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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for February 2022

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for February 2022

Message for February 2022

It’s often only when we reach significant points of change in life when we reflect as to the life we’ve lived, the life we’re living and the life we’d still like to live. It’s so easy to get caught up in keeping on keeping on, trying to get from where we are to where we feel we need to be. As a result, we can lose sight of the truly important things in life until something happens that causes us to stop, pause and reflect. So many of us are experiencing such points of reflection now as chapters close and events leave us feeling changed on every level. It’s as though we’re awakening into a new world and our senses have enlivened and become sharper as we re-focus on the things that really matter. 

It’s time to ask ourselves as to what constitutes a fulfilling life? Is it a desire to live happily? It is the quest for perfection, for doing more, being more or achieving more? Is it the ability to tick off the ever-growing ‘to do’ lists of our lives? Does fulfilment come from eradicating the ‘bad stuff’? Does it come from opening up to the good? These are questions we often ponder, but rarely get an opportunity to consciously think about as life is so busy and full of distraction. Yet, surely quality is more important? Surely it’s how we live that truly matters rather than our ability to keep on keeping on? Yes, resilience matters, but doesn’t making the most of life matter more?  

Of course, there are some lucky souls who feel they already have everything they need or want, but most of us feel a sense of lack in at least some areas of our lives, a sense of wanting more meaning, purpose, fulfilment or joy. As a result, it’s important to ask ourselves what we truly want from life and how we want to live. Yes, life circumstances often dictate the shape and form of our existence, but it’s important to have a sense of purpose as this is what gives us direction. Our vibrant souls are free to dance in life and whilst life can often feel overwhelming, when we turn within we discover a whole wealth of wisdom and reserves. 

When we think of a fulfilling life, it’s easy to shift the focus towards a ‘perfect’ life as we think about the things we still want to achieve and discover. This can create a sense of lack as we feel like we are still a distance away from being able to live happily until we achieve those goals and dreams. Yet, life cannot be without struggle or without pain, as they are inherent parts of being human, so our quest for fulfilment is less about seeking out perfection as a means to happiness, but more about accepting that life isn’t entirely free of struggle. We also should try to be more tender and compassionate with ourselves, realising we are stronger and wiser than we often believe. At the end of the day, life is about living and making the most of every moment, it’s about making the most of the challenges, the potholes and hiccups along the way. As much as we may want to glide along in perfect serenity, life rarely affords us such an opportunity so rather than resist this, why not find strength and grace from it? 

Fulfilment isn’t perfection, it’s about opening up our hearts and souls towards living the best lives we can live. It’s about letting go of the many reasons we find ‘not to’ in life that hold us back from grabbing hold of the moment. If we live our lives in constant caution, we run the risk of never really living our lives as we wait for a better moment or a better opportunity to come along. Life is precious and it’s not about getting things right, it’s about opening up our hearts and souls in order to live as consciously as possible. Life is for living now, it’s not for placing on the horizon for sunnier days…

Of course, this isn’t to say that we should throw caution to the wind and abandon our common sense, but there is a need for us to start thinking about what fulfilment really means to us. We then need to go further than this to ask ourselves what brings us joy and what warms our hearts and souls. It’s time to realise that happiness isn’t the automatic outcome if we try to fix our perceived imperfections or try to eradicate sadness or pain, it’s a force that needs to be nourished and nurtured in its own right. 

Surely, fulfilment in its truest sense comes from opening up to being happy despite the imperfections and pain? It’s about living in the here and now with a willingness to face life exactly as it is? This doesn’t mean we can’t strive for change, but it’s important not to live a deferred life waiting for a better moment. None of us know what’s around the next corner, so why not make the most of now? 

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful. 

With love, 



As you continue to look deeply within to ‘be more you’ and to accept yourself more lovingly and tenderly, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a stronger awareness as to the things that nourish you and those that don’t. Of course, you’ve always been aware of this, but it often feels hard to do anything other than ‘put up with’ many of the things that deplete you as they are integral parts of your daily life. Yet, you are not a powerless pawn, you are able to change the shape and form of so many of the dynamics in your life, you just have to believe that you have the power to do so. This isn’t egotistical, it’s simply a reflection of your ability to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. Yes, some of the things (habits, people, goals etc) may not be easily eliminated from your life, but if you can change your relationship to them, then you shift the power away from feeling depleted to a deeper sense of balance. 

As you stand in between where you’ve been and where you’re heading, there is a sense of heightened anticipation rising up from deep within your heart and soul as you are finally feeling more comfortable to let your true essence flow freely: unhindered and untethered. Intuitively you know it’s only when you do this that your soul shines brightly, but it can be hard to accommodate this in your world of trying to be everything to everyone. It’s time to reclaim your passion and spark for life, to let go of the inessential and to re-shape your connection to everything that depletes you. This is your opportunity to create breathing space and balance in order to live your very best life…


Over the last few months, on many levels, your life has felt immeasurably ‘heavy’ as you have tried to spread your plentiful resources across a great many areas leaving you quite depleted and empty. Whilst you try so hard to keep the wheels on the big bus of your life turning, it seems important that you realise just how much of your energy goes towards keeping the wheels of other people’s buses going as well. Whilst you are a generous and giving soul, trying to be everything to everyone is unsustainable in the long term and whilst you know this it doesn’t stop you from trying! You work so hard to ensure the needs, wishes (and whims) of others are met, but you so often don’t prioritise yourself or acknowledge your own true worth. Of course, you are a strong, resolute and loyal soul, but even you have your limits, and it now seems time to take a pause in order to take a more wide-angled perspective at the way in which you live your life. Why do you continually give so much of yourself when you know it depletes you? Why don’t you prioritise your own needs more? It’s time to answer these questions now in order to be the instigator of change in your life. 

February looks set to be a month to step even closer from where you are to where you want to be. Inevitably your destination has shifted over time, so try to be clear as to your true priorities. This is why it’s so important for you to stop over-giving and depleting yourself as it’s time to acknowledge your worth and to accept that you matter. Your needs are no less worthwhile than those around you. You are a vibrant, passionate soul, so let your light shine…


As you continue to make some important choices as to your path ahead, it seems you are beginning to notice the winds of change gathering momentum as the inertia you have been experiencing recently is easing up and you are feeling a sense of freedom in terms of moving forwards once again. As you revel and wiggle in the space that’s being created, it seems wise to gather together your thoughts so you have some clarity as to how you want to make the most of this chapter of change as it’s good to have a sense as to where you’re heading and why. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy the moment and breathe deeply into the space, it’s more a sense of using this as an opportunity to re-focus. 

Being conscious in the present moment is a concept you’ve struggled with over time as you so often find your awareness drifting backwards and forwards in time as you try to make sense of why things are the way they are. In many ways this is an inevitability as you have a strong need to rationalise and find answers to the many questions you have in life, even those questions that don’t seem to have answers doesn’t stop you seeking answers! It can be unquestionably hard to accept the unknowable nature of life, but it’s the unknowable that makes life evolutionary in nature and inspires you to seek out new terrain and learn more about yourself as you can discover just how adaptable, versatile and visionary you really are. At the same time, if every question had an answer, there would be no room for growth or expansion! So, try not to get tied up in your mind, set yourself free and enjoy the winds of change…


You have been through quite a transformation over recent weeks and months as you have started to look at yourself, and your life, from a new perspective. You have spent so long working hard at keeping on keeping on, but you have become increasingly aware of the energy this takes from you and the resulting lack of sparkle in your life. Although you have a strong ethos to plough on and work hard, you feel lost in the chatter and busy-ness of life, disconnected from your creativity and intuition. Obviously your hard work has seen you moving forwards, but there is a distinct sense of lack with this as your heart and soul are not fully engaged in the process. In many ways you find yourself in something of a conundrum, torn between wanting to pause and reset the balance of your life, but not wanting to in fear that everything may start to unravel and undo your hard work. 

Of course, life carries no guarantees, but trust your intuition on this as your soul is calling out to you to turn inwards with tenderness and compassion. At the end of the day, only you can decide how to live your life, but maybe you need to look beneath your fears to see that it’s likely not a fear of things falling apart that stops you but a fear that the things you’ve been working so hard towards may not now seem as important? This isn’t a sign you’ve wasted your time or energy, far from it, it’s a sign that you’ve grown and evolved, and you’re simply not the person you used to be. You are strong and a visionary, so believe in your intuition and let it lead the way as your soul illuminates your path ahead…


February looks set to continue the theme of letting go and shedding as you have started to explore ways to prioritise your own needs more. You are finally listening to the sweet song within as it echoes down the corridors of your soul and you are giving it the space and freedom to grow louder and brighter. In essence, you are acknowledging your uniqueness and your gifts and allowing them to flow freely. This is a huge shift for you as you have spent so much of your life as a master juggler, trying to keep everybody happy and trying to do all of the things you’ve felt you ought to be doing. You have come to a powerful realisation point: it simply isn’t possible to keep everybody happy all of the time. You can bend yourself out of shape, sacrifice your own needs and give, give and give a bit more, but you cannot always make things ‘right’. Sometimes, the winds of fate set another path in motion to change the course of your life. 

Whilst you will always strive to be there for others, it’s also good for others to be there for themselves too; in other words, don’t feel like you are responsible for everyone all of the time. You might be the one that keeps the wheels turning, but each soul also a part to play in that. In many ways, it’s time to start setting aspects of your life free now as your inner song guides you towards living a more creative, spiritual and balanced life. So, here you find yourself, standing in-betwixt a moment between where you were and where you’re heading; you can feel your strength and courage rising up from your heart and soul, and it’s time to breathe deeply now in order to fly free…


You spend a great deal of your life reflecting, pondering and processing; looking back over the life you’ve lived, gazing forwards at your path ahead and exploring the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. As your phenomenal mind shifts through linear time, intuitively you also sense the bigger picture of where you are in space and time. This can be quite a hard concept for most to grasp, but for you it seems quite natural as you can see both the bigger picture and the finer details. Some say that you often can’t see the woods for the trees because your focus is so deep, yet this is a sign they don’t truly understand you as your perspective goes beyond the trees down to the molecules, but then backwards again to see the stars, galaxies and beyond; in essence, everything is so interconnected and interjoined. In many ways this is a life affirming way to live as it helps you to see the ebb and flow of the currents of life, however, it can also feel quite a lonely place at times as so few others truly ‘get’ you. As a result, you often shut this side of your nature down in order to fit in with others and this can leave you feeling discombobulated and disconnected from your true sense of self.  

Denying your true nature doesn’t make it go away, nor does it make for a contented life as shutting the door on a piece of what makes you, you surely can’t feed your soul? Yes, you are different and unique, and your wisdom and knowledge of life reaches deeply into unchartered terrain, but it’s time to embrace this more wholeheartedly now as it’s your destiny to be true to yourself…


February looks set to be a month for you to explore and rediscover the corners and edges of your life as you start to look at the things that truly matter to you. For a long time now you have given a great deal of yourself to others, often at great expense to your own needs and wellbeing, and whilst this has been a natural process born out of love and compassion, it seems time now for you to take a big deep breath, and to not only inhale fully, but to exhale fully as well. You have spent too long on fast forward and not enough time ‘being’, as a result, you are out of kilter and your body, mind and soul need to time to replenish and recharge. 

You have always been a visionary and creative thinker, seeing the world with great wisdom and intuition, and you are approaching a new chapter where you are able to absorb and condense all of your past experiences and distil them into an ability to grow and evolve in a new direction. This is likely to feel quite alien and strange, after all, you have been on autopilot for years, but despite your complexity, there is a sense that you long for more simplicity and breathing space to allow you to do the things that truly matter to you. Your mind might always swirl at a million miles an hour, but this doesn’t mean you have to live your life in the same way, in fact, a slower pace suits you as it enables you to connect more consciously to your life, helping you to make choices as to how to find a greater sense of balance moving forwards. Being the instigator of change in your own life takes courage and resilience, but you’re ready now…


As you continue to ride the ebb and flow of life, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel the urge to dive a bit deeper in order to understand what’s creating the ebb and flow. It’s as though you’ve been keeping on keeping on for so long it’s become automatic, but you are now keen to look beyond this in order to seek out more depth and meaning to your life once again. February therefore looks set to be an opportunity for some inner archaeology and investigation as you begin to explore some of the threads that weave together to form the tapestry of your life. At the same time, you can explore the knots and tangles that have accumulated over the past few years; everyone collects tangles, but you often struggle with these as you sometimes feel they become your defining feature rather than just a facet of your being. It’s so easy to see one’s imperfections, but often so much harder to see one’s gifts. You are not just the sum of the tangles and knots, whilst these are all important parts of you, you are so much more as well. 

It’s time to look beyond the tangles and acknowledge they are a sign of being human; they don’t have to tether you, they have the power to bring you the wisdom and knowledge to set you free. In other words, how you perceive yourself matters as it shapes and defines your existence and your beliefs. You are a compassionate, vibrant and creative soul with potential oozing from every pore, but your focus on the tangles stifles this. It’s time to hold those tangles with love as they feed into your creativity enabling you to live consciously in each and every moment…


What do you want? What do you truly, wholeheartedly want? What brings you joy? What lights up your soul? These are the kinds of questions that look set to take your focus over the weeks ahead as you step a little from the humdrum of your everyday life and start to think about where you are and where you want to be. February looks set to be a time to dust down your dreams and to explore them thoroughly to ensure they are still dreams and not things you’ve outgrown, after all you have evolved and grown beyond recognition, so it makes sense that long-held dreams might not still light up your soul in the ways they once did. In many ways, this is an opportunity for you to have a re-think and re-assessment of how you want to live your life. It’s a time to explore the concepts of wholeness and joy and finding ways to open up to more of these. 

At the same time though, it’s also important to gain a deeper understanding as to what wholeness and joy mean to you, as until you get a stronger sense as to the state of being you want to achieve, it will be hard to see the bigger picture and work out your next steps. In many ways, what you do and how you do it matter far less than how you feel. Finding joy and wholeness are signs you have reached a state of inner peace and contentment, a stage of your life where you are more open to your gifts and more allowing for the ebb and flow of life to gently lap the shoreline of your soul. In other words, you have stepped beyond the chatter of life and reconnected to your soul to guide you… 


As you continue to channel energy and focus towards the light within your heart and soul, there is a sense that it’s shifting from a glowing ember and there are now some flickers of light. You have worked so hard to honour your deeper needs and to find new ways of living that encompass your gifts, and whilst you are still not quite sure what’s ahead, in many ways, that doesn’t matter as it’s your willingness to honour yourself that matters most. You are the sum of all you’ve ever been, all you are and all you will be, and yet you’re so much more as well as your consciousness has grown and expanded in all directions inspiring you to embrace your life more wholeheartedly. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason seems to stem from your willingness to finally acknowledge that your needs matter which has taken courage and strength, but also a determination to stand firm and true. 

As you step back to look at the bigger picture of your life, you can see the meandering pathways of your life converging and diverging, moving and changing, and where this once left you feeling a little powerless, you now feel a growing sense of peace with the inevitability of change. As a result, you are able to create some much-needed breathing space in order to take stock and reflect. Just remember that pathways and choices in life come and go, they all meander as that’s a part of being human, and whilst the meandering can be frustrating, it’s also the source of the unexpected in your life and this brings wisdom, experience and resilience. So, let your inner light shine brightly, love yourself for all that you are and find peace in being you…


Clarity rising up from your heart and soul continues to take centre stage throughout February as you are entering a period of empowerment and inspiration where you feel even more able to step even closer towards where you want to be. The more you have turned within, the more you have realised how much unspent potential you still have to explore and, as a result, your destination is shifting and the things that once seemed so important are starting to fall away to reveal your true priorities in life. This process might surprise you as you have many long-held goals and dreams, but you seem to have outgrown and out-evolved a great many of them now as you are not the person you used to be. So, the path you always believed to be ahead of you is changing and shifting, but with your intuition leading the way, this isn’t something to fear. This is a natural process, and a necessary one to allow your gifts and talents to flow free. It’s a bit like a game of ‘hotter, colder’; you know you’re on the right path when the warmth rises up within, when you feel cool or neutral, you may need to shift direction. 

It’s time to gaze more deeply within in order to see what’s actually there rather than what you perceive to be there.; it’s time to acknowledge and harness your power and your creativity. Obviously, your life is very familiar to you so it’s easy to think you already know what’s within you, however, now is the time to really connect to your truth and to your essence. In other words, this is a time to let go of perceptions and beliefs in order to ‘go with your flow’ and be open and wholehearted to life…


You are waking up to a new chapter in your life, one that feels tinged with sadness at the chapter that has just ended, but one that also feels like a new adventure, an opportunity for new beginnings. Although life is filled with endings and beginnings, some are more significant than others, and some open up new doorways and pathways, whereas others open up new dimensions. Of course, this new chapter is something that has been a long-time in the making, but it’s an opportunity for you to re-align and re-centre as you think about how you can live more wholeheartedly and consciously. This is a significant turning point in your life, a moment that unifies your past with your present, and brings your path ahead into clear view. This isn’t a sudden process, but it’s one you will notice over the weeks and months ahead as you start to notice the changes both within you and around you. 

All of the chapters you have lived so far have come together in the culmination of everything you have ever done, been or said. Every experience, thought or word matters, even the many you can’t even recollect. It seems time now for you to think about embracing your life with more creativity and spirituality, as well as opening up the gateway to your long-held goals and dreams; embrace them or find new ones. The more you acknowledge your true essence, the more you will unleash your phenomenal energy and power, and it’s important to realise just how beautiful this is. You have long held yourself back, trying to be everything to everyone, but now it’s time to be everything to yourself. Connect to your soul, feel your essence, acknowledge your power and let it flow free as you’re ready now to dance once again…

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