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Sananda - The Change in Food

Sananda - The Change in Food

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Once again it is with great joy that I come here to bring a little more of my teachings, my energy and all the love I have for this entire human race. Life on this planet today is changing, in every way, everywhere. All the realms that exist on this planet are adapting, changing, so that they can be reproduced when the planet ascends in physicality. It's not just human beings who are going through this process; animals too, vegetables, their food, their fruits, their vegetables. Everything that comes from natural, original Gaia is changing.

What is not natural, what has been modified by man, will be extinguished from the planet. Many changes will happen, many losses will happen. Nothing, nothing that does not resonate with the Fifth Dimension will remain alive on this planet. And when I say nothing, it's any realm. Genetically modified animals, animals that have undergone mutations (to become more productive) and that today only contaminate the environment and you will be released. Released in the sense of not going through any of this anymore, they will return to the planet in a perfect dimension, exactly as they were created by Father/Mother God, without any type of modification.

So rest assured, a lot will happen over time. Nothing will be instantaneous, nothing will be at once. But, you will see that a lot will happen in a chain and this is how we will be releasing many animals. Don't get carried away by that campaign that there will be hunger. This is inconceivable on a planet of this size. There will never be hunger, only food does not reach those who need it; it is centralized, it is elite and totally manipulated by its producers, so that it only brings them financial benefits. And when that doesn't happen, they just throw it all away, forgetting that there are hungry people. This will also be fixed.

So don't vibrate with hunger because it won't happen. Gaia is abundant in fruits, vegetables, vegetables, and you will be able to consume them in a balanced way, without any harm to your health, to everyone's health. Yes, many foods have also been modified. I can guarantee that many crops will go extinct, but the speed of light that arrives will cause totally pure crops to emerge from the soil of Gaia almost instantly. Because, they will have all the strength needed to feed everyone on the planet.

So don't get into this wave of lack, of scarcity. Of course, you will have a difficult time, because there is a lesson there. But I am not saying here that humanity will starve, that there will be a lack of food. No, only you will have to learn to respect the Earth, and know exactly what to plant, without just aiming for profit and financial growth. Those who today respect the land, treat it with affection, no longer pollute the soil, it will grow abundantly all over the planet. Thus helping everyone to have the right to plenty of food, but clean food, pure food.

Gaia's soil is contaminated. So it will be necessary for Gaia to stir, stir, a good part of her soil, her flesh, so that all these elements are modified and extinguished. No, I'm not talking about the Fifth Dimension. I'm still talking, in time for the walk there. Where you will have to get used to new habits, new customs, new foods, new options, new flavors. Nothing can be instantaneous, as it would be a total imbalance for your own bodies, if that were so. You just get to the Fifth Dimension and have a totally modified feed from there; no one could bear it and you would despair.

Then everything will happen gradually. But it is necessary for you to understand that a lot has to be done, that a lot has to be destroyed. It's no use wanting you to feed yourself with foods that have been genetically modified to make your bodies sick. Why change a food genetically? In order for him to bring more profits and as he was genetically modified, he was not prepared by Gaia's heart, for their bodies. So your bodies don't recognize it, thus bringing imbalance and disease.

So these foods will have to be extinguished from the surface of the planet. Indeed, if you can imagine, practically almost the entire planet will be extinct, because man has managed to tamper with almost all food. But we won't do this all at once either; we will give instructions to each producer who loses something, to start a new crop, to clean his soil, to place pure seeds in the soil of Gaia. Then everything will be gradual. The soil of this planet, in many places, is extremely fertile. And of course, the Earth elementals will be ready to produce enough food quickly. But pure food.

So don't worry that you will have shortages. Many might think this way. And once again we remember that this also reverberates. So begin to have an awareness that everything is going to change on this planet, not only are you changing, all realms are changing and will change. But it takes deep changes to be made for you to accept change. We've been talking about this constantly, but a large majority still think it's natural to eat another living thing.

We understand that you were taught and guided to this. But every living thing that you eat, you eat some death energy, pain energy, imbalance energy, implanted in that animal. Those who think this is all nonsense, and who are going to continue eating, will have made their choices, on this planet they will not remain. So this is also a very important point in the current journey. I am not saying here, nor am I saying, that everyone should stop, just stop, all of a sudden. Don't forget that your bodies have been used, even mistakenly, to these animals.

So everything, just as we will do on the planet gradually, everything has to be done gradually, so that your bodies get to know other flavors, other textures, other foods. And little by little, with the command of your brains, you will be able to get rid of these foods. Today, your own brain forces you to eat them, because for it it is important and necessary. So, you have to start a long walk; of changes, of thoughts, of beliefs, of habits, of truths that were placed and that in fact are not truths; they are just manipulations for you to consume the animals. Why is this good for whom? For those who create them and for those who produce them, who are not very concerned, humanity is becoming increasingly ill. But he is concerned with his growth, with his wealth.

Everything has to be gradual. Nothing instantaneous, nothing overnight, it's a walk; a walk, where along the way you let go of all these beliefs, all these habits, everything that harms you today. And for our part, we are already doing, we are already modifying a lot. What we can do to help you, we will do, if you just ask us. Ask for guidance, ask us to give you options; we will be delighted. We are not cooks, nor are we what you call “kitchen chefs”, but we know exactly how to manipulate food so that it is healthy and delicious. You have a wealth of spices, herbs, totally healthy, that can be used in foods and give them the pleasant taste that you expect, and this we can guide you. Because when we see a food, a spice, we see the energy attached to them; and if that energetic combination gets interesting.

We know when a combination is not very good, because the very energetic combination of those elements gives a strange result. So we can guide them yes. Don't think it's silly, don't think it's a waste of our time teaching you how to cook. Our role is to help them in all situations: in behavior, thoughts, energy and food, because it is part of this process. And I can tell you: it's an extremely important part, as it's what brings out all the imbalance that you have in your bodies today. And I will guarantee that as you are eating more correctly, with healthy foods, with pure foods, the diseases will practically disappear, because what feeds them will no longer be in their bodies.

So be ready for changes, be ready for new habits. Open your minds to see things in another way. Now, this is all choice too. Everyone is entitled to their choice. I just say again: Do everything gradually, don't leave it to the end, because those who simply do nothing and are able to go to the Fifth Dimension, I can say; and if you want to understand how to frighten, that's right; but I can tell you that the passage to the Fifth Dimension will be very painful and painful. What do you want? A light and easy passage, or an extremely difficult and painful one? Make your choices and we will always respect each one of them.

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