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To Every Lovely Mother

To Every Lovely Mother

In celebration of Mother’s Day, may we take the time to honor the Divine Mother in every heart.

Not just for the special woman who helped deliver you into this world, or even the person who helped give you the experience that your birth mother, perhaps, was unable to provide. When honoring the Divine Mother, it is a celebration of reverence for the life force energy that manifests as the flow of creativity, essence of love, and streams of intuitive inspiration flowing through all of us.

May each man, woman, and child be honored for those they
will love, the light they shine, and all the creative ambitions
they were created to bring to life.

Whether close with your birth mom, embracing the joy of a surrogate mother in the form of a close friend or relative, or honoring the inner wellspring of creativity that wants to express its art through you, I hereby honor the Divine Mother in all of us as a love that has no end.

Thank you Divine Mother for manifesting your radiant beauty through the attributes of every soul and for the infinite capacity to follow your eternal will. Thank you Divine Mother for working through my mom and dad to prepare me for the world I am so blessed to serve.

To all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, relatives, friends, neighbors, and even those we have yet to meet and love, I honor the Divine Mother in you, as the heart-centered consciousness transforming our beautiful planet.

To life. To light. To laughter. To love.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

Please enjoy this Mother's Day poem....

Every Lovely Mother
by Matt Kahn

To every lovely Mother
Who always tries her best
To be the love of family
Despite your buttons pressed
The last thing that you need
Is to think you failed a test
When any given moment
wants love to be expressed

To every lovely mother
With that expectant glow
And maternal instincts
To help you learn and grow
It’s quite a daunting mission
There’s so much you don’t know
But none of it can stop you
From all the care you’ll show

To every lovely Mother
No need to work so hard
You can’t prevent the damage
That comes from being scarred
We each traverse a journey
Your efforts never marred
When all we need is kindness
And not a bodyguard

To every lovely Mother
Please let me make mistakes
And navigate my journey
Without you pumping brakes
I know you’re living through me
But please don’t raise the stakes
And make my heart your problem
No matter how it aches

To every lovely Mother
One day is not enough
To honor all your service
That brings up all your stuff
You were everything I needed
And sure some times were tough
But that’s how we get polished
When rubbed against the rough

To every lovely Mother
How may I care for you
To give you but a glimmer
Of all you say and do
Farewell to inner critics
Who thought you had no clue
Since you’re the open space
The truth is speaking through

To every lovely Mother
May we rejoice as One
And return you to your power
That no one’s will can shun
Whether meeting as a daughter
Or embodied as a son
I thank you for your love
Despite the web we've spun

To every lovely Mother
In every shape and form
You’re honored as a hero
Beyond each social norm
My blanket of protection
A boat throughout each storm
You’re always what I needed
To keep me safe and warm

Even when you came up short
I knew you tried your best
To be the love of family
Despite your buttons pressed
The last thing that you need
Is to think you failed a test
When any given moment
wants love to be expressed

To every lovely Mother
No need for each regret
The good times carried with us
The rest we will forget
Perfection is a fantasy
And sure we got upset
May we both forgive it
To clear this karmic debt

To every lovely Mother
Thank you for loving me
And helping me adjust to change
Not knowing what will be
I now feel so much gratitude
Because I clearly see
How deep you dared to love
And share your light with me

Dedicated to Jo Kahn, Matt's mother.

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