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Essential Oils For Balancing Solar Plexus Chakra: Everything You Need To Know

Essential Oils For Balancing Solar Plexus Chakra: Everything You Need To Know

Essential oils provide an aromatic pleasure to soothe the mind, body, and soul. They help harmonize your solar plexus chakra that strongly influences your identity, as well as the sense of self-worth.  

While many people are aware of the presence of chakras in the body, some don't have an idea of what they are. For those who don’t know about chakras: they are the energy centers within a human body that regulate all the body processes.

From the spinal base to the crown of your head, seven chakras are positioned throughout the body. Each of these has its own color, vibrational frequency, and governs a specific function.

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra with yellow color. It is located near the navel and encourages you to focus on your purpose of life. This is the body center where you find a connection to your intuition. It’s like your own shining sun that convinces you to think, ‘Why am I here?’

Essential oils are a holistic practice that focuses on chakra balancing. Before we discuss how essential oils help balance solar chakra, let’s first know what does a balanced and imbalanced chakra represents.

What Does A Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra Represent

Like the sun, the solar plexus chakra provides energy and a strong willingness to work towards your goals. Represented by the physical element ‘fire,’ this chakra is associated with pancreas, stomach, liver, spleen, digestion, metabolism, etc.

Doctors notice the health of your solar plexus chakra by your physical health. A mental health practitioner observes it via your emotional well-being, while the energy readers feel it via your energetic aura.

Why It Is Essential To Keep Your Solar Plexus Chakra Balanced

The solar plexus chakra plays a crucial role in your personal growth and the growth of your belief system. This is what tells you about your gut feelings, or intuitions about things. If it is in good health, it opens your soul to a higher level of awareness of everything around you.

When you are balanced in your roots and connected to your emotions, people are automatically towards you. They trust your integrity, sensitivity, strength, and decision. An individual with a balanced solar plexus chakra shows following signs-

  • Self-discipline
  • Confidence without arrogance
  • Patient and flexible
  • Accept themselves as they are while working on what can be changed
  • Inner peace
  • Wisdom and intellect
  • Good understanding of others

On the other hand, if it is out of balance, it is manifested as weak or excessive energy.

What Does An Out Of Balance Solar Plexus Chakra Look Like

When this chakra is out of balance or is overactive, you are not at your best. There is a lack of self-esteem. If you are short of self-esteem, you eventually become fearful, undermine your power, and lose a sense of self.

Moreover, solar plexus chakra is where your ego sits. Though a healthy ego keeps all the other chakras healthy, an out-of-balance ego affects the other energy centers. Acting out of unhealthy chakra causes you to make mistakes that can take a toll on your motivation.

Below are some of the signs of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra-

  • Emotional issues, like anxiety, low self-confidence
  • Negative thoughts
  • Feel despair about one’s accomplishments, and of others
  • Passive-aggressive patterns
  • Egotistical
  • Lack of accountability, always blaming others
  • Controlling personality
  • Feelings of fear and powerlessness

Essential Oils- A Wonder Remedy For Balancing Solar Plexus Chakra

If the solar plexus chakra is overactive, summer essential oil blends that can provide a splash of cooling can bring a balance. On the other hand, if it is underactive, essential oils that can offer a warm, soothing effect can balance the chakra.

On a cool day, a little fire keeps the activity going, but a lot may cause stress and frustration. Similarly, a calm atmosphere keeps you focused, but you may also feel lazy and distracted. So, it is crucial to use the right essential oil in the right quantity to bring the chakra to a balance. 

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Balancing Solar Plexus Chakra

Essential oils help you when your emotions have become hard to deal with. They release you from the old wounds, regain the lost confidence, encourage you to move forward, and work towards your goals. They make you feel energetic, replenished, and bring growth, inner peace.

Some of the best essential oils for balancing the solar plexus chakra are-

  • Lemon essential oil
  • Ginger essential oil
  • Cedarwood essential oil
  • Pine essential oil, etc.

In addition to using essential oils, meditation, or sound healing goes a long way in balancing the chakra. You can diffuse your favorite essential oil in your room while listening to soothing music.

Besides, yoga and yellow foods, such as banana, yellow lentils, sweet potato, or species, like mustard seeds, turmeric, yellow pepper, etc. also have balancing properties.

Author's Bio:

Emma is the blogger and aromatherapist at Essential Oil Haven, where she uses essential oils for her skin and also provides the same for her clients. She also love curating content and strategy for beauty and wellness. You can regularly catch her talking about all things skincare on blogs and websites. She is a Certified Aromatherapist who aims to serve her online community. When not doing anything, you can find her travelling and exploring different places.

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