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There Are No Shortcuts - Part 2 - Cannabis and Enlightenment

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In Part 1 of  There Are No Shortcuts, I touched on the use of cannabis to achieve enlightenment.  This of course is not a new concept, since study of past civilizations has uncovered its long history of being a big part of spiritual practices.

I mentioned that the plant has the ability to move the user to an expanded state of consciousness, because its vibration matches that of the 4th dimension, or the astral realms.  And for someone who wants to feel more free, less restricted from the mind, it can offer a new awareness.

But it comes with problems.  One being that the astral realms are crowded right now with entities that are not enlightened.  Many of these beings are looking for those whose energy fields are open so they can feed off them, or at least try to.  And if the user of the cannabis isn’t awakened to their own higher consciousness, they can experience a kind of fogginess, and an interference with their natural state of clarity.

They may experience being blissed out, spacey and ungrounded and believe those are the same as being enlightened.  They may enjoy music and the physical world with heightened sensitivity, but it’s not a true connection to their inner being.

And as the effects wear off, they are right back where they started.  They are still experiencing their unresolved issues.  Which can lead to a dependency that tells them that they need the plant in order to feel good.

They become a prisoner of that external substance.

And at the risk of inviting not very evolved entities into their body and their mind.

Even those who say they are using the plant for entertainment purposes are at risk over time, to become dependent on a substance outside themself, and this will erode their trust in their own inner light.  The cost may outweigh the temporary benefit they receive.

Clarity is forfeited.

Those who are already in a heightened state of consciousness, who have done the inner work to discover their own expanded consciousness, may enjoy the plant, but not from a place of dependency.

But it’s unlikely they will find it giving them a true high, because their vibration has exceeded those of the plant.  It may even bring their vibration down.

If one wishes true enlightenment, they will recognize the difference between enjoying something from a place of already feeling fulfilled, and partaking in something in order to escape uncomfortable feelings.

So if one asks, does use of cannabis lead to enlightenment.  The answer is yes, but not directly.  The one using it may discover that the plant will take them just so far, with a price.  And hopefully they will do the only thing left to do.  The only thing that really works.  Go within.

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