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Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences - July 5 to 11, 2021

Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences - July 5 to 11, 2021

THE MAGNITUDE of the energies we are working with right now is "interesting," to say the least. Not only have we been managing the dramatic effects of the Mars-Saturn-Uranus T-square over this past week, but yesterday (July 3), a sunspot appeared quite suddenly and unleashed an X-class solar flare -- the first of that highest-level class since September 2017.   

This solar flare was also unique because it created a phenomenon called a "magnetic crochet." Here's how described the impact of yesterday's event:

"Radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth's atmosphere and caused currents to flow 60 to 100 km above Earth's surface. These currents, in turn, altered Earth's polar magnetic field. Unlike geomagnetic disturbances that arrive with CMEs days after a flare, a magnetic crochet occurs while the flare is in progress. They tend to occur during fast, impulsive flares like this one."

LIKE THE EARTH, our physical bodies have magnetic fields. In fact, scientists tell us that every organ and cell in our bodies has its own tiny biomagnetic field. Therefore, like our planet, we are also affected by solar flares, especially strong X-class flares such as the one that occurred on July 3. And, considering that a "magnetic crochet" can evidently alter the Earth's polar magnetic field, it is intriguing to contemplate how it might also affect us individually.

Perhaps you have been feeling the effects of all these cosmic energies. Sudden fatigue, unexplained anger or sadness, nervous stomach, a fluttering feeling in the thymus area ... these are just a few of the possible symptoms. If you'd like to learn more about how solar flares can affect us, I found an excellent article by Raelene Byrne called "Solar Flares and Consciousness" and posted it on my facebook page yesterday.

THE INTENSITY continues this week, with slight variations on the theme. As soon as Mars becomes disentangled from the T-square configuration, Venus steps into its place, being exactly opposite Saturn on Tuesday and square Uranus on Thursday. This means we can expect a certain amount of conflict and instability within relationships and also financially this week, since both of these areas are ruled by Venus.

The Venus-Saturn opposition on Tuesday represents a reality check. It requires us to reassess what we value and to objectively reflect on how we invest our hearts and our resources. This may be a time of decision-making in these areas, as we tend to observe more dispassionately whether something is working for us or not.

WE MIGHT CONSIDER Venus-Saturn to be the equivalent of looking at the poker hand we've been dealt and deciding whether it makes more sense to fold our hand or raise the bet. In this analogy, the Venus-Uranus square that perfects on Thursday is then the sudden appearance of a wild card in the mix, which causes us to question our previous appraisal.

With unpredictable Uranus once again at the apex of this week's T-square, we can "expect" to be surprised by the turn of events. The sideways-spinning planet is again playing the role of catalyst, causing a buildup of electrical energy. This energy, when released, changes our perceptions in some way, powerfully propelling us into the future.

THIS URANIAN EFFECT starts to sound very much like the impact of yesterday's X-class solar flare and the "magnetic crochet" it created. It's interesting how we tend to get these cosmic messages from multiple sources. It also reminds me of what often happens when exploring someone's natal astrology chart, when we see a similar theme being conveyed by more than one planet or in more than one house. This underscores that specific theme as being predominant in the life experience.

The emphasis here then, in these first two weeks of July, appears to be the sudden release of powerful forces after a buildup of tension. This impulse of energy has the capacity to change our course, as our individual perceptions and perspectives (the "magnetic north pole" that guides our lives) are altered in some way.

BUILDING on the theme of starting anew, we begin a new lunar cycle this week. In my local area, the New Moon occurs on Friday, July 9, at 6:16 p.m. PDT (this is Saturday, July 10, at 1:16 a.m. GMT).

At the time of the lunation, the Sun and Moon will conjoin at 18°01′ Cancer. They will form a wide opposition to Pluto, indicating the possibility of power struggles or manipulations, and a revealing of something that has been hidden from view. The two lights will also be widely square Eris, a sign that a deep level of dissatisfaction continues to drive public opinion.

Thankfully, the closer (and therefore stronger) aspects in the lunation chart are more supportive: the New Moon is sextile Uranus, helping us be flexible as we deal with changing conditions and bringing through emotional insights. And, Neptune is trine the Sun and Moon, promising opportunities for spiritual growth, and for each of us to expand our capacity for empathy and compassion.

THE OMEGA AND CHANDRA SYMBOLS, channeled by astrologer John Sandbach, offer additional insights into this new lunar cycle. The overall theme for the New Moon is "The Big Picture; Breaking the Circle."

Here are the individual symbols for the nineteenth degree of Cancer, and their explanations (abridged):

Omega symbol: "Memorizing Chinese characters." Trying to find keys to understanding yourself and new ways of communicating. Approach this in a gradual way and keep at your efforts. You can easily become frustrated, and the antidote to this is patience and perseverance. 

Chandra symbol: “An opossum comes out into the moonlight." This degree is highly subjective and interior. It wishes to be left to its own impulses and doings, without having to answer or justify itself. It seeks meaning in everything and wants to understand how that meaning all fits together – but not from any logical or rational viewpoint. This is a degree of feeling, and the life of the imagination.

HERE is the list of aspects that perfect this week, with my brief interpretations of each:


Sun sextile Uranus: An overall sense of having more freedom to do and be authentically ourselves. A good day for emotional insights.


Mercury square Neptune: Communications and thinking lack clarity today. This is an aspect of dreams and the imagination, but our visions may not be grounded in reality. 

Venus opposite Saturn: (See above.)


Mercury sextile Eris: The ability to speak forthrightly, but perhaps not tactfully. Still, we can use this aspect for conflict resolution, if we choose our words carefully.

Venus trine Chiron: An opportunity for healing in relationships, if we can be heart-centered while also maintaining our center of personal power.


Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter: A tendency to be defensive or needy can trip us up. 

Mercury quincunx Pluto: Conversations can go off-course if we're not clear on our truth or if we allow someone to manipulate our thinking.

Venus square Uranus: (See above.)


Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn: Frustrations in communication, as it is hard to find a meeting of the minds. Pessimistic thinking makes it hard to see solutions to a current dilemma. 

New Moon: (See above.)


Mercury semisquare Uranus: Insights are possible, but our minds find it hard to focus on one subject for very long. Be sure to write down the new ideas as they pop in, since they may disappear the next minute.


Mercury enters Cancer: For the next three weeks, our thinking tends to be more subjective and people may be moody or protective. If you feel overwhelmed, remember The Crab's ability to sidle, and step to the side from time to time to observe situations from a new – and more objective – vantage point.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, you are called to take time for yourself, for your own personal healing. Cancer natives usually have a great capacity to care for others, but may have less practice in self-care. If situations arise that stir you to anger, perhaps if you feel unsafe or uncared-for, understand that the child within you is needing your loving attention. Taking the time for inner child work allows the doors to open to new spiritual growth and creative opportunities. (Solar Return Sun square Chiron, trine Neptune)

In peace and with gratitude,


Aspects of Note This Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

  • MON: Sun sextile Uranus

  • TUE: Mercury square Neptune, Venus opposite Saturn

  • WED: Mercury sextile Eris, Venus trine Chiron   

  • THU: Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury quincunx Pluto, Venus square Uranus

  • FRI: Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, New Moon 6:16 p.m. PDT

  • SAT: Mercury semisquare Uranus

  • SUN: Mercury enters Cancer


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