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Big Winds Moon

Big Winds Moon

Cougar -  Turquoise -  Plantain -  Blue and Green

February 19  –  March 20

The Big Winds Moon is the last moon of Waboose, Spirit Keeper of the North. The stone mineral totem for the Big Winds Moon is turquoise, the plant is the plantain, the animal is the cougar, the colours are blue and green, and the elemental clan influence is that of the Frog clan.

Animal: Cougar

Cougar Totem by Sue Coleman

The cougar, the lion of this continent, has not been given the same respect as its African counterpart. The cougar has been misunderstood and feared, often resulting in its wanton slaughter.The cougar – also known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, screamer, painter and ghost cat – is the largest member of the feline family on this continent. Cougars are the best climbers of all felines. They are swift runners who have large individual territories. Their social structure does not allow these territories to overlap.

Cougars are hunters.They like to chase and will often join efforts with their mates or relations to obtain better results. They do not hunt for more food than they eat.They only hunt livestock when their natural food supplies have been depleted. Female cougars are better hunters than the males.

When cougars mate, the female frequently is the aggressor. Most litters are born in the spring and consist of only two kits. Although the mother cougar is very loving and devoted to her kits, male cougars do not have much to do with them.

Cougars can teach you about speed, grace, territoriality, sensitivity, mystery, communicating without words, stalking and initiative.

Turquoise Gem

Mineral: Turquoise

Turquoise provides excellent protection on all levels of being. Many Native people believe that turquoise can keep the wearer from injury and danger. In the past they used it on shields to ward off weapons. It has been used extensively in religious ceremonies, and has been carved into fetishes and inlaid into other objects. Turquoise has been used in rainmaking ceremonies.

The stone promotes healing, and strengthens already inherent healing abilities. Turquoise is a good preventative healing stone that creates natural medicine to help you understand some of the mysteries of life and the universe. Such understanding can help you avoid the perils of disease.

Plant: Plantain


Plantain is the master healer plant. It can be used internally as a tea or externally as a compress to cool, soothe and heal.Plantain is known to be an excellent blood cleanser and helps to alleviate pain. In some cases, plantain is said to reverse the effects of poisons.Used as a tea, compress, or in a bath, it can help heal sores, stings, ulcers and inflammation. It also helps heal kidney and bladder troubles. Being a harbinger of spring, plantain is a reminder of the eternal promise of new life. Its deep roots demonstrate the importance of tenacity and stability and help ground you in the earth.

Colour: Blue and Green

Blue and green are excellent colours to work with for cleansing and purifying the spiritual, emotional, or physical bodies. These colours stimulate a balance between your inner consciousness and the exterior world around you. Blue and green can soothe “troubled waters” thereby awakening a deep sense of happiness and contentment. These colors aid in healing.

Lessons of the Big Winds Moon:

Turquoise can teach people in this position about the real meaning and value of protection, the plantain can teach them about their healing abilities, and the cougar can teach them about mystery and the need to establish safe territory. The Big Winds Moon can help you discover your own natural medicine power and the depth of your psychic abilities. In this position you will learn about your deep sensitivity, your yearning for spirituality, your hesitation to express your true feelings, and your need for grounding on the earth. People experiencing the Big Winds Moon can be prone to moodiness and to melancholy. They need to learn to temper their sensitivity and to have a greater sense of reality.

Source: Dancing With The Wheel
Written by: Sun Bear, Wabun Wind and Crysalis Mulligan

The Energy of the Big Winds Moon


Keywords: leadership, self discipline, psychic abilities

Those born under the Big Winds Moon are psychically connected to the spirit realm. Their ability to communicate with unseen forces comes easily due to their highly sensitive natures. During this moon, your own psychic abilities are strong.Your intuitions are very much in tune with your higher self. Allow this connection to help you on your path. You have procrastinated ling enough. Stop self-sabotaging, as it not only limits your potential, but feeds your insecurities. You may be lacking in self-discipline.

Call upon the courage of the Big Winds Moon to see your dreams and visions through to the end. Spirit is asking you to share the bounty of your life. Channel your creative inspiration and learn to flow with the spiritual energies around you. Take your place of power.

Big Winds Moon people are often leaders because of their spirituality and their natural compassion for others. Learn to trust in the greater plan. Creator would not ask you to develop and share your gifts if you were not ready. Have faith in yourself and see your dreams through.

Prayer:  I am ready, Spirit, to share the bounty of my life with others. I call upon the energies of the Big Winds Moon for the courage to be a leader and to use my abilities for the good of the whole.

Created by: Linda Ewashina

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