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Take This Step. We Want To See You Happy - The Grandmothers Speak


"Oh, how we love you

  Oh, how we love you," the Grandmothers sang.

"Please begin to love yourself the way we love you," they said, gazing into my eyes. "Ask us to see through you--to look out through your eyes, to hear through your ears, to think through your mind, and feel through your heart. Ask us to live and breathe through you so each time you look outward it is US looking outward through you. "

"The negative conditioning that's been heaped on human beings makes it difficult for you to witness the beauty around you, even more difficult to witness the beauty that you are. But we can easily see it. So right now, ask the Divine to start operating from inside you. We will then see through you."

"Living with this Divine perspective will bring you a life filled with happy surprises. You will fall in love with life and fall in love with your own precious self. And the love that will fill you each time you realize how truly good you are will shoot throughout the Net of Light, automatically blessing everyone. Eyes of love cannot help but bless whatever they touch."

"It's not difficult for us to see through your eyes; really there's nothing to it. You just have to ask us. Try it! Go to a mirror right now and ask us or any form of the Divine you love to look out at you through the windows of your eyes. Your eyes will immediately soften and as we look through you, your heart will also soften. As you continue to invite us in to "see" in this new way, happiness will wash over you and then wash over everything your eyes touch. We are here within you, accessible now and always, so start allowing us to love through you."

"Inviting the Divine to live inside you will give you joy that will infect everyone you meet. Go ahead. Take this step. We want to see you happy." 

Sharon McErlane
April 21, 2017

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