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It Will Happen

It Will Happen

The Other Day At The Cafe I Asked My Coffee Buddy, Who Is A Military Vet, And Suffers From PTSD, Chronic Arthritis, Scoliosis, Has A Heart Condition, And Has To Wear A Catheter….A Hypothetical Question. If He Was Given A Choice To Have A Completely Upgraded Body, Through Easy Body Replacement Parts, Perhaps With Nanotechnology, And For Free….Would He Do It?

His answer surprised me.  Without missing a beat, he said no. He wouldn’t.  I asked why not, and he said because then he wouldn’t be him anymore.  That he would lose his soul.

It was one of those aha moments for me.  I realized that, not just for Mark, but for most people, their identity is inexorably intertwined with their body and their mind. So much that they even believe that their body and mind are in effect, their soul.

And even beyond that, no matter how much pain and discomfort they are experiencing, they are getting something out of it. They enjoy playing victim.

Take that away and they would be even more uncomfortable. In fact, the pain and the discomfort and the diseases become their identity.

The same for his financial situation.  I have suggested numerous times that he is eligible to receive much more in disability payments for his service in the war, and that now it’s relatively easy to fill out the paperwork, and the VA has the funds available, but he keeps making excuses for not applying.

Yet, he enjoys complaining about not having enough money.

Even for those of us who have been devoted to being our sovereign selves. if there is something in our life that we are experiencing, that seems to continue despite all the allowing and integration, it could be serving us somehow.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be there.


This embodied enlightenment process requires us to be very honest with ourself.  It requires a gentleness with that honesty.  Not self-judgment.  But it is vital to take complete responsibility for our experiences.

To accept that everything is within our own energy.  That whatever is going on in our life is our own creation.  That nothing out there can hurt us.

And that truth has legs because a small group of us has been devoted to creating our own sovereign domain.  We have been working with the crystalline energies to transform our bodies and our lives.  We have discovered that everything we experience is in our own energy.

Everything we need is in our energy.  And as we embody our sovereignty, our needs are met even before we ask.  They are just there.  There’s no manipulating of energies like we did in the old linear way.

And because everything is in our own energy, nothing ‘out there’ can hurt us.  But our own perspective of what’s out there can affect us.

And the thing is, you can’t have it both ways.  It’s either all victim or all self-created.  It’s like saying you’re just a little pregnant.  You either are or you’re not.

If you are relating to this blog, you are far enough along in your realization that you are becoming more and more honest with yourself. And you are understanding how energy works.

If there is still something in our life that you feel is keeping us stuck, hopefully we aren’t judging ourselves.  Because it’s just an experience.  Noting more or less.

What if we want to experience what it feels like getting to our realization?  That feeling of, I’m almost there, just another leg to go, but we don’t quite want to get there yet.

Again, no judgment.  There is something delicious about the foreplay of our personal enlightenment.   Savoring the sensuality just before completion.

Remember this lifetime is special.  Many of us have slated this the one where we embody our soul.  We won’t be doing this ever again. Maybe there’s something delicious about making it feel endless, and even elusive.

Until we get tired of that experience, and let it go.


In your life have you noticed that certain emotions or experiences are no longer a part of your reality?  For me it was relationships with people who were emotionally abusive.

That hasn’t been a part of my reality for a long time.  I was done with it.  But, up until I was done, I would often say, “I’m done!  I’m done with this damned experience of  emotional abuse and disrespect!”

But, apparently I wasn’t quite ready to be done with it. I had to finally be done with being done with it.  Then, and only then, was I done.

I was into the experience of “I’m done with this! I’m sick and tired of this!” That can be a delicious experience and can go on for quite a while.

But, fortunately it got boring after awhile.

So, once I was truly done, then it cleared up the sense of low self-worth that perpetuated it.  It cleared up the energies of that dynamic all the way back lifetimes.

When we are done with something, it is cleared and we never need to experience it again.  Sometimes something will come back around to ask us, are we truly ready to let it go?


Once we release the judgment of anything we are experiencing, it’s so much easier to see it with clarity. And then when we look at the world and all of the chaos, and war, and social unrest, we can see with clear eyes that people are just having amazing experiences.

Why deprive them of their experiences?  We certainly had our own, in this and other lifetimes.  We were also the ones who initiated war, and abused our power. Some of us even played with being the spiritual warriors.

But we have matured as souls.  We no longer need or desire those experiences. In fact, we are done with experiencing what we initially came here to experience as the human.

It’s why we feel so lonely at times.  So disconnected.  It’s because we’re done.

At the same time, we are now in a balanced consciousness, and are operating from our own sovereign domain.

We are in the world, but not of the world.

That means, whatever is happening out there, in our family, our community, and across the globe can only affect us if we choose it.  Only if we choose to make our perspective of it one that upsets us.

After a point, we no longer make anyone or anything responsible for how we feel.  And in a world based in a victim consciousness, that’s a radical shift.  Playing victim is very seductive.  It’s much easier than owning our energy.

Sovereignty is an awesome responsibility.  It’s not for the immature soul. To have the perspective that we create our experiences.  And, to know that all is well.

It takes courage to dare choose joy, and a very sensual relationship with ourself and with life, because embodying our Soul is all about sensuality.  And, we know all too well, we live in a world that disowns the feminine and true sensuality.


And then there’s the void.  The part of the process that feels endless.  But it’s the pause before realization.  It feels boring, dull, colorless.  Tedious.  Maybe depressing.  Lonely. Frustrating. Perhaps hopeless.  And, It’s important to allow all these emotions.

And, while we honor all the emotions that seem to populate this void, it’s our perspective of this space, not the space itself that is troubling.  If we tap into our soul’s vantage point, she knows that this space, this void is only temporary, and that there is actually lots going on there.

In this space our Soul is orchestrating all of our other lifetimes, past and future ones, to integrate with us in the now.  This is the lifetime that as Souls we slated for such an integration.


And it’s the space where things that seem permanent, like financial or physical issues, are in the process of releasing.  Or, those issues that seem real to us in this time and space reality may just be the ‘residue’ of the issues that have already been released from our consciousness.

Our human self cannot, nor need not understand any of this, for it to be happening.

If you can relate to the material in this blog, you are an advanced soul who decided that you were done.  You had enough human lives and experiences.  You wanted to do something radical.  You were ready for your embodied realization.  Embodied enlightenment.  It can be called many different things.

But it’s essentially the homecoming of the human and the Divine. And a radical shift from doubt and boredom to a more continuous and ecstatic connection with our eternal self.

This for many of us is the lifetime, when we want to experience something we have been waiting a very long time for.  And, it will happen, when we’re ready.


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