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Serapis Bey: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Seventh Round

Serapis Bey: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Seventh Round

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Planet Earth! I AM SERAPIS BEY!

I am very excited to get to the end of this Journey of Forgiveness together. Today, I closed the cycle of the 7 loops of the white ray, and I can assure you that the results are very satisfactory. Many have already noticed some slight differences; others not so much; others don't notice anything; it doesn't matter.

What matters is that the goal is being reached because this journey is not yet over. When we get to the seventh day of the seventh round, we will all be able to say that each of you has achieved the final goal. Your souls have been taken care of. There is not much left; only 3 more rays beyond this one. We are almost there. And, of course, we are all delighted with this great endeavor.

We know all who get there at the end of this journey of forgiveness will be ready for anything. It doesn't matter what comes. It doesn't matter how it comes. Nothing holds you back anymore. Nothing today influences you. You can make decisions for your soul without intervention from old, limiting, and meaningless beliefs. The liberation of many souls has already happened. So many were attached to so many people for so long that they no longer remembered what it was like to be free, to be totally in charge of their own ideas.

Each soul you liberated on this walk not only liberated itself from the hereditary connections that led to each of you; they have freed themselves from them all. This is excellent work. So realize the importance of what you are doing and what you have already done. Every soul received your order to have the connection to you, the connection that led to you, or the connection that departed from you broken. It is like a benign disease that has invaded that soul. When this disease was gone, it broke all other connections. Yes, not all that was from other people, but it doesn't matter. This was the work we planned. This was the work we built on this Journey of Forgiveness. It is a wave of liberation to those who came before you, and downward; all connections are being broken.

We understand that there will be those who ask, "But isn't this an invasion of those souls' free will?" So here is a little explanation: Everything can be done for the greater good. Everything can be done for the good of the Whole. It wasn't us who made the first decision. It was each one of you. And the moment you said, "Break the connections," it propagated, and all the connections were broken. Can you see how far this goes? The power of the action that you took? Can you see it?

Some may even imagine that with this, we have severed all connections on the planet. But, no. The connections were broken for those above, on the same level, and below who. So I can guarantee that each being has severed ties with parents, siblings, and children, other children who are different from you or who have preceded you. So understand, it is not everybody but a significant majority. So you must see the importance of what you have done and are doing.

There is no invasion of free will in releasing a soul. There is the good of the Whole. There is the action on that soul, which was initiated by you, not by us. You made the decision. So who freed these souls? Not us, you did. And this is a gesture of pure Love, of pure Unconditional Love, and not an invasion of free will. Freeing someone from anything is Love, which is what you have done and are doing.

So look at the intensity of the step you have taken. How many souls have been liberated in these connections? Yes, they will still be attached to other people's connections. But do a quick count of how many you have released. It's as if everyone from your past and subsequent family were freed (all blood). And that, for us, is already huge. If everyone on this planet did that, every soul would be liberated, but we know that this will not happen.

But you have already done a great job. There is very little left to finish to bring this journey to a close. What lies ahead? We are sure that you now have no influence from anyone other than your own Higher Self, which commands your entire existence. No more beliefs, prejudices, or anything else. We cannot forget that a lot still exists in their consciences. So this is the time for you to do a big cleanup on feelings that are mean and not good for you so that you start throwing them away and not feeding them anymore.

You are not puppets; you are consciousnesses that now need to eliminate many wrong things still going through your minds. But the great thing about this is that now all negative thoughts you may have will come back to you in their entirety. You don't reach anyone else, and you don't harm any soul, only your own; your walk. So start analyzing your attitudes well because they will come back to you intensely and thoroughly. There are no more connections to drain your energy to others; it is now all concentrated within you.

In the same way, realize that your energy no longer drains away with the power you have gained. So it is integrally in you. So if you think of something extraordinary, something excellent for all, the power of realization is much greater. Watch your thoughts. Watch your attitudes.

It is as if you have become "little gods" with a lot of power. Unfortunately, still with little consciousness. But this is a path where you will learn more in the future.

We are already preparing new actions, no longer long journeys, because there is no more time for that. They will be immediate actions. They will be today in the here and now. The big moment is approaching, and you need to be ready. But this is another chapter. We are still on the journey, but I will close my participation here today. I leave with my heart vibrant and full of joy for the fantastic and extraordinary work you have done this far, and will surely do, until the end of this journey.

Meditation 4

You can do this meditation while sitting or lying down.

But don't forget, if you fall asleep, you must repeat this meditation.

Breathe at least three times deeply.

Meanwhile, I enclose you in a White Ray bubble. And activate the crystal in your chest to start emanating the White Light.

Continue to breathe deeply, filling each cell in your body with oxygen and white light, bringing balance and peace to each cell.

Breathe deeply in this White Light.

Now see yourself floating, surrounded by this aura of white light.

Beneath your feet, you can or can't see the links still present with your descendants.

At this stage, repeat with me:

"I ask my Higher Self to eliminate every energetic bond with my descendants so that every soul becomes free and connected solely by Love and Gratitude." You'll stay five minutes with this picture in your head.

After that time, the image of you floating will fade away, and gradually you will return to your consciousness.

The White Ray will continue to act upon these connections until the next ray, gradually eliminating them.

As you look at each of your descendants, it is up to you to radiate only Love and Gratitude for the time you have spent together.

Don't emanate any other feelings.

Nothing but good memories and good times.

Ask for forgiveness or forgive any negative feelings that may still exist, and wipe them out of your mind.

But get rid of it in your heart.

Only then will each of these connections be broken, making life easier, and you will feel your soul growing freer every day.

Breathe slowly and gradually return to your awareness.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

© 2022 All rights reserved.</p

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