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Daily Message September 22, 2017 ~ Goddess of Creation


Not everybody needs to be open.  Not everybody needs to be following their spiritual path.  It is truly about where your focus is within your life as you continue to basically live and have your life experience.  For some of you it may be that you will notice changes and that things may come to your awareness that will cause you to either question; question yourself, question the people around you, question your beliefs. 

If you’re in that space then the number one thing that I suggest for people is to learn first and foremost that alignment between you as the human and you as your divinity.  Your divinity also known as your I AM presence, also known as your God Source, is that part of you that lives on lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime.  Therefore it is your biggest resource for anything that is happening within your life.  It is your leap you might say or your platform that takes you to other spaces, or other time space realities. 

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website: www.goddesslight.net
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