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Master Kuthumi: An Atom Bomb of Light

Master Kuthumi: An Atom Bomb of Light

Greetings to you my friend. I Kuthumi come once more into your energy field. I bring the Blessings and healing rays of the Great One, amid the trumpet calls of the Archangels. For here, in the higher realms we celebrate this time on your planet.

You may think of these times as difficult, even unfair, yet they contain great learning for you. Your Soul is calling you to the Light, calling you to ignite your Central Sun, to listen, to open to new ways. I have heard someone say to this channel, “to open the heart as an atom bomb of Light.” How wonderful to have such a heart, so filled with such an explosion of Light. What a grand Central Sun you would create. For today, that is what I am calling your heart center, including the energies of the higher heart, merging into the Thymus chakra, all forming your own Central Sun.

May I tell you, that the beautiful soul who gave these words – an atom bomb of Light – was in a very low mental and emotional state of his experience. He was about to go to prison for some time, to be confined and experience great hardship on many levels.

And yet this courageous soul, acknowledged his own heart center in wishing for an atom bomb of Light to fill him. Even in this great darkness, his Light was shining brightly. And yet this courageous soul, acknowledged his own heart center in wishing for an atom bomb of Light to fill him and others. Even in this great darkness, his Light was shining brightly.

Some of you may judge, ask what he had done to be in prison. Yet I say to you, how do you know the deed he committed was not the catalyst for him to open to his Soul Light? To cry out, to turn away from darkness. How do you know? Therefore how can you judge?

I tell you his words remain. This cry which we have heard during his great despair and desperation. His words – an atom bomb of Light will bring purpose and joy to hundreds of others, others who are not in such darkness. These great words of hope, of intent, of creation will go on to the masses. These words are his gift to mankind. Have you thought of it this way? Or have you merely focused on the words “he’s gong to prison,” therefore he must be a bad person? This is judgment.

Judgment is of the lower self – the ego. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Wise words from my brother.

I tell you there is not one, not one among you who is without sin. In spite of this we love you, and we walk with you, to guide you, to help you see a better way forward in your creation. For it is your creation. Each day you create your various experiences. You choose what situation and who you will give your energy to. “Which energy,” you ask. Your physical, mental and emotional energies my friend.

I have said many times, man’s greatest lesson is to overcome his emotional body. So much energy is wasted with emotions of resentment, anger, and yes, judgment also. You are going through the lesson of release. Release of these negative emotions, release of your old paradigms of behavior. Many still choose to hold on. Why I ask? What good does it do you? It merely chains you to emotional pain, misery and anguish.

New energies are surrounding you, helping you to open, to connect to your Central Sun, your heart center. You think of the sun as a central core which provides the warmth and nourishment to yourselves and the Earth. It is life giving. Without the sun, where would you be? How could you survive?

I say to you, how can you survive without your heart center, without feeling love, acknowledging compassion for all. How can you survive your future? How could you create your new Earth without this connection? Your own Central Sun – your own heart. To radiate out spheres of love to ignite all life forms, to spread such joy, such life giving love. A baby without love exists, merely exists. The child will not thrive and grow adequately. I tell you, if you do not, or cannot connect to your own Central Sun, then man too will wither and be unable to thrive, to grow and step forward on his evolutionary path.

This year, 2020, is also about a great re-connection. A re-connection to soul, to inner truth, which activates your Central Sun. At this point of re-connection, where any and all falseness in your life falls away and you realize how trivial it has become, you then step forward in a new purpose. A purpose that is much greater than your visual reality. You connect through your Central Sun to Soul remembrance, reconnecting in peace, great peace and joy. You are then able to fully release all that no longer serves you, as you choose to no longer have the falseness of attitude and material possessions in your created world.

It is your thoughts which create your change, which will then create your new Earth. Yes, you are able to change and direct the hologram in which you live now. If you can focus on an idea powerfully, if you can visualize and hold that focus, you will bring it into your hologram. It will seemingly come into being.

You are just beginning to understand why you cannot relive the past. What you remember is a memory of what has already been created. It becomes stale matter, stale energy. Yet you seek to revive it constantly with your mental and emotional body. You desperately try to hold on to the past, to keep it alive. What wasted energy. What wasted power of thought. Do you see how futile it becomes? Far better to let it go. It is done, finished. You have made your choices and lived the experience. It can not be changed.

As mankind understands more of the process of creation, you will wonder why you waited so long. Why you didn’t simply get on with it. Focus on your own Central Sun, your heart center. It will hasten the letting go process. It will allow your soul knowledge to rise, to lead you forward. As you begin to feed your Central Sun it will expand out to the mass consciousness. The power and Light can not be ignored. It will spur mankind on toward his transformation, through higher awareness and expanded knowledge.

Chosen Channel

Lynette is a recognized clairvoyant, channel, medium and healer who has devoted her life to the service of spirit. She is the chosen channel of the Ascended Master Kuthumi. If you share this channeled transmission, please acknowledge the channel – Lynette and Kuthumi School of Wisdom and our web address. www.kuthumischool.com 
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