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The March 2021 Full Moon at 9 Aries-Libra Pt. 3

The March 2021 Full Moon at 9 Aries-Libra Pt. 2

- Aspects, Configurations, and More -

The next two weeks will provide a Lunar nozzle to express the compressed planetary energies of all the other planets which are still within a 137+ degree span. This chart has a lot of very favorable harmonizing aspects, including a Grand Air Trine with lots of Fire to feed the inspiration!

Remember this Full Moon fulfills the Pisces New Moon energy. That means the experience of interrelatedness and clarity we’ve received since then can now be focused through a concentration and renewal of our spiritual inspiration. This one can help us to a new experience in our social and emotional life, and begin to solidify our understanding of where we are on “the spiritual ladder,” and the process of leaving some part of our past behind.

The next two weeks should be extraordinarily productive, preparing us “to pick up and deliver spiritual power” several times between mid-April and early December, due to that theme being Jupiter’s big lesson for the year. You can find out more about this in yesterday’s article Jupiter Is Entering Its Shadow Zone at 23 Aquarius. Remember too that a larger on-going theme is related to the December Sagittarius Solar Eclipse which continues to remove all which might block our happiness. The transits in Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius all bring positive developments related to that Eclipse, so enjoy the ride!

Evolutionary Configurations

This month we have FIVE evolutionary configurations in play, of which are very positive. First, we have a Grand Air Peace Sign Trine involving the Moon, Saturn, and Mars, with the Sun and Venus (both exactly conjunct Chiron!) anchoring the Peace Sign by making harmonious aspects to both Mars and Saturn. This in turn creates the second set of configurations created by the Moon opposed the Sun and Venus making two separate opposition-sextile-trine geometric power expressions, one with Mars throwing the void into 8-16 Sagittarius, and one with Saturn throwing the void into 8-13 Leo. That means any planets or points we have between about 6 and 18 degrees of the Fire and Air signs will move in favorable directions these next two weeks!

Our third evolutionary configuration also involves the Moon opposed Sun and Venus, with Pluto cutting the Full Moon opposition into a quintile and tredecile, throwing a uniquely interactive specialization void zone into 25-29 Cancer. As the quintile and tredecile represent specialization, the first personal and the second interactive, we can expect unique events or serendipitous blessings wherever we have 1-5 Pisces/Virgo, 7-11 Aries/Libra, 13-17 Taurus/Scorpio, 19-23 Gemini/Sagittarius, and 25-29 Capricorn/Cancer.

The fourth evolutionary configuration involves the Full Moon opposition yet again, this time with Jupiter cutting a semi-square and sesquisquares to the opposition! This is a “cutting, grinding, and polishing” type of energy, and given it’s Jupiter throwing the void into 21-25 Leo, let your heart release its attractive power into your world! While there may be some inner questions about our training to pick up and deliver a higher power as mentioned before, just concentrate, stay balanced and impersonally detached, and regard it as an annoying friction helping us to stay sharp as we train.

The fifth evolutionary configuration involves the Grand Irrationality in play due to the close forming biseptile between Uranus and Pluto activated by Mercury’s septile to both and conjunction to Neptune. This septile-series driven configuration shows us the global and local conditions of “irrational choice and change” these next 2 weeks. Be open to your reward as you stand on a scenic overlook on your spiritual mountain trail. Your focus can heal you through re-identifying with your Spiritual Source. Remember that’s why you began this journey a long time ago. This helps you see that you have become the wisdom you sought.

Even though I gave you the link to the main article in part one of this series, in case you don’t know about the Grand Irrationality, there have been two iterations of it. The first Grand Irrationality (1993-2017) was anchored by Neptune septile Pluto, and the second Grand Irrationality (2018-2021) has been anchored by Uranus biseptile Pluto, with Neptune occasionally configuring with Uranus in a septile, joining the two evolutionary patterns.

Both of these represent non-rational, “fork in the road of destiny” configurations blending the transpersonal revolutionizing of Uranus with the transpersonal “fog of mass consciousness” of Neptune with the purifying “death and rebirth” energy of Pluto. These will next be triggered when planets conjunct Neptune and septile both Uranus and Pluto.

Major Aspects

Besides the various aspects I gave you related to the evolutionary configurations, forming (or partile separating) inner planet aspects include Moon quadranovile Mercury and quincunx Uranus; Mercury is novile Saturn; Venus is bielftile Mars, semi-sextile Uranus, vigintile Neptune and conjunct Chiron; and the Sun is bielftile Mars, semi-sextile Uranus, vigintile Neptune and conjunct Chiron.

Outer planet forming and partile separating aspects include Mars decile Uranus and square Neptune; Jupiter is quintile Uranus and semi-sextile Neptune; and Saturn is novile Neptune.

We have a broad representation of spiritual and a LOT of specializing aspects in this Full Moon chart. In the series related to destiny and “fate,” we find 2 septiles and 1 biseptile. In the 9th harmonic series related to spiritual realizations, we have 2 noviles and 1 quadranoviles. In the 11th harmonic series related to spiritual realizations, we have 2 bielftiles. However, in the specializing aspect series, we have 2 vigintiles, 1 decile, 3 quintiles, and 1 tredecile.

For those new to the craft, quintiles and biquintiles are 5th harmonic aspects, septiles and triseptiles are 7th harmonic aspects, noviles are 9th harmonic aspects, deciles (semi-quintiles) and tredeciles are 10th harmonic aspects, the elftile series are 11th harmonic aspects, the quindecile is a 15th harmonic aspect, and the vigintile is a 20th harmonic aspect. Each of these has a unique function in the phase relationship of the two planets in aspect.

The 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th harmonic aspects are specializing and bring forth partially or fully developed quintessential elements of the planets involved. The 7th harmonic aspects help us make choices to fulfill our destiny, and the novile series aspects (9th harmonic) represent entry or exit points of periods of gestation which can bring forth possible spiritual developments. The 11th harmonic aspects involve situations where there is a need to transcend and master some form of duality by making a leap of faith.

The various aspects in all these different harmonic series indicate points where the theme of the Whole Cycle becomes clear, whether through major developments or minor refinements in the process. Each aspect shows a phase relationship, specific to the special and unique circumstances of that particular Whole Cycle. It's how we can know when to work, when to play, when to create, when to imagine, when to have faith, and when to mobilize!

If you want to know more about these aspects, when you’re done here please go to The Specializing Aspects Pt. 1 – Quintile, Tredecile, Decile, and Biquintile, The Specializing Aspects Pt. 2 – The Quindecile and Vigintile, and The Spiritual Aspect Series – The Novile, Septile, and Elftile Harmonic Aspects where you’ll find more about the meaning of these aspects and the glyphs associated with them. Also, remember that all of these set up harmonic resonance void points all over our charts.

The Eclipse Factor

Besides the Solar Eclipse at 24 Sagittarius, we’re still “under the beams” of the June 2020 Solar Eclipse at 1 Cancer. I’ll write more about the coming May 26 Lunar Eclipse at 6 Gemini/Sag in next month’s Full Moon article, and of course will give you numerous articles before that as well as before the Solar Eclipse at 20 Gemini on June 10.

As most of you know, I take the view that all Eclipses are “cosmic recyclers” removing what we no longer need in the houses where they occurred. The June 2020 Solstice Solar Eclipse marked a change of allegiance for everyone, with hard adjustments and sacrifices for all. We will be reuniting with fellow Fire Spirits the next few years as we move into a new personal and social order.

Taken with previous Solar Eclipses from Christmas 2019 and before, whatever ended in 2020 unblocked our ability to accept a “mantle of power” so that our Light can take shape as a new form of Truth, freedom, compassion, and obedience to Dharma. Besides the June 2020 Solstice Solar Eclipse at 1 Cancer, and the Christmas 2019 Solar Eclipse at 5 Capricorn before that, we’re also still experiencing past Solar Eclipse “cosmic recycling” wherever we have 16 Capricorn, 21 Cancer and 19 Leo, due to Eclipses on these degrees. The endings of 2018 and 2019 helped us get organized, explore what success really means to us, and find techniques to let go of prior fixed social roles.

All these Solar Eclipses, along with others, have allowed us to “shed skins” wherever we have 9, 19, and 30 Pisces, 28 Aquarius, 29 Leo, 10 Virgo, and 21 Virgo, as well as the degrees of the recent Eclipses at 1 Cancer and 24 Sagittarius. As you can see, that involves a large part of our charts! You can find out which Solar Eclipses are still showing effects by referring to the first article in the mid-December Solar Eclipse series, which lists which Eclipses are done and which are still in play. I’ll give them to you again in June before that Gemini Solar Eclipse.

A good meditation would be to take a look back at how something related to those points in your chart ended after those Eclipses, and examine how new events, new people, and new life experiences came in those chart areas. All our losses of the past few years associated with these signs have left voids which have attracted, are attracting, or will attract life contents more appropriate to who we are now. Alternately, you may be feeling a void because someone else really isn’t there. Now it’s time to turn to what will nourish you.

Element Balance

This Full Moon has a much more balanced element distribution than any in recent memory, and flips the script on which elements are front and center! Of the traditional 10 planets, there is 2 planets in Fire signs, 2 in Water, 2 in Earth, and 4 in Air. This makes Air (Relatedness and Communications) preponderant and Earth (Practicality and Grounding), Water (Feelings and Experiencing Life on Deep Levels) and Fire (Inspiration and Light) all balanced with each other.

Air and Earth are “cool” elements, while Fire and Water are “hot” elements. With this distribution, things are slightly cool. Air and Earth can be likened to a mountaintop, every arid but grounded with a wide view. Remember too that the Fire of the Sun and Venus helps configure with the Grand Air Trine to light up the skies!

The current sequence at present of Deciding, Feeling, and Thinking

We’ve been through several different sequences over the past few months. There are six patterns, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. This Lunation brings us a new pattern. As a process of moving through events, the most effective “firing sequence” for approaching life and experience over the next 4 weeks involves leading with our thinking, then deciding, and then feeling.

This pattern leads with their understanding, vision, or analytical perceptions, and then makes decisions and acts based in those perceptions. While it is tempting to move back into more thinking, analyzing, and envisioning after we act, instead of going back to the mind to confirm our action, we must get to our feeling-experience around what we just decided or did. When we go deep enough and understand what we are experiencing, then new information, new understanding, and/or a new vision will naturally arise that points the way to the next action.

When you are moved by an idea, vision, perception, or understanding, it will naturally lead to decisions on the basis of those ideas. This should be followed by a time of solitude and reflection where we can identify what we’re feeling and experiencing. Once we identify what we’re experiencing, we’ll naturally be moved to search for newer information, newer ideas, newer interpretations, and newer views. So let your thinking and communicating and envisioning lead you to “right action,” and feel what you must to come to a newer view.

Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend

Because Saturn has entered its other home sign of Aquarius, it remains the final dispositor of all planets transiting Capricorn and Aquarius from now through 2023. That makes it a dominant force through April 2022. Because Jupiter has also entered Aquarius, Saturn again is a major presence on the planetary stage as a final dispositor directing all the planets except Neptune from both behind the scenes AND in the scenes!

Remember that while Saturn can feel heavy, it is also our ability to take command of our lives and destiny by using Saturn’s virtues in the right way and time. Our ability to steer our “ship of personality” into its rightful “current of destiny” is in front of us, based in how we have prepared for our “role of destiny” heading at us like an express train! In 2019 we rehearsed and perfected roles and skills we needed in 2020 to mobilize what we need at this time.

Throughout 2021 Saturn and Uranus introduce a frictional “dance of individualization” in our lives, generating new heart power as well as a more acute focus on our magnetism. We’ve begun to crystallize present and future rewards, as well as new group work and roles opening new chapters in our “hero’s journey” into the “new quality of Being rendering the old patterns obsolete” awakened by Uranus in 2019 and 2020.

I explain how Saturn and Uranus work together to awaken and structure our ability to utilize our Higher Powers to take conscious command of our destiny in my book Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. Saturn helps us give form and structure to our quest for Self-realization, and due to its 3 month occupancy of the first two degrees of Aquarius in 2020, we got a preliminary instruction on how we can make a greater contribution to our civilization and come together with others in a great effort “ensouled by a great vision.” This was activated by the Grand Mutation conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the December 2020 Solstice, and now we can live our “new quality of Being” coming alive as expressions of our unfolding Higher Consciousness.

This book was written for both astrologers and non-astrologers. Even those with little or no understanding of astrology will benefit from understanding why you had to make certain choices at crucial times that shaped your life in profound ways.

Each time you read any section of this book you will find new insights about your power to throw off all the attitudes and memories which hold you back from finding and living the life and purpose. If you’ve haven’t already gotten your copy, you can go to the Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend page on Amazon and this should be all you need to order your copy. It’s also available on Amazon and as an ebook on Kindle, so if that’s more to your liking, go for it! If you would, whether you’ve gotten the ebook or the paperback, please write a review on the Amazon site, since the more reviews, the more of a boost they give it.

Summing it Up

This Full Moon brings us an activation of power, activity, vision and re-connection with our spiritual Source. We are rapidly moving into a greater understanding of what to do and how to do it, each according to our spiritual understanding. This shows us why we’ve prepared to leave some things of the past behind as we move into a deeper connection and more dynamic activity with our Spiritual Sisters and Brothers. This is a healing Full Moon, as Venus and the Sun both conjunct Chiron, so mentor or be mentored, heal or be healed, embracing the beauty of your Higher Self.

Enjoy the productivity, harmony, and openings promised by the Peace Sign Grand Trine and the attractive activity promised by the numerous sextiles and quintiles. As the friction is mainly generated by Jupiter, take it all in good humor, and see it as a training session in generating heart energy and/or creative expressions. Mercury conjunct Neptune should give us glimpses of how we’re being nourished as we see we’ve codified new values and are living a new iteration of our spiritual life.

Last May we “graduated into a new realm of Being” which will blow open doors of possibility by May 2021 when Jupiter makes its first of three transits through the “Transfiguration Zone” at the end of Aquarius. We’ve definitely launched into our Aquarian adventure which Saturn will help us structure in ways that are meaningful to our higher purpose this year and next.

Just remember even though it’s past for the moment, we are moving through a time of conflict between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus which will last through 2022. As we continue to develop the potentials indicated by Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, we’ll see more and more movement away from the ideas and expressions dominated the old 200 year Earth Era and into the emergent 200 year Air Era which launched at the December Solstice. This Aquarian Air Era already began to express via the conjunctions of the inner planets with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

Where these occurred in our chart empowers our long wave metamorphosis as we transition through the beginning of the end of the Age of Pisces, entering into 34 years of increasing manifestations of the Age of Aquarius. This transitional period requires that we ask ourselves certain questions related to what we care for and care about, since we’re being called to be fearless as we let go of all that is unnecessary and irrelevant to find a transcendent security as we walk through the world but are not “of” the world.

We have been navigating the final season of humanity’s “liberating ordeal.” All of us have had opportunities to find new inner strengths and powers the past three years, and have the ability to find assistance from Devas and Angels who bring “divine help when human efforts seem to fail.” We now are in a time of learning to let go of preconceptions and prejudices. Again, learn the power of forgiveness to create space for Grace to enter your Life.

When new adventures beckon, embrace them with warmth, since you might find Spiritual Brothers and Sisters from past lives along the way! Get rid of obsolete judgments and preconceptions, and your path to Fellowship will open even wider than it has before now.

Having finished many old ways and left behind all which doesn’t serve our bridge to the future, we now fly into a new adventure in consciousness, able to live a more purposeful life within a greater group structure. We now can embrace a new way of fulfilling Dharma, or our purpose for being alive. We are living a new identity, a new love, a new spiritual awareness, and a new spiritual expression in grounded ways, so keep your mind and heart open and keep coordinating your body, feelings, and mind to demonstrate a stable and harmonized Soul energy.

A Meditation on Light and Shadow

Because life seems to be a never-ending experience of out-breathing elements of the past and in-breathing elements of the new, it is useful to remember that when we are moving through major changes, and something new is introduced into our lives, it means that something else must leave, or has already left, to provide space for the new to be embraced. And lesser wisdom must give way to greater wisdom, and old forms give way to newer realities.

While sometimes having to say goodbye to older, lesser ways of life can be a drag, it is important to remember that even though life can occasionally be painful, we do not have to suffer. And as we learn to break the link between pain and suffering, we heal our part of humanity and the world.

For your contemplation, a final meditation I offer each month at the end of our Full Moon journey of exploration.

We are Light. All things are composed of Light in various frequencies that express as limitless forms. Some light frequencies are of greater density than others.

All shadows result from light hitting a dense object. Psychological shadows too. Therefore, it’s good to become as translucent and translucid as possible to dispel lurking shadows.

If you must look at and/or deal with shadows, whether your own or another’s, then refocus your Light on the object being illuminated, since that form is the source of the shadow.

Find the correct 4 angles of illuminating whatever you want to focus on, and all shadows will be dispelled. Then you’re seeing things with an illuminated mind, and can act accordingly.

Previous articles in this series:

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© Copyright 2021 Robert Wilkinson -

Reprinted on with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2021 Robert Wilkinson -

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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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