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Lord Melchizedek: Wisdom Unveiled - Insights from the Guides

Lord Melchizedek: Wisdom Unveiled - Insights from the Guides

Dear souls, I salute you. This evening — I am Melchizedek but I am speaking with a group — several of us will answer your questions, indeed not all, only those which, we hope, will bring you a little more energy, a little more awareness.

Let's go.

There are, we repeat, a lot of questions and let's just take a few of them. Sylvain, we trust you.

What do they expect from us?

What do we, Guides, expect from you? May you turn your gaze towards Joy, may you turn your gaze towards Life, may you turn your gaze towards Love. That's it, we don't expect anything from you other than what you ultimately came here to do.

We don't really have any needs, wants or wants, only the need, desire or will to see you evolve according to your desire, your path and your understanding. You have much more expectations of us than we have of you.

Our message, the message of the Virgin or the message of beings who are in this holiness, is often to say to you ʺ love one another , repent, pray, move towards the Light.ʺ We know this because it brings you to a fairer path, to a simpler timeline, to a greater understanding of what is happening. You know, when we are in a real spiritual Consciousness, we no longer need questions to move forward, we move forward from the answers.

This is why we expect nothing from you, except the hope perhaps, surely even, of seeing you in your best state, in your best light, in your best understanding. So.

Why do people experience upheaval in their lives?

Because each of these upheavals is a test.

Will I continue to love? Will I find a way to ally or will I separate? Will I continue on the side of Light or will I turn towards non-light, anger, fear, hatred, anguish, what does this non-light represent?

All these trials are not sent by us, we do not send any trials and , to go further, God does not send any trials. God can send what we call warnings, but the test is always experienced by humans. It is always the human who chooses whether this is a test or a training to love. The answer is eminently training to love. In your life, separations should not separate you from love. Illnesses should not separate you from love of the body, from love of this Earth.

These upheavals are often, unfortunately, alerts for people who have fallen asleep a little on their way, or who believed they were on the right track, and for whom it is necessary to make some reminders of what is essential in the life. Not just in a physical life, in a spiritual life above all , to the extent that we sometimes hear people say: "  Sylvain, I've been in these things  ", we hear it when you speak to this channel and he usually answers them alone, this time let us answer.

“  I have been in a spiritual life, I have done many things, I have learned many things and yet this still happens to me, this still happens to me  ”, this means that you have not your love is still quite muscular, if you allow me this expression. Your remarks are often of the same order, “  you see masters, Guides, I go to the gym every week, I lift weights every week and there, I have to lift a mass of 100 kg at once and I can't do it. Yet I go to the gym every week .” Yes, dear friend, only in the gym every week you lift 1 kg, 2 kg, of course, when the test materially reaches 100 kg, you cannot do it.

Understand my analogy, it is that most of the time you believe you have taken the path, you believe you know, however knowing is not doing, it is not Being. It's just knowing. And you must not be satisfied with training, moreover, you must also know how to really confront what the dark forces are , what the bad energies are so that when they reach you, you are really trained to leave these energies not to separate you, to release them and possibly even, if you are powerful masters, to love them.

So when you experience upheaval, understand that it can be seen as a reminder of what is truly true and right, and a reminder that it is not enough to know it but also to see it, to live it. , to cross it.

In these trials, of course, you are not alone, and there, our help can be useful. We are able to give some advice, advice on posture, behavior.

Here too, humans always imagine “  if the Guides love me, the outcome will be favorable for me.  ". The question is not whether the outcome is favorable or unfavorable to you - for example, in a judgment - rather, what will you have learned, even if the judgment does not go your way, even if the healing does not appear? What have you learned, what have you understood, what have you experienced, what is your experience? Because it is with it that you will come to Heaven, with this experience, not with a judgment of man only with a judgment of God if I may say so, of the God that you are. It will be of no use to arrive in Heaven with the slightest diploma , on the other hand, each of your stories, each of your adventures is the real value that is yours, the real path.

We may possibly appear cold to you in saying this, on the contrary, in fact, we are full of love for you. We know the path you have lived. For the most part, the people who are helping you are Ascension Masters, so people who have already experienced what you feel like you are going through here, only now, for the first time for some of you. Of course you have to hang on. Of course we must continue.

This allows us to answer the following question.

How to stay afloat in the waves and tumult of the moment, how not to sink?

Understanding that you are really, truly, now, on the biggest training ground, and that everything you have experienced before is just a joke almost, excuse the expression, it was simple.

For years, through this channel and others, we have been repeating: 'prepare yourself, be ready, raise your nature, raise your energy, raise your vibrations, prepare yourself, be ready'. Well, the time has come. And now, in this time, in this moment, we see those who were trained correctly, and those who thought they were training correctly.

If you think you're sinking, if you're afraid that the wave will overwhelm you, it's because you've gone through everything a little too lightly , let me tell you. However, there is still time. Don't worry, you don't have to sink. You don't have to sink, just climb back up.

What are the real values? Is Love, Peace and Joy something that is brought to me by what, by money, by power? It's very temporary if that. No, it is a decision that brings you to Peace, Love and Joy, a decision. And a decision costs nothing, just to make up your mind and align yourself with your decision by constantly stopping saying “  yes, but — yes, but — yes, but. Yes, but external circumstances — Yes, but that's not reality.  ". You are wrong. Reality often has the power you give it. It is much more flexible than you imagine.

This reality is ultimately just a flow of energy that responds to your call. The reality of events is only the sum of your fears sometimes, whereas it could be the sum of your joys, if you accepted it. It's easier for you if she is the sum of your fears. It's easy. The path of shadow, of non-light, is always easier than the path of Light. Therefore, we need to change our attitude.

It is not up to us to ensure that you do not sink, but up to you. We can encourage you. We can be there and tell you 'go for it, you have this strength, you have this power, you have this ability', of course, and we confirm it here, however it is up to you to make the effort. It's difficult to understand. We don't feel the pressure you put on the Guides, it doesn't bother us and we understand you. It’s you who makes the journey. It is you who are your own Savior.

When you arrive on Earth, there are archangelic forces that do everything to help you raise your vibration, and archontic forces that do everything to lower your vibration. The choice is yours. So, the choice of archons is often easier: “  I just have to let it happen – I just have to obey – I just have to say nothing  ”, even though it is true , often, the archangelic choice, in any case that of your true Nature, will require an action, will require work, a work, which goes in the direction of what you really want in the heart and deep of yourself. This is the work.

You know, the one who sinks in water is the one who doesn't know that if his lungs are full he can't sink. And on Earth, the one who will collapse is the one who does not realize that if he is not filled with Love, he or she will sink. It is simpler than it seems, because your true Nature is filled with this energy whose Presence you wish to receive permanently.

Let's continue.

Lots of questions.

Are you asking us if chemtrails are as dangerous as you are told or told?

We will tell you that they are much less dangerous than the injections you have had to deal with lately.

These spreading’s that you speak of are made, in reality, to reflect energies for military causes, and also to spread products which prevent man from reproducing, in fact. The idea is to target certain fields, certain materials, to reduce the earth's population. This is not said to you directly, but you should know that this is unfortunately starting to show, isn't it, on your part? Yes, some of your elites aim to reduce the number of people on Earth, even if the Earth is generous and could continue to feed you.

On the other hand, I repeat, your body has found and often finds solutions to, in its intelligence, constrain these plans , prevent the advent of these plans of mass destruction desired by certain beings who are a little mad, too self-centered. , thinking of them, of ancestral families of power.

However, and in order to increase your vibration because this is our goal, know that their plan is doomed to failure. It will only last for a while. Yes, this plan will cause some victims of course, many victims, on the other hand, it will only last for a while and what has been ancestral for hundreds of years will now disappear.

These powers will have to return to the state of peace and love which was planned, sometimes by themselves, at the start. If we go back to the source of all this, there were beings who wanted good for humanity. Except that doing good and believing you are doing good is another thing. This story of good and evil seen from a human point of view is complicated. Killing is never truly doing good. It's not absolute evil either, but still.

Work is being done at this time to reveal to you the hidden interests of each person, and you are entering a month where the foundations of this world will be slightly shaken. I say lightly because there will be other changes soon.

And, its foundations are to listen to the enemy at times, it is to listen to what seems to attack you to find out what he or she has to say to you, whether we are talking about a person or a situation. What does this situation have to tell me? And then, is what I know or think I know so far really the truth, or a lie that I've been told for so long that I ended up believing it? This is also changing one's foundation, it is revealing one's own force , one's own force of indignation also sometimes, let's be clear of indignation.

Can we have an explanation for the destiny of the archons?

The archontic forces currently have the impression of being powerful, but they themselves know deep down that their end is near, that there will be fewer and fewer people to feed them with their fears, their anxieties. Thus, these beings will have to take the path to another dimension, and you, another dimensional path too.

The death of the archons is not desired by the Divine, however their placement, in their own energy, separated from the earthly plane is desired and is in progress, so that each one reveals themselves.

Again, this pressure that is being put is an awakening pressure for all of humanity, not an awakening pressure for the archangels who are awakened, an awakening pressure for the human, who was beginning to awaken and then who fell asleep a little, only to wake up again and go back to sleep a little, to wake up again. The cycle is common. For those who have their eyes wide open, for those who see, for those who know, for those, nothing here can really scare you anymore.

You will understand that the human being is a being of good essence, who was raised to become bad, however who is never bad at the base, sometimes, often. You understand what I mean, those you called the enemy or the bad guys, are people who were educated to believe that good was this and evil was that. Finally, you too. Here too, you will have to realize this and realize that occasionally, what you called good was in fact the choice of a camp, therefore a choice of separation and not a choice of union. And separation choices are always archontic choices , never archangelic choices. Never.

How do you live with the feeling of having made a lot of bad choices in your life?

The truth is you didn't make a bad choice. And none of you could have made bad choices , because truth be told, you learned from those bad choices. You have, for the most part, understood the origin of these bad choices, or you are in the process of working on this origin of what you call bad choices, that is to say ultimately, choices which would bring less peace, less joy, less love. You have come this way to the origins of this, you are doing this, you are traveling this road, therefore, you have learned.

Humans are sensitive beings, yet they always believe in a single life, and who do not understand that in truth they are constantly learning. What you have learned in this life, the bad choices you make in this life, you will no longer make in another existence. This will be no more, you have learned. Be happy, happy, to have learned it. Yes, it was difficult, but it's over. This will end.

This learning, on this great journey of the sum of incarnations in this world or in others, is useful. True learning is about making mistakes, not about success.

Success is happy, and we wish it to you. Nevertheless, we paradoxically also wish you error, because error is the real master of this world , the one who teaches you what Life is in you, what are your true desires, your true values. It is through mistakes that you recognize them.

So, don't blame yourself, since if you have made several mistakes, it is above all because you have a Consciousness which has decided to come and experience many adventures on Earth. And the Consciousnesses which have decided to come and live full of adventures on Earth, are courageous, valiant, reckless Consciousnesses some would say, taking too many risks others would say, however, in a single desire, that of learning and that of to love even more, and your initial will is never ignored by the Source.

This desire to be ʺmoreʺ is never ignored, even if you cannot achieve it. The path you take to get there is already doing this, beginning and preparing this work in you. You will be able to continue it in other existences, nothing that you have experienced in this existence, in this life, nothing is lost.

Everything, always, in every moment in reality, you have an opportunity to love. At every moment, you have an opportunity to ask yourself this primordial question which was before and after your departure the basic question, that of ʺ how did I get closer to the Divine by loving, how do I love more , how do I breathe this life? ʺ Every moment asks you this question.

In the next question you ask us if we like and know about aliens?

Yes, of course we know them. Know that the Extraterrestrial Guides are extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrial Ascension Masters exist, so, yes, we know about them.

We don't talk about it often, because our real knowledge, at least in the group where we are here as Ascension Masters and archangels, is that of humans, not of those who do not live this humanity but on other levels. Of course we know your galactic brothers. Of course we know their place in your own plan. In this case, understand that they also have their own Masters, their own learning, which is different from yours, given that these extraterrestrial races are already sufficiently evolved to be in a certain union shall we say, while we are still with you working this union for humanity. Obviously yes, we know them and yes, we love them, for the good reason that most of them are wonderful beings, like you, like you.

Planetary changes , to ask several of the questions that are asked [1] :

The current planetary changes, vibrational, emotional, physical, are numerous.

So, it’s true that your bodies adapt to this new energy. Your bodies are transforming on significant levels. And if certain chemical compounds - volatile or not, volatile or injected -, if certain of these components also have the role of preventing you from evolving - as a race I mean, really as a physical species - thus preventing the creation of the third manifested helix, the third strand of DNA that makes you up, this is only temporary. Your body adapts and transforms.

Your energy, your encoding, your DNA as you say, is experiencing powerful transformations, given that this third strand that I am talking to you about, and which is already inside certain children born for several years, this third strand allows you to go beyond the Illusion more and more easily , that is to say, to begin to understand from matter, that you are beings of non-matter much more easily, in a much more experimental way than before.

So that, regarding this strand, which is latent inside each human being, it requires the body to adapt, it also requires the mind to adapt, to believe differently. This work can exhaust some bodies. This work can prevent other people from feeling happy, feeling like they need completeness.

Once again, and we will repeat it as many times as necessary, what you lack is the Love of which you yourself are capable , in fact. What you lack is the ability to express that love to everyone you encounter with power, without shame, without fear. Often what you're missing is yourself, it's the real you, to the extent that when you discover that loving nature within yourself , that's when you're going to heal yourself. You will cure yourself of every disease of every kind. You will access a plane of energy that is really different from the current physical plane, a plane that we could call metaphysical , something that means that you will be in joy whatever happens, whatever happens, and you will arrive to go through this.

In this moment, are we being tested to experience our balance towards others?

Of course you are being tested right now. Of course every life in fact, every moment is a test. When you arrive on the other side, it is not for nothing that we systematically ask the same question: How did you love? This question is essential: ʺhow did you like it?ʺ

In each event of your life, when have you thought about working on this aspect? While the archontic forces will do everything for you to work on other more physical, more material forces, in aspects of possessions, of addiction? No, your archangelic side, your luminous side, simply seeks to extend who you are around you, to let you radiate your own Spirit, who you really are , in your true strengths.

Therefore, there is a struggle to be fought against these two opposing forces within you. This struggle, this work, is the path of Love. That's it.

It's painful to lift weights, we agree. Now, if you want to be muscular, you will either have to work a lot with your muscles, or you will have to train them with these weights. It's the same with love. Either it's daily, or you need some kind of training, tests. This choice is yours and yours alone.

Are you taking this path? Are you ready ? Do you think that great fitness, great health will fall from Heaven? No. She's already there. This strength is already within you. It does not come from elsewhere, it comes from you, from who you really are when you believe in your true nature, when you live your true nature.

Why are we discovering new conditions of human beings?

The evolution of the human species is regular on your planet. This change of species, not simply a societal change, this change of species is regular in periods of time which may seem very, very large to you, since these are periods between 20,000 and 30,000 of your earth years. So, this change is regular, the need to evolve towards another type of being.

And today, your need for evolution is getting closer to beings who are much more in energy and spirituality than in materiality. This was necessary for a whole great era, now this materiality will no longer nourish you much.

You will have to nourish yourself with your spiritual aspect, with your connection to Life itself, to Love. It can nourish you. I am not here, as my channel requires, talking to you about pranic food, rather a kind of energetic food if I may say so. That is to say that the fact of being connected to others, the fact of being a little more outside, will mean that you concretely need less physical food, of course. The relationship can nourish. Joy nourishes. Smiling is healing , sometimes. Understand this if you will.

Often, I tell myself that our answers must seem enigmatic to you, because in fact our answers come from the answer, so to speak. That is to say , once you understand, everything seems simple.

It may seem difficult to you to hear that you are invited to one place or another by telling you that it is simple, to the extent that the path seems difficult to you who are on this Earth. This is why we sometimes prefer to speak of the term realization rather than the term awakening.

Realizing that everything is already there, understanding that everything is already there, that everything is already done, that everything is already planned, that everything is already taken care of, understanding that on a molecular level, cannot really be explained.

How do you explain to someone how to understand? We try, as much as possible, to be pedagogical with you, always trying to adapt to the 'lowest' level, even if there are no real levels.

We tell you, all your spiritual guides, whoever they may be, have stated this truth, this path of love which was the only way. If only people understood how you just need to love to move forward.

You see, this sentence is incomprehensible until we have experienced this breakthrough that love causes in everyone, in their life, in their circumstances and in their surroundings, in their entire surroundings. It's always like that.

Let's continue.

In your questioning, one of the questions is “  Ask for nothing and you will receive everything” what does that mean?

There are several ways to achieve change in your life, fortunately, not just one but several ways, and in fact, in 'ask nothing and you will receive everything' there is one of these ways. I insist, ONE of these paths which are multiple, because there are paths through prayer, through request, which can help you move forward and go a part of the way, not all the way still a part of the way.

Asking for nothing allows you to receive everything. Here, you call upon a force of not infinite but gigantic power, it is the force of gratitude. Do not ask for anything, I will complete the sentence, do not ask for anything, thank for everything and you will receive everything  : If you are not in the request, if you confirm the energy of what is and what pleases you, you are heard.

We are often asked how to pray. Obviously, we could tell you that's all you do! That's all you do, pray. Every thought you have is a prayer. Each of your thoughts is a broadcast-reception that you make to the entire universe. You just pray.

However, your thoughts are frequently, in generally Western humans, in permanent movement, going from right and left, thinking about your past, asking yourself questions about what will happen in an hour, in ten hours, in ten days, very little stuck in the present moment, very little stuck in gratitude, considering that everything he has, a body, a life, a couple, a house, a place, a land, is acquired by him, although it is false.

Taking the time to thank, to be in gratitude, in the blessing of what is, this time is necessary. This is one of the ways since, knowing how to thank what you have, you will draw energy from it. Ah! There is a story of energy in that of course.

Understand that when you are in a relationship with a person, if you regularly pay them compliments, if you tell them that you love them, you will obtain from this person a permanent, regular and real exchange. It is the same with situations. It is the same with places. If you are grateful for the place where you live, this place will be able to do something for you, to transmit its energy to you. This is valid for EVERYTHING, what I'm saying right now, for objects, situations or people. If you are grateful for these objects, these situations, these people, you will receive from them additional energy, an additional exchange.

On the other hand, if you are there saying to yourself ʺ this energy, this situation, this place is content to be with me and that is completely normal ʺ, it will be the same in your relationship with the world as your relationship with your husband or wife if you never thank them. You assume that he or she is there permanently, that he or she will never leave. He will eventually leave if you don't thank him, if you don't tell him you love him. It's the same here.

So you better understand this phrase 'ask nothing and you will receive everything', because to ask for nothing is to be in this time where we settle down, we rest, to be in this time where we accept to receive, to re- to see, to see oneself again, without wanting something new but just what is there, to be there in the appreciation of what is and not anything else. This is the key offered to you on this subject.

You still ask us why is it so difficult to put into practice what we know?

It's not difficult , just, once again excuse me in advance, you're just lazy. You think you would only need to do things once or twice for it to happen. You think knowing was enough to make it happen. And then, putting it into practice, yes, indeed, it requires changing beliefs. It forces you to change your habits. It forces you to change your attitudes. It requires you to oblige yourself, obviously this is the path, the path of transformation.

You know, I am Melchizedek and I am an alchemist. In this way, I know to what extent sometimes to transform certain metals, you have to twist them, to what extent you sometimes have to hit an anvil hard, burn, reburn again, reburn again and again. One could imagine that this metal suffers to purify itself.

It is the same with you. It is not enough to know. When you know, you will have to change. The truth will free you, yes, on condition that you accept to be liberated by this truth, not simply to put it in a corner of your consciousness, in a corner of "  yes, I could do it if  ", really to really do it , regularly, until this clearly becomes your practice and your daily character. It’s this change, this state of mind, this valor, this courage that you sometimes lack.

Consequently, it is not difficult to put into practice, on the other hand it requires a strength of soul, a strength of mind that you are no longer taught, that you were not taught in your time, in your period, even for those who are in their fifties today. We didn't teach you that. The oldest, your parents, your grandparents learned it from life, this strength and this need to maintain courage for a few months, sometimes a few years, to change something. And today, in this era of rapid transformation, you hope that you are no longer this twisting metal, and that you will purify yourself spontaneously. No. You still have a job. You still have this alchemy to do in your body, in your heart. It’s a work, it’s a job. It's difficult.

You would like to hear us give lots of methods, lots of techniques. Most of the time, you already know these methods. You already know these techniques, and there is not one that is miraculous and that would make you learn faster than the other. Because this is what you commonly hope from us: “  Give me a faster method than the one I learned before.  » And if there weren't any. What if it was a job. What if, like at one time, you had to be an apprentice for years before you even began to master any art, would you be willing to take those years? I'll give you the answer: yes, because it's called a life, it's called an existence and that's what it's for.

This is why, souls of Light, take your courage in both hands as you say, because indeed, it is now time to move proudly towards yourself, towards who you are  ! You already have the techniques. You know the methods, just apply them , with rigor, with tenacity, with courage, every day, probably even every hour and don't give up , since that's how we become who we really are.

This artistic work on yourself is necessary. You don't arrive complete; you arrive prepared to be complete. Consequently, this is never impossible, however, this work is up to you , in one life, in 10 lives, in 100 lives, obeying your Light or what would attract you towards simplicity, calm and peace.

Peace is the path, not always the destination. What I mean by that is that of course you will be at peace in the end, however wanting peace, that is to say not moving anymore, is not the path, it is a bench on the road. Succeeding in walking in peace, in keeping peace while walking, is something powerful.

You have confused waiting with Being. No. Action is necessary now in this rebuilding of the world, systematically.

You will have understood this evening, the current world , this world that you are currently experiencing, is putting you to the test, yes, but it is putting you to the test of yourself , to the test of who you are. already are.

Truth be told, when you come to this earthly plane, there is no test, no problem that has not come with its solution. So even when you feel like you've lost something, that you've lost a case, that you haven't won, in truth, you've won. In truth, that was the solution you wanted to take.

Nothing really wants to harm you, just to bring you to another state of understanding, to another state of being that is not anger, nor fear, nor jealousy.

These are the archontic forces, anger, fear, jealousy. Making you believe that everything is not Light on the other side is an archontic fear, it is to keep you on Earth, of course. Do not be afraid. Your world is Light. Your truth is Light. You are Light. Do not let yourself be fooled. Continue, dear friends, to maintain this strength and this courage, this determination.

The truth is, and we've said it before, you've already won. Understand this. Integrate it into yourself as a human living multiple existences. Everything is fine.

We hope this evening that we have been able to help you, perhaps in a different understanding of what is happening, in a broader understanding. My goal with my friends was to open your heart, to make you understand this journey that you have to take.

Our help is in the form of encouragement, small coincidences, putting things back into place, questioning things from time to time. We are not in the business of doing; we are in the business of making things happen. We help you do it, but it's always you who is in shape.

So, courage! Standing ! Valor! It's hard, I'm getting up! It's even harder, I'm getting up again! Yes, it's tiring, yes. In this case, this is how you place yourself in your own strength, in your own divinity, in what you really came to learn about this love.

So, here we are. So, we love you, and our love is also a way of giving you this energy that you sometimes lack.

Some of you say “  Oh! It's difficult for me.  "They don't even understand to what extent we loved them, to what extent we send their Love towards them, and to what extent, it is perhaps even this Love that has kept them still on this path of life, in this path of existence, which is all the same a quick path towards your divinity. Sometimes they say: “  Oh! I was not helped by the Guides  ”, without understanding that their simple presence on Earth is the very proof of the work of the Guides.

We are here, really. You will see it more and more, more and more evidence, more and more coincidences. So.

Reborn from your own ashes, it’s all there.

Thank you. In Light and Love, thank you.

[1]How to free yourself from fatigue at the moment? — Why do we feel more and more dizzy and how can we stop it? — […] there is no more desire. How do you know if it's not ultimately some kind of depression? — What is the energy currently arriving on Earth working on? What does the dizziness mean at the moment? …

Public channeling from 06.02.2024 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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Featured Articles: Ascended Masters

  • Ascended Master Serapis Bey Open or Close
    Ascended Master Serapis Bey

    Serapis Bey is from the realm of Bey, hence the name, wherein is His dwelling place. He is the great disciplinarian known through the centuries for the action of strict discipline. Real discipline is not stipulation over another which would thwart the innate progress, but instead it is a holding in check the human qualities so that the inner or Real Self can have expression. This is very essential to the attainment of the Ascension which is the culmination of all embodiments.

    Who was Serapis Bey

    He came as a guardian to Earth's evolutions, and took physical embodiment as many did. It is said that He came from Venus. His inner service is in the Fourth Sphere and He works with the Christ Selves of the unascended life-streams there.

    The Ascended Master* Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray.

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  • Connecting with The Ascended Masters Open or Close
    Ascended Masters
    Decide the name of the Ascended Master with whom you wish to connect with before going into the Master Chamber.

    Please close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths of Archangel Metatron’s golden energy when you are relaxed continue by saying this prayer:

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  • Comte Saint-Germain Open or Close
    saint germain

    Comte Saint-Germain: A Man Beyond His Time

    Many average, reasonable men can conceive wisdom only under the boring form of a sermon and think of the sage only in the semblance of a clergyman. For such men prudery, hypocrisy, and the most abject enslavement to ritual habit and prejudice must be the everyday virtues. When therefore it happens that a genuine sage, by way of amusing himself, mystifies his contemporaries, follows a woman, or lightheartedly raises his glass, he is condemned eternally by the army of short-sighted people whose judgment forms posterity.

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  • The Violet Flame Open or Close
    The Violet Flame

    FOR CENTURIES, alchemists have sought to change base metals into gold. But the transmutation of metals like lead into gold is symbolic of a higher and more noble alchemy -- the alchemy of self-transformation.

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  • Saint Germain & The Pillar of the Violet Flame Open or Close
    Saint Germain & The Pillar of the Violet Flame

    More than fifty thousand years ago, a golden civilization thrived in a fertile country with a semitropical climate where the Sahara Desert now is. It was filled with great peace, happiness and prosperity and ruled with supreme justice and wisdom by Saint Germain.

    As the High Priest of the Violet Flame Temple on the mainland of Atlantis thirteen thousand years ago, [13=4=4th dimension=time] Saint Germain sustained by his invocations and his causal body a pillar of fire, a fountain of violet singing flame, which magnetized people from near and far to be set free from every binding condition of body, mind and soul. This they achieved by self-effort through the offering of invocations and the practice of Seventh Ray rituals to the sacred fire.

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  • Sanhia: How Should I Deal With My Strong Feelings? Open or Close
    Sanhia: How Should I Deal With My Strong Feelings?

    There is a significant difference between noticing a feeling that comes up in your now and defining yourself by that feeling and accepting it as the truth about you.

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