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What This Year Will Bring You - El Morya

What This Year Will Bring You -  El Morya

Hello to you dear souls. I am El Morya. I have come tonight as an Ascension Master, because our ascension master nature allows us to speak to you on a planetary plane, to be able to interpret in a human way, which is ultimately happening in a highly spiritual way right now. in your plan and your time.

During this year, we will still teach you, sometimes give methods, often give the means to think in a slightly different way, another angle, another vision.

While it is quite traditional in these times to wish the wishes, we wish you permanently, every day and every moment, these wishes of peace, love, joy and health. Let me say this: Oh Beings of Grace that you are now, you are blessed without even realizing it. You have this high potential within you to touch the Light, to touch the Grace, to touch another interpretation of this world, another look. It is this other look, this other possibility of seeing things that will be offered to you, throughout the first part of this year for you, another look .

At first, many of you will understand that we measure the quality of a tree, of a leader or of a government, by the quality of its fruits, by its results. Because we realize that, if there are no results, it is because it is humility that is not there. A leader who lacks humility will always find himself in difficulty, in general.

Humbly, the work that was done through illness , is a work that was meant to mark the beginning of the destruction of your world, not the world before, but destroying your interpretation of your existence , in general, to give another meaning to what it means to exist, to be alive, to be vibrant . It is not and probably should not be subject to regulation, for nature is nature, and the natural order is the natural order.

What you have been working on in these times is understanding what is important, what is useful, separate from what is frivolous or too routine . So the Universe, the Source, the Divine, God, whatever name you want to give to this Great Regulating Energy of existence, wished with you to bring this deep shock to humanity.

The first issue, that of making you recognize the usefulness of the futile, has already started a lot - and I insist on the word "started" - to take its place, and those who have tried or will try to join the futile by going through useless, will find out, and the words I speak will find their meaning. It is important to stay glued to what is necessary, useful, in your existence, to what binds rather than what unties .

So, you have just experienced a great period of evacuation of the unnecessary and it will continue. This will continue in your close and / or distant relationships this year. A necessary sorting is done. People with the same opinions will meet, but here, I invite you not to forget the necessary human collaboration, the necessary humility for you too, humility in your positions.

If you live with people or even governments that are very deleterious, you will know how to put them aside, because this first quarter is going to commit you to it, this first part of the year is going to commit you to it.

However, for your loved ones, don't do it lightly. You are still invited here to humility, to understand that your position is not necessarily a just position, because there is no right position, only one which allows all positions. In other words, respect for the other is important.

What made you abandon respect for the other for many, it is fear, it is this weapon of the demon, demonic, the one who divides, it is his main weapon. Your fear of dying, or your fear of infecting or your fear of not being in the right place, divides you, has divided you. And so, in the appearance and I insist, in the appearance - and this is why I laugh as I speak - in the appearance, you believed that the demon had won, you believed that the forces of non- light had won. If they won, we'll say it's a little bit of land, space in this apparent world, but not the depth, believe me, not the depth of who you Are.

This depth of Light is there, it is present. Some will have to find themselves in a position of humility and understand that their choices were not the right ones, in one sense, in another sense it doesn't matter, those who have not worked on humility will have to work on it a little. .

You have expected things from us that we cannot offer. We cannot offer the stop of circumstances, but we can offer to take you through the circumstances, to help you see them, to perceive them differently, to understand what is playing behind the appearance. And what is playing behind the appearance is to work on your solidity, to work on your Light, to work on your fears, one by one, in this phase of time that is not over, in this cycle that lasts a few years. All your fears, one by one, will be touched to be worked on.

It is not about learning not to look at these fears. To deny fear is to be afraid of one's fear. It is probably already wiser, it is not very useful on a daily basis. It is about learning to live with it, to understand that the shadow exists because the Light exists, to understand that the non-light exists because the Light exists, and to understand that it is up to you to turn your gaze. one way or the other, to go ahead or absolutely try to go back.

You won't be able to go back, there's even no point wishing for the world before. So some, knowing that it is over, that this world before is over, would like to control what follows. And you will see that nature in the second quarter, semester too, second semester probably temporally, will contradict all this. You cannot control nature completely , you cannot control nature completely.

This phase that you are going through, of course, brings you to the Light, brings you to fight fear, again. You could go through these events all the better if you will be capable of solidarity among yourselves, of being in solidarity . So, you will have understood it, you will have understood it the key is not to separate .

You will see your events find their own truth.

While I'm talking to you, I hear a lot of questions. I hear that you continue to talk to me here about this disease, this Covid crisis. I can inform you of course that there are already simple treatments, and that these will be valued throughout this year as a possibility. And those will be valid, quite often.

It is a question here, in this year which you are living, of the end of the work on the body, on the fear of this body which can leave you . But if you want to leave this fear, learn to live already. Learn to live, we don't teach you how to live. Many live their lives, I would almost want to express other words than "live their life", without putting the word "undergo", I will say perhaps that some feel condemned to live, and that is it. also, this interior and planetary movement that you are going through, this movement of transformation which lasts a few years, and that we can help you to cross, this movement is above all a movement of freedom, a movement of freedom.

The French motto, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” is a motto that I would say channeled, a motto received, even if it was received in several pieces, that some words were added after others, they are values, transformation values.

They are not your first reality which is only Love, Peace and Joy. Understand all the same that when a population is in love, in peace and in joy, freedom becomes simple, equality becomes simple, fraternity becomes simple.

To leave Love and Peace, nothing better than Fear. The fear of being deceived keeps you from loving. The fear of losing keeps you from being happy with what is there because you are afraid of losing it. So it is a matter of effectively leaving the idea of ​​possession, the idea of ​​being possessed, the very idea of ​​owning one's existence, the idea of ​​believing that this existence belongs to you, that this man, this woman belongs to you. , may this house belong to you. I must not belong to someone else, but understand that this is all temporary, given to you by nature . You know, the bird on its branch, doesn't consider the tree to be its own. So he knows how to bless the tree where he is, he knows how to take care of it sometimes, to allow this place to still grow in energy.

Dear souls, if you only knew how joyful this movement of liberation which is about to start is, even if there is still time.

Some events this year could confuse your planes or vehicles in general. These are, on the other hand, deep cosmic influences which have two purposes. Not necessarily the goal of preventing you from moving from one place to another, but the goal of contributing, once again, to the energetic uplift of your earth, which must experience some of these cosmic radiations, and this allows also to align the frequencies of dimensional planes. And when I speak of dimensional planes, it is also in the idea and understanding that your galactic brethren dwell in this other dimensional plane that is coming towards you. So this year will continue to bring them to you, will contribute to their very presence, in a little more tangible way, by your side.

Do not expect a miracle from the outside, but understand that they have come to establish a brotherhood, and that this brotherhood, this desire for brotherhood will be established when they can intervene. This galactic brotherhood is now necessary for the evolution of your planet. Not a physical evolution, not a technological evolution, but a psychic evolution, an evolution of thought. This is the meaning of what seems to be happening on your plan. It is the whole meaning of what seems to be happening to your body, to welcome and receive this energy plane.

Dear souls, existence is not a threat. What you are , your deep, living, vibrant nature cannot be threatened. On the contrary, your inner nature is awakening.

The word "awaken" awakens in each of you many mechanisms, many reflections, many potentials. What we mean here is this desire for joy, this desire to work which will position itself more and more strongly in your world, this desire to share with your neighbor, your brother, this desire to stop to depend on something other than nature. This too contributes to the liberation movement, which is already on the way for all of you.

And if you allow me this reminder at this point in the channeling, let me tell you that this movement will be as much individual as it is collective . So each of you will be engaged in your personal life to recreate a movement of freedom, to leave all kinds and forms of imprisonment, of manipulation in general .

You will seek this fraternity. It is necessary to create the new world. There is no point in looking for or looking for culprits, there are none. What is happening must happen, had to and will have to happen. It took people to push a people, to sometimes even force them to this sovereignty - I use the word you used earlier my channel - this desire in any case to cease to be controlled. It is free the human soul. Consciousness is free despite appearances, and I insist on saying "despite appearances". You are awakening, I repeat, to your inner nature, your sensitive nature, and your loving nature.

No, the other is not a danger. If we know how to listen to him, if we know how to hear him, if we leave room for the other, then he becomes a brother, he becomes a sister; whatever his beliefs, whatever his positioning, this one is my brother, this one is my sister.

The key , anyway, to the majority of the problems that we can solve, your states, will be in the: love each other , and I was almost going to say: love each other, at will or by force, for it is the key, the great key.

So in the future, what you call the future which is for us a perpetual present, it will be necessary to work on the idea of ​​possession. Of course, the energy you call money will be disrupted. Of course, so will the climate. And, once again, you will be invited not to let yourself be ruled by nature, but not by money anyway, not to let politicians decide what would be right and good for nature, or what that would be good and fair for the money.

Then you will be faced with that, and there will be reactions of fear, reactions of withdrawal without understanding, again, sometimes, that the solution is fraternity. But this will reveal itself, once again. The work will be done, once again.

This year promises you some more surprises my friends. Some events will seem almost magical, but they will be divine.

Ask to be aligned with your wonderful plan. Ask us to help you go through this time, to find, not your place because you are in your place, but to find the strength, the energy in this place, to modify your thoughts, your behavior in the place where you are. , not in the place where you would be or the place where you would like to be, but here, now , in the place where you are because there is no other way. There is no other path than this moment that you are living.

Dear souls, this year is a year when many of you will find a new place.

Extraordinary events will change behavior, reflections will also change your fears and, I insist on this, it is the job of earthlings to overcome their fears, to learn to live with eternity rather than to live with one life, but to learn to live with the eternity which is yours, which is real, which you can touch, which you can touch within your Being . In silence and transcendence, you can touch the Consciousness of what is being said here.

I repeat, many of you will be afraid, afraid of being manipulated. It will be up to you now, to you who hear, to you who are these warriors of the Light, to protect his brothers, his sisters, to reassure them, to bring a voice which is a soft voice, a quiet voice, a simple voice.

Those who have a lot will be afraid too, and those who have the right value, those who ultimately know how to help each other, will always do very, very well in the trials to come. Know how to share while it's time. Know how to help, to work. Remember that whoever has sought too much power or too much money, will end up being possessed by his possession, will find himself locked in his own process. A useless process because it is about developing the soul and the spirit.

I am not saying that you must not own anything, or not have money, because it is right, it is necessary in an existence, but there are levels where when it is not shared, or when it takes power, there you leave the spiritual comfort zone to enter an egotistical comfort zone of power, of power. So here, everything will be done to help you work on this, to help you understand that you have also allowed yourself to be fooled a little, believing that comfort could only come from a possession rather than a relationship. , because the relation to the other, to the others, is what creates a new community. So now, everything that separates from the other, I invite you all the same not to enter this game, not to fall into these categories.

Dear souls, I leave you here in the hands and in the good care of a Being of Light. As an Ascension Master I tried to bring some earthly bases, but this Being will come to comfort you, it is Lady Kuan Yin. Know how to trust this Being, to bring you stability and peace.

Bless you.

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Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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