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Venus at 00° Aquarius: Your Mission to Love

Venus at 00° Aquarius: Your Mission to Love

Happy February! Venus enters Aquarius today.

Incredibly, Venus joins four other celestial bodies in Aquarius!

The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury retrograde are already in Aquarius – now Venus, the Divine Feminine planet, sprinkles the Stellium with love and abundance.

Juxtaposing Love (Venus) with Aquarius (Freedom) provides an incredible opportunity…

Aquarius likes to celebrate each person’s uniqueness.

But… more often than not, our differences keep us from loving each other.

Conditioning represents all the ways people think they are different from each other, creating dysfunction in so many relationships.

What’s considered conditioning is your personality, your beliefs, preferences, desires, fears – and habitual patterns that cause you to react on auto-pilot, reflexively… But these do not describe the nature of your Soul.

  • Only your divine self understands and yearns for love.

Your conditioned self relates everything in comparison to others. Think of your conditioning as creating a sense of “I am different than…” – a separation, not inclusion.

In that case, relating to others focuses on differences (which are conditioned). Those relationships eventually end up in conflict.

It’s like one ego talking to another ego – eventually there’s major disagreement.

Love is not part of that scenario.

The major emphasis in 2020 was on Capricorn – our conditioning.

Being set free from conditioning requires that we each look at how we are conditioned to eliminate differences.

Our tendency is to want to change the other person (to make our life easier).

But now the invitation is to change the relationship to your own conditioning!

Change is one of the keywords for Aquarius.

By understanding that your expectations, fantasies, preferences and desires are your conditioning – and cause you to feel divided and to suffer (not your partner) – you are creating an opening to relate to your conditioning in a new way – to be responsible for it and to take it with a grain of salt…

You will choose love and relationship over conditioning and self preservation.

Aquarius is asking you to think of love in a different way. If you give your past conditioning more power than love – which is the way of the ego – then love can’t live in your relationships.

You will have demands, judgments, expectations, needs and desires, and they will eventually cause a rift.

The ego views uniqueness with suspicion. Differences are wrong and bad.

  • The ego wants to reform others – i.e. manipulate, threaten, criticize, bully and attack those who differ (which will be pretty much everyone!).

It’s my way or the highway with the ego – the antithesis of love.

So how does Venus in Aquarius celebrate that we are all the same – and also unique?

Venus in Aquarius reminds of the importance of accepting differences – to be unconditionally loving. At the same time, Venus encourages us to not accept unkindness and judgment, nor participate in being unkind or judgmental towards others.

This is a very strong placement for Venus, as she explores the Freedom of Expression through total relaxation and trust.

To allow others to be as they are – to accept your partner’s differences and imperfections, just as you would want your partner would do for you.

  • Imagine being loved by someone who accepts you for who you are, does not want to change you – and does not want you to be different?
  • Now see if you are willing to give the same freedom and acceptance to your partner!

Allow others to make their mistakes and learn.

This is the celebration of love and uniqueness of Venus in Aquarius.

It is what we all want – and truly deserve.

Give others the freedom to be as they are, as they choose to be – and experience true love flowing between you.

  • Though it may seem like a paradox with Aquarius, sign of change… it’s not your mission to change others, it is your mission to love them.

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Have a beautiful Venus in Aquarius awakening!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle is a Wealth Astro-Numerologist, spiritual teacher, author, composer and speaker. She has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide — helping them to design prosperous lives by leveraging the secret numbers’ code in their names, birthday and personal cycles.

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