope that you will recover your balance and replenish your energies. This is not meant to be said in a critical way, but even when you have a set routine of daily meditation and communication with your guides and the Council of Love, that peace and serenity that you are gaining while in this process is temporary and fleeting, because you seem to be unable to bring it in and maintain it while engaging in life…and yes, it includes your nighttime journeyings.

Dear hearts, that is so because you tend to allow distractions to take you off course. And that may include doing work or getting busy helping and being nice by taking on others’ problems and solving issues that are not meant to be yours. It feels great to be of assistance and to teach others what you have learned through hard work, but be vigilant when that becomes a way of avoiding seeing your own unresolved issues, even when it seems that they are minor and can wait for a while.

Become aware of your energy field, be a great steward of what comes in and how much is going out. Strive to be in balance and to constantly expand your light and love, for this is the core of your service and Divine plan.

In a more practical way, it is very obvious to me that you are always setting the intention to be love and to be in your sacred purpose, to nourish everyone with your smile, kindness, and light. But, do you take the time to see why you feel irritated while talking to your spouse, or a parent, or a neighbor, or simply at the thought that you have to go to work every day? You brush them off and do not look deeply enough to find out what it is that needs to be worked on within so that you can remain happy and excited about your day. You “power through” and set all these issues aside, and move on by getting busy to earn a living and, I must say, to receive love and acceptance from others.

Calling on the Laws of Love always helps you to get clarity and insight about what needs to be transmuted, or changed, or balanced and completely discarded from your life. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy and wordy process, it can be done in a few seconds, in silence, by paying attention to your feelings and physical signs.

Take the actions needed to remove the blockages and the obstacles in your way, in the way of loving and appreciating yourselves, for this is the only work that you have to do. You do not have to earn your love, for you are lovable, and loved beyond your imagination. Love yourselves sincerely and unconditionally as you do all this work, and see how everything else – inspiration, abundance, joy, and love – will flow smoothly to you and through you!

I will leave you now with my love, deep respect, and admiration for your stalwart service! Farewell!

By Permission. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.
© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.
This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

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"Life is an echo, what you send out comes back."

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