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Message from Babaji: Awake! Rise!

Message from Babaji: Awake! Rise!

The number of Light Warriors, whose heart remains the only compass and who remain unimpressed by the seductions of this time, is in the end sufficient for this earth to rise and shake off all negative and satanic influences. It depends on the courageous light warriors, on the animated revolutionaries, on the people armed with God – and not on the multitude of disoriented and misguided people.

The Great Revolution

"The great revolution is not limited to India, the whole world will be involved. I appeal to the whole world to take this warning seriously. Therefore, wherever you live, spread this message. Whatever your profession is, whatever your task in life, you participate in this revolution. This will be the greatest upheaval in world history. Therefore, be vigilant and teach others to be.

Awake! Rise! Everyone has to make a firm decision. Men and women all over the world must participate. In other epochs, it was only the men who fought in revolutions and wars. Today, it is also up to women to stand up for this revolution. All of you must connect and unite with people all over the world." (Babaji, March 22, 1983, Babaji speaks: Prophecies and Teachings, G. Reichel Verlag, p. 76 ff.)

JJK: When I opened this page before going to bed yesterday, I was immediately aware that we are living in these times – the greatest of all revolutions is underway NOW. What makes me think is that the majority of people don't get up and don't wake up! The unity of all people also seems to me to be further away than ever before!

BABAJI: The unity of people is closer than you think and than all of you who embody the light of the Creator and carry it into the world suspect. Continue to be willing to give everything, even if it is your life—and you will receive everything from the hands of the Creator.

The Covid-19 vaccine

JJK: I am concerned about the Covid-19 vaccination. More and more people are suffering permanent damage. Although most of it is being swept under the carpet, more and more reports are leaking to the public – and it doesn't look good at all. Does change have to happen for individuals under such pain? That only creates new traumas and new entanglements. Isn't it milder or different from pain?

BABAJI: It is always different, but the individual has to decide and choose for himself. Most of humanity needs individual and collective key events for awakening. This revolution includes everything and everyone – no one is left out, no matter how hard some try to continue their old and familiar lives. That time is up.

Awakening happens for each person in the intended way. Many people will wake up in the face of their death due to a fatal medical administration. They chose the drama and the traumatic events associated with it. These people do not give their lives voluntarily, but they do give it to derive necessary insights for themselves.

However, the people who place themselves entirely under the protection of God and who are willing to give their lives for this revolution of truth will win their lives, whether in this world or another. They will enter into the eternal light and infinity of God.

JJK: What is the most important contribution that each individual can make now?

BABAJI: To live his life, to live your life, to do what you came for. That is what these days are all about, because we are in the middle of the time announced to you.

Is there a rescue for corona vaccinated?

JJK: Is there a salvation for corona mRNA vaccinated? I notice that I can see more and more accurately who is vaccinated and who is not. It seems to me that the vaccinated are losing their compassion and cordiality.

BABAJI: With each dose of this toxin, the soul moves further away from man. The loss of human compassion and love is the result.

The salvation always consists in the realization that something is wrong here and in the will to get to the bottom of things.

JJK: But the further away a person is from his soul, the more difficult it is to recognize this?

BABAJI: So it is and so it happens that many people will follow the path of knowledge about the new incarnation.

The number of Light Warriors, whose heart remains the only compass and who remain unimpressed by the seductions of this time, is in the end sufficient for this earth to rise and shake off all negative and satanic influences.

It depends on the courageous light warriors, on the animated revolutionaries, on the people armed with God – and not on the multitude of disoriented and misguided people.

As soon as these self-confident people connect and unite, the old systems lose all their power.

Do not try to unite the whole of humanity, but unite with those people who want to guard and preserve their soul core like the Blessed Sacrament in their lives.

Remember: You are protected and protected. Put your life entirely under the guidance of God and joy will be omnipresent. And expect the most natural: miracles.


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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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