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Clearing the Unconscious


There is so much  happening upon the earth that many times people don’t really know what to think, where to go or what to do.  During this channel, the Goddess of Creation very specifically works with people to ensure they are moving beyond fear and limitation and doing so in a conscious way.  When things happen in the world, the collective consciousness creates a space or an energy in alignment with that situation. 

When a decision is made to become more conscious of your thoughts, emotions, awareness you may find that things in life open up in many, many new ways.  The greater clarity you have within your consciousness, the more you will be in the flow of all aspects of your life.  This channel began with people making this choice.

It then moved to working with the energy of humanity.  We sent the energy of intention into various part of the world.  Through this, we worked with clearing the energy of humanity.  There is an old programing that is becoming activated in people perhaps through empathy, perhaps through unconscious minds; it’s been embedded in the earth. 

During this channel we release the old patterning so that everyone can create a change with their conscience choice.  By clearing out so much of the collective consciousness it allows the balanced energy to move through all else.  This is going to replace the foundation of duality within the earth with the balanced crystalline energy.      

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all of who you are in this now moment as you are here upon the earth living your life. 

This is a time of immense transformation.  There is more going on than you may realize.  I am very aware of all that is taking place within your societies and I have been very aware of the infusion of energies coming in, from not only your stars and your planets; but coming in through the intention of each one of you who is living upon the earth.

I have spoken for quite some time about the ascension of the earth in which the consciousness, or the vibration of the earth, is moving into another dimension or into another time space reality.  This has been happening, indeed the opening of the doorway was probably 2000 years ago, but it has come into a crescendo and it has come into a place in which every person within society now has that potential to float or to flow between dimensions.  You need not get bogged down with what that means. 

One way in which to consider this is that when you are in the flow, meaning you have an intention or perhaps you meditate about something, and then you find the results or the answer to it within a fairly short period of time.  What is happening is that you aligning your physical body and your non-physical energies around you within a dimension that fully supports you.

You then put forth that intention, say you were seeking information that will answer a question for you and then that question or that answer comes to you during the meditation, or perhaps you read it in a book, see it on a billboard, or just hear it from somebody else.  Then you are receiving that which you put out coming back to you. 

Many times that flow of information and knowledge is very subtle.  You therefore don’t really realize that you asked and it was given to you.  Instead you are waiting for the full page explanation to come along with it and it might come in bits and pieces.  Then it is up to you to recognize, “oh I am receiving something.  What can I do with it?  Where do I want to go?”

 If it feels, or if your experience is that that you are seeking to have something within your life and that your life is constantly a struggle and that everything that you see and hear around you is about fear, pain, suffering; you are vibrating at the lower dimensional level.  

You can make a choice to let that go.  Sometimes people thrive on the drama that goes along with that, but that thriving is your ego and it is not in alignment with your divinity or the higher light vibrations. 

Take a moment if this is your experience.  Take a moment and ask why do you thrive on that?  Why do you find that it consumes your thoughts and your everyday reality?  If you realize it’s time for you to move forward or time for you to move on then begin to let it go. 

It is entirely possible to let it go in one fell swoop, but many times because you are in a pattern it may take, “I’m going to let go of this and then I am going to let go of this step and then I’m going to move into the next step”.  So that over time you find that you are in a place where things feel better to you.  You are finding joy in your life.  You are finding a greater ease.

So pay attention as you are walking through your day that you may know, or you may recognize for yourself, where to focus and what are you going to choose in this now moment.

I invite you to take a deep breath in; as you do so breathe down through your physical body.  Follow that breath of light and energy as it moves down into the earth.  Let all of your focus and your consciousness move with you in this moment that you may just automatically or intrinsically reach towards the crystals and the energies that are the center of the earth, or that core essence of the earth.

Duality is being released.  It is being replaced with the crystalline vibration that is intrinsically balanced.  Balance will no longer be derived from the light and the dark in balance.  Balance will be the essence that is.  This is your pure consciousness that’s in alignment with your divinity.  This is your pure consciousness that becomes the reality for the ways in which you look at life. 

Let your consciousness move out feeling that alignment with the universal light crystals that are activated within the earth.  Allow yourself then to shift, bringing that consciousness back up through you and send it out through the top of your head.  Allow it to move into that space of your higher self.  As you align within the energies of your higher self look around at all that is here.

Your higher self is a place where you play.  You may process what is happening in life.  You may come here to communicate with your angels.  It’s a place of merging your divinity with your human for this life experience.  Clear it out.  Get rid of the old.  ~whew~

Allow yourself to experience life as it is from the perspective of your higher self.  From there you allow your consciousness to continue to move.  There is that column of light.  There is that cord of energy that is within your physical reality that goes straight up and terminates within your divinity.  As that cord of energy and light moves out and expands it begin to encompass and feel the flow that is you.  This is your unique self.  This is you as your I AM presence.  Let yourself feel that energy.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace.  I merge my energies with yours that we may all shift into the All That Is.  The All That Is many times can be filled with many of you the humans who come here to create.  There are aspects of you that may live out in the universe that choose to come here to create.  The All That Is is a place that is in movement and transformation.  Feel what that is to you. 

There have been times when people or situations upon the earth move towards what you might consider a crisis point.  Is there going to be nuclear warfare?  Is one country going to annihilate another?  You think back to Atlantis and how Atlantis sank into the water.  How Lemuria sank into the earth.  Sometimes people wonder is that what is going to happen again? 

Many, many of you in the tune of millions, if not billions, are extremely evolved individuals and have chosen to come back at this time so as to create a more balanced energy upon the earth.  Our intention and your intention with coming in to live at this time is to prevent something like that happening again.  This is the first time that this more conscious awareness is taking place and our intention is to create stability. 

We the Angels work with each of you to create stability in your life which then radiates out or emanates out from there.  We work through thousands of people doing this so as to create that broad base of balanced energy.  There have been times when people thought that with the shift in consciousness suddenly people would disappear.  Whole families would be gone.  Thinking that perhaps one dimension would not recognize another and we have always said ‘no that is not going to take place’.  One of the uniqueness attributes or the unique attributes of this time is that ability to flow down into that lower vibration and also to flow up into that higher vibration. 

Life is about choices.  The question is, are you making choices from your consciousness or are choices being made from your unconsciousness.  Meaning are there influences or things happening of which you are unaware that cause you to make choices and then you think: what the heck just happened, why did I do that. 

I would like everyone to take a moment and just think about your life.  How much of your life is lived through your conscious intention or your conscious choices.  How much of your life feels as if it is on a rollercoaster and no matter what you do things are happening. 

Take this time and as we do so let’s connect with the unconscious for each one of you and we also have that intention of connecting with the unconscious worldwide. 

As we do so we want to open up that door and illuminate all that is within the unconscious.  As we do so ask yourself are there patterns that keep you in a particular place that’s keeping you from moving forward? 

If you notice those patterns we infuse it with light.  If it is no longer serving you then have that sense of coming in, we always use Arch Angel Michael’s sword of light, be it that or anything else, come in with that intention of loosening up the patterns, of gently pulling it out from where it is in your unconscious; ~whew~ let it go. 

Send the balanced energy of your divinity through the space in which those patterns resided.  Have a very clear focus or intention that you are letting them go.  They no longer serve you.  In place of those patterns anchor and fill in opportunities that assist you in moving forward. 

Let’s take a look at your unconscious again.  Are there emotions, fear, anger, frustration, depression that are holding you back or holding you in a pattern that no longer serves you?  Reach out for any of those emotions bringing them up.  Reach out and allow those emotions to be brought up from wherever they may be, ~whew~ Let it go.  In the place of that; open to that perception of the beautiful white light of your own divinity anchoring you within yourself. 

As you look around within your unconscious there are probably things that you are unaware of.  Therefore have that intention that you just flow the energy through this space, ~whew~ let it go.

Let’s take a moment and create a pathway that weaves your conscious thoughts with your unconscious energies so that that of which of which you are unaware begins to be supported by the choices that you make in life.  As these patterns are being woven it is as if you have a sense of light, threads of experiences, threads of opportunities that are beginning to merge within you.  This happens up here in the All That Is where it is supporting you with the universal light. 

It is creating a tapestry or energy that will then move through all of your consciousness, or unconscious energies, so as to more fully support you.  Have you been feeling for a while, “I would like to go to the next level.  I would like to find my purpose in life.  I would like to see or know what it is that I am supposed to do next.”  Allow this to be that support for you.

Open up to your divinity so that you stand with this illuminated light immediately in front of you.  Then perhaps have a sense of stepping into it as if this ball of light, this ball of energy that is you as your divinity; feel as if you just walk on into it and it just fills you up.  It fills up everything within your mental body, your thoughts and beliefs.  It fills up your emotions.  Your physical body finds its balance and alignment within this space. 

There have been some significant transformations taking place in your physical body in order to integrate this higher vibrational energy.  Sense or feel what that is for you.  In all cases we say to you follow your intuition, or follow what you deem necessary.  People are feeling it in their digestive tracts.  They are feeling it in their breathing and their hearts.  Particularly their heart center is transitioning as it integrates these energies.  So perhaps you need more physical support within your life.  People are seeing changes in their vision.  People are having headaches.  One may call this ascension symptoms, one may call it finding greater balance within their physical life.

The more that you integrate these energies of your divinity the greater amount of that higher light vibration you have to reach out to either to communicate with or feel the support of the Angels.  You may have the other aspects to yourself that are here to support for you.  You may have the Masters that are here in support of you.  There is such a multitude of different Beings of Light in everything as a potential right here, right now. 

More and more people are working with energy as a part of their business or their daily life.  Much of that is a result of moving through this process and recognizing how much of this is essential in their life.  Is that your reality?  Whatever words you use to describe this expanded consciousness, the higher vibration, or higher dimension, being in the flow; allow it to be that which fully supports you in all ways.

I invite you to have a sense now of looking outwards.  The planets are aligned in such a way that it supports this.  There are many Angels and Beings of Light who have chosen to come in this now moment.  Whenever it is that you listen to this, read it, watch it, it’s yet again this now moment that is bringing in this intention.

As everyone is gathering the balance and that expanded awareness and that cleared out energy of your unconscious; let it all be here and present seeking the intrinsic balance with all who are around you. 

I know we routinely work with the hologram, but this time I want to work a little more directly. 

Everyone who is here consciously is aligning with everyone who is here unconsciously.  As we look at the earth at this time there is that specific dimension or separation between dimensions.  With the transition taking place there is a lot of fear.  There is a lot of warfare.  There are the attacks.  These things are representative of the control and manipulation and there are individuals that are falling into this energy through their unconsciousness; be it called hypnosis, be it called programming.  It matters not how it has been happening, but the key is that this an old energy of duality that is coming up to be released.  Our intention is that everybody present here, as they look down towards the earth, you do so that you may infuse that intention of balanced energy through your heart center. 

I want everyone to just send down a flow of love, a flow of consciousness, that it goes through every layer of the collective consciousness and if there is any programming, ~whew~ it is released. 

Again you infuse the flow of balanced energy.  You infuse the flow of love and compassion and it moves into humanity living upon the earth.  If there are pockets trying to hold on to that old energy send a burst of light or a burst of balance, ~whew~ into whatever that may be so that it may clear it out. 

Recognize how taking this time or this moment to work in this, even if it is only for a few minutes, you empower yourself because you are working from your divinity.  You are working from that place inside of you that just feels good, that feels that flow of the natural balance.  Let it fill you up first and then send it down into the earth again. ~whew~

There is a very specific intention from all the light workers who are here in the All That Is and all that are upon the earth that the balanced energy moves through creating literally balance, from one individual situation, to the city’s situation, to the counties, to the state, to the nations, to the international.  The balance begins from that minute particle expanding into and wrapping around your entire earth.  And if there is resistant, ~whew~  You infuse only love and only balance.

In the future when everyone upon the earth is vibrating at the 5th dimension and higher there will no longer be duality.  There will only be balanced universal light energy.  Are those lower dimensions still going to reside upon the earth, perhaps so?  Many will transition off the earth.  Many will find other planets out in the solar system in which to live. 

The intention with earth is that as the poles go through their natural shift that that shift is brought on and effects people through balanced universal light energy.  Already as you look at the earth you can feel how you continue to grow and expand bigger and bigger.  You can see how it is creating change within the earth.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  It is not as necessary to work with the hologram because we were just working directly with the earth itself.  I do though invite the hologram to come up within you because I wish for you to take a moment, opening your perceptions and look at the hologram.  Look at what is represented here.  Open and feel how you are having an impact upon the earth and upon your life. 

As this hologram comes up within everyone we feel Lady Gaia emerging with a message. 

Lady Gaia Speaks:

Greetings beloved family!  We share the earth.  We share the energy.  We share the transformation that is taking place. 

I have been through this transformation many, many times over the millions of years during which I have been a planet of consciousness.  I will continue to exist.  This existence will find its natural balance from within.  With so many people living upon the earth transformations can take place much more quickly.  The potential for transition is there in a different way than in the past. 

I believe in humanity.  I believe in the agreement that we have with one another.  I believe in the expansion of earth.  I invite you to be with me in the belief that the intrinsic balance will naturally find its way out. 

I invite you to feel the energies of the earth as they emanate up from the core for all that live upon it.  I invite you to think about what you are doing that is supportive of the earth or not. 

I am very pleased that this transformation is taking place and I am very pleased that there are so many people that seek to assist in the ways in which you are.  I see you.  I recognize you and I thank you. 


Goddess of Creation Speaks:

Gaia as she spoke with you was also transmitting that energy of clearing out throughout all who may listen, read or watch at any one point.  Also each of you becomes the beacon or that transmitter of that flow of energy. 

I invite you to release the hologram.  It moves down into that pattern.  There is that part that goes out into the universe and that part that goes down into the earth.  As it moves into the center of the earth enhancing and integrating that universal light crystal that is balanced and is the higher vibration so that becomes anchored even more vibrating outwards in every direction. 

It illuminates anything that is in this discord and you may have this intention of clearing out whatever no longer serves you or serves the world.  You can breathe it up within you and then integrate throughout your physicality.  Let it go through your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs.  Let it radiate into the place in which you live, you work, you participate in life. 

You have that intention of clearing out your unconscious.  You have that intention of letting go anything at all that no longer serves you.  Instead you anchor in the reality for who you are; you as your divine essence, you as your balanced existence; experiencing all the joy the happiness, the ups and downs, realizing that if you find yourself in something that is frustrating or stuck that you need not stay there.  You can instead move in a new direction. 

Allow your consciousness to return back up into that vibration of the All That Is.  The majority of your consciousness has come back up with you, but if there is any of residual that is hanging up there then let it move back through your divinity.  Allow that stream of awareness to come down so that not only the way that you anchored yourself to the earth’s energy now let yourself anchor and come back together from the universal light energy. 

Become aware of these transformations upon the earth.  Become aware of sending that vibration of balance and awareness into everything that is part of your life.

All right beloved family as you move through these next days and weeks upon the earth remember that you set up a pattern to more fully stream the energy between your conscious and unconscious.  Allow the illumination of balance, of crystalline energy, to create a balance in the way in which you look at life. 

Remember if you get caught up in situations that are frustrating or that pull you down that you can disconnect from it.  You can still bring in this balance and then bring the balance into that situation. 

Recognize that you have once more created that deeper alignment with Gaia so that you may feel the support coming up from the earth and the support coming down from the universe and that everything within your life is the reflection of that.

 Beloved family, know that I am always with you and within you.



Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website:

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