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Message From The Angels: Choosing To Ride The Joy Waves

Message From The Angels: Choosing To Ride The Joy Waves

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There will always be things upon your earth to delight, and there will be things you can't stand. As we've said many times, you get to choose in this buffet of experience and vibration.

Are you going to focus on the rotten or the good, that which disgusts or delights, that which hurts or that which soothes?

It is a choice. If you were taught this as children, it would be easy to choose a focus on what feels better. However, most of you didn't have this behavior modeled for you. When you were very young, you knew better. If you bumped your elbow or scraped your knee, you went crying for love. If a caring adult picked you up and soothed you, you didn't stay hurt or sad for long. You enjoyed your bandaid and went back to play. In your innocence, you knew to reach for what felt better.

Likewise, if someone put food in your mouth that you didn't like, you either vehemently spit it out or opened your mouth and let it dribble onto the table! You might have played with it, but in your innocent wisdom, you knew that you didn't want to swallow anything that tasted bad.

When you were on the playground, and a badly behaved child hit you, you might have become upset, but soon you wanted to walk away and play with the kinder kids. You didn't want to waste your time feeling bad. Something in you intuitively knew that this person wasn't worth your time or attention. In your innocent wisdom, you chose to deprive them of you!

Over time, however, you witnessed those around you. You saw and heard people focusing on things that felt bad – world problems, family problems, financial problems, spilled milk, the "wrongness" of crayon drawings on the wall, etc. You started to synchronize your energy with those who influenced you. You are all empathic. You all can tune into the life around you. Children, especially, try to tune into and anticipate the energies of those around them.

As children, many of you tried to synchronize your energy with those who were important in your life. Others rebelled! In either case, your capacity to feel good was diminished. Synchronizing with or rebelling against a bad feeling both tune you into the bad feeling.

Over time you learned to compensate. You learned to analyze and develop justifications for feeling bad. Society certainly supports this. You will frequently receive compassion, sympathy, and assistance when you feel bad or experience unfortunate circumstances. However, if you're flying high, only those with a similarly happy vibe (or those who want to be in that space) can celebrate with you. While we always support you in seeking or sharing love and compassion, we also encourage you to reach for better feelings rather than staying stuck in an unpleasant space.

You will inevitably see things and people on your earth that are disturbing. You will see those who are dishonest, greedy, and hurtful. You still have a choice, however. You can see them as your adversaries, or you can see them as we do – wounded little children reaching for love in childish ways. You don't have to give them so much attention. You will see systems that serve only themselves. We see people who, in their ignorance, don't know the magnitude of Divine abundance that is available when you live and work in a flow of giving and receiving. You can turn your attention to systems that operate in greater love and integrity, or you can be part of the change in your own sphere of influence.

You will hurt at times for various reasons. When you lose a loved one, stub your toe, or watch someone you love suffering, it is hard to feel the flow of Divine love that is always available. Nonetheless, one thought at a time, you can gradually soothe yourself, surrender to love, and allow better feelings. You may need to comfort yourself, reach for help, or use a helpful healing modality. You. may "turn the other cheek" and look away from those who can't behave while deciding to focus on those who can. There are so many ways to reach for better feelings. You are never stuck in anything except your own thoughts. Change those, and your vibration will change. Your reality will adjust to match.

We have said this many times, and it is becoming increasingly important as your world offers such a diverse buffet of contrasts –  You deserve to feel good. You deserve to focus on and experience the things, people, and situations that uplift, inspire, and offer helpful solutions.

You were not born to learn through suffering, although you certainly can. It does cause you to reach for more and better. It forces you to look for the good out of a sheer desire for emotional survival. It can catalyze you to find great strength within yourself.

However, you can also learn and grow through inspiration and joy. You can see the world's problems and quickly focus on the ideas and people that will create solutions. You can feel the pain in your body but turn to something enjoyable on your television, read a good book, or laugh with a friend to distract from the pain. You can relax and allow the body to heal and rebalance as it was originally intended to do. You can work with kind and loving healers or doctors who soothe you until, often with their assistance, you allow healing to take place. You can grieve over the loss of a loved one's physical presence, even while you reach for the comfort and bliss of the heavenly love they wish to share with you.

You have choice. Most of you didn't learn this, which is why we spend a great deal of time reminding you about what your soul already knows. You have the right and the privilege of managing your own thoughts. At first, your mind will seem like an untrained puppy running all over the place. Just as you might speak to that happy little being when you want them to cooperate, you can talk to your mind, "Sit. Stay. This is what I want you to focus on."

When you focus on things that make you feel better, you give yourself a "treat." – the best one of all. You plug yourself into the ever-present stream of goodness, grace, guidance, abundance, healing, and above all, love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

The angels have been working non-stop with people this year to help us all reclaim our vibrational power. The world is changing so quickly. The earth's changes earlier in the year unleashed a torrential stream of energy. We can surf the waves of love, or we can shift our focus on something lesser, and feel like we're getting "plowed under." The energy is intense.

Those of you who have been with me for a while know that ever since the wild ride of 2020, I've been very serious about maintaining a high vibe. At first, it was motivated by my need to stay up for all those I serve, but soon this effort took on a life and momentum of its own. I have shifted my thoughts and feelings for the better so diligently these past few years that I've developed new habits. As a result, life is reflecting a lot of good my way, even in the finer, and often funnier, details.

The other day I was joking with a friend. I can't eat oysters (no offense intended to those who love them!), so I joked that I couldn't be "shellfish!" Fifteen minutes later, I turned my phone back on. For fun, I asked Siri to tell me a joke. 

Why didn't the oyster share its pearls?
Because it was shellfish!

I laughed so hard! Talk about vibrational reflection! The phone, of course, had no way of hearing me earlier. It was turned off and not with me. The universe, however, has big vibrational "ears," and my playful silliness was reflected right back to me.

The vibrational reflections of our good feelings come back to us on things that matter too. I've wanted to write a kid's book most of my life, but it only came together after I learned to surf the high-vibe waves. In the past, I was always too busy. I forgot my ideas or allowed someone else's desires to be more important than mine. Even though I've had Dr. Suess-like rhymes in my head for years, I usually lose them a few seconds after they appear. However, a month ago, while feeling gloriously high and happy about publishing a coloring book, rhymes started to dance around in my head. I dropped everything and ran to the computer. Fifteen minutes later, I had a children's rhyming story that I adored. I tweaked it just a little and loved it!

I still needed the artwork. I could hire someone, but I enjoy the creative process so much that I wanted to do this myself. However, the book has a little Easter theme, and Easter is just around the corner. I wasn't quite sure how things would come together. The universe already had things figured out.

Late that night, while "wasting time" generating AI art images, it occurred to me that perhaps I could create my characters this way. I imagined the feeling of success and saw them in my mind's eye. Hours later, after trying a gazillion prompt combinations, my little sweetheart appeared before my eyes. It took two more weeks of late nights to get her to look how I wanted to match the storyline. I spent several more late nights learning to edit out computer-generated anomalies and combine the characters into scenes that matched each page. The most important part of the story is that I had so much fun doing it! One morning last weekend, around 4 am, I realized it was way past lunchtime! There's near-endless energy in a high-vibe flow. I now have a children's book done, and as soon as I get my proof copy to ensure everything prints as intended, I'll let you know! 

The high-vibe ride continues. I now have ideas for a kid's activity book to accompany the sweet little story. I used to love getting them in my Easter basket as a child. I loved it so much that I learned to climb the divider in my parents' closet to sneak a peek at the bunny's offerings before the holiday! The rabbit hid things very far back on the top shelf!

After that, I have another more "serious" book brewing that I am passionate about writing. The ideas flowing faster than I can keep up with them. It is a good "problem."

This joy dramatically contrasts with the incredible pain I witness daily in my life and work. Personally, professionally, and globally there is a lot of tough stuff going on. I just had a beautiful interview with an independent journalist whose mission on her channel is to share information that mainstream media doesn't care to share. It is often unpleasant and disturbing news, but her goal is beautiful. She wants to give people information that would otherwise be glossed over so they can make more informed decisions.

If I didn't keep my vibe up, the things going on in the world that I feel and often intuit would drag me down. Instead, I brought my positive energy to the discussion. We were both delighted with the result. It will empower, uplift, and help viewers find ways to be part of the change they wish to see. The undertows of the world could easily drag you down, but when you allow yourself to feel good, you become the life raft that helps to lift others out of the muck. I'll let you know when the video goes live if I haven't already.

After years of this work, I know my mission is simple – to love. I have to focus on loving myself first, thinking thoughts that feel good, and doing things that keep me up to counterbalance the pain I see. In this space of loving myself and my life, I have a lot of love to share in so many different ways – sessions, newsletters, emails, books – you name it. More is coming. If I tend to my vibe and follow my bliss, I have energy and love to share. Taking care of your own joy is anything but "shellfish" :)

It has become so much easier to shift my thoughts over time. Still, there are areas where I'm a work in progress. There always will be. I'm still healing some misalignments in my body that occurred when I wasn't so aligned with my soul years ago. I practice shifting my focus even when I occasionally step the wrong way and my foot cramps like crazy. I caught myself getting into drama, stopped the chain of painful thoughts, and, using sheer willpower, focused elsewhere.

A few days ago, a misstep led to a lot of pain. I sat down and recalibrated my thoughts quickly. "Oops, just a little wobble. All is moving in the right direction. I'm healing. My body knows what to do. This isn't a big deal. I just need to relax, and it'll be fine. I love the people in my life. I love the weather. I love the garden and the little buds on the bushes. I love my coffee." Randomly I thought of every good thing that came to mind. Within minutes I was feeling intensely happy. I felt the healing energy flow through me, got up, walked, and returned to business.

We may wobble, but we can learn to shift back into better feelings and higher vibes. It just takes practice and tenacity.

Here are some tips to help you find better feelings, even when it isn't so easy...

1. Give yourself permission to feel good

I've said this before. I know sometimes I sound like a broken record. We need to permit ourselves to feel good. Permit yourself to watch Netflix when you're too tired to do anything else. Give yourself permission to have a good cry and then do something fun with a friend, even when you're grieving a loss. Allow yourself to enjoy your cozy home even when others have theirs in shambles. Give yourself permission to turn the phone off and focus on your own happy projects rather than listen to someone complain for the umpteenth time.

You may think you're being insensitive and uncaring at first. However, permitting yourself to feel good is not a judgment about those who don't. It is not a feeling of superiority. Instead, it usually comes with great appreciation for what you have and heaping doses of compassion for those who aren't doing as well. You'll have more love to share in your good-feeling space, not less. You'll also realize the difference between offering "real" help and being a "bandaid." A bandaid is a necessary step in healing, but if kept on too long, it prevents healing

For example, suppose you have a friend who, for whatever reason, is in an unfortunate negative space. If you feel good, you will likely offer them love, compassion, and solutions. At the very least, you will soothe them. However, you might feel less inclined and even intolerant about listening to the complaints after a while. This isn't because you're becoming callous or uncompassionate. This is you perceiving guidance from your soul.

The energy is telling you that it is time for them to find their own power or for others to step up and assist. It is time for you to focus on something that matters to you. Trust the dance. When the time comes to offer real assistance again, you'll feel like doing so.

2. Interrupt your own program

When you catch yourself not feeling good, stop. Pause. Look at what you've been thinking and how it makes you feel. Say to yourself, "Stop. Shift." Then focus on something that feels a little better. I do this all the time. My brain goes all over the place, so when it strays into unpleasant thoughts, I interrupt my own program and start a better one.

We are all learning to treat our brains differently – no longer as our masters, but as the tools for selective tuning that were intended to be.

3. Go easy on yourself

Get a bit more lighthearted about your own spiritual development. Think of shifting focus as a game. I once helped a friend with a video game concept. We talked to a gaming psychologist. (That is a thing!). He liked the idea but made sure my friend knew it was necessary to celebrate the victories and the losses. It is so helpful to "incentivize" your growth this way too!

We lose the incentive to persevere toward better feelings if we beat ourselves up. If we celebrate even the minor shifts towards feeling better, we learn to reward ourselves for using our minds more effectively. I congratulate myself when I shift my thoughts! "That was awesome! You felt terrible two minutes ago and now you feel great! Way to go!" We have plenty of negative self-talk! Why not congratulate yourself when you make progress?

Make shifting your thoughts a bit more playful. Try to be kind to yourself in the process of learning new patterns. You'll get better at shifting your vibe in time. It just takes practice and tenacity.

I've seen the angels shift the way they work with us over the years. channels. They are guiding us step-by-step on a journey home to our true selves –  the selves that are birthed from love, kept alive by the vibration of love, and are seeking to find ways to experience and share that love. They never waver in their view of us as glorious beings who deserve all good. It just takes a while to catch up with that view of ourselves!

Have a blessed week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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