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Channeled Information vs. Historical Records

historical records

I believe in both channeled messages and historical records as well. But what if they do not corroborate each other? Which one do you believe in? How does one’s beliefs and opinion play into this scenario?

Having read Zecharia Sitchin's books, or at least three of them, and found them to be a good guide to understanding the history of the Annunaki as they pertain to the history of this earth. They seem factual but one needs two or three witnesses to substantiate a fact.

I have read Sir Lawrence Gardner’s books about the grail king's blood lines. As a historian extraordinaire, he too, talks about the Annunaki from historical records that he had access to, such as the family records of the European Royals, the Roman Chronicles, even Vatican records that he was given access to, but not all records. He also confirms that Jesus existed and was crucified on a cross or tree. A lot of the recorded information he found, corroborates each other. Taking into consideration the beliefs and reasoning of the author and the purpose of writing the history is a major factor in its authenticity and factual presentation. But even having access to these old records does not mean that his conclusions are accurate. Others may read the same records and draw a different perspective. How can we find the truth that we can call our truth which then evolves into our belief system? Even if we call it our truth, is it a peripheral truth or does it become our core beliefs that determines our personal, functional value system?

Along comes channeled information.

If one believes in the Bible then one is told, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not and shall be given him.” It also says, “Doubt not, fear, not, but be believing, and all things shall be for thy best good.” Does this system of knowing the truth support channeled information? Good question!

The Cabal would never support this system and so we are told by misinformed preacher types that we should follow their tenants and preaching’s which goes against the Bible teachings to go to God with your question and gain information for yourself. Is this not the way to gain, “Wisdom?” It’s always been personal. It’s always been between you and your Creator. It’s always been right in front of you. It’s always been available for those who have eyes to see and ears that hear. Cabal conditioning says we need a preacher or a priest to intervene between us and God. No wonder there is little spiritual power in religious teachings unless it encourages us to seek God for ourselves. To the average church goer, it's a perfunctory process and most wonder why their prayers are not answered as they suppose it should be.

Can one find the way to gain knowledge from God that leads to wisdom? I believe we can, but it takes into effect ALL that is given, not just one scripture or from another person’s interpretation. We are also told that it comes line upon line precept upon precept, here a little there a little, until the greater understanding is achieved. If one has doubt in the process and wants it all NOW, then the tendency is to lean to one’s own understanding or reason which may lead to another harder way to truth and maybe another lifetime to find what you’re looking for.

So, channeling your own answers may be the most effective way to proceed. However, there is usually a problem with God getting the truth to you in that He must filter through your belief system to get through to you. As long as we are on the earth, our earthly experience does and will color our receiving’s from the heavens. This is where in the mouth of two or three witnesses the truth is found, comes into play. That’s why we need each other to get confirmation on what is given or received. This requires one to associate with others who believe they can and do receive revelations from God. We need each other. Many on IDC do receive their own revelations and even out their own expectations and remain steadfast in preparation and belief in the outcome of this grand humanitarian project. It's a personal thing and most often is not shared with others unless their friends receive as well. Sharing inappropriately creates disbelief and persecution from other less capable persons.

I believe that sharing or publishing channeled information may not be the best way to proceed to gain information on specific issues. One’s own receiving’s is personal and most often is meant for oneself. Publishing channeled information may create an ego following that may or may not be for your best good. That's why any channeled information from others, needs to be confirmed by one's receiving’s in order to become fully engaged with the information. Channeled information still comes through personal filters and beliefs and can easily be misleading because most people are not into channelling do to the lack of a belief system to sustain this process.

Over time, with positive feelings, can be the best way to conduct your interactions with respect to receiving revelations from God. Yes/no questions I believe are the best questions to ask because the communications from God are easier to receive in the beginning. Yes’s feel good while no’s don’t. For example: “Is the information from Jared Rand in my best interest? If you feel good inside or get excited, then over all, the information is worth considering. It does not mean that everything he said is true, it means that it is worth considering and may be true. You are entitled to get more detailed information if you ask.

This system is what the Bible teaches and the system that I believe is the best way to conduct the affairs of one’s life. It might work for you as well. Don’t doubt but be believing and see if life becomes easier, like it is supposed to be.

I am patiently waiting for the present timeline to merge with the whole, Gesara/RV - thing, timeline and I’m doing so with a smile, knowing that my Creator is in charge.

With love to all
Ron Giles

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