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My Light Body Experience

My Light Body Experience

The light body experience is unique to each of us going through embodied enlightenment.  For most of us it hasn’t been so graceful.  It’s been challenging to our core.  Those who follow will have an easier integration because of our pioneering work in this unprecedented process.

The light body is our natural, non-physical original body.  It’s not something that comes from the other realms.  It’s always been here with us, but it has been kept at a distance for good reason.  We were not in a state of consciousness to accept it, or to integrate with it.

If we tried to do so earlier it could have burned out our physical system.  And it’s why the process seems so tediously slow.  It needs to be gradual for good reason.  It’s not that we don’t deserve to have the integration, but that we have been in these carbon-based bodies and in this DNA for hundreds of thousands of years.

Having said that, the light body process is a very natural and inevitable process.  It’s the culmination of a series of lifetimes and the call from the soul to merge with the human in a way it has never done before.

So as this totally natural process is happening, each of us is experiencing our own version of it complete with our own unique set of symptoms.  And, at the same time, we are also noting that many of us have similar experiences and symptoms.

For myself, I have been going through the light body process for at least three decades now.  But, just because it’s taken me that long, it doesn’t mean that will apply to others.  In fact, if you resonate with these messages, you are well into it by now.

I want to list my personal symptoms, but don’t want anyone reading this to assume they will also experience them.  You don’t have to have all of these symptoms in order to be experiencing your light body integration. Don’t let hypochondria take over here.

I have gone through large gains and losses in weight, stomach and bladder issues, chronic fatigue, hair loss, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, respiratory issues, and general aches and pains.  And more recently (the last three plus years) heightened environmental sensitivities.  I have experienced, and continue at times to experience, hot flashes.  And not the menopausal kind.

It’s brought up an ancestral disease, or disorder.

i still experience some sensitivities, but most of the other symptoms are no longer part of my reality.  My weight has leveled off.  I rarely get sick.  Although I do feel fatigue and need more naps during the day, it’s no longer a chronic condition.  I no longer experience joint pains or general aches.  The hot flashes and light headedness are rare.

And, the most pleasurable ‘symptom’ is heightened senses, and blissed out states of consciousness. A state of awareness and sensuality that can’t be put into words.

And the good news is, that blissed out state is our natural state of consciousness.


On the emotional side, I have gone through depression, and anger.  I have faced my deepest fears, hopelessness, guilt and shame.  All of the stuff I had buried.

Consequently, I have released most of the wounds that my human self experienced.  I have disconnected karmically from my family, friends, and ancestors.  From my human passions.  From drama.

It has felt like I have been left battered and worn out. And finally, emptied out.

But there is a lightness to my being that I had never experienced before.  Those sticky, heavy emotions no longer plague me.

And there is still the mind that tries to lure me back to the old ways.  Back to fear, concern, and hopelessness from time to time.  There is the sense of detachment from this reality, and a boredom, and wondering at times why I am still here.  After all, this planet isn’t exactly master friendly.

And, of course, there is no dishonor in leaving.  But I want to experience something that I had been dreaming of for many lifetimes.  Being both human and eternal, while in the physical body.

This process has been arduous for me, and there is a sadness that it had to be so difficult.  It has been difficult for many reasons, including being in the female gender.  But there was purpose to being here as a woman this lifetime.  I wanted to be the first in my ancestral lineage to let go of the pain and suffering of all the women in my family.

And that in turn affects all other women on this planet.

Maybe as a soul, before incarnating this time around I had some lofty goals.  Maybe I bit off more than I can chew.  But it doesn’t matter.  This process of awakening, and embodying the eternal part of us is an inevitable and natural evolution.

And in spite of all of the challenges, this process has also left me with a feeling of trust.  Of living in the moment.  Of savoring just being here.  From the inside out.  And in that savoring and just being, life flows much more easily these days.

And, I sense that it will be much easier on those who come this way for their enlightenment.  We forerunners have paved the way.  You might say we ironed the bugs out by being the first to go through it.  We discovered that sometimes we made it harder than it needed to be.

My particular situation was challenging because of my age (I have spent a lot more time here on the planet accumulating resistance) and ancestral issues that created a few physical issues.  I trust that those issues will resolve as my integration culminates.

Others may have a much easier time with the integration because there is less resistance from the physical body and from the conditioned mind.

There is no one size fits all in this integration.  In terms of how long it takes, or how easy or difficult it is.  But it does get easier, especially as we honor and accept just where we are and not try to micromanage any of it.

If I could sum it up, this embodied enlightenment is all about getting back in trust and in touch with our natural state of creatorship.


The natural body, the light body, is making adjustments along with our physical body.  It’s altering the DNA.  It’s activating cells, and changing old, ancient patterns in the physical body, and in the mind itself.

It’s in the process of making the physical vessel in its image, in the image of the soul, and not of the ancestors.  The ancestors are honored, but it’s time to release them.  To set them free.

So all of the impatience, and anger, and sadness….those are all perfectly natural byproducts of this process.  Honor all of those emotions as they come up.

And, considering how extraordinary that is, and how long we have been in these carbon based bodies, can we be a little more patient with all of these changes, and with this integration process?

And maybe even just enjoy the whole experience.  (Which I am doing now that I have been through the worst of it, and know I never have to go through it again!)

Art by Maria Chambers
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