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The Vibrational Frequencies - Mary Magdalene’s Message

saint mary magdalene

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. I come to share with you the energy frequency that was emitted upon the Earth plane at your gathering. We thank you for your willingness to participate and to be a part of this great conclave. This time is of great importance for the reunification of the two civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria are now conjoining. As Lea has been instructed over several years and several lifetimes, this is an important time of reunification of the Mother energy and of the Father energy within your current civilization. As you may realize, the Mother energy is so needed at this time upon your planet. Her frequency is returning to her full power. And the land mass in your state of Florida and in the region of your Tampa Bay Florida area has held a great deal of the misdirected energy from the fall of Atlantis.

It has been submerged into the etheric Earth when Atlantis fell over 10,000 years ago, and the misguided frequencies have been emitted into the ethers and into the waters there since that time period. We have asked Lea and the others to call in the Mother energy, to call in the pure Lemurian energy of the Motherland of Mu, bringing in the Sacred Feminine energy to now heal the landmass, the heal the waters, to heal the frequency of the Earth, and to bring a clearing so that this frequency can now be healed.

When Atlantis fell during its highest state, there was much confusion and great fear, and this energy has been emitted and held within the etheric energy field of the Earth. What occurred was a powerful healing, as we say, and so know that the Mother energy has now come forward and the land and the people and all life forms will begin to feel this healing and this calmness and this peace. It is of great importance that you understand that all of you here upon this call today are holding the light for the healing of this planet. But today, we ask you to hold the healing for this energy as well, for Atlantis to rise again in its purest form, for there will be a rising of a landmass. And yes, the energy can come forth now in your Atlantic Ocean as this beautiful continent, but it will become an island as they say, it will begin to emerge from underneath the waters, and many will be drawn to this island and understand that it holds the purest essence of Atlantis. This may seem implausible, but it will occur, and at your gathering yesterday, you have created and allowed this to now begin, for the healing needed to occur. You see, the Mother energy of Lemuria is holding the frequency for all life forms, this is why it is of great importance that the Lemurians and the ancient Lemurians re-gather themselves to hold this frequency upon this Earth at this time, as if you are holding a template of energy, as if you are holding a blueprint for your future civilization, for your current civilization, for the energy that is so needed upon your Earth at this time. And so make yourself a conduit, as they say, of peace and love, and allow your heart to open to this powerful frequency. It is here that we come as the collective group from the galactic federation of light, and we welcome you and we honor you for being in service to creating the new Atlantis.

This is a powerful time, as many are feeling this energy and this essence building inside of them as if something is going to emerge upon your planet that is of great significance and great importance. Many are choosing now to leave the planet, and many are choosing to remain in the light to be in service from the other side of the veil. For do not become disturbed by all those who are choosing to use their light from the other side of the veil to assist in this new Earth. Many are able to be of greater service in their true spirit essence, for unfortunately, many have succumbed, as they say, to the separation of their spirit and their physicality. It is why we are here awakening as many individuals as possible, for it is of great importance that the Earth beings and those in physical bodies, as we call them, your body wraps, or your body, your physical bodies, are literally needed to be conduits to hold this new frequency. And so at your gathering, all of you there were so bright and so magnificent as you held the love and the frequency for the healing of the Atlantean energy that so needed to be healed. You see, Mother energy of Lemuria and all of the souls have their full reckoning of their full awakening, and understand that regardless of any misdirected energy that has been emitted upon this planet, that the power of love will heal all. And so, Dearest Children, please use this in your own personal lives, to call in the Mother energy, call in the energy from your Motherland, Lemuria, for whatever problems that you may be suffering with. Please call in this energy to heal them, and call in this energy to rectify and to shift your consciousness to love, keeping your frequency at the highest vibrational level that you are able to receive, holding this powerful frequency of Divine love and Divine healing, knowing that whatever is troubling you can be transcended through love, and all energies shall be received.

In this moment of time, I, Christ, bring forth this energy to each of you, to begin to shift the consciousness inside of your being so that you will respond to pure love and allow this frequency to heal your physical bodies, your mental mind, your emotional mind, and all aspects of your being so that you are able to receive all of the abundance and receive Cosmic Grace in your individual lives. And so, Dearest Children, know that this healing has taken place for the Earth, for the landmass here in your Atlantean region, and also within your individual lives, and those who are sparked by this energy will also begin to receive this frequency, so healing will occur in the minds of all souls who are ready to receive. You see, there is a quickening of energy that is happening, and very rapidly, the spark has ignited, and more and more people are being sparked to this frequency of Divine love, and there is peace, peace that is now being emitted upon your Earth plane. Regardless of what you see in your outer world and on your television sets, please do not be confused, for this is of great importance that you hold the power of love and not succumb to the lower vibrations of the energies that are being purified. The energy of the Motherland will now begin to purify these energies, there is a sweep, as they say. Yesterday, the calling, the clarion call for Mother to heal, was brought forward onto the Earth, into this region, into your St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa Bay region and the surrounding locale.

You see, this was of great significance, for those who have misused the energy will begin to feel their power begin to dissipate. Those who have misguided energy will no longer have the ability to control or manipulate others. The energy of the Mother is stronger than any force, and yes, this is of great significance, for there will be a retreating, as they say, of the energy of the misdirected male energy that has taken over your planet for generations of time. And can you feel this energy, Dear Ones? Can you sense this frequency? Can you feel the potency of the Mother energy as she begins to now return back to her rightful place? This is the time for the energy of Mother love to step forward into her rightful power, and you see, many of the male species, many of the male gender, will begin to respond to the Mother energy, and you will begin to see more men begin to return to their softer side, to their intuitive side, to their compassionate nature, with an open warmth, heart warmth, which will allow the frequency of the misguided male energy to begin to fall away. This will also happen within each of you, as aspects within yourselves that are not of balance will begin to fall away. You will begin to feel the strength of the Mother supporting your male energy, and the energy of Divine masculine frequency will then begin to support the energy of the Sacred Feminine within you as you return to sacred balance, wholeness, unity, and Oneness.

And this is of great significance and of great importance. So I say to you, Dearest Children, please take a deep breath and breathe in the frequency of Cosmic Love, the frequency of Cosmic Grace, and the frequency of the platinum and silver rays. Breathe in these frequencies and allow your heart, your mind and your body to begin to settle within these frequencies. Know that you are Divinely guided and Divinely appointed by us here in the galactic federation. You have been Divinely appointed, as ambassadors of light, and emissaries of light, and peacekeepers, and way-showers, for this new frequency to be received. Accept this within your heart upon this day, and know the importance of the work that was done at your gathering, and feel the power beginning to build as the Mother energy moves through all the ley lines and the gridlines upon this Earth. You see, the awakening is becoming stronger and stronger and stronger, and love will heal all. The voices of the people will be heard, they cannot be denied. Those who speak of truth and those who speak with love. Truth and love shall prevail.

You see, Dearest Ones, the vibrational frequencies of my lessons, of The Twelve Master Teachings can now be received in the hearts of all who are ready to receive. The essence which I brought forth in my truth teachings can now be received and understood and embodied by all. There has been a shift, as they say, in consciousness that will allow my frequencies to become even more potent and powerful, as the hearts of the human collective consciousness awakens to truth. Humanity has been in slumber for some time, and this beautiful age of enlightenment, this beautiful collective energy of the higher frequencies of love, are now being received at a deeper level within the consciousness and the soul of all present upon this Earth plane, as if a seeding of energy, a seeding of truth is now being ignited into all souls. It is why my Mary and my mother and all of my family chose to serve in the Great Design. We have never forsaken or given up the template or the frequency of Divine Cosmic Love for all to embrace and to receive.

And so, know, at this time, Dearest Children, that you are holding this frequency even more powerfully within your essence, for today this energy is being encoded and imprinted even stronger on the Earth and in your individual souls. So begin to honor and love yourself, and feel your body beginning to feel the love, beginning to feel a sense of peace in your body, and calmness and tranquility. And know that today is a turning point, as they say, we have shifted the vibration, and now, it will be like a domino effect, one by one by one by one, people will begin to awaken to their inner truth and guidance. And so feel the energy of peace as you hold the essence of love, and begin to feel the energy of light that emerges through your soul. Know, my Dearest Children, that all is in order, and all is as it should be. As you prepare yourself to receive on this beautiful, beautiful day, the Earth has opened to Mother Love, and Atlantis will rise again, and the healing has been brought forth into your beautiful region of Florida and the surrounding locale. The frequency in the Tampa Bay area will begin to resonate with the energy of Divine Mother Love even stronger, and it will emit so all lifeforms and the awakening and the rejuvenation will begin.

Many of the beings who have been in slumber will find themselves a bit confused at first, for they will begin to feel an awakening and a spark within them, but they will find their way to the light. So know, at this time, that the expansion is occurring within each of you, at the level that you are able to receive. You are rising in consciousness, merging into your Christ oversoul, moving into the powerful energy of who you truly are. Living in the light, living in the peace, living in the joy, and living in the remembrance. When you once lived in harmony and balance with all of creation. Your days in Atlantis, your days in Lemuria, and all days in between can now conjoin and the soul can return to a balanced place of peace. What I am trying to say is the soul can now live from a balanced and harmonious frequency so that all life experiences that you have had here on this Earth plane can now be healed, and you shall be at peace, and you will no longer suffer from the tragedies of the soul’s journey, the suffering of the soul’s journey. And so, today, it is like a cleaning and a sweeping and a clearing of all that has not been in harmony. And so, Dearest Ones, this is the gift that we give you today, as your soul has now been washed clean, purified, as all disharmonic energies no longer occur within your own energy fields. And so, Dearest Children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. As we come to you we gift you this beautiful gift of life, of rejuvenation and joy, and a welcoming within your own soul’s essence, returning home again and being at peace.

We thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you all for holding the Living Light of God within your presence, we are grateful that you’ve all awakened, and the Mother energy is now being recognized and received as her rightful place is now to return back to the kingdom in which she once reigned. The Mother energy has now been received upon the Earth. Go now, my children, and allow your heart to open and awaken to all that is good and rich, for you see, blessings shall pour forth upon you, abundant blessings you shall all receive. Go now, my faithful children, and be at peace and know that you are loved.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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