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Serapis Bey: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Sixth Round

Serapis Bey: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Sixth Round

Dear Brothers and Sisters of planet Earth! I AM SERAPIS BEY!

To be here to lead another lap is very pleasurable for me. And to imagine that until very recently, we were just starting out, and now we are almost at the end. The Fourth Ray is always the balance, the middle of the scale; it is the one that rebalances the forces, the energies. It is the one that puts everything in place.

Little by little, the connections that have already been broken are being eliminated. If they have been broken, how are they being eliminated? Imagine a bridge, a substantial bridge, and in the middle of it, a crack occurs. You can't go over the bridge anymore because it has lost its sustainability, toughness, and safety. But the bridge hasn't fallen yet; it's in the same place, just cracked. Passing through it is no longer safe, so that path is unusable.

Now comes the next step: which is to either fix the bridge or tear it down for good. In our case here, it will be tearing down the bridge. So as you do the meditations, the connections are broken, the bridges are broken, but they are not eliminated. The elimination happens day by day, each day a little more. Until the last ray, the Seventh Ray, there is no longer any trace of that connection. It will have been entirely dissolved.

The connections that bind you together, especially parents and children, family, are powerful and very close. So, they have greater strength. So, we need to destroy it little by little. But, of course, the thickness of the bridge varies a lot, depending on the type of relationship: If it is a highly loving relationship, it is more vital and complex. It is easier to get rid of if it is a not-so-deep relationship. But this varies from case to case, from person to person. But I repeat it: The connections have already been severed. And I can also tell you that a good chunk of each side has already been removed.

Don't lose heart. Keep walking. Little by little, you will see that a significant burden will be lifted from your shoulders. These bridges weigh down your journey, and as we destroy each one of them, this weight will no longer be on your shoulders. Observe, just observe. Be attentive. It may seem that nothing is happening, it may seem that everything continues as it has always been, but little by little, you will notice the changes.

Be aware of this. Everything is changing. Look with your heart, and you will see the changes. Don't give up. The Fourth Ray, the White Ray, my Ray, is like me standing in the middle of that bridge and equalizing the two sides so that both are destroyed equally.

Have faith, my brothers, and have the strength to move forward, for this is the path that will take each one of you where you want to go. Free Souls, light Souls, independent Souls, totally independent, ready to follow their paths to the Fifth Dimension.

Meditation 4

This meditation can be done sitting or lying down. But you already know that if you fall asleep, repeat the meditation.

Begin by breathing deeply.

I stand by you and put both my hands on your heart, activating the crystal in your chest. It starts to emanate White Ray Light, and my hands totally wrap you in a White Light bubble.

Breathe deeply into this white Light.

As you exhale, get rid of everything you need out of your path, body, and mind.

Do this in three deep breaths.

You are now filled with my White Light.

Repeat after me:

"I ask my Higher Self to sever all energetic ties between my family members and me, above and on the same level as my generation.

I'm grateful to each of them for all that we have experienced and exchanged, but right now, let us free ourselves and let each of us follow our own path, in our own way and time to the Fifth Dimension."

Remain in this state for ten minutes.

After this time, I'll take my hands off you. You'll remain in this bubble of White Light till the next ray.

It'll give you strength and insight into the changes that are taking place.

To wrap up, breathe a few times slowly.

At last, come back to your consciousness and open your eyes.

Remember, there is no prayer for this turn.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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