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Archangel Sandalphon: The Nature of Your Reality

Archangel Sandalphon: The Nature of Your Reality

Hi everyone! Welcome to the channel. 

I’m Sharon for those of you who don’t know me.  I’m from Angelics-Speak.com, and I channel Archangels.  Today we have a special treat.  Archangel Sandalphon has told me that he’s coming.  I have a special place in my heart for Sandalphon.  The first time I channeled him, I was still channeling at my desk using Dragon Naturally Speaking and a microphone.  I had just turned on the microphone.  

My cell phone which was an iphone was sitting a couple feet away from me on the desk–turned on, but the screen was dark, and nothing was open.  I always close everything that’s active in the screen before I put it away the night before.  When I started to channel, out came, “Greetings, this is Sandalphon”, and immediately my cell phone went off–not ringing but playing music.  I have in my phone I-Tunes which was not open until that moment. Now Sandalphon is the Archangel of sound vibration from the subtlest to the most solid, and music, and so this was so perfect that he did this.  That endeared him to me immediately, so I’m happy that we’re going to be hearing from him today.

Let’s start.

“Greetings everyone.  This is Sandalphon.  I am very happy to greet all of you, and I hope that you’re all doing well.  We are very concerned and send much love and blessings to each one of you and to your world for we know that there is great difficulty from the virus, from the weather, and storms, and various earth shifts as the energy continues to go higher. 

Today I would like to continue with the topic that Sophia introduced.  I would like to speak about the nature of your reality.  Now, she introduced the concept to all of you that your experience in the world is really a very real-feeling dream.  Let me elaborate on that so that it makes a little more sense to those of you who do not yet experience this. 

There are, as most of you know, many levels of energy–as you call dimensions, throughout this creation.  Each level vibrates at a slightly or grossly higher level depending on how subtly you divide the dimensions.  Earth is not the most dense, but it is a quite dense experience.  Now there are multiple ways to look at how you exist in the universe.  Whatever energy level you currently vibrate at, that will seem to be your truest, absolutely real reality.  So, for those of you that vibrate still at the dimension of earth–third or fourth dimension, your earth time feels extremely real,  and to tell you that it’s a dream seems utterly ridiculous, doesn’t it?  As soon as you begin to vibrate higher and have more profound experiences that expand beyond your earth dimension it will seem different and the higher you go, the less reality your earth plane will have. 

There are veils of consciousness as you know.  You have heard about the veil of forgetfulness when you begin to experience being an earth person, a baby, an adult, you forget who you are and you forget the nature of your reality.  Are you following me?

The higher your consciousness vibrates, the more and more different your reality even on earth will appear because you are also experiencing veils of awareness, not just of memory.  So, when you have quite dense layers of veiled reality, your earth appears in colors, people seem absolutely real, the weather is real, the chair you sit on feels totally solid and real. However, as the veils begin to drop even though you may still experience yourself in sort of the earth, it will appear very, very different.  Colors begin to fade.  Solid structures begin to feel much less solid and much more luminous but colorless.  Lines can actually appear, looking sort of like a grid structure or a matrix on which the experience of a wall, or a floor, or a chair are projected onto. 

And ultimately if we removed all of the veils there would be no structure at all.  You would still be in the exact same point of time and place so to speak, but the structures would have all fallen away.  Instead you would experience yourselves as points of light. 

This is how we view you–simply as points of light in a very subtle fine matrix that allows you to project your experience of reality.  As an aside, we watch for those who are most luminous, who carry the most brilliant and pure light, and it is those beings that we connect with.  For beings who are very, very dense, they are drawn to the heaviest and darkest energies.

Now back to our topic.  Why don’t you see what I’m expressing to you right now in your world?   It is because of these veils of awareness, and there are a number of them.  These veils allow you to then experience density, color, drama, physical beings, animals, minerals, birds, flowers–all of the expression of the world that you play with when you are on earth, so to speak.  It is because of these veils in your consciousness or densities that have been given to you, that you can have these experiences. 

As you continue to raise your consciousness, the earth will start to change a bit for you.  At high levels of energy everything looks more luminous, more brilliant, more beautiful, and you feel so much love.  Now as you move far beyond the awareness of the earth plane so to speak, there are no colors, but there is luminous light, beautiful, exquisite, pulsating light that you will fall in love with.

Now, before you become frightened that when you experience yourself leaving your body you will suddenly lose all color and forms, of course this is not true.  The veils of awareness do not drop simply because you experience yourself leaving a body.  You have to raise your consciousness for this to occur, so whatever level of awareness you are at, when you leave your body, whatever pulsates most profoundly in your heart, that’s what you will experience when you leave, or die as you call it, transition to a subtler plane and you will experience trees, flowers, plants, animals, people, as you wish.  The difference is that you will experience them instantly when you think of them and when you stop thinking about them and think about something else—poof.  Then that will appear. 

So, just leaving the experience of having a form will not lift you to a higher consciousness.  It takes your own longing and self-effort as well as Grace.  And this Grace is the light—this profound light that is touching all of you.  For it is Source’s intention that each of you that are able to and want to, will lift your consciousness higher. 

You have a choice.  You can choose to block this.  You may feel some of it, but your consciousness will not raise unless you want it to.  And it will raise much, much faster if you have the longing for union, to raise higher, to know the truth.  This is the fuel–the rocket fuel so to speak that lifts your awareness much more rapidly. 

Don’t be afraid that suddenly someone will come by and snatch all the veils of awareness, and you’ll be left without the pretty flowers and trees and pets and people.  It’s not going to happen.   This is a long process at least in your time.  You’re safe.  Your awareness is safe as long as you want to hold on to it.   It may gradually go higher because of the influx of light or Grace as we also call it, but your self-effort and longing will propel it much faster.  This is why again we encourage you all to go within, to learn how to go deeper within. This is part of the self effort.  And by going within, in time your longing will naturally increase. 

So, as I said, as you move higher and higher and higher in your awareness, in your expansion of your consciousness, the illusion of the way you see your world will fall away and your identity as a limited individual will become absorbed back into your soul. Now again, don’t be afraid you simply become aware of the universe as a soul instead of as a limited individual.  It’s not that you’re lost.  It’s that you expand as a soul consciousness.  All of this that you experience right now is a dream, and this is where the message that you are dreaming comes from.  

This higher expression of you projects its consciousness into all of these various experiences to learn, to grow, to expand and to take all of that knowledge back to Source;  pure experience, a wide range of emotion which gradually evolves into just pure love.  So as a soul you’re in school just as you’re in school in the experience of being here.  And on a very dense level,  people go to school, children go to school,  adults go to school.  So as above, so below.

As a soul you are also learning, and you learn by projecting portions of yourself into various experiences which is what you are doing right now.  And as a soul when you are having these experiences, it is feeling absolutely real.  You have pain.  It hurts.  You have pleasure.  You have joy.  You have sorrow.  You have all of the experiences–the wide range of duality, and it feels absolutely real. And as a soul you absorb all of these experiences, the knowledge, the wisdom, the loss, the gain.   All of the senses are absorbed back into you and then suddenly you pull back and you realize none of it is real.  You are projecting the entire universe as you know it onto a very tiny membrane of consciousness which is also you.

For an instant it’s quite a shock.  This is what we call waking up.  You can wake up to a certain level of reality in your world but when your soul wakes up from the entanglements it’s had and realizes it is pure soul–that’s waking up.  Then another lesson occurs for the soul, and the way it learns is again to project portions of itself, little fragments of itself out into an experience through this membrane just like a dream.  When you are having dreams doesn’t it feel real while you’re dreaming?  Unless, of course, you can lucid dream, but normally for individuals that dream or remember their dreams, during the dream it feels real. 

When you wake up from the dream you go,  “Oh my gosh!  I was dreaming.”  That’s what your soul feels when it wakes up–when you as your soul wake up, rich with a lot of visual experiences, memories, sensations, emotions.  And you go, “Oh my gosh–I was dreaming!”

Each level of awareness goes higher and higher and higher until there is only union with Source–and you are Source.  So, beyond being simply a soul in class learning, collecting information, collecting the emotions, the sensations, all of it, beyond that you begin to experience the merging–various levels of merging.

At first it’s simply various levels of union–from union to a certain extent, a blending in consciousness with a myriad, an infinite number of other souls and yet there’s the tiniest separation; to that separation getting tinier and tinier until there is complete union–and you are Source.  Remember when a wave melts into the ocean it doesn’t go,  “Oh my God!   No!  I’m gone!  I’m disappearing!”  No, it goes,  “I am the ocean.”

And that’s what happens each time there is a higher level of merging.  There is ecstasy that you are now bigger. You’re more expanded.  You’re more beautiful.  You have much more wisdom and much,  much more love.  This is what in eastern philosophy they call various levels of samadhi—union beyond the level of soul lessons.  There’s no more awareness of earth consciousness because there are no more dream-like projections into experiencing those sensations.  So for them there is no earth.  There is simply the bliss of union and light and love. 

Does this explain it better?

So yes, you are dreaming, and you will wake up by little pieces.  What you call awakening or waking up is usually only a little portion of the deal.  There is much more awakening to come–higher and higher and higher.  Rejoice in that you’re not finished.  It’s even better. 

You will go so much higher–far beyond any concept of earth or the fifth dimension, or even the sixth.  So yes, you are dreaming.  You can hold on to this beautiful, vivid dream as long as you  wish with very gentle pushes that remind you, there’s more. 

Your life probably will get more uncomfortable because you resist but you can hold out for a very long time if you don’t want to expand, or you can come back many times just to savor the pleasures of the world.  But at some point, the longing to go higher will be irresistible, and as that longing increases the world steps back.  Your experience of the world begins in little pieces to dissolve.  You’re going home.

Let’s meditate for just a few minutes because of course I talked too long.

Close your eyes and put your feet flat on the floor with your spine comfortably erect.

For those of you who have a method of meditation, by all means use it.  For those of you who don’t, become aware of your breath as it moves in and as it moves out.

You don’t need to change its rate or its depth.  Simply watch it.  If your mind becomes restless don’t struggle with it.  Simply move your awareness back to watching your breath, and let your mind do whatever it wants to do.  You are not your mind.

Let’s meditate…

Meditate every day.

Go within and experience the glorious beauty that is in each one of you.

We all send you our deepest love and our blessings.

I am Archangel Sandalphon”

Sharon Davis - I’ve been a serious meditator as well as a lightworker, a Reiki master and a nurse.  Over time, I found myself experiencing contact with various spirit guides which eventually led to direct contact with Archangel Metatron. He has extremely subtle and very powerful energy. Communicating with him has brought immeasurable joy, love, and understanding into my life. Source

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