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The Mind And The Illusion of Power


We are all too aware that the mind loves trying to figure things out.  But those of us on the ascension trajectory are discovering that the less we try to figure things out, the better. And we know that the mind is hell-bent on wanting to sustain its position of  power and control.

But, we are also discovering that power is an illusion.  That an outside force can’t really destroy the soul.  The soul is eternal, and doesn’t use power to create.  Yet, because mankind has denied its own god-self, it has subscribed to the belief in power, and in the importance of attaining it and maintaining and wielding it.

We also recognize that the need for power and control is based in fear.  The mind, by its nature, is fear-filled.

All we need to do is look at the world outside our door to see how the fearful mind is playing out its attempts at power and control.  When we look at the history of humanity we can see trends in which strides are made in consciousness, in human rights, only to be followed by a backlash of conservatism and fear.

We see it being played out beautifully in the current administration here in the United States.  That fearful mind will do whatever it takes to gain back control, taking down anyone in its path.

And wielding its propaganda-based fear rhetoric for those who are willing to swallow it, much like the Kool-aid provided by Jim Jones to his sheeple.

We shake our heads, wondering how people of seeming intelligence can be swayed by such rhetoric and not see through to the hypocrisy.

Again, it’s that intelligent mind that wants control, and wants to protect itself from annihilation at any cost.  It’s been the foundation of the toxic patriarchy for a very, very long time.

“When people are in fear, they don’t want change, they don’t want more freedom, they want protection.”

When people are in fear, they don’t want change, they don’t want more freedom, they want protection.  Of course, the enemy is really in their mind, not out there in another race, gender, or country.  Those are the type of people who are most comfortable with an authoritarian regime.

Those are the people who would be shouting, “Lock her up!” (Hillary Clinton) Because the feminine, the broader perspective, is too threatening.

In this case, the patriarchy feels in the Feminine something that they consider powerful.   Something they themselves are not able to access, that all the might in the world couldn’t access.   Which puts them at a distinct disadvantage.

The frustration translates into anger toward the feminine.  And it’s not just toward the female gender, but toward anything and everything that embodies that feminine perspective.

Both men and women can feel trapped in a life perspective that is devoid of the Divine Feminine.

And the anger and need to control is based in feelings of unworthiness.  It’s an old, galactic story.

All the things we see the masculine perpetrating against the feminine, from the most egregious to the most subtle, are based in deep feelings of unworthiness.

The masculine doesn’t believe he can access the feminine in himself, and on the deepest of levels he knows that is the elixir for his own freedom.  So he is angry.  And anger often is a veil that shrouds other emotions, such as sadness, feeling vulnerable, feeling abandoned.

The masculine has been taught that appearing vulnerable is a fate worse than death itself.  And yet, being vulnerable is a critical component of being open to love and joy.

So, anger is an energy that hides other emotions.

It hides a broken heart.  It hides guilt and shame.  It’s easier to project the anger than to reflect inwardly, which takes much more courage.

The toxic masculine recognizes that courage in the feminine, and wants to stop her.  He wants to “Lock her up!”

The toxic masculine sees its power as the illusion that it is.  He knows how exhausting it has become to sustain the appearance of being strong.  Of having power.

On the deepest level, he knows that true strength is not about aggression, competition, being stoic, guns, or virility.

In the Feminine he sees a countenance, a quiet confidence.  He sees a sensuality he himself yearns for, but instead interprets it in sexual terms.  He instead sees the Feminine as trying to provoke or seduce him.

He sees her as being able to have an emotional intimacy that eludes him.  Instead of going within himself, he accuses her of being too sensitive.

And of course, a woman who is prey to her own emotional state couldn’t be trusted in positions of such power as the presidency.

And yet, as crime statistics show us, the male gender is far more unable to control their emotions of anger and rage.  But we know that it springs from denying their emotions, their feelings of vulnerability, in the first place.

So, we can see that whenever there is progress in societies, whenever the feminine begins to become more present in the consciousness, there is a fear response that comes around the corner.  And it can take many forms.

And to be clear, this fear can reside in both genders.  In all genders.

Those of us here on the planet at this time, who are in the forefront of change,  are providing a consciousness of balance.  We are in the process of releasing the old mind, the mind that held onto fear.  Because moving forward, the human species can’t afford to take the old, fear filled mind with them, or a hopeful future could not be guaranteed.

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