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Serapis Bey: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fifth Round

Serapis Bey: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fifth Round

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Planet Earth! I AM SERAPIS BEY!

Once again, I am here with you on this Journey of Forgiveness so we can accomplish it together one more round.

This is a significant journey because of its implications for you and the whole planet. Liberation, the dissolution of the bonds between souls, is a highly complex process but with a fantastic result. Why is severing the ties so important? Every soul, even disembodied, is capable of the knowledge of all it has done, good or evil. Let us define evil here as attitudes contrary to oneself and to others.

So the soul, having all this knowledge, judges itself. Even though it is not connected to any physical body, it is aware of what it caused, what it provoked, and blames itself. It blames itself a lot. So, naturally, the soul is led to study to learn at every stop between reincarnations. But it doesn't always succeed in eliminating those feelings it is aware it has caused. And it echoes that guilty feeling on all connected connections, up, down, sideways, and wherever. It reverberates, especially when it comes to a soul that knows it did something it shouldn't have.

Similarly, after losing a loved one, many of you incarnated begin to judge yourselves by what you might or might not have done. This also often brings a lot of guilt and judgment. You emanate all these feelings to the deceased soul in an attempt to apologize, beg for forgiveness, and to show that you have the awareness that you have done wrong. So these connections are always active, often just for the longing, the missing, the despair of not having the person anymore. It's the worst connection because you tie the soul to yourself, and they resent you for going away and leaving you because that's how they feel about your despair.

Breaking those connections is good, primarily for disembodied souls. Because they can focus on their studies, evolution, and learning and be aware that they may reincarnate with new thoughts and ideas. They already understand the forgiveness of non-judgment because nothing else reaches them, and neither can they, by a strange coincidence, feel anything for those who stayed behind. They have simply forgotten everything. Instead, they just feel great Love, a delightful feeling towards all those who stayed or passed through their lives.

Then this is where you are, turning each of these souls into free souls who can just think their way through the next coming, but in a different way because it will be in the Fifth Dimension. Those who unfortunately did not follow the right path are also being taken. They are being taken to other Third Dimension orbs. But no longer attached to you, no longer resonating the feeling of anger, of continuing in a bad dimension, you will not receive that. They will leave, and you will know nothing. My brothers and sisters, this is the great process and liberation of all these souls. The Love that existed among you remains, solidifies, and I say more, intensifies. Because it becomes an Unconditional Love, the Love of having lived together, the Love of good times, the Love of everything positive that was experienced. There are no more heartaches, no more aching longings, no more deep negative feelings. There is only Love.

And they can embark on a new journey... once in a while, a memory will return, but those connections are rarely restored. And they will be able to create new ones in a new way of life, with no guilt, no judgment, just living what they need to learn. That's all. So don't feel guilty for setting yourselves free. It's good for them, and I would say excellent for you because you stop blaming yourself and stop trying to fix what is already being done. What you have done wrong in connection with them will be corrected in this life because the energy will come again.

So don't worry; everything will be reset and finished. So carry on with much Love in your heart and with much Light, knowing that each one takes its own path. And that someday in the future, you may meet each other. It will be a glorious moment of Light and Love, without any different feelings involved.

Remember to say the prayer from this video at the end of the meditation.

Meditation 4

Do this meditation while sitting or lying down. Just don't let yourself fall asleep. Should this occur, repeat the meditation.

Now, I am enveloping you with a great bubble of White Light.

Feel this Light enveloping you, all the energy contained within.

Breathe deeply three times this White Light.

Now, I lay my hand on your chest, activating the crystal in it.

This crystal now radiates compelling White energy that fills your inner body and emerges through your skin, forming a halo of White Light around you.

Repeat after me: "I ask my Higher Self to eliminate all connections with all the ancestors who were part of my direct lineage so that I could be here today. I am grateful to every one of you, but at this moment, we set ourselves free."

For ten minutes, you will be under the influence of this White Light, of my White Ray.

The whole process has begun.

Ask me to cleanse your mind and body for whatever you see, feel, or hear.

Don't try to understand anything that happens to you. Just ask me to transmute this energy immediately, and I will do it.

Now breathe a few times slowly and gradually return to your consciousness.

And when you fully return to your world, say the prayer posted in the other video.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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