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New Moon Meditation


The new moon is the most auspicious time for starting new projects and sowing your seeds of intention. I encourage everyone to make the most of this gateway to new opportunities for your home, family, business and, yes, Our Mother Earth. Make it beautiful!

The New Moon is also an excellent time to give thanks for your many talents, gifts, and accomplishments in this life. Acknowledging your inner gifts and accomplishments will help strengthen and build your confidence for manifesting your seeds of intention into reality.

By focusing your intent upon sowing the seeds of your most cherished dreams, and nourishing them with love and tenderness, you consistently elevate your feelings, and transmit emotional energy that allows you to become more whole, healthy, and beautiful. Others in your world will begin to consistently mirror your inner resonance which will help you continue to elevate your feelings in a cycle of giving and receiving as you nourish one another.

For this meditation you will need:

  • Clean sheet of paper
  • A white candle

Calm your mind and sit quietly. There is nothing you need do now. Go within to your sacred inner space and be still.

Light your candle and focus on the flame. Remember that the light you see is a reflection of the light within you. Think of all that you would love to experience in your life. See the light of your love renewed as your life overflows with fresh, new imaginings. Picture your true heart's desires as if you already have achieved them. Savor your imaginings as you light your candle.

Take your piece of paper and write your most cherished ideal dream for yourself. Allow yourself to pour your passion into the image you have for yourself.

After writing your most cherished heart's desire for what you intend to manifest into the world write the qualities within your self that will help you to accomplish your dream. Your character qualities in action are what elevate your dream to a goal. List everything you have accomplished recently both large and small. It is important that you recognize, and appreciate your accomplishments as this helps build your confidence for creating the circumstances needed to manifest your heart's desire.

After you have taken time to write your list of accomplishments, fold your paper, see yourself communing with your new intention, see your dream as if it has already been accomplished.

You may conclude your meditation with this benediction:

God/Goddess and all that is, angels, guides, ancestors,
teachers, and friends, I call upon all who love me to
witness my deep appreciation for my soul's journey, Bless my
unfolding as I plant my seeds of intention, May my true
heart's desires be manifest, And so it is.

As you end your new moon meditation, remember to keep your new moon intentions for manifesting and your list of accomplishments in a special place, and plan to review them at the next full moon.

After completing your Full Meditation you may feel inspired to take some action. If so, listen to your wise heart and take action immediately!


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