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Jeshua Speaks About: YOUTHING

Jeshua Speaks About: YOUTHING

*Editor’s Note: In these times of seeming heaviness, when the “News” seems to suggest other than peacefulness and Love, we are reminded of an Evening when Jeshua spoke of “Lighter” aspects of human life.

Beloved one, there has been a request that I speak of youthing—instead of aging—to speak of being young. No matter how many years you have gar- nered to yourself, you are still, in essence, the innocent Child who goes forth to experience and sometimes races ahead of the wind even, allow- ing yourself to know that you are the wind in expression as well.

There are a few of what you would call secrets to youthing, and the great- est of these is to be in joy, to be as the young child who looks upon every- thing as a new discovery—“What new thing can I play with; what new thing can I take apart, put back together again; how can I take it apart; how can I put it back together again?”—to be innocent.

Innocent means to not know, not knowing; in other words, not knowing everything that the world teaches you about it, but to be innocent and to be teachable as the young child is, want- ing to know.

You have experienced this. What is the first word usually that the small one comes up with? “Why?” You say, “Well, this is how it is.” “Why?” Of course. And you have done that your- self as the small one, always asking, wanting to know more, wanting to know how this all fits together; not only the physical mechanical thing, but how life itself fits together, and going with a certain joy, happiness to be alive.

Many ones, as they gain certain years to themselves, become physically tired, but more than that, mentally and emotionally tired, and they are ready to give up, to turn in the body and say, “I’ve done enough; I’ve had enough; I don’t need anything more.”

But I say unto you that you are ones who have lived the two hundred, five hundred, six hundred more years in physical form, and the years, yes, were as you reckon years even in this timing. So it was not, “Well, Yeshua, I guess it’s because the years were just a few days long.” No, they were long, but you were so enamored with your creations, so in love with everyone else that you saw, that you were ex- cited.

There was always somewhere else to go, somewhere else to discover, some- thing else to discover, someone else to meet. You could not fit it all in, and you had to keep expressing with the body until it was the three hundred, five hundred years old so you could experience all that you wanted to know.

Now many of you get to a certain age, as you call it, and you say, “Well, I’ve been everywhere and I’ve done a lot in this lifetime, and I guess that’s enough,” and you start to spend more time sitting and allowing the body not to be very active. Then the mind gives you a message that it thinks it is being retired on a shelf, and this becomes a cycle where the body speaks to you, “Well, we’re getting older; we can’t do as much as we used to do,” and then the mind says to the body, “Well, I guess you’re right, and we need to take more naps and sit in the chair, twiddle the thumbs together.”

As you will be active, as you will be right out there living in joy, in happi- ness, finding that every day truly is too short to fit in everything that you want to do—yes, even if it happens to be work, it is always too short to fit in everything that you want to do.

As you will be in joy about it as you were when you were the small one, not knowing that you had to be grown up, mature about everything, you just went with an ease of Being. You just went as the wind goes, free. And the parents sometimes had to kind of rein you in and say, “Well, wait a second. This is what we are going to do now,” and keep some order in the family life.

But truly you were so happy to be alive, so in love with life and with what you could discover, what you could do, how you could paint, how you could draw, how you could put to- gether the words in a certain rhythm of form, how you could make the songs and sing the songs. And the voice would allow you, because you knew it was going to be there for you.

You loved life, you appreciated it, you spoke to it, and it was always there for you because you did appreciate it. Ev- erything that you appreciate grows. Those things that you do not appreci- ate, they get the message and then dis- appear from you. Sometimes it is the same with the body, that if you do not appreciate the body it is going to get the message that, “Oh, well, he/she is finished with me, and I guess I’ll just find my rocking chair and sit in it.”

You have the most wonderful techno- logical help in this time. You are cre- ating it in this incarnation, where if a body part seems to get worn out, you do not even have to go through what you used to do and to re-energize it.

You can go to a certain medical build- ing and get a new part. Yes, there is a time of adjustment to it, but it works around, and you have a new part. It works, and you are grateful for it.

And as you are living in the place of gratitude, the body part says, “Oh, she’s happy to have me. He’s happy to have this new part.” It will then func- tion and function well. You have seen this with friends, certain ones who are more easy about life. They expect that life is going to be easy for them, and sure enough, life is easy for them.

You have seen other ones who are the worriers. They start worrying about things even before anything has really materialized and come into evidence, because they “know” that it is going to happen and they are going to have the problem that they are going to have to work with. Sure enough, the problem comes forth, and then they have to work with it.

But you have other ones who say, “Well, I’ve always had everything fall into place. My family has always been lucky.” And then, sure enough, every- thing falls into place and is easy. So it depends on attitude. Some of it comes as the generational teaching, where you have had families who have said, “Well, we’ve always been fortunate and we are going to come through life in an easy way.”

But for most of you, you have had the families who have said, “Well, life has its ups and downs, probably more downs than ups, and you have to climb every mountain and get up over everything.” And you as the small child have said, “But it’s not really a mountain; it’s only a mole hill; it’s only a little bit.”

And the parents have said, “You’re not looking correctly. Don’t you see how big, how difficult it is?” So after a while of receiving that message, you have bought it and put it into place, and then you get to a certain age and maybe ask, “How about if that isn’t true?” You sit with yourself and re-ex- amine all of the messages that you have been given, all of the ones that you have taken to be truth, and you say, “Well, perhaps that is not how it has to be. Perhaps I can see things dif- ferently.” And you do.

That is the beginning of the process of youthing, where you question all that has been given to you as a truth— lower case “t”. You question it and say, “Well, perhaps I can see this dif- ferently. Perhaps I can even feel dif- ferently about something.” Then you try it out, and it works. It is actually a joy to be living. And the body hears you. The body is your creation. It serves you. It listens to you. Whatever you tell the body, that is what it is go- ing to do.

Now, a lot of times you do not realize that you have the power, and you speak to the body, “I’m tired. It’s re- ally been a long day. I don’t know why the boss growled at me.” And then there is the coworker who is al- ways making those funny remarks that really are not humorous. “You know, it’s really a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I have to be ready for it.” And the body says, “Oh, I guess he/ she is tired,” and then the body feels tired.

If, on the other hand, you come home and say, “I had a wonderful day! You want to hear about my day?” hope- fully the person in the house does not say no. Quite often that does happen, I know, where one will come in all exu- berant about, “My day, it’s been so great! You want to hear about it?” And the other person says, “Oh, I have to do this; I have to do that. I’m sorry. I’ll listen to you later.” But you can al- ways bounce into the house in your exuberance, and it does not matter re- ally whether they accept it or not, be- cause you are living in joy. That is the number one secret about youthing: to live in joy. The rest of the things are important, but the most important is to be happy about your life, about your- self.

It comes back to love, loving yourself, loving who/Who you are. And as we have said many times, our Father cre- ates only good, so therefore look with favor upon what He/She/You have created and brought forth. Even if the body does not seem to serve you quite as easily as you would like it to, allow the positive reinforcement.

Maybe there are parts of the body that do not work as easily as other parts. Praise the ones that do work easily, as you would do with a small child. You look for the moment when the child/ person is giving you something that you can praise. You praise that, and you work on reinforcing the positive. You work on seeing the positive.

Now, I know the world message often is how everything is going wrong. “They” are doing terrible things. “They are making decisions that I don’t agree with.” “They” are out to get everyone. “They” want to keep their power. Those are messages from the world, and you do not have to buy them. You have bought those mes- sages and paid dearly for them. But this time around, you can say, “Well, that may be someone else’s truth. That may be how they live, what they be- lieve, but it’s not what I have to be- lieve. I am free,” and you are.

“I am free to choose that which I want to have my mind focus upon. I am free to substitute laughter for anger, laughter for self-judgment. The most healing thing that you can ever do is to laugh at self. Whenever you find that perhaps you have made a misstep, try laughter. It erases everything that has come before that which might have been self-judgment, because you are in a good place of accepting, “Well, that’s how I am, and it is hu- morous. I am funny.”

There were ones who called me hu- morous, an old fool or a young fool, whichever, because I said that ones  did not have to be in a certain heavi- ness of how everything was happen- ing to them, how the Romans were being the “they” person and how “they” were in control. It did not and does not have to be a heavy judgment.

In truth, there is no “they” out there to get you. The only one who is orches- trating how you feel about yourself is you. You know how good you feel when you are with someone and they are in joy; they are laughing at things; they are putting forth humor, and it feels very healing; it feels uplifting, and you feel happy to be with them.

And you find yourself laughing, be- cause their laughter is contagious. Then as you laugh, that spreads to an- other one and another one until fi- nally, if you have ever done this small experiment, the whole room is laugh- ing and nobody remembers what started it, but it just feels so good to laugh.

The laughter has been put into a rou- tine of teaching called laughter yoga, and it is a very good discipline, not a difficult one, of laughing, of finding that you can laugh, and it can go deeper and deeper every time you laugh. It does not have to be just from the voice box up to the top of the head. You can get down to the real belly laugh; yes, the ho ho ho, and re- ally feel yourself even doubling over with laughter. How long has it been since you did that?

I assign you a piece of homework. Sometime in the next 24 hours allow yourself to get really into a good belly laugh. Find something humorous about yourself. You can find it. You can look in the mirror; not in judg- ment, but in a way that is humorous. Find something to laugh at about yourself and get really into it. Be- cause, you know, as you start the laughter it becomes contagious even to you, and you begin to feel like, “Oh, gosh, that’s really silly. I’ve got the giggles again. I don’t even know what I’m giggling about, but it really feels so good to be giggling. Just like a little kid, I’m giggling again.”

Wow! Feel the energy rush that comes with that, just even talking about it. And once you start doing it, if you have anybody around you, they are  going to wonder, “What is she laugh- ing at? What is he laughing at?” They may not find out exactly, but they start giggling; they start laughing, at least smiling, because it feels good.

That is the secret to youthing: to be so in love with life, to find yourself even laughing at all of the foibles that hap- pen in every day, taking yourself lightly. Then there is a smile which creeps over the face and starts heading down towards the belly and starts a belly laugh, and you say, “Doggone, but this life is really funny. I never thought it was going to turn out this way, but you know, there’s been a lot of twists and turns in this and a lot of humor,” and you start laughing.

It allows the very cells of the body to lighten up. And as they lighten up, then they spread the message to the rest of the body, the other cells in the body, and they start thinking, “Well, I guess he/she has decided to live, re- ally truly come alive; no more of this counting the years and saying, “Oh, well, at a certain number of years this is how I should be looking, acting, feeling.” None of that, because truly you are never any older than you were when you were first activating the body; never. Every day is a new day. Every day you are born again.

Now, I know you have friends who talk about being born again, but I sug- gest it not the way that they have to take it, that they are born again in their adoration of me, but born again as the new person who is in love with life, who wants to be here, wants to be living, even those ones whom you may know who are “suffering”—and I use that word advisedly—from what seems to be a terminal illness.

Do you know, they can turn that around. You go see them and say, “Hey, I don’t see you being terminal about anything. I see you being alive. You’re still breathing. You’re still smiling. Come on, give me a smile; there you go,” and they come alive, at least for the time that you are with them, because that is what you are ex- pecting, that is what you are drawing forth with them.

They may get the message, hopefully, that they do not have to be finished with life. Life still has excitement. Life still has packages for them to open up and to be happy about the gift of life. So you speak to them words that say, “Hey, you know, you’ve still got some packages to open. You’ve still got some surprises under the Hanukkah bush or the Christmas tree, or your birthday anniversary. You still have surprises in store for you. There is a lot to be living for.”

And they may say, “Well, you could be right, but I think I’m finished.” And you say, “Well, if that is your choice, so be it.” There is no judgment in it, because that one who may choose to release the focus on the body will probably reincarnate. You may even meet them later as they come back as a small one, a young one.

So there is no judgment in it, but you can suggest to them that maybe they want to try something different, and maybe they can reactivate the very cells of the body to be happy in this life, this incarnation that they have made for themselves. But, there is no judgment in it. If they want to be fin- ished, so be it. They will be back again, and that is okay.

The secret to youthing is to have a twinkle in the eye. The secret to youthing is to be happy, to be in love. Know you the feeling: you can re- member when you first fell in love. Oh, my goodness, that other person was such a wondrous being. He looked so handsome. She was so beautiful. There was a glow. And you found yourself being in love in a free- dom to express yourself, the true Self of you, to be in love, to go in love.

When you are first in love with some- one, it is a secret—well-known—that all of a sudden you are alive, really happy to be alive, and you cannot wait to see that other person, to be in their presence, to ask of them, “What’s new with you? Tell me, do you like the way I’m styling my hair?” And you laugh. It is the small things of life that allow you to come alive.

When you fall in love with another one, this is a secret to youthing. Love of self, when you fall in love with yourself, is an even bigger secret that has been held from you. But as you fall in love with yourself you say, “I am a wondrous being. I don’t know how I’ve got to this point in my life, but gosh, somehow, it’s been a won- drous journey. And I know there’s a lot more I’m going to discover about myself and about others, and a lot more I’m going to discover about holy Mother Earth, about the mountains, about the trees, about the streams, the hiking. Where can I go to see some- thing new and different?”

And you will. You will travel to far lands and see something different. You can travel to your mountains. You can travel even to the busy intersec- tion and watch the traffic as it goes by and marvel at the technological “ad- vances” that have been made in your chariots and your horses. I will speak to you of the miracle of your chariots that have the horses inside, your horsepower. Know you that miracle? Now you put the horses inside. Yes, you do have to feed them a different kind of feed, but they serve you well.

You can stand at a busy intersection and watch all of the traffic whizzing by, all of the people hurrying to get wherever they think they have to be and just behold it, because it is a drama put on just for you and you did not even have to buy a ticket. All you did was go to the intersection and stand there and watch and see what was happening. They put on a show for you.

The same when you are looking at your most wonderful flowers and trees, all of the growing things. How long has it been since you have taken a leaf from a tree and studied the vein- ing of the arteries of that leaf and watched how it puts itself together? How long has it been since you picked the tiny little buttercup and brought it up to look at it really closely? Or the most wonderful dandelion, looked at it and how intricate it is. It is not just a little yellow umbrella. It has all kinds of filaments, yellow ones, and then later on in its process, all of those yel- low ones turn to white, and then they go pfff and you watch them.

Some who are in fear of weeds do not like to see the pfff, the miracle of the dandelion, the way it can produce it- self and then do the regenerative process of making these most wonder- ful winged seeds that go everywhere.

Many who want the most perfect landscape are saying, “Oh, not in my garden; no, no.” But know you that you can eat the leaves of the dande- lion? You can even eat the dandelion itself. Try it sometime. It may not be to your taste buds, or it may. But you can.

Everything is put here by you for your use and your pleasure. So do not look down on any of your creations. Even if you think you have to extract them out of the flower beds because you have made a judgment that they are not beautiful enough, stop and study the weed.

A long time ago you used to know the medicinal properties of every plant, especially of those that you call weeds. Every plant has a medicinal property to help the physical body, and this is something that you used to know. But it has been superseded by the ease of purchasing something that is already processed for you, so a lot of this knowledge has been put on the back shelf. It is not lost to you, but it has been put on the back shelf.

For some of you who are going to be attending the gathering this summer, it is going to be brought forward to re- mind you of what you used to know. So do not judge. Do not judge the flower, the weed; do not judge your- self. Hold yourself in love because you are a most wondrous weed. (Smile)

As you have garnered to yourself a myriad of adventures, experiences, you could sit and write a book, a very long book about where you have been, what you have seen, what the experi- ences have been, the lessons learned from everything, what you have tried over and over, what seemed to bring you pleasure and what seemed to be more of a labor.

You could write volumes, and you are that volume as your friends will look upon you and see that you have a wealth of information, of experiences.    So, as you take stock of everything that you have learned, all of the things that you have experienced, you will see how wealthy you are.

Youthing—why do you want to youth? You want to be young because it felt good to be young. So, I say unto you, you can feel young even though you may have the years that, accord- ing to the certain certificate, say that you are probably now into your fifth decade, sixth, even seventh decade, eighth perhaps? Ninth? You can still feel young. All it takes is to believe in yourself, to be happy with yourself, and to say, “Ah, glad to wake up this morning. I can’t wait to jump out of bed.”

You see how good laughter feels? It allows all of the cells of the body to move around a bit, to wiggle. Know you how good it feels to wiggle the toes? Yes, you take your feet out of those confining sandals and wiggle the toes around a bit and they are happy. Oh, are they happy. Oh, this feels so good. It is like that for all of the cells of the body. Allow them to laugh.

Know that always you are the won- drous holy Child who in Truth never ages. That holy Child, the innocent Child, is always there. That is the se- cret to youthing.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith


Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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