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Star BEings and Galactics WALK THIS PLANET

Star BEings and Galactics WALK THIS PLANET

... as NEW Earth Light BEings in physical form here....

This is you, me, we, all of us... WE are ALL this/them....

Our early awakening journeys of opening up portals and gateways to "the other dimensional realms", were simultaneously opening these realms within us.... These portals and gateways open up for our human aspect to "go to school", often in the sleeping state at first, then the entire human experience becomes "school".

As sleeping/awakening humans, we stand in front of THE COUNCILS.... all of them, different ones along the way. We have "MASTERS" speak to us, to tell us to listen, observe, learn.... We receive "instructions", codes and knowledge... not fully, because it's AWAKENED INSIDE to be brought forth.... we graduate as ANGELS, STARSEEDS and other aspects.... all a part of BECOMING THOSE HIGH BEINGS, THOSE COUNCILS... IN THE PHYSICAL HERE....

As our DNA evolves, as our Consciousness expands, as we LEARN how to BE, how to GROW UP through the Embodiment process, the earthly initiations and passageways.... we BECOME..... little by little at first, then Quantum Leaps and bounds.... we grow up to evolve to BE... the Galactic High Councils here... ALL of them....

For all of those "times" in our early days, where we were standing in front of "those councils", we didn't realize/know/understand that we were standing in front of our SELVES... that we as a human aspect, were standing in front of our own Higher Self Aspects ... teaching and guiding ourselves....

We didn't truly realize, that every higher self that "taught us" was us too. They only spoke our TRUTH that we couldn't yet hear within ourselves... they were our "external" voice, speaking our Light Codes back to us... they were us... we were them... just higher/different versions presenting in any way necessary to DELIVER THE INFORMATION so we'd actually finally listen and open up to REMEMBER FULLY AGAIN....

In our early days, we FEEL the energy, we hear the weird and bizarre, we even see the weird and bizarre... experiencing the weird and bizarre during sleep at first, then the waking state as our pineal StarGate opens up to SEE fully again....

Many collectives now going through this... awakening "to the beyond"... that exists deep inside... for they are the same.

The deeper we all go, the purer we all have to be... the more we are presented with our own ego/separation/unconsciousness to work through and resolve ourselves....

The more expanded we become, the more our bodies and realities re-write constantly, the more RESPONSIBLE we become too.... the more we REALIZE that in some weird bizarre way, we are walking, existing and functioning in multiple dimensions, all simultaneously.... the "trick" is to MASTER ALL, to hold all, to LIVE THIS IN EVERY MOMENT and "not go back". Not going back means our mindsets, our energy... us.... not going back means HOLDING THE NEW, THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST EVERYTHING.... IN EVERY MOMENT.... not going small, shrinking down or contracting our hearts/energy/consciousness anymore.....

NO ONE IS HERE TO "GO BACK".... EVERYONE is here to rebirth.... everyone choosing NEW EARTH that is... as an actual physical reality.... becomes the HIGHEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES.... maintaining their own Ascended State of Consciousness, which just means returning fully to what you forgot. It means descending your higher aspects "from up/off out there" and bringing/holding these aspects from within you, with your every breath......

NEW EARTH.... emerges through your own UNIFIED HEART EXISTENCE... and becomes visible in your own waking reality every moment that you do....

NEW EARTH is in your DNA... and these Star Codes, these SOULar Codes, these Cosmic Codes awaken PURITY within you..... so that all your "old you" can dissolve and fall away, so that you can re-birth you, all of your highest aspects and bring them forth in your own realities..... so that your NEW EARTH CAN MATERIALIZE all around you, to be your physical reality too.......

OPEN UP FULLY..... TO ACCEPT AND RECEIVE... to BE all that you came here to BE.... to share your Light, your brilliance, your amazingness... THROUGH YOUR ENERGY... physical and non-physical.... as all is the same here......

YOU ARE PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS... WE all are.... BEing this takes your full consciousness..... presence and re-prioritizing how you spend, focus and utilize your Energy (physical and non-physical)....

Create, create, create... 
Inspire, inspire, inspire... 
Unite through Love and Offering, through Contribution and BEing your own Pure Divinity here....
Combine your all..... 

Bring all together as LOVE.....
Shine your Light so Bright that nothing less can exist anymore.

I love you.....

Yes, it's always "time"... as time is the illusion of separation within all... 
Zero Point Field... is vibrational and full presence from deep within this NOW....
Resolve your own separation, your own conditions, limits and judgments, your own fears, lack and excuses....open your hearts fully, open your minds fully and EXPAND FULLY... to REMEMBER FULLY again.


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Eventually you are the Council and others are before you... in this and all ... and you are the one you used to be standing in front of...

P.S. You can't BE this and play in the human ego games too. You, as all of us.... all have to choose fully here. ♥

I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you.
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