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March 2023 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

March 2023 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

Welcome to March 2023 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map.

In this transmission, you’ll learn about key dates, numbers, and cosmic energies, Galactic Numerology™ energies that are tools for manifestation that are available, specifically in March 2023.

See how this energy map helps set the stage for maneuvering and creating your life. During these potent and specific energies windows, you are given the opportunity to magnify your purpose and intention, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you! The key is to harness that power with Love!

Galactic Numerology™ welcomes you to this Month of March 2023 and is transmitting supporting and nourishing energies for you in this transmission.

There is an infinite amount of happenings under way in the energy realms, and here we bring specific highlights and key insights that flow from our vibrational streams with the Divine Cosmic Alchemy happening from and through Galactic Numerology™.  We also take a brush stroke to the surface, to acknowledge some of the many events and expansions happening within the cosmos and astrologically as well. All of this is being transmitted to support you as you navigate upon your life path, and it is our JOY and delight to assist you.

There are highly significant and powerful astrological alignments and movements in the heavens this March 2023.  This is greatly assisting the momentum as we move into the higher-dimensional Earth. Be ready for major shifts and expansions that can be ease-filled with an allowance for the flow – as so many planets are moving into mutable signs which bring about these massive shifts and changes. In March 2023, there are several planetary conjunctions of note that you may desire to research beyond what we present here.

This month astrologically is a retrograde-free month, as was February. So, there’s no going back over, it’s forward momentum. Tap into that as we approach this Equinox in early 2023.  Get going and propel forward with all of the things that your heart is calling into being.  It’s time to just let go, let go, let go of all that no longer serves you – and March energies are greatly bolstering all of that. This is consciousness shifting energy, Dear One.

We begin the month with the 3/3 Portal energies. It is a 3 month of flowing with your life and choices. This encourages you to create and express from the natural rhythm of your essence.

There’s a new sense of freedom and liberation – as you’ve had powerful energetic support this past month of February 2023 – to establish what rings as truth within your own heart, and what you establish as your own belief systems about yourself and the world around you. You’re no longer willing to accept the collective old paradigm dictations of what is right and wrong for you. As you navigate and guide your life from a place of sovereignty, things begin to flow more easily, and your life feels more aligned and peaceful, even as the outside world continues to swirl about with uncertainty.

Use the power of this portal day to align with the exponential flow of 3s. See how the number 3 shows up to assist you in making choices that help propel you forward in a gentle, yet momentous, fluid way.

Look for triangles – the sacred geometry of the 3’s – the triads that show up for you in both physical and energetic form. Imagery of the Vesica Piscis (Pisces) with the two overlapping circles – producing the third in the middle- makes way for the natural flow of creation. Three circles overlapping create the beautiful Celtic knot. There’s so much to discover within the play of 3s as the natural flow and rhythm in life and all of the universe. What is happening in your life when the clock shows 3:33? What’s flowing well for you? What could you be in better flow with?

And the dates that also add up and reduce down to 3/3 are mini portal dates, including: 3/12, 3/21, and 3/30.  Utilize these dates to revisit, check in and harness even more of what you’re manifesting with the flow of the 3/3 Portal energies.

March 6th/7th is the Full Moon in Virgo, and a moon of many names. Such names include Worm moon, lenten or paschal moon, crow moon, sugar moon and sap moon. All of these names reflect the movement and thawing of the earth into spring. Virgo loves order and deals with physical life, your health and your service to others.

In this Full Moon those seeds planted at the New Moon, and the fertility and growth that has expanded into being and are now sprouting before you. The seeds come up through the ground and they can be seen on the surface. You can see things for what they are.

Full moons shine a light on what is working and not working in your life and reveal hidden truths that are ready to come forth. Illumination – as all is seen – the light shines brightly. Take this time to reconnect to those Divine beliefs and use your heart to make adjustments that create more flow in any areas of your life that are calling for those adjustments- that reroute old ways of being into splendorous new paths – in which flowing along is as natural as breathing.

On 3/7, a major astrological event occurs as Saturn enters Pisces, changing signs, from having been in Aquarius since 2020.  With this Full Moon of completions and illuminations – there is lots of support around releasing and completing that which occurred during the global shutdown.  And being in this Saturn/Pisces energy is a powerful trajectory into the sovereignty of trusting yourself, and doing so requires more time of inner-reflection, and leaving the noise of the outside world several times during your day. Building this self-trust means that you’re making choices based on what is in alignment with your soul’s desires and path.  It’s time to shed the outer world’s limitations of who you should be – and bust through those veils. You’re stepping into your power is assisting others, because you’re breaking through the dense energies of the collective assists others in seeing their power. Your light shines forth to be seen, Dear One.

3/14 is Pi Day, where this date and the numbers of 3.14 represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. This calculation is a constant number and is true for any circle of any size.  And the digits beyond the 3.14 infinitely without repeating or patterning.  Since numbers are codes of energy, and there is much celebration (eating a piece of pie on Pi Day while reciting the infinite digits beyond the 3.14159) it’s a joyful mid-month way to celebrate the infinite you, and going beyond what keeps you in the mind.

March 20/21st, we have the energy of the Equinox – spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere, and the change of seasons. This is the time of year when the sun moves into Aries and the astrological year begins. So, this is indeed, the New Year celebration of the natural flowing cycles created by nature – and the cosmos. Light is equal for both day and night.

This equinox is a very high-powered and important gateway.  The energy that’s been experienced from the December 2022 Solstice and through to this Equinox is a type of birth canal.  With the intense contractions of the high-energetics of the numerology and astrology, in co-creation with the vast amount of Ascension energies pouring upon and through the Earth and her Beings, Equinox is like the birth.  That first breath – and then the flow of the subsequent breaths that naturally follow from there.

Balance and harmony are the energetics of these Equinoxes as day and night are equal, as the sun sits directly above the equator. This Equinox brings a quickening of energies, and a sweeping of vibrations like no other time before. Utilize these energies of harmony and balance to keep your footing and grounding as the momentum rises more than ever. It’s time to celebrate – and feel a freshness to the new life springing forward both upon the Earth – and within your being. This is an evolution in consciousness and we are in the vast expansion of it.  And it’s exciting and exhilarating if you allow it to flow that way for you!

And, with numbers and harmony and balance, just at this time of Equinox, there are an abundance of Palindrome dates in March 2023!  This is the only month of the year 2023 when Palindrome dates occur.

What are the significance of these Palindrome Dates? Palindrome numbers are symmetrical. They’re the day’s date can be read the same way forwards or backwards.

Utilize the power of numbers with these dates to spark symmetry, harmony, and balance in your life.

Looking at how the numbers run in sequential order, within the 5-digit and 7-digit dates (using the numerical order of day, month, year), here are the dates:

Five-digit dates:

3/20/23, 3/21/23, 3/22/23, 3/23/23, 3/24/23, 3/25/23, 3/26/23, 3/27/23, 3/28/23, and 3/29/23

Seven-digit date:


If you want to be in play with the magic of numbers, palindrome dates provide those opportunities. Watch for the numbers showing up as the three digits that are being mirrored. For example, on 3/20/23 (the five-digit palindrome date), see if you are noticing the time 3:20 on the clock or that the number magically appears in other ways. What are you doing or thinking about at that time?

How are they bringing attention to something that your higher-self and guides are nudging you to recognize? It’s about expanding and growing!

This allows you to deepen your inner-knowing for whatever is stepping forward to be expanded upon at that time, and to make choices for your highest soul path to bring joy and harmony into your life.

The key to accessing the magic of numbers is to be aware of them and what they are sparking, and with the added harmonious energies of balance with the Equinox – what an amazing opportunity to access these energies and ground them into your life!

March 21st/22nd is the New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees, 49 minutes, and at 1:23 PM EDT. New Moon, new astrological year, beginning of the signs.  That is powerful and potent new creation energy, Dear One! With all of the releasing and then balancing of your energies and life, you’ve opened up the spigot to flow into so much newness in your life!  This is showing up more and more within your outer reality – as you have done the soul work! You are becoming more magnetic to the higher frequencies from which to create beyond your wildest dreams.  You’re in your sovereignty, and this confidence and self-assurance will give you momentum to take action – and it will be fun and adventurous as your heart guides you through. This is time to make do some solid planning for what you desire to be in your life.

March 23rd is another significant astrological event as we bring into the energies of this map of March 2023. Pluto moves into Aquarius for just a few months, then back into Capricorn, then back into Aquarius. It is the planet of death and rebirth, and of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It represents the very powerful and potent energy of transformation.  And this also heralds a time of innovation and technological advancements beyond what humankind can even imagine. A revolution and re-evolution.

With the past few years there has been a massive planetary release of the collective fear of death – that which has been programmed from the collective.  The fear of the unknown, the guilt, the regrets were surfacing to be released en-masse. And there’s also the energetic deaths of the old ways of being, and the illusional energies that were once setting the course of life. This is a new, and a highly transformational time to see all that you’ve traversed and completed, and now flowing with the more natural rhythm of the higher Divine energies. These reside within, and always have.  There’s been all of the cleaning out and transformation, and it will continue to occur – yet it’s happening with more ease as you go with the flow.  Go with the inner-guidance that you know.

All of society as you know it is evolving.  The energies of the Cosmos are leading the way, and you’re here to remember your connection to all of it.  You’ve done enormous amounts of expansion and evolution – remember to remember that too, Dear One.

Enjoy all that this month of March 2023 offers. Our blessings are with you.

Divine Cosmic Alchemy
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