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Jeshua Speaks About: These Are The Times...

Jeshua Speaks About: These Are The Times

Beloved one, you have a saying: these are the times which try men’s/ women’s souls. These are the times that you create for yourself so that you can bring up issues right in front of you and say, “What is happening?” You are doing a wonderful job of bringing up issues, as you call them, bringing up issues where you see a brother saying one thing and another brother saying another thing, a reality —lower case “r”—that each one is trying to understand, to come through, trying to understand their worth and how they navigate all of the various experiences which they create.

Some of you will have best friends, especially in this time which is such a growing time, who hold ideas and truths—lower case “t”—that seem to be diametrically opposed to each other. And each one of you hold those truths to be self-evident, at least to the self that you are, and you would go to the lengths of…. I have seen this hap- pen. I have seen in a situation, even in my lifetime, where one is so caught up in what is happening that you would, as they say, go to the mat about holding your truth; until you stop and have the deep breath.

You say, “Well, perhaps that is your truth, and I honor that, since it is your truth. However….” And then you get onto your little pedestal and say, “But have you considered….” And then there is a beautiful discussion which you engage in. It is very good, be- cause what it will do is: at the same time as it looks like it is muddying all of what is being talked about, it also brings to the forefront of the one hold- ing that truth—lower case “t”—why they hold that truth to be self-evident.

You say, “But I don’t see it that way.” And they say, “Well, you must be blind.” When you can come through that discussion, which hopefully gets around to a discussion, and still be friends and still laugh and love, you have garnered to yourself a treasure which is worth more than gold, the treasure of love and allowance.

These times that you are making for yourself are trying times: yes; trying to bring you to the place of loving be- yond all of the details of belief sys- tems. I have seen some of you get to the place where you are going toe to toe with the other person and then you begin to laugh. You say, “That is crazy. It is crazy-making, and”—not a but, but and—“I still love you. I still want to know what makes you tick. There was a time when we first met when I was captured by your energy, by what you must be thinking, and I asked of you, ‘Why are you thinking such and such,’ and we got into quite a good discussion back and forth. I still want to know what makes you tick, what makes you come alive.”

And the other person, depending on where they are coming from, will share with you or they will laugh and say, “I don’t see how you can hold the belief system that you have. It’s to- tally outrageous. But I still love you. ”

You reach out and take their hand; of- tentimes physically, or if that is not quite the time for it, you take their hand symbolically and say, “You are enriching my life. I didn’t think any- body could think the way you’re thinking.” And then you smile.

These are the times that try men’s and women’s souls, their belief systems, and you come to a place of saying, “You know, that’s crazy-making thinking, but I still love you. I still want to be with you and share.” And you are richer for that, because what you have done is to take a very nar- row piece of what you understood about the other one and allow it to be- come wider in your understanding, so that you do not get all focused—in the beginning maybe you do—on details.

“How could you possibly think that?” And then you come to a place where you say, “You know, I just really love you anyway, even if you are off the rails and crazy.”

I watch the interactions that are going on now, and what is most wonderful to see is the flame that is being wrought by the friction of the ideas that are being shared, the flames that are growing, the flames of love, the flames of allowance that are coming forth. Even when you thought, “I can’t possibly understand how you can think that way,” then you take a deep breath and come to a place where you say, “That is okay. We love.”

That is the bottom line. That is the ba- sis for knowing who you are and who they are and how you are going to go forward. It is to be able to allow all of the pieces that seem to be floating around and bumping into each other. It feels very scary, and yet you can see past that. You say, “You know, you are the most interesting person I have ever met.”

Try that with the next person that you run into or maybe the best friend who is thinking differently than you are. And you say, “You know, I don’t see how anybody can think that. But you always were different.”

Remember to breathe as you are going through these encounters. Remember to breathe and love. Because what you are doing is allowing the expansion of your belief system and theirs as well, if they are open to it; where you get to the place of understanding that the bottom line is the love. When you get to that place, it is a most wondrous place. Sometimes you will turn around and look at self and say, “How did we just make that transition to a place where I thought we were against each other and we have come now to the place we are smiling?”

You will say, “It is a miracle. I never thought that we could be seemingly so far apart and yet come together in knowing the Oneness.” Within the Oneness you have the belief systems and the other belief systems and ev- erything in between. How rich you are.

So you allow yourselves to come to a place of understanding the immensity of what you can believe, what you can put your energy into, and how you can allow the other ones who walk the path with you to have their belief sys- tem as well. And as I have said, you come after a while to the place of the reality of the very healthy breath be- cause you took it all so seriously. It meant at one point, almost, life and death. Sometimes you have lived that lifetime where it did mean life and death, but now you can discuss, you can love them, you can hug them, and you can walk on.

That is what you are doing in healing the 3D reality. Because as you have seen over the past years—and it has been true throughout all of the human lifetimes—ones can hold belief sys- tems that are totally opposite, and yet in that moment of inspiration there is a Oneness and a love which comes forth and heals all contrasting belief systems.

That is what you are working towards. Yes, there are times when you have a bit of the old debris in the way, and you will then take the deep breath and say either out loud or silently or heart to heart, “And—not a but, but and—I still love you.”

You are having fun with the belief systems. If you will treat it as fun, if you will treat it as you would watch something on your square box—and sometimes you do watch it on your square box—come to a place of al- lowance and loving the variety of be- lief systems and how imaginative some of them can be. You will be the wiser and the wealthier for it.

Now, oftentimes when you want to call forth a healing or a coming to- gether, what you will want to do is to take the deep breath. If one deep breath does not quite bring you to the place of healing, you have time to take another deep breath, or several if need be. You will find that in your al- lowance for yourself you are also giv- ing to others around you the al- lowance for them to be who and what they believe themselves to be.

If you want to feel a healing, and if it is time—and it does not necessarily have to be in this lifetime, because there have been lifetimes that you have interacted with this one, or who- ever it is, where you had to decease the body before there was actual com- ing together, so you have in this life- time taken up where you left off—al- low yourself to do that.

As we have said many times, you are the maker of your reality. You are the one who is saying what your reality has to be. You are the one who also can take that deep breath and heal that which does not seem to be whole. So know that truly the Christ wears many faces, the Christ holds many belief systems, and the Christ is forever ex- pressing the Light.

As you find the expression of dis- tance, know that truly it is the One- ness of you which allows the percep- tion of distance. And say to yourself as you feel perhaps there is a wide gulf between you and the other one, a gulf of distance perhaps, “Smile.”

Know that you are the one who is manifesting what seems to be the dis- tance, and the distance is a no thing. You are One, heart-to-heart. You may have the expression of feeling that there is a big measurement between you and the other one, and yet you have experienced where the two of you may be speaking on different wavelengths and then there has been a change, a healing, and you have looked upon the other one and said, “What were we just talking about?” And then there has been healing. That which had been before, no longer is. That which felt like a distance has come together and you have felt, “What is important in this is the love which is shared.”

So you will be expressing what seems to be separation, and then you will feel the healing, the coming together, the wholeness of the healing. That is what these times are about. You have made for yourself what seems to be a distance in the expression and in the understanding, but then you do a miracle. It is the journey without dis- tance which says, “Hey, I thought there was a big difference between us. You were holding this view and I was holding that view and never the twain should meet.”

And it has come together in a healing, wholeness, where you have stopped for a moment and said, “Oh, of course, I love you. What did you think?” And the other one has said, “I don’t know, and I was thinking… I forget.” And in that is the healing.

You are powerful beings. That is why you are bringing about powerful times which call for healing. That is why you experience what seems to be a distance between you. Allow yourself to know that you are healing all of the broken thoughts which you have had in many lifetimes. Know that truly you are whole and holy, and al- low yourself to feel happy with your- self, because you are whole and healed.

You go forth as the savior. Savior to other ones? No, not really. I am not a savior to other ones. In their belief system, perhaps yes, but it is not true. I cannot save another one from their own thoughts and experiences. But I can be your greatest cheerleader, and I cheer you on and say, “Go for it.”

You have an image of the wholeness of you, of the holiness of you. Allow yourself to know that you are already at the finish line. You have already come to experience your holiness and to put it into expression as the one who loves. That is the expression of holiness; not one who says, “I am holier than you because I have all these credentials after my name. I have gone to seminary for many, many years, and that has made me holy; holier than you.”

No, each one has the spark of holiness from before time began. You have lived it out in various ways and vari- ous lifetimes, and you have been speaking from the holy Self of you as it was thought to be at that time. Then a feeling has come up within you, a holy feeling of love, where you have looked upon another one and said— sometimes to yourself and sometimes out loud—“You are a crazy son-of-a- gun, and I love you. I never thought anyone could be so crazy, and there you are. You are speaking words to me that seem to me like they are writ- ten in the drama of life,” and they are. “But then you come and look at me eye to eye and we can see the One Self of love, and you mean everything to me.”

Then that which you had been speak- ing of, sometimes you cannot even re- member what it was, and that is the instantaneous healing which you have prayed for.

All of you who seem to be living a separate life want healing. Sometimes you ask for healing of the body. There are parts of the body which seem to talk to you and say, “Hey, this hurts. I’m not feeling altogether healed.” Or part of the personality of you is hurt- ing, because there was some enact- ment of seeming injustice, seeming judgment. And you let all of that go, realizing that you are the holy Self of you, seemingly acting as an individ- ual, seemingly having a history or a herstory that you live within, all of you wanting to know the same thing.

You are wanting to know: “Am I re- ally okay? Am I really holy? Is there a holy Self of me? And where is it, be- cause I want to shake hands with it. I want to take that hand and pull it to me so that I will feel whole and res- cued.”

Know that truly when you feel that you want another one to rescue you, what you are calling out for is the re- membrance of Oneness; Oneness with the other person that you are focusing upon, and the Oneness of you which has been from before time began, and you are wanting to know, “How can I express this? How can I live this? How can I come Home in Love?”

I have shared with you, and I will con- tinue sharing with you, that the secret lies within the deep breath, taking that moment of healing, that moment of knowing wholeness, the moment which says, “You cannot be other than; you are the One, the holy Self. Come Home to that Oneness.”

Know that I call you to myself. Know that I call you to make demonstration; not to other ones, not to hold up the holy book, whatever its title may be; not to say that the Truth of your being is out there in a book, in a teaching, perhaps with another friend, but the holy Self of you is living, moving, having its Being even as you search for it. All you have to do is stop and let it find you in that moment of the deep breath, that moment which says, “I am okay. Hey, you know, that feels really good.”


Use that in the morning. Each morn- ing when you get up, say to yourself, or allow me to say it to you if you cannot quite say it to yourself, “I am okay.” You have a saying in your world, “God does not make junk.” I laughed when I heard that saying and I thought, “Hey, they’ve got it.” God does not make junk. God does not make a mistake. You are the holy Self of you, come once again to experience the Light and seeming darkness— seeming. And what is the darkness? Only the absence of recognition of the Light.

In other words, the Light is you all of the time. Anywhere you go, you have to take the Light that you are. It came as an agreement. You signed the agreement a long time ago. You said, “I will take the Light with me.” You signed your name. So you cannot be without it, even if you say, “I don’t know, Jeshua. I’ll never see the Light again. This is such a complicated world. I suffer.”

And at the same time as you are going through your theatrics—and you are very good at it; I applaud you—at the same time the holy Self of you is standing there saying, “What is she saying? What is he acting out?” How can that be true when the Light of you shines so brightly?

There are times—I have seen you— when you get so engrossed in the Light that you are, you actually walk an inch or more off of the surface. You get to that place where, “I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see that other per- son and to tell them, ‘You were right! You know, I thought this couldn’t happen. I thought that I couldn’t look in a mirror and see the Light around me. I was so happy, and I was laugh- ing about this joke somebody had told me. I got into such a feeling of laugh- ter, I was almost rolling on the floor. I happened to look in the mirror, and do you know what I saw? I saw the Light.’”

Yes, it can happen. You can get to that place where you are so outside of the heaviness of yourself that you ac- tually begin to see the Light. You come out and say to someone else or to the pet that you have, “Hey, you know what happened? It just hap- pened, and I saw this Light around me, because I don’t know, I mean, they kept saying to me, ‘You’d better watch out, because with the crazy thinking that you’re doing and how you believe in Oneness and love and everything is good, you’re going to go and have an experience of some sort, and don’t come running to me to ex- plain it to you, because it’s your expe- rience.’”

But, and, you are going to be uplifted out of the usual recitations of all the things that are wrong to the place where you say, “No, I feel really happy. I don’t know why I feel happy, but I do. Just silly little me. I got so upset about that…I can’t even remem- ber what that thing was. But boy, I re- ally got upset about it. And I read from the rooftop down to the bottom of hell. I read everybody’s lineage who had ever looked sideways at me, to the place where I couldn’t remem- ber what the wronging was.”

That which you are is greater than all of the troubles in the world. You are strong. You are the Christ. You are my companion. Day in and day out we walk together. We heal. We love. We laugh.

That which you want to know is that which you are acting. And when you have the far-sightedness to stand back and look at self, you say, “You know, when you got so upset about such and such, you know how you looked? You were comical. If you were on the stage, they would have given you great applause because you acted your part so well.”

You know that which I am speaking of. “Yeah, well, Jeshua, the part called for it at that time,” and it did. You rose to the occasion, and I give to you my great applause.

So the next time when you feel that the world is getting you down, rise up and laugh. Your friends will wonder what you are laughing about. So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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