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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for March 2023

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for March 2023

Message for March 2023

The universal ebb and flow often feels random and incongruent; it can be hard to sense a rhythm or pattern, and very often the twists and turns can feel incomprehensible and beyond understanding.

Through our lifetimes, we each experience a collection of moments, many of which fit together into the jigsaw puzzle of life, but there are many more that seem to have no obvious place or function, however hard we look. Of course, the landscape of life is continually shifting and changing, never staying the same, always moving, and the need to understand and comprehend is innate within each of us, as it’s through understanding where we can gain wisdom, insight, and a sense of purpose. Yet, the ebb and flow can feel like a maelstrom of swirling currents, a kaleidoscope of threads weaving chaotically and seemingly indiscriminately. However, when we step back to look at the bigger picture, we begin to see the patterns and threads weaving their way through space and time in more universal harmony.

As life is filled with things to do, people to see and places to go, it’s easy to miss the individual threads as they weave in and out of our lives as we are so often lost in the mêlée and chaos of each and every moment. There are times when we feel like a spinning top or a ball from a pinball machine, being spun around in ways that feel beyond our control. So, it seems clear that in order to find a deeper sense of peace amongst the ebb and flow, we each need to step back a little from the intensity of our own lives and re-connect to the bigger picture. Whilst this won’t fix things, it can help each of us find some centre ground to rest and then start to make sense as to why things are the way they are. Yet, the more we seek out answers to the unanswered questions in life, we run the risk of becoming so focused on finding the answers above all else that we lose sight of everything else, so seeking balance is important as we each need to know when to ebb and when to flow; this takes trust, courage, and self-belief.

Sometimes the biggest gift comes from letting go. Letting go of expectations, beliefs or ideals that no longer serve a positive role in our lives. Letting go of clutter and stuff: things to do or goals to achieve that sit on the shelf of our to do lists gathering dust and clogging our energy. Letting go of feeling like we need to cling on and resist change. When life is tightening the vice with stress, pain and worry, it’s hard to think beyond this, but clinging on is a sign we have stopped believing in ourselves and started to believe that it’s the things we don’t have or the things we lose that ultimately shape our lives. Whilst we will always have goals and dreams, it’s important not to become so lost in them that we lose sight of where we are now as it’s the willingness to be fully and wholeheartedly present that allows us to breathe more deeply into life. Clinging on, keeping on keeping on, suggests restriction and lack, and whilst so many of us are struggling to make ends meet or facing one uphill challenge after another, this isn’t a sign we are doing something ‘wrong’, it’s just the way it is. For now.

Of course, it’s easy to say: ‘let go’ and believe, particularly when life can feel like it’s balanced on a tightrope, but the more we fall into the mindset of lack, struggle, and angst, the more it consumes us. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t acknowledge our struggles because we should, it’s more a need to look beyond the moment and towards the bigger picture to bring us understanding and strength. It’s no surprise so many are feeling discombobulated and disconnected, as the world seems to be fragmenting into millions of different directions; it feels as though the world is spinning more quickly and time is moving faster, but individually we have slowed down, creating a shearing between time and space, and between our inner and outer worlds. Our souls have felt tethered and restrained for so long, but we are seeking out freedom now and the space to soar high into the thermals.

When we pause and look around the world, there is still so much anger, greed, hate, judgement, and intolerance, and it can sometimes be hard to see the love, generosity, compassion and understanding. It exists, it’s just that it so often gets overlooked by the challenges. Of course, the struggles help us evolve and grow, but life shouldn’t just be about struggle, it should also be about living life to the very best of our abilities. It takes courage to face our struggles, but it takes an inordinate amount of strength to embrace our gifts and fly free. We each have the strength to live our very best lives and the time has come to let go, fly free and live life as wholeheartedly as possible…

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



Finding ways to live your best life has been an ongoing theme for you over recent months. There is a need for you to start acknowledging what you truly want as you let go of a great deal of clutter on all levels of your life. Clutter is just the stuff, ideas, possessions, even people, that you collect over time, and they become a part of your bigger picture. Yet, it’s only when you think about decluttering that you realise just how much of this stuff really doesn’t serve any kind of purpose in your life and you’re just carrying it around with you because that’s what you’ve always done. It’s heavy! Living your best life involves embracing your free-spirited nature and letting go of clutter as you start listening to your inner voice to guide you. You are on a continual rollercoaster of change which is thrilling, but it can be a bit nauseating as well, as the twists, turns, up and downs, continue day after day, after day.

Of course, you navigate this journey with your usual grace and poise, but there is a part of you that wants to disembark from the rollercoaster and instead seek out some new terrain that feels more life affirming and life enriching. There is a sense that the more you have connected to the truth of what really matters to you, the more you have felt in touch with the rhythms of life. You are going through a powerful period of awakening, and the need for you to live as wholeheartedly as possible grows stronger by the day as you seek to re-shape and re-define your life from a more awakened and inspired perspective. Breathe deeply and believe in yourself as you have the wisdom, creativity, and innovation to connect to your inner passion and spark; feel this rising up within you now as you prepare for a new chapter to begin…


Getting to know your ‘why’ continues to form a central focus in your life as it shapes your beliefs, your dreams, and your everyday world. Knowing your why is a sign you are opening up to your true gifts and acknowledging your true priorities. At the same time, it’s reminding you that life isn’t just about your ‘to do’ list, it’s about trusting yourself to go with the changing currents and acknowledging that your own personal evolution means your perspective and wisdom are growing with each passing day. It’s been hard for you to get a firm grasp on these shifts as you have sensed them, but haven’t been able to translate them into your daily life; you are becoming increasingly aware of the rumblings deep within your heart and soul as they nudge your consciousness and tickle your dreams.

You would feel happier having a stronger and clearer sense of this process, but it all still feels quite nebulous and beyond understanding. Yet, this nebulousness shouldn’t be frustrating as it’s an opportunity to dive deeply into your heart and soul, reaching deeply into every nook and cranny within. You may wonder why this would be an opportunity, but it’s a rare chance to connect to the core of your being, to wholeheartedly sense your ‘why’ and to gain clarity as to your path ahead. You have been on the crossroads of change for a long time now, but life has been so busy with things to do, people to see and places to go that you’ve been unable to sharpen your focus when it comes to living your best life. For a long time now, you have given so much of yourself to so many, placing the needs and wants of others above your own, and although you will always be a giving soul, you have realised the need to honour your own needs now. Listen to your soul to guide you…


March looks set to shine a bright light on your creativity and imagination as you seek out some new avenues and pathways of expression. Your creative gifts have been your guiding light over the years as they have been a source of wisdom, a place to reflect, as well as a way to think about the bigger picture. Your creativity often filters into all areas of your life, even those areas that feel more pedestrian and mundane. You have always had a bright and vivid imagination, and there have been times when your creativity has taken you into new dimensions, opening up to new ideas and exploring new terrain on your path ahead. As a result, there are times when you appear to be lost in your head, processing thoughts, and allowing your creativity to dance freely, and although this can sometimes get in the way of your day-to-day life, it mostly acts as a source of great wisdom and strength.

Yet, although your inner spark of creativity has long had the freedom to dance around the rooms of your soul, you have often held back from setting it free to be seen, heard, and felt by others. There seems to be many reasons for this, but most seem driven by a lack of self-belief and a sense of not being quite sure of where you ‘fit’ in life. Well, how can you ‘fit’ when your essence is infinite and beyond understanding? It’s time to realise that you are unique, and your gifts take you into realms that few others could comprehend. Whilst this uniqueness has often left you feeling on the edge of life, it’s time to realise that this gift is the gateway to living your best life as you open up to being your true self. You seem ready now to re-ignite the flames of confidence and let go of doubts as you embark on a brand-new adventure…


You’ve spent a great deal of your life trying to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be as you’ve struggled to gain a clear sense of your true essence and sense of self. It’s not that you haven’t tried to ‘be more you’, it’s just that you have focused more on keeping on keeping on, trying to go with the flow and this hasn’t left you with much time to think about what ‘being more you’ actually means. As a result, you have lost sight of many of your gifts, and it seems clear that you have also disconnected from your self-belief and courage. You are a resilient, vibrant, and innovative soul, and it’s time to celebrate these gifts now as you seem to be standing on the precipice of change. Of course, a precipice might not sound very inviting, but it feels as though you are teetering on the edge, balanced quite precariously between where you are and where you want to be.

Yet, if you look down, you will see that the edge is all but a few millimetres high; in essence, it’s your perception of change that seems to be building a layer of fear within you, but when you apply your mind, you can see that the reality is far less daunting. This isn’t to say that change is always easy because it isn’t. This also isn’t to say that remaining teetering on the edge is a bad idea as it might not be for you. However, this is to say that you need to look at the bigger picture in order to gain perspective and to realise that the ‘precipice’ is an inner block that you’ve put into place to try to stick with the familiar rather than believing in yourself to step into unchartered terrain with courage and strength. It’s time to stop doubting yourself and to start ‘being more you’…


As you continue to seek out joy, wisdom and creativity in the nooks and crannies of life, there is a sense that you are beginning to discover some new insights and revelations connected to your true nature. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to be everything to everyone and this has left you a little disconnected and disorientated when it comes to your inner fire and roar, yet your passion and energy still burn brightly and the more you seek out joy and creativity, the more you are realising just how much energy and effervescence you truly have. You are often guided by how you feel, rather than what logically makes sense, yet trying to be everything to everyone has superseded this process and taken over, leaving you feeling disjointed and out of kilter with your heart and soul. However, your inner fire has the power to lead the way and it’s time now to take a deep breath and breathe energy into the flames, so they illuminate your path ahead once again.

As you know, your inner fires act as an internal navigation system and glow when you’re on the right path, but fade when you’re not acting in accordance with your intuition. Of course, life doesn’t always allow you to simply follow your intuition, but it can still guide you along the way. The key here is to let your inner light guide you and to allow your creative energy to fly free once again. It’s time to let go of the ought’s and must’s that have shaped your life for so long as you use your own in-built compass to inspire you to follow your own path now. This process doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, it’s something that comes naturally to you, so take a deep breath and let go…


As you continue to cultivate balance and connection in all areas of your being, there is a sense that March will bring you a much needed opportunity for some contemplation and reflection as you ponder the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be, as well as the gap between where you feel you should be and where you feel you ought to be. There is a difference, as the latter has a focus on your tendency to try to people-please, whereas knowing where you’d like to be is more of a true reflection of your heart and soul. Yet, it seems you think about your own needs, wishes and dreams so infrequently, that it’s hard for you to find clarity when it comes to knowing what you truly want. You have parked those dreams for so long, they somehow feel out of reach. However, it’s important to know that whilst you have spent a great deal of time helping others, as well as a great deal of time seeking out answers to life’s unanswered questions, knowing what you truly want is still possible, you just have to turn within and listen.

Of course, intuitively you know that you are still the soulful, intuitive, creative and innovate being you’ve always been, and although life has altered the course you thought you’d follow, it hasn’t changed your true essence. It’s time to re-connect and to contemplate what you truly want from life; although you may spin off into some existential ponderings along the way, try to keep a soft focus on remaining present so you are able to look at your own bigger picture and dive into your true essence to make some significant choices about your path ahead. It’s time to find inspiration and wisdom from re-connection, and to wholeheartedly embrace your gifts and your unique perspective on life…


The need to turn within continues throughout March as you make some important decisions and changes connected to the path you’re walking and why you’re walking it. In essence, your tendency to go with the flow is shifting away from trying to be the person you feel you need to be and towards being yourself. It’s so easy to get lost in the flow of life, particularly when life is such a whirlwind of things to do, people to see, places to go, and things to think about. Your inner world is frenetic and busy, so a whirlwind feels quite natural for you, yet it’s so often not your whirlwind, it’s the storms created by the currents of those around you. You’ve always struggled with your own whirlwind, feeling that you should instead be seeking out inner peace and tranquillity, but intuitively you know that it’s your whirlwind that has the power to bring you insight, wisdom, and creativity.

It’s time to stop trying to be what you’re not, and to stop focusing on what you’re not; it’s time to be who you are and to feel joy with your beautiful whirlwind as it brings you the freedom to flourish and thrive. The more you open up to your own inner world, the more you will see the way it flows into all areas of your life. When you close it down for the sake of others, you stifle your own essence, and this can leave you feeling tethered and trapped. It’s easy to see what you need to do in order to re-connect to your inner flow, but in reality, it’s much harder to do, as those around you have needs, expectations and demands. However, it’s time to prioritise your own needs more and to follow your heart and soul towards a new chapter in your life, one where you allow the whirlwind within to take you towards pastures new…


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out, there is a sense that you are finally starting to comprehend the vastness of the wild landscape within your heart and soul. For a long time now, you have stuck to the edges of the inner world that’s familiar too you, not quite sure if you should venture any deeper within as your depths simply felt too deep. Yet intuitively you know your depths are a part of you, so you’ve also been longing to dive in and become one with your true essence. Most people go through life living on the edges of their potential as we bend and flex as a way to ‘belong’ and feel a part of the collective. Yet, you’ve never really felt the need to belong, you’ve felt it more important to face your fears and be your true self. At the same time though, you are a fluid soul, so the needs, wants and wishes of others have had a great impact on your ability to embrace your essence and to wholeheartedly embrace your gifts.

In many ways you have resisted loving your wild, inner vastness as it has felt at a tangent to the other areas of your life, but this has created unrest within you, and you know your passion and creativity need the space to flow freely now. March looks set to highlight some of the conflict within you as you seek out ways to embrace your inner wildness and find the confidence to explore the wild mountains, oceans and forests tucked away within. In other words, exploring your own unchartered terrain will light up your soul from the inside, out. It’s time to shake free from some of that old life conditioning in order to find your own path ahead so you’re free to live the life you were born to live…


The theme of embracing your free-spirited nature in order to dance in tune with the universe looks set to continue throughout March as you take some time to think about what you have, what you want, where you’re going, and why! It’s easy to be carried along by the waves of life, ebbing and flowing with the currents that take you from here to there, feeling like a piece of driftwood at times, not knowing where you might end up next. These adventures have helped you to find your courage and discover a great deal about yourself, but there is a sense that you have not quite got to where you feel you want to be in life. The reason for this seems to come from a deep-rooted belief that you must ‘do better’; you rarely feel like your best is good enough and keep your focus and energy on a quest for perfection.

Seeking betterment and progress is a positive, but intuitively you know that perfection is just a construct you use to hold yourself back from taking a chance on exploring your gifts more; the thought of letting your guard down and allowing your light out feels like you are somehow exposing the depths of your soul; you’ve been hurt before and don’t want to be hurt again. Yet, in truth, maybe the only person you are hurting by holding yourself back, is you? You are a talented, gifted, creative, and passionate soul and your inner light radiates so brightly: you want perfection, but all this does is prevent you from embracing your gifts in the here and now. You could spend your whole life chasing the dream of perfection and the need to ‘get it right’, before you set your gifts free, but how can you ever know if you’re ready, if you don’t try? It’s time to love yourself more and to let your inner light shine brightly…


Knowing your own mind continues to remain centre stage throughout March as you start to look at the bigger picture of your life from a new standpoint and with fresh perspective. Although you have been ‘keeping on keeping on’ for a long time, you have started to ask some deeper questions as to your true priorities in life and this has created even more questions which, for now, don’t seem to have answers. It’s not that you’re asking any particularly difficult questions of yourself, it’s just that you have spent so long focused on ‘keeping on keeping on’ that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to listen to your own needs more. Yet, the questions keep on coming and whilst this questioning is an inevitable part of your evolution, you seem to be leaving no stone unturned when it comes to seeking out the answers.

However, there is a sense that some of the answers simply don’t exist as some of your questions have yet to evolve into something concrete enough to formulate an answer. Intuitively you sense this, but it doesn’t stop you trying to outwit the process as there’s a need within you to know more before you feel you can make any big decisions about your path ahead. Whilst having the ‘answers’ is helpful, there will always be questions without answers as that’s the nature of life, so it seems important for you realise that it’s often the not knowing that brings you wisdom and learning, and this comes from self-belief and letting go. Pushing for answers can lead to frustration and it can leave you feeling ‘less than’, so it’s time to acknowledge that whilst being more connected to your true priorities is vital for your evolution, progress isn’t just about seeking out answers, it’s about feeling centred, balanced and in tune with your true essence, so breathe, let go and set yourself free…


As you continue to listen more wholeheartedly to the whispers of your soul, there is a sense that you are undergoing a transformation that’s beginning deep within the core of your being. It’s hard to articulate as it’s a state of being that feels more alive, more connected, and more vibrant than you’ve ever experienced before, but this feeling goes beyond your mind and beyond your comprehension; it’s as though you are seeing yourself and the world in a completely different way. You have always thrived on the busy-ness of life, creating a whole host of ‘to do’ lists and then ‘to do’ lists for your ‘to do’ lists! Jesting aside, you thrive when you’re busy, needing a variety of different stimuli at any one point in time. On many levels, being busy intensifies your intuition and injects energy into your creativity, yet there is also a sense of a need for stillness; for some quieter time to re-balance and re-energise your heart and soul. Sometimes, you have so much to do that the busy-ness creates a kind of white noise that buzzes through your consciousness leaving you unable to truly connect to your inner world.

Being busy can be satisfying and rewarding, but it seems important now for you to find a sense of peace and joy when connecting to the quieter side of your nature. As the winds of change continue to gather momentum in your life, having an inner focus will help you to keep perspective and to remain focused and clear. It’s easy to become distracted by those ‘to do’ lists, but take a deep breath and listen to the inner whispers of your soul as it’s time for you to contemplate your path ahead as the road before you is opening up in many different directions. Only you can choose your direction, but the whispers of your soul are here to guide you…


March looks set to be an important time for you to reset the balance of your life. You have spent a great deal of time, energy and reserves being the rock for others, giving and over-giving, then giving a little bit more. You often give so much of yourself that you end up feeling transparent and unable to find your own centre. You give because you’re a generous soul, but you also give because that’s a way you find value and belief in yourself. It’s time to realise that you are not just what you give, or do, for others, as you are so much more as well; you are a vibrant, gifted, and intuitive soul, and it’s only when you honour yourself that you can truly connect to your gifts. Therefore, creating time for space, rest, and creativity are not luxuries, they are vital for your well-being and it’s time to stop scattering yourself throughout time and space trying to be so much to so many.

Stop pushing yourself so hard and start seeking out balance as you simply cannot indefinitely sustain giving so much of yourself. Saying “No!’ when you need to, is a sign of strength, not weakness. Honouring yourself takes courage, but it’s time to shift the axis of your life towards a more balanced way of living and being. Sometimes you need to let others find their own way, and sometimes you simply need to let go and stop trying so hard. Letting go is easier said than done, but you need this now as you need the room to breathe rather than feeling tethered, restrained, over-stretched and bent out of shape. Resetting the balance of your life will allow you to create space and time for yourself and show you that there is nothing to fear from honouring your own needs. Let your intuition be your guide and let it show you just how amazing you truly are…

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