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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for December 2022

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for December 2022

Message for December 2022

As the rollercoaster ride of life continues to dip, spin and twist, there have been moments when we may question if we are actually on a fairground ride or if reality truly is this chaotic.

Although we may hope for a gentler, easier, and lighter ride, we intuitively know that shift is a continuous and inevitable part of life; it’s a part of our evolution to change with each passing moment as we never stand still, and nothing ever stays the same. Of course, we can’t help but wonder if the rollercoaster ride will ease its momentum giving each of us some much-needed time for re-balancing.

It seems clear that the spinning and twisting of energies at the moment are intensifying so we need to find other ways to find balance and calmness amongst the kaleidoscope of chaos we see all around us, and often within our own hearts and souls. We each need to find respite from the storms, and tenderness from the somewhat bruising energies ricocheting around us. One way of achieving this may sound simplistic but we all so often spend our lives living conditionally, we set goals for ourselves and feel we cannot move on with life until we achieve them. At the same time, we place ourselves under immense pressure to do more, achieve more and be more, even when this can feel counter-intuitive and out of balance. When we become lost in conditional living, one small slip up can feel like a catastrophe or failure, and we can end up judging ourselves so harshly. Over time this erodes our self-belief, resolve and dreams as we fade into the conditional and lose sight of our strength and wisdom.

Of course, we should have aspirations and dreams, but there is a risk that when we live our lives conditionally, we end up not living our lives. The idea that we need to ‘fix’ ourselves in the first place allows for judgement to flood in as we perceive an imperfection. The idea that until we ‘fix’ ourselves we cannot be happy or joyful then feeds into an idea that we are somehow ‘less than’ as we are now. As a result, our focus shifts towards the horizon and all we see is the gap between where we are and where we feel we need to be. Why can’t we find joy in the now? Instead of setting goals and conditions on life, why don’t we find a way to live life wholeheartedly? Maybe we shouldn’t solely measure our self-love or happiness by what we achieve but by how we live? Surely, it’s only if we love ourselves unconditionally when we can begin to find inner balance and joy which comes from tenderness and self-compassion, not guilt and body-shaming?

Living life conditionally prevents us from living life wholeheartedly and whilst having goals keep us motivated and engaged, they cannot be the source of inner enrichment or joy as that can only come from within. When the world feels so chaotic, we each need to cultivate inner joy as a way to find balance and harmony. Our inner dialogue is important, after all, if we constantly berate ourselves for not trying harder or doing better, then all we do is feed the guilt monster which undermines our ability to breathe deeply into life. We all make mistakes, and we all take wrong turns, so to forgive ourselves is vital as none of us are perfect however much we would like to be.

When we accept that happiness doesn’t come from external fixes or purely from achieving goals, we set ourselves free and stop feeling ‘less than’. Instead, we open up to joy and happiness in the present moment and realise that the conditions we place on our lives cannot make us more complete or more vibrant than we already are. We each have a light that shines brightly within, and this is our true guide. It can be hard to love ourselves exactly as we are, particularly when we live in an air-brushed world of perfection but letting go of conditions sets us free.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the world and allow those judgements to feed on our self-belief and self-esteem, but we each have the power to breathe deeply and let it go. The world may feel polarised, disjointed, and disconnected, but this is all the more reason to go within to find joy. Sometimes we need to reach for the off button on the noise of life (phones, tv, chatter) and instead consciously step into the moment and notice life. Notice the birdsong, the sunset, the waves; be present and know that the more we step back from the hamster wheel and the more we let go of living conditionally, the more we can focus on what’s truly important in life…

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



Listening to your inner voice continues to take centre stage throughout December as you start to gain a stronger sense as to what makes you tick, what drives you, what motivates you and what makes you thrive. As a result of this process, you are also, by default, finding out what doesn’t motivate you and what doesn’t help you thrive. Sometimes, it’s actually the latter that’s more important as finding out what doesn’t work for you can focus you even more towards searching out balance in your life. Try not to see the things that don’t work as a waste of time, see them as an opportunity to sharpen your focus in the quest for leading a more creative, intuitive, and compassionate life. You have reached a threshold of change where one chapter closes in order to give way to the new. Whilst this isn’t a new process for you, there is a sense that this period of change feels more tangible, almost as though you can grab hold of it with both hands and ride the waves with courage and confidence.

As you continue to explore the world within your heart and soul, you have discovered just how much of your time you’ve spent trying to be everything to everyone, trying to keep on keeping on rather than discovering the best ways to flourish and thrive. Of course, your tenacity has seen you build strong foundations in life, but you seem restless now and ready to wholeheartedly embrace this chapter of change in order to re-shape and re-define your world from the inside, out. It’s therefore important to look beyond the busy-ness of your everyday life in order to re-connect to the bigger picture to help you step over the boundaries that have been holding you back from moving from where you are to where you intuitively know you need to be…


As you continue to break free from all of those ought’s, must’s and should’s that have shaped and defined your life for so long, there is a sense that you are letting go of a great deal of guilt as you realise that creating healthy boundaries and learning the art of saying ‘No!’ are both good signs that you are finally starting to prioritise your own needs more. This is definitely a work in progress and there are days when it’s just too hard not to become embroiled in supporting the lives of others, but you have also realised how important it is to step back and let your intuition lead the way. For a long time now, you have measured your success in life against the backdrop of how much you do for others and whilst this is a natural thing to do, it has a tendency to take over and become your driving force, leaving you feeling ‘less than’ when you do say ‘No!’ or choose to step back. It’s time to realise that your own needs and dreams matter, and to give yourself the time you need to explore your full potential.

You have been so busy keeping on keeping on that you have lost sight of the things that truly matter, and, over time, some of your most treasured hopes and dreams have become more distant and faded from view. December looks set to change all of this as you grow more confident to define new boundaries and to honour your own dreams. This doesn’t mean you will simply walk away from everything and everyone else, it simply shows a powerful shift within you and an acknowledgement that you are ready to connect more deeply to your truth in a quest to bring more joy and happiness into every corner of your life…


The quest for you to define your truth looks set to continue throughout December as you take a look deeper within in order to explore the depth of your essence and to re-connect to the things that light up your heart and soul. It’s quite hard to articulate the spirit of this quest as it’s way beyond ‘black and white’ thinking; it’s not only outside of the box, but in a new dimension of thought and understanding. Part of this process involves your willingness to explore the spaces in life, the moments between the in-breath and the out-breath where you are doing neither one nor the other. These spaces are so often ignored and over-looked, but the more you turn towards them, the more you realise their significance as they become a gateway that takes you beyond the cacophony of modern life and towards those times where you become captivated by a moment of beauty such as a majestic sunrise, a leaf dancing in the wind or a bird soaring high in the thermals.

It’s only when you step wholeheartedly into such moments that time slows down and distractions fall away, bringing you an opportunity to breathe more deeply into life. It seems that the more you notice such moments, the more you will see how to unite them into something bigger than singular moments of time. You seem ready now to let your truth lead the way as you give your heart and soul the space and freedom they need to dance with the currents of life and to rejoice in those majestic moments bringing you a stronger sense of creativity, passion, and purpose in life. You are a shining light and it’s time for you to breathe deeply to let this light shine brightly to lead you forwards with courage and confidence, and to illuminate pastures new…


You have been going through quite an extraordinary time over recent weeks and months. It’s quite hard to define precisely as it seems almost multi-dimensional in nature, but there is a sense that the person you used to be and the person you are now has changed immeasurably. Whilst this could be said for many individuals, there is something more significant with you as you have stepped into a space of deeper understanding of yourself, your path and life. As a result, you have started to piece together many of the previously incongruent and random experiences of your life into a more cohesive whole bringing you a much clearer sense of purpose and an infinitely stronger sense of self. You have always had a questioning nature, but this has often created a deep layer of restlessness within your heart and soul, however you now seem to be embracing this restlessness and accepting it is a part of the landscape of your life.

You are a creative and innovative individual, and you have often felt as though you are on the outside edge of life as you have believed your quirks and idiosyncrasies set you too far apart from others, but you have now realised that it is these quirks of individuality and uniqueness that actually enable you to look beyond the human condition and help you make sense of the very complicated nature of life. For a long time, it felt important to you to try to be the glue that held everyone and everything together, keeping your head down, keeping on keeping on. Yet, you’ve been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and you’ve now come to accept that all this does is give you back ache as it doesn’t lessen the load for others, and it doesn’t bring you the enrichment you seek in life. It’s time to set yourself free…


The concept of your life being about the destination, not the journey, looks set to continue throughout December as you seek out some new terrain that takes you ‘off road’ and off the beaten track. You have always been an adventurer in life, but you have so often found yourself snowed under with things to do, people to see and places to go. As a result, it has been hard for you to find the time and space to explore new terrain even though your heart and soul long for it. Of course, despite the barriers that have prevented you from going off road, you have still accumulated a great deal of knowledge, wisdom and understanding and this has enabled you to keep hold of the dream of exploring pastures new. In this context, ‘pastures new’ is not just about new places, it’s about new experiences as well.

You know that life is never straight and direct like a Roman road, it’s often full of twists, turns, crossroads and the odd dead-end, and even when the road does seem straight you can never be certain that the road ahead won’t be blocked with a fallen tree or an elephant sitting in the middle of the road. Although you have embraced the uncertainty of the journey in life, there is a need for you to let go a little more in order to stop giving yourself such a hard time when things don’t quite go to plan. Yes, you’re a perfectionist, but life isn’t perfect, and you need to accept that although things often don’t go to plan, this doesn’t mean it’s a failure as it’s often when things go awry that you learn even more about yourself and your true essence. So, embrace the twists and turns and see these as opportunities to flourish and thrive. Take a breath, pause, and reset…


Your life has been on fast forward lately as you have had so many things to do; your ‘to do’ list seems to grow exponentially and each time you tick something off, several new items appear. Of course, many of the items on your ‘to do’ list are there because you’ve put them there, they are not essential, just desirable. There are also many items that have been lurking at the bottom of this list for months, if not years, and you never seem to get around to working on them. It therefore seems important that you ask yourself if they still need to be on this list or could be it’s time to let them go? The longer your ‘to do’ list becomes doesn’t motivate you to suddenly rocket propel your energy in order to get more done, in fact the opposite seems true as a long list creates a kind of drag that acts as a disincentive. Maybe less is more?

Maybe it’s time to focus on the things that are truly important and to leave some space for the rest of the time? Space isn’t emptiness, it’s just a pause to facilitate re-focusing. Sometimes great insights come from the pauses and space in life, and this certainly holds true for you at the current time. Look beyond the busy-ness and things to do and instead allow yourself to ‘be’ in the moment and see where it takes you. The cultivation of happiness continues to hold the spotlight throughout December as you realise that it’s the spaces between the busy-ness where joy resides as happiness isn’t something to do, get or achieve, it’s a state of being that comes from a willingness to nurture joy in your life. Let go of the complexity, stop focusing so hard on your ‘to do’ list and allow yourself to step more consciously into each and every moment…


December looks set to be a month of insight and revelation for you as you look beyond the maelstrom of thoughts and ideas swirling around your consciousness towards finding a deeper sense of peace with the current chaos and uncertainty of your life. In some ways your life seems akin to a revolving door as you go round and round in circles, but there does seem to be a purpose to this circular movement, almost a need for you to keep spinning on the spot in order to realise that you are spinning on the spot. It’s hard to articulate, but you have been so busy with the business of life that you have somehow got lost in the business of life, losing sight of your phenomenal insight, intuition, and creativity. It’s time to wake up and reset the balance! Living your life on autopilot may get things done, but it’s a sign that you are just getting on with your life rather than truly living your life and it’s time to notice the difference now in order to facilitate some much-needed change.

After a storm, when the rain stops and the winds ease, there is a moment where everything seems still. It’s a moment that’s neither storm nor sunshine, just a moment which is neither one nor the other, just before the birds start singing and life begins again. In many ways you have become caught in that moment, not really embracing your beautiful maelstrom of vibrant energy, and not really avoiding it either. It’s as though you have spent so long trying to manage your busy mind that you have forgotten to channel these energies in order to live the life you were born to live. It’s time for you to step beyond this moment and let your kaleidoscopic energies flow freely as you let your spirit dance in the sunshine and see the true gift of being you…


Seeking out balance in all areas of your life looks set to continue throughout December as you find new ways to bring light and creativity into your heart and soul. For a long time now, you have been the person you’ve felt you needed to be, holding everything together and sacrificing your own needs for the sake of others. Although you have done this willingly, there is a sense that it’s become increasingly difficult to continually self-sacrifice as your heart and soul are yearning for more. You might be a stalwart and determined soul, thinking nothing of being the rock for others, but balance really does matter as without it you can feel lost at sea. Of course, there are times in your life when being lost at sea brings an opportunity for adventure and exploring pastures new, but there are also times when you feel as though your little wooden boat needs to go into harbour for a while so you can rest and replenish your reserves.

This is a complex issue as, in many ways, it’s your determination to give so much of yourself to others that leaves you lost at sea, so it’s time to ask yourself why you do this? What motivates you to sacrifice so much of yourself that you feel lost? Why do you seek out balance when you so willingly rock the boat in order to give so much to others? These may be difficult questions to answer, but it’s important you take the time to think about this as you seem to be rebelling against a situation that you have, on some level, instigated yourself. There is no blame or recrimination, just a desire to see you living your very best life. It’s time to untangle the knots within you and to take the helm of your little boat in order to find a new way of living and being…


You have spent a great deal of your life riding on the leading edge of the waves that crash majestically onto the shoreline of your soul. These waves are invigorating and energising, inspiring and motivating, but there is a sense that you have lost sight of their power to transform your life. You thrive on creative thought, and riding on the leading edges of the waves of life enables you to allow your ingenuity and creativity to flourish and thrive. You not only think outside of the box, but you live your life outside of the box as well; you embrace the path less travelled and find joy off the beaten track. There have been times when this way of living has left you feeling on the outside of life, as being different from the ‘norm’ can sometimes feel isolating and lonely, yet intuitively you know that to bend yourself out of shape in order to fit into the box of normality would squash your creativity and leave you feeling tethered and trapped.

So, although it can sometimes feel lonely, it can also feel liberating as you are a free spirit, and you see the world in a way that others simply cannot. Although there have been times when you have longed to be a part of the flock, this has rarely brought you a true sense of happiness. This longing seems driven by your perfectionist tendencies and your belief that you need to do more, be more and achieve more in life. Of course, having aspirations is a good thing but not when the pedestal you’ve set for yourself is so high you can’t even see it as this can set you up for failure when you don’t reach these dizzying heights, undermining your creativity and self-belief. Sometimes more joy comes from not chasing rainbows, but from being the rainbow instead. Believe in yourself, be yourself…


As you continue to open up to your inner wisdom, the theme of creating breathing space looks set to take centre stage throughout December. Breathing space is perhaps slightly too general a phrase as those two words cover so much! In essence, there is a need for you to find ways to better organise your time to allow you some much needed ‘down’ time. However, better organising your time includes managing your ‘to do’ list and de-cluttering your life from the inside, out. You always have so many things you want to see, do, or achieve as you love to expand your boundaries, but, at the same time, you also love to spend time in your own company pottering and dabbling with whatever takes your interest. It’s therefore incredibly hard for you to ‘de-clutter’ as you thrive on having seemingly random odds and ends (both literal and metaphorical) around you just in case you might find a use for this; your ingenuity has frequently found a use for things others may discard as useless. Yet, this isn’t just about up-cycling, it’s about your ability to re-shape and re-define your thoughts, beliefs, and dreams.

You have reached a stage of your life where the distance between where you were, where you are and where you want to be feels distinct, tangible and palpable. It’s as though you have stepped more consciously into the present moment enabling linear time to shift your perspective away from the gap between here and there, and towards a realisation that there is no gap. In other words, the gap you perceive to exist between where you are now and where you feel you need to be, isn’t actually there; it’s a result of your belief that you have to establish a true equilibrium in life before you can thrive. Well, it’s time now to let go of this belief and move beyond the concept of a gap in order to let your inner wisdom lead the way…


You spend a great deal of your life like a conductor of an orchestra of ideas, thoughts, and dreams. Standing at the centre of your very busy inner universe, you channel the music of your soul towards creative ventures and new pathways to discover. You love to expand your boundaries and explore new territory, and, as a result, you often have a myriad of different things to do, people to see, places to go and dreams to ponder at any one given moment in time. To most, this feels dizzying and chaotic, but to you it feels very natural and fluid. You flourish when you are juggling multiple batons up in the air at any one moment in time as you need variety and diversity in order to feel wholeheartedly connected to life. Those close to you may be used to the sounds of batons whooshing through the air, and you may be used to your mind whizzing along at a million miles an hour, but the time has come for you to ask yourself if living in the fast lane is truly what you want?

Being a conductor is a gift, but surely it’s not the volume you conduct, but the quality? In other words, less is more. Do you keep yourself busy because you love it or because it’s a good distraction? There is a risk that constantly channelling such a vast array of ‘data’ can take you away from connecting to the dreams that still reside deep within your heart and soul; with your focus so intent on keeping all of those batons flowing you may not notice those quieter aspects of your nature calling out for time and attention, but it’s time now for the balance to shift away from juggling and towards the softer side of your essence. Take the time to notice the whispers of your soul and let this be your guide…


There have been many times in your life when you have felt like a piece of driftwood being carried along by the currents of other people’s lives. There’s an almost romantic image of you gently drifting along, bobbing up and down, never quite knowing where the tides are going to take you. Whilst exploring new terrain is unquestionably good for your soul, it also seems important that this concept of being driftwood is a construct you have created rather a reality. You are not driftwood! You do not drift! You are a creator of the currents, and you have the capacity to transform that driftwood into a canoe or a sailboat if you so desire. It seems that your perspective of your reality has skewed over time leaving you feeling as though you are being carried along by the needs and wishes of others, but it’s important to remember that you are a creative, vibrant, and majestic soul, and you are only carried along if you choose to be.

There is no doubt your life has been full of ups and downs, but the idea that this is solely steered by others needs to shift. The more you believe yourself to be driftwood, the more you become driftwood; and, over time, you slowly lose your self-belief and sense of self. Although there have been challenges which have caused your dreams to fade, this doesn’t mean you need to let go of your strength and tenacity. The concept of loving acceptance takes a key role throughout December where you start to re-shape your beliefs and perspective as you are keen now to start living your life as wholeheartedly as possible. Let go of the pre-occupation with drifting, and instead open up to your intuition to guide you as you now have the opportunity to cultivate joy, acceptance, and happiness; it’s time to see just how amazing you truly are…

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