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Jeshua Speaks About: Where Is God In All Of This?

Jeshua Speaks About: Where Is God In All Of This?

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, eternal, from before the beginning, and always forever ongoing. For as you have human expression, there is an understanding that you are born, that you do something in the middle, and then you allow the body to be discarded.

But in truth, you are the eternal Light of the heavenly Father and of the Mother. When I spoke to you some two thousand years ago I used the father terminology, because the father at that point was the person who headed up the whole household, all of the business affairs, and was in charge of the golden coins to take care of ones. But in truth, the Father that I speak of is Father/Mother/All That Is, from which you are an extension.

 “Wow, Jeshua, you mean I am an extension of All That Is?” I do, and you can take that with you wherever you go. That is the truth of your being. You are more than the mere mortal that you see yourself to be. There are times in your quiet times, in your prayer times when you are speaking with me when you feel an extension, an enlargement of yourself, and you tune in to that capital “S” Self.

For truly, you are everything you can think of and more. Wow! How is that for an introductory statement? But that is you. That is Who and What you are going forward, being able to encompass All That Is. In your meditative times, open the understanding of self and feel yourself to be Light, unencumbered, undetermined, all Light.

Now, beloved ones, you have asked me to shed some light upon human affairs, the affairs in your world that are a bit disturbing, as I see you watching your square box and wondering, “How can this be happening in this day and time?” I have seen my beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, in tears, feeling very sad that the dramatic effects in this day and time are so barbaric, as she has called them.

In truth, you are working through some of the last remnants of what you have said/decreed that human life could be. You are asking, wanting to know, “But have we not graduated from there? Have we not as a consciousness moved on to the place where we can allow life to be all that it can be in a helpful and healthful place?”

The truth of your Being is that, yes, many of you have tuned in to the Allness that you are. Many of you have tuned in with the wishful thinking and said that it would be great if we could live in love and appreciate our fellow man/woman/child, even the four-legged ones; to be able to recognize, “There I go, even as the four-legged, even as the non-legged ones, life in all of its forms.” Yes, you have been there, done that, so there is an affinity of understanding. And then one comes along and says, “Well, hey, we will play this game a little bit differently. We will play it without seeing where we are going.”

So you have one who is into some of the power play of the human and saying, “I can direct this drama and make it really dramatic.” This one is playing with the end times, the end of the power that sees it comes from separation. This one sits at his long table, as you have seen, and feels that he is separate from all, but can direct how others’ lives will be. And yet, beloved ones, this one is not happy. This one does not feel the pure joy of being in love, being in association with other ones who are as extensions of himself. This one is playing with a very small understanding of even what human life can be and is.

There is a knowing, a desire within this one to come back to the Father—de sire, of the Father—and to know the love of the Father, which this one never did in this lifetime, know the love of the human father, and certainly does not understand the ultimate Father. This one is searching. This one, if you will receive it, is asking for your love. In your times of quiet when you are thinking about, praying about that which you understand human life to be, send to this one the thoughts of love. Tell this one that even though the body that he exhibits has seemingly many years behind it, he is in truth the only Child of the Father. He is the one Child playing at being human and feeling that there is something elusive, something that escapes his understanding, something that he doesn’t quite understand, have power over, cannot relate to. There is something more, and he does not know what that is.

So send to this one your prayers. Send to this one your thoughts of healing, of wholing—w-h-o-l-i-n-g—of knowing his wholeness as the extension of One. He does not understand that. He knows himself, as he understands human life, he knows himself to be in human power and to be the one, hopefully, at the top.

In truth, as you understand and as you know, this one does not know That Which he is. This one is searching and thinks that it can be found in the human world. It can be, if you bring it into the human world, the love of the Father/Mother/All That Is, and extend it. The love that he is seeking is to be found in the extension of love to every one of the brothers and sisters as they are seen to be individual.

This one has not found the secret. He searches for it and thinks that because he sees himself to be the top of the heap, that in truth that is where the secret lies. But in truth, the secret lies in the heap of all Being and loving all Being, even to the extension of life beyond what you know as human life or even the animal kingdom or the mineral, anything that you have created, to see in truth the divinity of everything you look upon, everything that you contemplate, everything that could be, has been, and will be.

For in truth, as you have understood it, human life has an expiration date. And what is beyond that? What comes beyond that? More of the divinity of you, more of the expression of divinity in its wholeness, in its entirety; not just even the small slice of love that you understand in human love; more than that, an exaltation, an expansion of Light. That is why I have given you the terminology and the example of Light, because Light, as you understand it, goes out forever and there is no limit.

Yes, when it reaches a wall, what does it do? In truth, the energy of the Light goes through, that which we were speaking of some small time ago when we last met and spoke this way. We were speaking of the permeability of a wall that seems so solid, and yet as you will practice, you can walk through it and be on the other side. That is, in truth, what the energy of Godhood is and can do.

But this one comes back to a very small slice of what he feels his power can do.

Yes, he sees it as reaching to all of the countries around him, all of the geographical areas that he can think of, and he sees himself to be the power up in the heavens that will rain down upon ones and make them see him as the Godhead. And how long does that last? No. They run in fear; not in love, but in fear.

Truly what he is looking for and desiring and has desired in other lifetimes is to be in the ocean of love, to know that he has worth; not small slice of power and say, “You must look up to me. You must say I am all-powerful.” Yes, he can do away with a body. Yes, he can do away with all that which you have built to be beautiful, all of the buildings and all of the artistry, but he cannot command your love.

Love is always freely given. It does not even have to be earned. It has to be recognized, and it has to be given. It cannot be taken, as he is finding out in this lifetime and as he has experienced in other lifetimes. But he has said in the other lifetimes, “Well, you know, I’m just not powerful enough. If I were at the top of the heap, I would make everyone admire me, be in fear of my power. I would be on top.”

So he has created for himself the illusion of being at the top of the heap, but what about the heap below him? Does it sustain him? It is not what he is looking for, although he searches. Speak with this one heart to heart. Send your love to this one. Show him that there is power in love and in Light. Show him that for all of the ones who run from devastation, there is the flame of love that they hold for the small ones in arms, for the small ones who come along running as fast as they can to keep up with the parent, for the small ones who think themselves to be small and yet have a heart larger, and it grows as they extend themselves.

Ones, as you have seen on your square box, coming to the borders of the countries extending what needs to be for the body—the food, the nourishment, the caring, even the medical treatments that may be needed—that is where love is expressed and known. Allow your love to rise up. Send it to this one who thinks that he has power. This one is not happy. This one in this extension of life will not be happy. It has been prophesied that he will end these days of his life crying out for love, crying out for mercy.

But, as we have said to you so many times, you create the reality that you experience, and this one is going to create that which comes from being in the solitary place of thinking that you have temporal power. This one needs your love. This one on the inside—the body may be wearing beautiful expensive raiment, as he has done in other lifetimes when he was your king or even your queen—has not found happiness. He has not found true love, where one would love him for just who he is, not for his power, not to be commanded to love him, serve him, bow down to him.

He is, if you will receive it, living his last lifetime in seeking for love. Next lifetime, as he has it programmed, he is going to be the one who is lower than the dust of the Earth. He will not have the golden coins. He will not have the other ones serving him, but he will have ones who love him, and he will find to his great astonishment that that is all he has ever truly wanted, and it was not to be found in power. It is to be found in the extension of love to other ones.

But as it is seen now—I make limited prophecy—as it is seen now, he is not going to know that in this final, as he understands it to be, lifetime. It is not going to be his last lifetime. That is where the good news abides. It is not going to be. He will, as I have said and as you understand, he is going to know the full run of human lifetime. Even though in this lifetime he says, “Well, look at me; I have all power to devastate everyone who does not even know me and bow down before me,” has it brought him happiness? Will it bring him happiness? No.

Will he give it all up and have another lifetime? Yes. And perhaps it may take him several lifetimes to understand the love that is not dependent upon power. Love truly is from the heart. It flows freely. It is given. It cannot be taken, but it is given. And when you find one that you look upon with love and your heart opens, the love then is extended.

This happens with the two-footed ones, it happens with the four-footed ones. Those of you who have the four-footed one and you find that your heart opens when you see the four-footed one and you laugh and you smile and it is an easy laughter, an easy love, it just is given, and you feel some of that love coming back, or not. But you feel from yourself this rising up of love which has to be extended. You cannot stop it. You cannot stop love as it flows.

You can look upon the most beautiful flower, and the heart opens and you love it.

It is love. You say, “Well, that’s just a small bit.” Love is love. It opens you to your divinity. It opens you to that place where you say, “I Am.” Full stop, period; that’s all you need. “I Am…God in expression.”

This one, as we have spoken, is more to be pitied, for he has been searching for love, as so many of the two-footed ones do, in all the wrong places. Is it here? Is it there? Is it through power? No. After this human lifetime he will have time, as you understand the passage of space, to feel, to contemplate, “Look at what I amassed, all these ones living in fear of me, all of these jewels, gold, all of the material wealth, all of the countries acquiescing to my desires, but I wasn’t happy. What was wrong with me?” he is going to say. “What is wrong with me at this point? I have power. I can wipe them all out off the face of the Earth, rubble that they are.”

But perhaps there is something more. That little bit of something more eats away, and that is what you have been seeing. This one, even though he has risen to what he understands to be the height of worldly power, still has that niggling little feeling in the back of the mind and in the heart that, “This isn’t all.”

Next lifetime when he has nothing of the material goods, he is going to find love, and it will mean everything to him. So send to this one the thoughts of wholeness. Send to this one in your prayers the knowing that truly when he is finished searching, he will find that he has it all, and did have it all from the beginning.

And how ones know this is by giving it away.

When you allow love to flow through you and you give it away, that is when you are truly rich. That is when you are truly happy, because there is no more searching. You have it, you give it, and in the giving you know that it has gone through you and is you. It is a secret that in truth is not secret. It must be experimented with and tried, yes, to know how it feels. But those who have found ones to love, those of you who have found that there is someone to be One with, you know that it is above and beyond the price of any amount of gold, silver, jewels, whatever, even power: to be loved and to give love.

When you meet someone and your eyes light up, you say, “Oh, I am so glad to know you. I’m so glad that our paths have come together. How about let’s be One?” And you extend the arms to do the hug. There is such joy in the hug, the true hug; not the one that’s just given because you have to, but the true hug that says, “Hey, come here, I really want to give you my love in all of its extension.”

That is when you know you have the riches that go beyond human price. It is not in all the gold and the gemstones, the land, the number of yachts. You have that in your country where ones think, “Well, if I have X amount of the golden coins, I can buy another yacht.” Yes, but can you stand on both of them at the same time, especially if they are going out on the sea? Ones have tried this, but it doesn’t work. They have gone swimming.

There is always something that you feel you are searching for. This is why you search for human love. “Am I going to find my wholeness in you, with you?” And you try all of the different ones to fall in love with, forgetting that the love that you want to receive is right there to give. That is what life is all about, is the giving.

You have a saying that life is worth living. Life is for living. Life is for being the extension of love. You have found this in your own life, that when you are most happy is when you are giving love and being of service, like the ones who have been called in this day and time to give of the golden coins if they could not be there in person, the ones who have been called to be there at the borders to make the meals, to provide a safe place for ones to bed down for the night, the ones who have been there to receive the lame and the ones who cannot walk/travel easily, the ones who have been there to say, “Come, I will help the physical, and more than that, I will welcome you.”

This is what everyone who runs and seeks wants to find. This one who sees himself living at the top of the heap; that is what he is searching for. He thinks it is in sitting at the end of a long empty table, and that does not satisfy. “Therefore, I have to prove…” And yet all he has to do is to open the doors of the mansion, invite in the ones who are poor and needy, and to be amongst his kind, humankind, to be able to reach out and hug, to be able to reach out and say, “I understand. Come, I will give of my riches.”

What are they? You cannot bed down with precious jewels. The ruby that is of much money and has been cut in certain ways to reflect the light…you try to bed down with that; it has sharp edges; you can’t get comfortable with that. Even if the ruby is huge and you try to bed down with it, it is not giving. It is not comforting. Yes, there is much of the wealth in it, but in order to see that wealth, someone else has to appreciate it and give you the wealth so that they can hold it for a moment and say, “Hm, sharp edges.”

And it’s the same with some human beings. “Ah, I have to have that most beautiful one, or that most tall handsome fellow.” Then you get that one, and they have sharp edges. They keep criticizing and asking for more. They’re not happy, and they expect you to make them happy. You try everything, and they’re still not happy. Of course not. True happiness comes from the place of love, of giving love; not trying to amass love, but in the simple playing, the simple understanding of, “I am giving to you my love, my friendship. Hey, let us run in the field and laugh. Let us be happy. Take off the sandals. Let us be out in the nature that we are creating. Let us be happy. So what, if we have millions of the golden coins put away somewhere in a huge vault, and we go and look at it and say, ‘Ah, yeah, can’t eat that. Have to exchange it, but…’”

Because you’ve tried it. If you will receive it, you have been where you see this one who sits at the empty table. You have been where this one sits. That is why your heart understands the loneliness and the grasping, trying to find “someone who will give to me that feeling of okayness. I want to know that I am okay, that someone truly loves me. I want to know that it is not that I just command it and ones give it to me because they have to, but I really want to know that I have worth, value, because I Am.”

This one does not know that. This one, if you will receive it, is more to be pitied. But the good news is—always I come with good news—that there will be another lifetime. The Father is most generous, because he gives of many lifetimes so that you will find that the most unhappy miserable one who is tightly cased in self will be able at some point to throw open the doors of the heart. He may not have the golden coins, but he will find someone who looks deep within his eyes and says, “I love you. I love That Which you are. I love the way you smile.”

This one who sits at the end of the table does not know how to smile. He will laugh when other ones make what they call the humorous story, but it goes nowhere and does not reach the heart. It goes here, comes out here, does not reach the heart.

So in your prayer times when you allow the barriers of self to fall away, send to this one love. It does not have to be your love. Send him the Father’s love, the Mother’s love. He never had the mother’s love; not in this lifetime. Allow yourself to understand the small one who yet cries out for love. Know that in truth the Father of All, or Mother, as you want to call it, will give to this one the love that he seeks.

The love that he is will come from within him; not from out there. He has tried that. He is, in truth, your teacher. He is showing you that it matters not how you come up through the ranks and get all this power and all this worldly wealth. He could have anything that is for sale. He could buy it, and he has tried that. He has even tried buying love, but he did not find it.

Know you that as you walk the human life, as you find joy in the small dandelion, as you find joy in the tallest tree that has been growing for generations of time, you are more wealthy than this one who has all of the gold, all of the seeming worldly power, and not even all of that, because he is missing out on the respect of humankind. This one needs the Father’s love.

So if you can find it in your heart when you pray, when you pray to the Father/Mother/All That Is, ask that this one be encompassed in love, encompassed in true love so that he can begin anew. And in that you will find your love, That Which you are, coming to full bloom in your awareness. So be it.

Eva: It is a judgment that is something that is beyond what we can experience now, letting go of the judgment, knowing that God is in this and that there is a divine plan, because there is no place here that God is not. And collectively, from all parts of the world in which we are now residing, to send a circle of love. And if we cannot send it directly to him because it is so hard, let us talk to our angel to talk to his angel, and let that angel of his, because he has one, everyone has one, encircle him with love so he does not have to feel so afraid, so vengeful, so full of human feelings of inadequacy.

So let us take a moment of silence, a minute of silence and just do that. Send the energy, because our hearts are wide open and very powerful. Let us do that now.

Pause (45 seconds)

Eva: And let’s also send love to the four-plus million people in Ukraine and to all the countries that are welcoming them, and all the ordinary people who are extending their piece of bread, their Teddy Bears, their cell phones so their soldiers can call their mothers. Every act of kindness, every way in which we show our love in which the people open up their hearts to everyone who needs it. Send them the love so they can feel the strength and the courage to stand up for love, for freedom. Because this is the new world. The old world is crumbling under this man’s leadership, and we see it for what it is, and only love can prevail. So let us offer our strength, the strength of our love to bolster all who need it.

For there are many who we would see as victims who are really very strong masters come here to show us mastery. There are many of them who also want to be shown our love. So send your love to a small child. Send your love to the mother of that child, and the grandmother who can barely walk, but is with them. To all the families…think about your own family and how you would feel if your family was in this kind of danger. Send them love. See a light coming from your heart, going across the five thousand miles that separate us here in the United States, but also around the world, because families are extended in a giant diaspora, and we are all One, after all.

Feel our collective strength as we stand up in this act of incredible power and love, and know that in the end, that is what is going to prevail. Peace will prevail. Love will prevail. Courage, strength, and ultimately joy, for we are one family, one voice, one heart. So be it

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith


Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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