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El Morya: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Seventh Round

El Morya: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Seventh Round

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM EL MORYA!

With much delight, my heart bursting with joy, I conclude my participation in this Forgiveness Journey. We are initiating the seventh and last round.

At the moment, it is still important to point out a few things. First, the journey is personal; it is individual to each one. You still make comparisons, regard others with envy, and look at them, wondering: "Why do they move on and I don't?" I may say that the question should be: "What do I need to do to move on?"

It is not their problem if others are moving on and you are not. They have their own journey, and they are not doing it to provoke you. Thus, if you are stuck in this journey because you cannot, according to your understanding, experience what we are requesting, the question should be: "What's missing? What do I need to do to move forward in the journey?" I may say that giving up is not the best solution. I acknowledge that it is quite an obstacle, but if you sit down and cry with every major obstacle, you are doomed to remain stuck in the same place.

Why do you have so much fear of hearing the truth? Why do you have so much fear of seeing plainly what your souls have done? What is done is done; there is no way to change it. It is not by rebelling or judging your souls that the action will change. This struggle, as you call it, in moving on, comes from your soul. It is afraid. It is fearful of re-experiencing everything it fought so much to forget. And much of that fear comes from your mind: "What will I see? What will I find out? What will I come to know that I've done? Will I be able to cope with it?"

When we repeatedly tell you to request our help, it is not merely a vague and meaningless repetition. We know how hard it is for you and your souls to free yourselves from many things. However, when you request our help with an open heart, we act on that fear; I can tell you that you can overcome the problem in all cases.

The main issue to be analyzed here is that you request our help but keep your hearts closed. It is as if you were saying: "Look! Help me, but I don't want to know anything." Then, we cannot help you because that too is part of your learning, that too is part of your growth and evolution. You must know what your soul has done, however hideous it might be, and forgive, simply forgive.

Therefore, stop asking others: "Why can't I do it?" They have nothing to do with that and will not give you a clue you need to keep moving forward. This is your problem only, no one else's. Now, suppose you think you are powerless and helpless and give up in the middle of the journey. In that case, it will be tough for you to do anything further because completing this journey will constitute a prerequisite, and you will not have fulfilled it.

The moment is now to look within and see whatever comes, come what may. Your soul might have done the most hideous acts; it might have committed the greatest insanities, but you will not be the one to judge it, and no one will judge you. Is there any judge in this journey? Father/Mother God will not judge you because it is not like that. Therefore, why is it so difficult for you to look boldly at everything? "Oh, but I'll suffer!" All right, it is good for you to suffer, because you need to learn to see everything. There is no more deception, no more lies. Nothing is hidden anymore.

Thus, why do you insist on not seeing anything? Request our help, but with an open heart, showing us that you are ready to see whatever comes and forgive. There is nothing else to do aside from forgiving your soul. And, naturally, concurrently asking for forgiveness from those you have hurt and those your soul has hurt. Only then will you move forward. Stop asking others the reason why because you will not have an answer. They do not know your journey. Only Father/Mother God and we know precisely your journey. Moreover, we see your heart.

Therefore, there is no point in asking, begging, or crying with a closed heart. It must be open and ready to see, know or experience whatever comes. The journey will end in this round for those following it according to the rules and continuously. Those who are stopped, "stuck," as you say, at any point, only need to keep following the previously established rules. There is also no point in doing two, three, or four meditations daily to progress fast. Do it in your own time.

Some meditations are too strong to be done on the same day as others. Also, do not ever combine two rounds together. You can repeat meditations within the length of that same round. Don't do a meditation of a given round and another from a different round on the same day. That is not recommended. It is all right if you want to speed up. However, you must not combine rounds; do only the meditations of one round.

Now, it is up to you to decide on all that. We have nothing else to say. Each one of you will make your own decision: to move on or to stop. I remind you once more that those who did not complete the journey until the end will not be able to participate in the following stages. You may even try, but we will not do anything for you. Do not try to deceive us because you will not be deceiving us; you will be fooling yourself. And do not forget that it also reverberates and generates a reaction.

Thus, at this point of the journey, do not deceive yourselves nor try to fool anyone. This is a moment of much truth and Light, not a moment for deceit. Then, come on. Let's move on and get out of that dullness you're in. Request our help, but do it with an open heart. Those finishing this round may not recognize the changes caused by all this process, but indeed they are occurring.

Also, you may not realize it now, but not being fed by anything coming from other souls is a rather important point in the journey towards ascension. This round will have a different context because it will not be you freeing yourselves from other souls. Now, the liberation will come from you because you will break down the connections with your descendants at all levels.

The great test is to see if you are genuinely ready to break the last bonds that connect you (energetically speaking) to any person. You should be completely free souls, without any connection to any other soul, except love, respect, and positive feelings. Anything else that you, today, feed your descendants with will stop occurring. You will not be providing anything else.

Then, they will have guidance from their own souls; no more from your own soul, ingraining in them many beliefs, sufferings, and fears they do not deserve. This will be over; they will live conforming to what each soul brought to be lived in this world. It's up to your descendants to go through this process and liberate them. You are doing your part, and each one will do theirs, in their own time and manner.

Thus, come on! Or will you be afraid to move forward? I honestly hope not.


You can do this meditation lying or sitting down and, as you know, repeat this meditation if you fall asleep.

Inhale deeply three times.

I am involving you in a giant Blue Light bubble and activating the crystal on your chest.

Now it emanates Blue Light.

I want you to see yourself standing up covered by this Blue Light, fluctuating in the air with some lines leaving your body.

Ignore the number of lines or the fact that you see many lines.

Remember, this is from your soul and not only your conscience.

You float inside the Blue bubble. Repeat with me:

“I ask my Higher Self

to eliminate each of these lines energetically, and may all my descendants be

released now.

Gratitude for our existence together; from now on, we will be together and united by Love.

Stay in this position for five minutes.

You may not see the lines being ruptured, ms they will.

After five minutes, see how big your Blue Light bubble has grown, and you will stay within it until the next ray. Then, you will be cured, cleansed, energized, and free from any energetic connection that was ruptured.

Your soul is 100% free.

It is not tied to anyone.

It is not energetically connected to anyone.

Your heart expands.

Your soul is reinvigorated, and I congratulate you for coming to this point.

My Blue Light will give you the strength to begin new ways and challenges and be as successful as you were in this journey.

Stay as such for as long as you wish.

To end up, just breathe slowly and gradually and return to your consciousness.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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