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To Implant Ideas of a Beneficial Nature

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This is to clarify my personal Application of the concept of "The Hundredth Monkey Effect", which is that of "The Hundredth Division" - The concept behind the thinking states that when the critical number (the so-called 100th Monkey) of individual beings is met, that this is when the Psychic-Momentum begins to take noticeable effect in its outward trajectory and influence, being accepted by more and more Neighboring-Selves of a similar nature nearest to the idea with less and less resistance.

The beneficial (IDEA) behind the Hundredth Money Effect, is of primary importance in this article. Not the monkeys themselves, nor the number. If all thoughts and ideas could be perceived by a collective, one would think that the most beneficial ones would be embraced first with the least resistance. The ones clearly seen to be volatile, parasitic, cancerous, or destructive, would be isolated and renounced. In a Division-less World the thoughts would echo, rippling out in all directions equally throughout the world, the greatest of them accumulating into waves of great change and transmutation. Conflicting ripples would be met with perspective and council due to transparency and the interconnectedness of the whole. But we do not live in this world, not yet, as one might perceive the walls and disconnectedness surrounding the many group-minds tend to nullify much of this transference.

I like to think of the Human Collective in its entirety as a living and functioning organism, and at other times, as one of earths unique energetic systems, like the nervous system to the Human Body or something of that nature. This entire Human Collective is, quite literally, as great as it's own collective can sustain itself/themselves. Each human a cell to their own Collective-Body as each diverse collective such as bloodlines, businesses, and similar minded individuals are to each of their governmental forces. All Humans initiating life resemble that of a stem-cell, given all the components to grow/develop its Cellular-Bodily structures and choose its own path, becoming whatever cell it wishes to become in support of the Whole/Wholes, The backbone, The Muscle, The Mind, The Structure. The edge of the skin is the limit.

I will commonly make references to The Human-Collective/s as Anatomical/pathological Bodies because I feel like that is what can be most easily metaphorically-referenced to in a lot of these matters I address. For example, many of the Divisions that I have explained, whether they be religious, corporate, governmental, or a mix of the list can be Metaphorically categorized as Cancerous, Poisonous, Parasitic, or represent that of a Auto-Immune disease, where the Body is unable to identify the problem which it suffers from, therefore attacking its own self in the process to Heal.

Many countries have their own form of government unique to them. We have America, The 50 States. Truly a unique representation of the Hekatoncheirez from the old Greek myths which I very much enjoy. A singular body, 1 path(two legs), Fifty Giant-Heads and two polarizing forces/arms for each, resulting in a hundred handed-fifty headed colossal being, great enough in size and strength to easily rival many other Collectives/'Gods'.

Each head, individually functioning entities(more or less), and each a governing force to the extent of their agreements; The outer Governmental-shell and the self-acclaimed leader-force of the designated territory would be much like that of a Hekatoncheirez, perhaps also a representation of the human-collective smaller in size, each head a governing influence over segments of land.

How does one center such a massive creation? Harmonize each states polarized arms so that they can be used more efficiently and with less hostile intent against the opposing polarity, its other limb.

As we should all know, a head whose arms seek to chop off the other is a head too preoccupied to be of any benefit to the whole. What is important to recognize, is the Lense through which each Arm looks through. Too many times 'Perspective-Itself' is believed to come from one arm or the other, yet too far from the center to truly represent anything but half. Too few perspectives actually come from the center, and whether the Lense from the center comes from the Heart or the Mind is also of relevant importance, as one should attempt to incorporate both a Morally Right Lense, and Intellectually Left Lense to their state of mind. A Center with all Lenses shown, discussed, and debated is one most well informed and capable of making the most educated decisions.

To unify these individual collectives requires a structure specifically designed to do so. The current Democratic-Republic Voting Method picks and chooses the Public Representatives and has done a fair job up to now, Its methods effective and the idea solid in concept. The smaller branches of the fewer supported continue to get trimmed back in a reasonable manner, until one emerges the victor. The one with most Support becomes the winner, and there are reasons it works the way it does.

What I believe we need is a system NOT to replace, but to work alongside and co-exist with the current structure in place. I see it to be the 'The Other Side', the True Left and Right Brain of a functioning Organism. The system I see is one that has donned the archetype of a Gardener or caretaker, and one that facilitates a cultivating environment designed to build up the many local growing populaces from the bottom up, and developing leaders of all kinds from the public pools of the many different states rather then to cut and narrow them down.

I have always envisioned this 'new' co-existing system to facilitate a collective-network-like environment with which the many smaller leaders of the neighboring communities can collectively come together, gather Local-Support and express their supporters views. Building up locally until the critical-mass is reached and they are allowed to speak on a more public level about their issues and topics.

Local Communities Ought to be capable of pitching in, in a collective-effort to grow their own leaders, people much closer to home/and them that they can communicate with and get to know. Such an environment can help sustain a populace capable of generating fresh new ideas of their own, and can feel they are contributing to a better society.

The Game of Power does not always work for the betterment of those holding Moral High Ground, which is why it is always an essential honor for every individual in any democratic nation to hold virtue in high regard when making use of their birthright vote. Even to have the 'Audacity' to try and work towards creating an environment of many-leaders, making it harder/easier? for themselves to become a leader in the process. However I believe that it is better to be a Leader of Leaders, if one is to rise to the top in any given system, as this will facilitate an environment where people build each other up, rather then tear each other apart.

Because its in a disconnected, Fear-Mongering, hate-spewing, Dog-Eat-Dog world where the Corrupt thrive and find themselves on top, but in a Publically-Connected, Service-Oriented, and locally-Collaborating Network of Neighboring Individuals world is where those who build up those nearest to them shine.

The Problems

Categorized Collectives/divisions, such as the Spiritual/Religious, Economical-Corporate, Communal-Governmental, Personal-Individual are what the majority of the known Group-Minds can be best attributed to. And it is from every Group-Mind that thoughts pour forth from every Individual-Mind in attendance, generally needing to conform to the mindsets of their collective-presences risking alienation/distance otherwise. It is in this way the collective mind directs and project their accumulated man-power/energy, in directions towards their intended goal, and away from opposing, or conflicting belief/thought processes.

Many times throughout history the great-thinkers of their time found themselves encapsulated within the mind of one of these thought-restricting Religious + Corporate + Governing collectives when their insights should have been divulged, expressed, and shared freely. The very institutions in charge of governing the development of their collectives were the very ones hindering their own collective-progress many times over by stifling conflicting thought(An important collectives's tool for Intellect, reason, discussion, and problem-aversion). Due to the lack of (Something) many great passions found themselves snuffed out, Abundant treasures buried deeper, founts of life dried up, Stores of knowledge Burnt to ash all because the many, and many before either lacked the power, wisdom, or intellect to deal with progress in an effective enough manner or with enough support.

This has been the consistent theme across the ages; minds born into restrictive and closed-minded societies willing to risk alienation, oppression, and judgement to attempt to explain what they see in the universe around them, commonly things that intrigued them or they considered to be Truth such as anatomy, mathematics, Astronomy/Astrology, Alchemy and other sciences, etc. The hierarchical systems that the many Divided collectives built for themselves appear to be an interlinked net, or restrictive barrier designed to overpower the voices of the small, Muffle out undesired information, and tell the tale as it is wished to be heard by the winners.

How can a thought break through the barrier of the restricting institutions, if a thousand/million/billion others from different parts of the world could use and benefit from it? This complex form of netting can be very effective under certain circumstances but is always increasingly vulnerable to greater and greater forms of connection and communication.

Before, when Knowledge and information was sparse and less collaborated, it was much easier kept out of the hands of those seeking it due to the collective-netting. Now that information and knowledge is so accessible the tactics of these people had to change. A new problem that has arisen in the Age of Information/Misinformation is the Altering/redirecting/fabricating tactics where the powerful currents of useless/misleading/polarizing information directs the masses away from the beneficial or factual information and knowledge. The would-be connection, is made into a mess of assorted piles of stuff, easily overwhelming to the many who have difficulty finding Information.

Can one say that they would have any more successful progress in modern times in comparison to the past? After all the Internet has brought connection on a much higher level then ever thought imaginable, there are many forms of media outlets, each only giving their variations of biased projections that are suited to their needs, and with little to no considerations to any other perspective. Fixed projected perspective can be dangerous if it denies those who conform to it the freedom to perceive through other perspectives as well, even more-so if those who see different are considered ones opponent because it conflicts with their accumulated information, or positional alignment.

I don't believe that it is any more easy, as it is difficult in modern times to spread information mainly because the Institutions(or similar institutions) that were a part of the Collective-Divisions Netting still exist and persist today. They have simply adapted and evolved/changed their tactics to suit the Age we find ourselves coming into. The Information surplus of this age is a new game that has everybody scattered looking for answers, claiming to have answers, or simply getting in the way of those who have/claim to have answers.


When reaching the 'Hundredth Human' Critical-Mass-Point in ones current collective, Only then has the Idea surpassed the stagnancy level in the current collective enough to where the idea can literally ripple itself throughout and be accepted by others in a much easier manner. One wishing to spread the idea further must then travel to the next Collective, over and over till the critical mass of the 'Hundredth Collective' is reached(Obviously Very Time Consuming).

It is believed, based off of the 'Hundredth Division Concept' that an idea that has endured such trial and skepticism over the course of its time throughout the many collectives to have surpassed 'The Hundredth Division' Milestone. To have developed and evolved to such an extent as to find itself capable of remaining resilient to the onslaughts of Judgement the skeptics that each new Division brings forth, so much so that its momentum is assuredly capable of then traversing the rest of the way throughout the other collectives in a much more rapid and systematic manner, the ripple able to carry its own weight and the gardener can begin to plant other things.

One must continue bridging the gap between those who have value and those whom can potentially 'See' the value, and can embrace new beneficial ideas so that the Critical Mass-Point can take effect. In times of crisis, it is last second thinking that generates a critically important action, idea, method, etc. When these bursts of intellectual/intuitive genius happen, there must be more effective ways which one can provide enough connection and communication between local communities to the point where these ideas have a greater chance of spreading more rapidly and becoming a reality, changing things for the better.

In times where war, dis-chord, or violence is present, a possible outcome, or a rapidly approaching eventuality, communication and connection become an increasingly important preemptive measure to ensure that any last-minute idea or solution can be spread most effectively throughout the collectives, while preventing potentially misleading, biased, and disruptive trains of thought from ever accessing and infecting the Thought-waves of the many. Whenever the polarized left and right push their side against the side of their personal opposing force to the extent of inciting chaos this does not help The-Whole in the slightest, and its about time we recognize this. It is important to remember that neither they, nor we have prepared the masses for the extent of chaos that they keep pushing everybody towards. However, those who incite the chaos consistently develop their protective/preemptive measures making sure they are prepared for the potential eventualities they constantly fabricate, so they will experience the least amount of drawback/backlash from the actions they make you think you wish to take.

It is time the Public itself connects on a much higher level, profiting a fascial overlaying of structure so that thought, nutrition, unification, and well-being can best distribute itself throughout the collective whole of our many divisions. It hasn't always been our unity that defined us, neither has it been our division, but strangely enough, I believe it to be a mixture of the two that has truly made us a great nation, and provided us a lense into every train of thought, giving the American-Soul the potential elasticity to fling ourselves in any given direction. The capacity for all sides to exist in one way or another within our collective, yet chemically react in the various ways that they do provides us something I don't think many other countries have. Not only perspective, but Perspective of Perspective, and how the many different Perspectives react when in close proximity of each other.

The public ought to be preparing themselves against potentially disruptive and/or destructive outcomes, which in turn would fortify the many against times of crisis. If there comes a time where there happens to be food-shortages, economic-collapse, certain public needs that effect the many, medical emergencies, or simply false-information being spread. The public ought to know how, or know people that know how, to properly respond and treat public-ailments as they come in the most effective and orderly manner.

By Robert OPenshaw

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