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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for December 2023

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for December 2023

Message for December 2023

Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught in the mêlée and chaos, focusing on keeping on keeping on, trying to get from day to day, unable to see beyond the four walls of everyday life.

Yet, when we pause and take a deep breath, even for a short moment, we have the power to transport ourselves to a different dimension as we can see over the chaos and towards the bigger picture.

How often do we pause, breathe, and reflect? How often do we sit and truly observe and listen to our surroundings? Life seems so fast paced, but unless we take the time to stay connected to the world in which we live, it’s so easy to spin off into a discombobulated and disconnected state of being. This can leave us feeling isolated, misunderstood, and unable to connect to our creativity and spirituality. Life often sends us on meandering pathways of things to do, people to see and places to go, but there’s a need to shift the focus away from being carried along by the currents of life to making more informed choices and decisions. Working out our true priorities takes courage, but it’s time now that each of us acknowledge our strengths and gifts, and bring them into being.

Yet, evolution isn’t just about embracing our true essence, it’s also about connecting and realizing that we are each a part of the universal bigger picture, a note in the orchestra of life. An important part of being connected is the art of listening. So many people pay lip service to the idea of listening, but never truly listen. It takes time and patience to wholeheartedly listen to another, as it means a willingness to step beyond one’s ego and judgement, and to allow another the time and space to speak from their hearts and souls. Sometimes listening to another isn’t about what they say, sometimes it’s the quiet moments that say the most. It takes time and openness to listen to the world: to the sounds of nature and the earth, as everything has a resonance. Sometimes, this can shift out of kilter, so unless we listen, how can we know when things change?

It’s not that people consciously choose not to listen; they just get distracted by life and stop noticing the bigger picture. It’s the same with our other senses, unless we see more, listen more, hear more, smell more etc., how can we ever truly evolve or grow? Of course, we are not all afforded the luxury of having all of our senses, I have no sense of smell, but over time, my other senses have sharpened and blended, allowing me to ‘smell’ in other ways. It’s hard to articulate, but instead of feeling sadness for the loss of a sense, I now see positives.

It’s time for each of us to step beyond the often-rigid boundaries we create for ourselves in order to be more fluid and free. It’s time to open up our hearts and souls, to listen, to see, to connect and to wholeheartedly live. It’s time to shine the light of compassion both within and around us, to truly listen and to allow the universe to be heard. Now isn’t the time for platitudes or denial, it’s a time to step beyond the storylines we’ve created in life in order to see the truth of the bigger picture.

Listening seems so important now, there are so many in society who, for different reasons, feel unheard. Despite living in the twenty-first century, we seem to be surrounded by inequality, disunity, and disharmony. We may yearn for a world where every soul has the freedom to be themselves and where the earth and every being that resides on her are respected and treated with compassion. However, for the many unheard, it can feel like there’s no way out, no way to thrive or flourish and this can lead to the lights within fading, the soul recoiling, and a disconnection from the bigger picture. Yet, without every single soul, how can we be complete? How can the orchestra of the universe be in tune without every note and every soul?

It’s sad to see bright shining stars recoil and fade as the pain of trying to shine and sparkle becomes too painful or too challenging. How many give up because others judge them or won’t listen? How many wither because the doors of opportunity slam shut? Sometimes, we each need to realize the roles we play, as it’s so easy to judge, often without even realizing it, but this judgement can crush the spirit and send an already disconnected soul spiraling. So, instead of judging books by their covers, it’s important to take the time to see more, hear more and be more.

Many of us on spiritual paths have suffered deeply in life, we have experienced pain, disconnect, and often a great deal of profound and intense questioning. Yet, we intuitively know that this suffering is the force that inspires us to want to make a difference, to reach out to others, to listen, to connect, and to let our gifts shine brightly.

Our willingness to cultivate compassion and to open up to connection, shapes so much more than just our own experience of life, it spans space and time, changing everything it touches. It’s therefore important to realise that every decision and choice has a consequence, and to acknowledge that we are all an inter-connected part of the whole. It’s so important to see the magic of the world we live in and to know that we are all a part of it. The more we can each weave the threads of connection, love, and compassion into all areas of life, the louder the beautiful song of the universe will become. Let’s each be a conscious part of this journey, as we walk together, talk, share, listen and shine the light of compassion as we go.

For now, and as always, with heartfelt intention, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to find ways to express your truth, creativity and spirituality, there is a sense that you have let go of some outdated, but significant beliefs that have shaped and defined your life for many years. In many ways, you seem lighter, as though a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders allowing you to stand up straight, to take in the view and to make some important decisions about your path ahead. You are a vibrant being and a compassionate soul, and there is a need that’s deep within you to stop keeping on, keeping on, trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, you need an opportunity to explore unchartered terrain and allow your gifts the space to flow freely. There is a sense of change on the near horizon: a new beginning, or a new opportunity to embrace the next chapter in your life. Although it’s hard to know exactly how this chapter will unfold, you certainly seem ready to explore a different landscape.

Of course, this could be as simple as a shift in your philosophy and beliefs, but there are ideas rippling through your consciousness that suggest you are at a turning point between where you were, where you are, and where you feel you’re meant to be. Of course, at the end of the day, you’re always in between where you were, where you are and where you’re going, but this turning point feels different as it feels more significant, more distilled, and more tangible, and this is a sign that there’s a need for you to make some conscious decisions connected to how you want to live your life. It’s hard to pinpoint details, as everything is so fluid and free flowing, so instead of trying to understand this shift, let your intuition guide you and become one with your true essence as you step towards unchartered terrain…


The art of balance looks set to remain a prominent feature throughout December as you continue to find ways to create a more balanced way of living and being. You have spent so much of your life trying to be everything to everyone, and although you are now more aware of the need to honour yourself more, it’s a challenging process to change as you have spent so long trying to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be. As a result, guilt might surface, and it can be hard to reconcile the desire to want to be everything to everyone against the challenging feelings that arise when you start to walk a different path. Whilst in many ways not rocking the boat is the easiest option as its the path of least resistance, intuitively you know that it’s time for change. It’s time for balance and it’s time for you to acknowledge that your needs, wishes and dreams matter.

It seems that the more you re-connect to your own needs and dreams, the more your consciousness will open up to the bigger picture of life. Part of this journey involves an acceptance of the need to open up your heart and soul more wholeheartedly to being fully present in each and every moment. Everyone uses rose-tinted spectacles in life, but as you set yours down on the table, you no longer feel the need to distort the view. Instead, you are realising that it is only by being fully present in life that you can re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. So, instead of trying to be the person you feel you need to be, it’s time to be yourself. It will take time to re-discover your true essence and to re-connect to your dreams; it’s time now to breathe deeply, to stretch and to dance once again…


You have spent a great deal of your life seeking out ways to express and acknowledge your uniqueness, yearning to have the freedom to allow your essence to flow without hindrance or self-doubt. However, this quest for freedom has left you struggling to find ways to belong; to feel a part of the bigger picture. As a result, there have been times when you’ve felt quite lost and isolated, trying to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be, but never quite finding peace with that choice. Over more recent years, you have grown wiser and realised that belonging comes from within, and it’s more connected to feeling at one with your true essence rather than trying to bend yourself out of shape to fit. You are a wise being your consciousness expands far and wide, so it can be hard sometimes to step into the present moment in order to re-assess your life as you tend to see the past, present and future all at the same time.

However, there is a need for you to shine your light within for a while in order to find a deeper sense of peace with your uniqueness, as it’s through this peace and acceptance where you will find clarity and wisdom. You are a collection of experiences, happenings, moments and choices, and this unique collection creates your vibrancy, passion, and creativity. It’s time to turn towards these more now in order to breathe more deeply into life as you contemplate your path ahead. It seems that the more willing you are to set free your uniqueness, the more you will realise that belonging is a state of being that you can cultivate yourself, as it’s the realisation that you are whole and complete, exactly as you are. Every single soul is unique, and there is no such thing as normal; happiness comes from a willingness to be a part of the hotchpotch, random and vibrant kaleidoscope of life…


As you continue to ponder your true priorities in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to wonder why your default setting is ‘keeping on, keeping on’. Why do you keep putting one front in front of the other? You seem to have stepped onto a treadmill of autopilot without even realising it. You have been diligent and put your head down to get by, but the cost of this has been a disconnection from yourself, your priorities, and your dreams. Of course, you have had more than your fair share of challenges, and these have carved out a steadfastness within you to keep pushing on, but your soul seems weary now and is calling out to you to be heard. Keeping on keeping on is a strategy that gets things done, but the cost of this is a narrowing of perspective, preventing you from seeing the bigger picture. Whilst forward movement is still movement, it seems time to add meaning, depth and purpose as you seem so ready for ‘more’.

Defining ‘more’ is tricky because it’s multi-levelled and multi-layered, but if you pause for a moment, close your eyes, and take a deep breath, you will get a clearer sense of ‘more’ as it’s behind all of those doors you’ve closed, the ones that got in the way of you keeping on keeping on. Maybe it’s time to step beyond the routine of your day-to-day life in order to expand your horizons and re-connect to your hopes and dreams? How you think and how you dream matter, as they both help to shape and define your life. December looks set to be an important month for you to make some decisions as to how you choose to live your life, so it’s time to know where you are, where you’re heading and why. Use your energy, creativity, wit, and intuition to help you to live your very best life…


As you continue to seek out the quiet spaces in life and turn your focus away from where you feel you should be to where you are and where you want to be, there is a sense of a significant shift happening on many different levels of your being. As a result, you are beginning to see not only the bigger picture, but also the myriad of different threads that are woven throughout every aspect of your life. Every single thread represents something: a person, a dynamic, an experience, or a memory, so each one has its own energy and also its own power. Whilst many of these threads enrich your life, there are quite a few that deplete you and some that even tether you. It seems important now to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to establishing some new boundaries and to know that your tendency to give so much of yourself to others must be balanced with a need to give more to yourself.

If you take a step back from the myriad of threads, you will see the tapestry of your life, there are dropped stitches and areas where the pattern has gone a bit awry. Of course, this is the same for everyone, but it seems easier for you to notice the dropped stitches than to notice the majesty and beauty of the tapestry itself. Exactly why you do this seems to stem from your tendency to expect so much of yourself, the perfectionist within you sets the bar so high, you often feel ‘less than’ when you fail to reach the dizzy heights you set for yourself. It’s time to realise that it’s not just what you do that brings you happiness, it’s who you are as well. Embracing your dreams, honouring your gifts, and celebrating those dropped stitches are all ways to acknowledge the need to live your very best life…


December looks set to be a month of reflection for you as you take some time to turn inwards in order to listen to yourself, honour yourself and acknowledge the path you’ve already walked in life. In many ways, this is a celebration, a time to realise just how vibrant, creative, and intuitive you truly are. At the same time though, there is also a sense of deepening self-awareness when it comes to how much of your time, energy, resources, and soul you have given to others. Of course, you are a generous and giving soul, but you’ve given of yourself when you’ve felt empty and cold inside, you’ve given when you’ve been depleted, and you’ve given even when you’ve lacked foundations. Yes, you are the rock and the lighthouse, and you are the dependable and the reliable one, and you have taken this role very seriously. Shining the light for others and illuminating the way when they are lost or in need of help is honourable, but on some level, you have lost sight of the spirit of such a role, as surely being the lighthouse has to be dependent on your own well-being? You can’t be a rock without foundation? How can you shine a light if you have no light left within?

In essence, this is a wake-up call, a time of reckoning when you turn to face the depths of your soul in order to better understand the reasons why you do what you do. Only you can know the truth, but it seems so important to understand why you so often place yourself at the bottom of the pile when it comes to self-care and prioritising your own needs. It’s time now to re-connect to your heart and soul in order to embrace a new way of living and being. Connect to your inner light and let it illuminate your inner world in order to show you how to live more wholeheartedly and in balance…


December looks set to be an important month for you to take some big, deep breaths, as there is a sense that you are beginning to fill a deeper connection to the spaces within the spaces in life (as mentioned previously, this is similar to the moment between an in breath and an out breath where you are doing neither one nor the other). It’s not always easy to see why connecting to the spaces can be important, but for you with your busy head and inquiring mind, it’s necessary in order to connect to stillness and to find a piece of peace within your heart and soul. It’s hard to articulate, but it’s as though you were on the threshold of a brand-new chapter in your life: the many different aspects of your world are merging together into something even more beautiful and majestic. This has been a long time coming as you have been scattered throughout time and space trying to keep on keeping on; your consciousness is here, there, and everywhere at the same time as you’ve been trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are.

Whilst it is unquestionably difficult to explain this, intuitively you have a sense that you’re far-reaching awareness, and ability to see a kaleidoscope of sounds, sites, memories, and smells, in a single instant can be both a blessing, and not at the same time. Yet, the more you have embraced your gifts, and acknowledged the one’s you’re not so fond of, the more you have become one with the infinity within your heart and soul. A sense of peace is emerging, enabling you to live a more awakened, creative, and connected life. This is a monumental shift, reaching deeply into every area of your life as you re-connect to your essence in order to cultivate happiness, joy, and contentment. Just remember that it all begins from those spaces within spaces…


You have been standing at something of a threshold in your life for quite some time, sensing a new chapter about to begin, but not having a clear sense as to which direction to follow or why. The more you have contemplated this crossroads, the more you have seen the myriad of pathways that converge and diverge all around you: an infinity of possibilities. To most people around you, looking in, such a perspective might feel overwhelming, but it feels perfectly natural and peaceful for you. In essence, your phenomenal awareness reaches far and wide, enabling you to see both the bigger picture and the finer details. Although you find it much easier to see this in others, when you pause and re-centre you can see your own possibilities with more clarity and wisdom. Deep within your heart and soul there is a longing for peace, for a sense of knowing that you are exactly where you need to be and that you know exactly which path to follow next. However, there is a sense that following one path really isn’t the right option for you as the converging and diverging paths all have relevance for you at the current time.

In essence, this suggests a need for you to stop focusing on where to go next and instead focus on where you are now. The more in-tune you can become with the infinity of possibilities within you, the more you will realise that the new chapter about to begin isn’t about which path to follow, it’s about acknowledging that there isn’t a single direction or clear-cut answer. This may seem confusing, but it’s time to find peace in the unknowable and to trust your intuition to guide you forwards. The more you can go with the flow of your own intuition, you will finally find the freedom to look beyond the boundaries of your doubts and beliefs in order to live a more wholehearted and enriching life…


You have been going through a fairly intense and profound period of change recently which has been rippling out from the core of your being. As a result, the energy and dynamic of your beliefs, hopes, dreams and expectations has taken centre stage as you contemplate the bigger picture of your life. This process of change seems to be driven by a need for you to discern between what you truly want and what you think you should want in life. You have always been something of a people-pleaser, trying to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be or need to be, however you are beginning to stand in your own power more as you’ve realised how much of yourself you deny or resist in the process. Being everything to yourself looks set to take centre stage now, not in a selfish or indulgent way, but in an ‘I love and respect myself’ way.

You have spent so much of your life in-between where you are and where you feel you should be, it’s time to focus more on where you are. By all means, let your dreams and ambitions motivate and guide you, but try not to get lost in ought’s, must’s or should’s, as this is your moment to step free from the tethers of out-dated beliefs and the constraints of trying to be anyone other than yourself. Ban ‘ought’ from your vocabulary and let go of the feelings of disempowerment it can create for you. Shift your focus towards acknowledging what you truly and wholeheartedly want, as this needs to be your guide moving forwards now. You have spent so long trying to be the person you’ve felt you’ve needed to be that you might not feel any sort of connection with what you truly want, but give yourself time and open up your heart and soul as your intuition will take you by the hand and show you the way…


December looks set to be a month for some reflection and contemplation as you gather together the many different insights you have unearthed recently. You have been exploring some interesting terrain within your heart and soul over recent weeks and months in a quest to try to understand why things are the way they are. As a result, many questions have surfaced in connection to the life you’re living, the one you’ve felt you could or should have lived, as well as trying to gaze ahead to see what’s next. An important part of this process has been a willingness to acknowledge and ‘own’ the choices you’ve made as well as the one’s you haven’t, a sense that every choice is a choice even choosing not to make a choice. The more you look within, it seems that you are beginning to feel a growing sense of connection to your intuition and your sense of self.

Knowing yourself looks set to take centre stage over the weeks ahead as you stop feeling so at odds with yourself to keep trying to do more, achieve more and be more. Your mind is a formidable force in your life, but it’s important to let your heart breathe more freely, allowing your intuition, creativity, and compassion to flow without your mind trying to shape and define the process. When you find balance between your head and your heart, the need to keep asking questions to make sense of things fades as you begin to intuitively sense your way forward. In short, it seems clear that it’s time to believe in yourself more in order to find more balance in all areas of your life. Find unity within your head, heart, and soul, as together they bring you insight, wisdom, and the courage to live your very best life. Pause, take a deep breath as it’s time to let go, trust and be free…


Your life has been on fast forward recently as you have been preoccupied with things to do, people to see and places to go. At the same time, you have continued to seek out ways to untangle the complexity of your life, trying to establish some breathing space and trying to work out why things are the way they are. Although you do seem to have found some breathing space, you haven’t as yet, noticed a significant change when it comes to how you feel or how you live your life. As a result, you’re not quite sure how to get from where you are to where you want to be, nor can you fathom how you got from over there to here. Of course, your life is usually busy and full of things to do, but there is a sense that you need something more now.

When you’re busy you’re often on autopilot and you want to feel a deeper sense of freedom now as you live more consciously and wholeheartedly. Autopilot mode is understandable, but it stops you from thinking about what you’re doing, why, when or with whom, as you’re disconnected from your effervescence and intuition. It’s therefore so important for you to step back a little in order to re-evaluate your true priorities. It seems that many of the things that frequently preoccupy you either aren’t very important or they underwhelm you. Whilst there will always be things to do in life that are mundane, your life seems a little too full of these at the moment and this has left you lacking interest in your hopes and dreams. So, try to take some time in December to re-connect to the core of your being, breathe deeply into your heart and soul, and allow your creativity and sense of balance to emerge once again…


As you continue to find ways to navigate the ebb and flow of life, there is a sense that the ebb and flow has felt less rhythmic and more tenacious recently. It’s as though you know that you are a part of the current but resisting this awareness at the same time. It’s like you are trying to go with the flow, but moving in the opposite direction as well. Being you is frequently a source of bewilderment and perplexity, it’s often incomprehensible and confusing as you try to work out why you do the things you do and make the choices you make. Although intuitively you have access to a great deal of wisdom and knowledge, you often doubt this of yourself and feel as though you are being carried by the currents without any real say in the matter. Of course, you know that you are a creator of the currents, but due to a misplaced layer of doubt, you so often push your phenomenal intuition aside.

Whilst you don’t deliberately try to be obtuse or get lost with the currents, it’s clear that you want to be more conscious and fluid in life. It’s therefore important for you to start working out why you feel the way you do. Why do you so often feel powerless when you have so much strength, courage, and wisdom? December looks set to be a time for you to contemplate the reasons why you frequently feel at odds with your true nature as you’re ready to re-establish a deeper connection to your power and creativity. Listen to the voice calling you from deep within as you bring back together the different facets of your being into a more cohesive, unified. and beautiful whole. Acknowledge your strength and your gifts; tenderly love your inner self and find a new balance in living whole-heartedly and embracing your true self…

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