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Riddle: Is the Truth a Lie?


Mary Elizabeth: Croft

We come to a fork in a road where we know twin brothers live. One always lies; one always tells the truth. We can ask only one question of one brother, and we don’t know which one is the liar.

What question can we ask so that the answer reveals which road to take?

The question is: “Which road would your brother tell me to take?”

If we ask the truth-teller,“Which road would your brother tell me to take?” he will honestly tell us that his brother, a liar, would say, “take the road to the east”. If we ask the liar, ”Which road would your brother tell me to take?”, he will lie and tell us that his brother, a truth-teller, would say, “take the road to the east”.

Both brothers will indicate the wrong road, so we would take the other one.

In language, a double negative equals a positive, a double positive equals a positive, and only a negative plus a positive equals a negative. So, we incorporate both the truth and the lie and we get the LIE. In spirit we all agreed to play a game where what is real is not real and what is not real is real. We created a duality. We made life both truth and fiction, but, no matter how we put the two together, we are left with the LIE.

I had a friend who quit seeing her fellow, Ralph. When I asked how she was doing, she said that she noticed that she was either thinking about Ralph or thinking about not thinking about Ralph, so, life was always about “Ralph” and “not Ralph”, but it was STILL Ralph. When we are faced with opposite concepts: up/down, male/female, dark/light, good cop/bad cop, God/LORD God, war and peace, good news/bad news, wet/dry, etc., then, no matter which we choose to regard, we are always in a LIE. We can’t know ‘good’ without knowing ‘bad’. The mere fact that we label or judge anything, as we perceive it to be, means we are including the opposite: two sides of the same coin. The instant we do so, we are in a LIE. In the case of good news/bad news we must learn to see it ALL as propaganda because if it seems good, OR bad, then it is a LIE.

The duality for us all on this planet began forever ago, but for our own particular lives, it began with the birth certificate. It split us into two entities: free and slave. We cannot say we are “free” without noticing the “slave”; ergo, even “free” is part of the lie. The big LIE is the “love and fear” coin. If we are looking at love as an opposite to fear, we have instantly fallen into a lie. This is why, in the texts of A Course In Miracles, we read that we cannot possibly know ‘love’, as it is NOT a part of our experience within an illusion. We have all felt what we believe to be love, but we truly have no concept of what it is. How can we know, when, on planet Earth, ‘love’ is another aspect of the lie? I am perturbed by life and by my fellow man because I notice that we ALL continue to expect this nightmare to be pleasant, which is insanity. A LIE is never pleasant, even when a lie is meant to protect someone from frightful information.

So, all the concepts we have ever heard which cause us to believe we have a solution to the fraud which goes on all over this planet, cannot be TRUTH. There is no truth when our entire lives are based upon, constructed with, strived for, lived by, and resulted in LIES. Everything we have ever experienced is, from the perspective of “truth”, a LIE. Disheartening, isn’t it? The more we claim a thing to be ‘true’, the more we make the opposite real, and the more we reinforce the lie. “Truth-seeking” only digs us deeper, as ‘truth’ is not where we are.

The only way out of our dilemma is to back out of ALL lies and that includes what we believe to be “truth”, and “love”, and “light”, and “peace”. The more attention we give these alleged aspects of life within a lie, the stronger we make their opposites. Conversely, the opposite is also part of all this. The more attention we give to resisting anything: slavery, fraud, hatred, violence, theft, etc. we further empower it. I know this sounds like a contradiction, because I just said that when we think of love, peace, truth, light, etc. we are empowering the opposite, but here is where we have been royally deceived. 1. empowering EITHER side of the coin makes the coin, i.e.: the fiction, the lie, the illusion only stronger; and, 2. remember that a negative and a positive always makes a negative. Sad, eh? So, if we focus on ‘fear’, we make fear stronger; if we focus on ‘love’, we make the coin, i.e.: the illusion, which includes ‘fear’, only stronger. Lose/lose; and isn’t this precisely what we have noticed? –NO MATTER WHAT WE DO. We fight, we lose; we behave honourably, we lose; we love; we lose. No good deed ever goes unpunished. It’s all the same concept. We must remove ourselves from the entire fiction and that fiction includes all that we have judged as ‘good’. The ‘good’ is not the problem. The problem is the judgement. Even assessing a situation as anything other than what it is, is keeping us caught in the fiction, lie, illusion; hence, my loathing for the ludicrous comment, so vogue these days, “It’s all good.” YIKES!

So, with every comment, such as “going to peace”, “bringing in the love”, “seeking the truth”, etc., we make the entire fiction ever more hazardous to us. Yes, we must do, in the moment, what we believe we must do and, if that is demonstrating what we believe to be love, kindness, playfulness, forgiveness, compassion, peace, then, that is what we have to do, but we must remain mindful that it is just another aspect of the lie. There is nothing wrong with living a lie, as long as we are aware of it. As I used to say to a friend, whom I drove crazy with my comment, “NONE of this matters!” Even I was incapable of seeing life this way, until just the other day. I knew it, intellectually, but I just never ‘got it’ until I took the concept of “de facto government” down to the basics.

Can we remain outside the choice of everything, all the while knowing that it doesn’t matter what we choose because NONE of it is true? I used to have a friend, who, when I told her that I didn’t think I ought to be living with my “beau of the day”, said, “It doesn’t matter who you’re with.” (sic) If it’s all an illusion, what part of an illusion is more important than another part? What part of a novel is any truer than any other part? If we can avoid believing that a choice has significance, or is any different from the option we did not choose, as all options involve the duality, then we can avoid continually stepping into the lie –the sole action which causes our insanity.

Over 30 years ago, I learned what “decide” means. We think we are deciding among options, but, really, all we are doing is making one aspect of what isn’t so, more important than another aspect of what isn’t so. NONE of it matters. Again, I am not suggesting that we not do what we feel prompted to do, as, without that, we have no life at all, and, as long as we are on this beautiful planet with utterly insane agenda, we might as well pretend we are creating good, enjoying people, having fun, albeit difficult to do, as we become aware that the only truth is, “Life is meaningless.”

I’ve said for years, “If it isn’t simple, it isn’t accurate” which I still contend is accurate. This does NOT mean, “If it isn’t easy, it isn’t accurate”. It is not easy to realize that our entire lives are the construct of our flash of insanity when we thought it would be fun to make what is truth, not truth and what is fiction, not fiction. What were we thinking? How do we stop playing a game which is no longer fun? Was it EVER fun? I suppose it was, as long as we had our memory, but, what happened that we lost our knowing that it was all just a prank we played on ourself? Or, were we deceived? If so, who deceived us? If, indeed, the Archons or Aeons or whoever are intending to destroy us, then, what’s to do? The more attention we give either them OR those who oppose them, i.e.: those of us still trying to find a solution to a problem which does not exist, except in our minds, then we are wasting our time, energy, and emotions, not to mention further empowering the opposite of what we want.

How can we step away from the duality? Where is there to go when the entire planet and all we know or have ever known is the lie of duality? As we read in ACIM, we could choose to live a happy dream, as opposed to a nightmare, but it is still not truth. It is all still illusion. I contend we have to remove ourselves from ALL illusion. How do we do that? The only way is to continually keep in mind that none of this is real, none of it matters, and judging what appears to be going on is only keeping us attached to what appears to be going on, which is not really going on. Judgement keeps us attached.

How can we judge anything unless we have all the information? Knowing this, why bother searching when: 1. we will never have it; 2. even if we did, making a judgement will only further entrench us in the LIE.

So, “doing something about” is a waste of our time, energy, and emotion, unless, of course, we adore doing whatever that might be, but, for instance, all that we have heard lately: Notice & Demand, OPPT, arrest the pope, lawsuits, patrimony, bonds, parliament dissolved, corporations foreclosed, trustees/beneficiaries, appealing to the UN, ICCPR #16, writing to de facto agents, going to court, filing documents, studying “law”, UCC, qualifying signatures, etc. is all just drawing energy to the two-sided coin, lying on the pavement. We cannot choose to value one side of the “LIE coin” over the other; picking up the coin is the problem. The entire façade is an illusion as “they” are all de facto, not real, fiction, dead, a lie.

If we were truly “awake” and “conscious”, we would not be trying to change the events within our nightmares, as even talking about doing so would be a waste of time, energy, and emotion. When we are awake and conscious, we can only intend that the night will arrive when we stop having nightmares. Now, can we bring consciousness INTO the nightmare? In his book, “Handbook of Higher Consciousness”, Ken Keyes suggested that, in our dreams, we look at our hands. Then we will know we are conscious within the dream. If, in the nightmare of life, we can remember that all banks and their minion government agencies are de facto, i.e.: fictions, lies, frauds, illusions, then, we can escape their tyranny by letting them know that we know this. This is tantamount to turning to the monsters in our nightmares, standing up to them, and saying, “You can’t harm me. You’re not real”.

“They”, as fictions, cannot DO anything without our empowering them to do so. They cannot recognize our inherent rights; they cannot write us a letter; they cannot judge us; they cannot interfere with us, and they cannot harm us, unless we are already thinking that the other side of the coin –the ‘good’ side– also cannot. The only way to rid nightmares is to realize they are constructs of our imaginations, just like everything else in our mis-created illusion. When did we plan this game to be over? Did we set the clock? Will it end when our mums call us for supper? I suspect it will end when we all ‘remember’ that the entire nightmare is only that and we can opt to become conscious, right in the middle of it.

NOTHING is going to get us out of this mess other than removing our thoughts, judgements, “knowledge”, information, attention, decisions, beliefs, and choices. E.g.: chocolate or vanilla? The answer is, “I don’t care because it doesn’t matter” UNLESS we actually have a preference, as I mentioned above. If we are motivated or prompted to act, then we must do what we feel we must do, as that –and only that– is ‘life’, but we must know, whilst acting, that even that is inconsequential, in the grand scheme. I suspect that only this will bring us the peace we seek. There is nothing else. As long as we think there is, we’ll remain stuck in the LIE.

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