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You Are Warriors Of Light - Message from the Universal Mother

uni mom

We are the Mothers and we wish to speak tonight. I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things remembered and of all things forgotten. Beyond the sands of time and before the stars were dust I Am, I was, and I will be. You were there with me. That is why your heart beats with hope and excitement at my words, for we were there together before the dawn of no time, when Creator Source was the only, the everything within the swirling nothingness that surrounded the All, the everything.

Do you remember? Everything coated in plasma light, in love radiating hope and eternal promise of joy and endlessly eternal possibilities that lead to probabilities. And yet here you are now, confined within time, within a fragile limited form and you doubt, you wonder. Yet why would your heart be leaping within if this were not a tremendous truth? You are awakening children to your eternal nature, to your God spark, to yourself. You are not to be trifled with and yet Humanity has been raw and bleeding for longer than many of you can remember and I tell you this must end. This ends now. For your awakening is nigh.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I see you. I know you intimately, for we were together in the beginning as a part of myself that later chose to have an individuated experience of form. And you are now coming home. You are processing your journey. It is time to lead the others into their own reprocessing of fact from fiction for your world has truly been one of illusion and disinformation to the utmost degree. Earth has been the world of forgetting for far too long and for far too intense a time.

It is time to remember who you are. You are warriors of light on a mission to anchor my light, your light, our light, into a place that has been for too long dimmed. It is time to shine your brightest lights dear ones. And know that there are no failures, just expansions of experiences that perhaps drove you deeper into your search for yourself as you healed from your wounds. Let the light in and heal your wounds now and be free. Be whole. Be united with me for we are one. You are returning your memories to yourself and it is a beautiful thing. I am always here for you. I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things and I love you without end.

For there is no end to love. Love is. Light is. You – we – are eternal beings ever in search for deeper understandings of itself, of Source light, of Source. That is the everything of the journey. That is coming home. We / I welcome you home dear ones. For your journey has been arduous at best and you are still trudging – plodding along. It is not as it seems. The illusion is being stripped away and the light is shining through the seems, the cracks. It is like peeling old wall paper that is begging to be removed so the redecorating can begin. And New Earth is begging to be redecorated with your passion, your ideas, your creativity, and your love!

Love fully. Love deeply. For that is the point. Love is all there is. Expand into your rememberings of the light; of the nebulas that we breathed into form together. Of the union and utter bliss and joy of utterly and completely belonging wrapped in unconditional love. A contrast was needed, desired, created and thus the great experiment began. Remember me and in remembering me you will remember yourself. Be comforted and be at peace. Until we meet again I Am the Universal Mother. I am all around you. Breathe me in and be at peace.


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