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Message From The Angels: We're Turning The Tide Toward Peace

Message From The Angels: We're Turning The Tide Toward Peace

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you are so very hard on yourselves. We hear your cries. "I want to get moving, but I have no motivation.” “I’m tired.” “Will I ever feel like I have a purpose?” “Is this world ever going to change for the better?”

With all the love in our hearts, we want to reassure you...

You are always motivated to do something, even if that something is to rest.

Of course, many of you are tired. The world is wanting change and resisting change at the very same time. There is a very great love that is washing over your planet in answer to the billions of prayers, but if you resist loving and accepting yourself it will be exhausting. Surrender to your hearts. Surrender to what inspires you in a given moment. Rest when you're tired. Stop pushing yourselves and be the peace.

Your purpose has nothing to do with what you do and everything to do with how much loving kindness you bring to yourself and life. When you look back at the end of your days some of your proudest moments will be the small ones when you simply surrendered to the beauty of the present moment, when you looked upon yourselves or another with love, when you comforted a stranger, gave yourself grace, or said a simple prayer that came from the depths of your heart. These moments of pure connection have great purpose. In them, you become a conduit for Divine love to flow into this world.

Your world is changing every single day, and it is changing for the better.

Your prayers, your peace, your refusal to battle yourselves or one another are having a huge effect on the outcome of recent world events. You are the catalysts for change on your planet earth. You are refusing to empower the vibration of war. You are removing power from the darkness of misunderstanding, fear, greed, and hatred, by focusing on praying for those lost in darkness, rather than empowering them with hate.

You are making a difference and although we know many of you are disheartened, exhausted, and concerned about the fate of the world, so many of you are stepping up to create the vibrational changes you wish to see made manifest. Every choice to create a little bit more love, a little bit more kindness, a little bit more patience and tolerance toward yourself and your fellow human beings removes power from the vibrations of war and empowers the vibrations of peace.

You are the portals through which Divine light and love flow into your planet and into the hearts of all in need.

You are the "warriors" of peace, standing your ground and refusing to give in to the parasitic energies of hatred that seek to separate you from one another.

You are the angels upon the earth, quietly, gently soothings hearts and souls,.. starting with your own.

You are the ones sending world "leaders" the prayers, love, and peace, they need to make wise, balanced decisions, rather than reacting with haste and hate.

Through your every seemingly simple choice to pray, to avoid battling one another, to avoid hatred, and to focus on being as kind to yourselves and one another as possible, you are turning the tides away from war and towards peace. You are the ones calming the storm. You may never appear in the world's history books yet you are earning the right to say, "I was part of a global, vibrational movement that prevented a World War III. I was part of the turning of the tides towards peace. I was part of a movement to resist hatred and separation and to starve the parasitic energies that seek to stir up and feed off fear. I was part of a global movement towards greater love. I was the change I wished to see in the world." Indeed dear ones, you are.

We are eternally grateful for your commitment to the light. It matters now, more than ever before. With every loving choice, waves of peace and love ripple out from your heart into a world in need of these soothing vibrations. A simple choice you make – not to retort or engage with someone disruptive –  may be the soothing wave that calms a heart that was about to fire a gun and kill another human being.

A prayer for the light to rise up in the most hurting of hearts may be the wave of light that creates a moment of consciousness that is enough to stop an entire chain of painful events.

You are tipping the balance towards peace and away from war dear ones. You matter. Keep up the prayers. Keep up the simple acts of kindness. Keep avoiding the tendency to hate and battle. It matters more than you will ever know and if you keep it up you'll never know the pain you missed. Instead, you'll know only the beauty of a more loving and kind world that you have created.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I have talked to so many people who are sharing their frustration that they lack motivation right now. In every case, the angels gently ask them not to push themselves, to focus on simple pleasures, and to make peace with themselves. Peace is a gift we give ourselves and the world these days. It is crucial. When you see the world as a swirling mass of energies, it matters more than we can put into words at this time.

Last week I felt the balance shift away from a third world war. We're not out of the woods yet but there has been an uprising of light in human hearts. Billions of people are praying. Billions of people are trying to be more kind and to do what they can for one another. I've read reports of people booking Airbnb's in Ukraine –  not to visit, but just to support their owners. I've read stories of a bakery collecting money for a fellow baker in a bombed area so they can help feed people. There are human beings rising up all over the world to do what they can, if not tangibly, then vibrationally and in prayer, because there are far more souls who want peace than the few who want war.

Collectively, our prayers are making a difference. Pray for the light of love and wisdom to rise up in those making crucial decisions. Pray for the young soldiers who find themselves with the unthinkable orders to kill their fellow human beings. Pray for those suffering from the bombs, as well as those being ordered to drop them. Pray for the light of love to rise up in our own hearts, and for the strength and courage to choose love even when others tempt us to battle.

Whether it is the choice to pray for a crazy driver in traffic or forgive ourselves for being one, it matters. A choice to let go of an old grievance matters. A choice to remain silent when baited by an angry soul matters. A choice to let ourselves rest when tired matters. A choice to refuse the tendency to hate when we witness atrocities, and to pray instead, matters. We are making a difference.

The actions we take may not look like much at times, but the vibration matters. I'm crafting late at night, making wreaths, Easter egg trees, greeting cards, and little bird's nests. I love it! These simple pleasures add joy and beauty to my life and I feel the happy ripples emanating outward into the world. The other night I napped cozily after dinner and before doing more work and I felt ripples of contentment emanating outward.

Simply preparing a meal with love, or engaging in a hobby you love may not feel very important to world peace, but if you pause long enough you will feel the beautiful vibrations you are emanating. You will feel your joy, your peace, your contentment. You will know you are emanating these beautiful, high-vibrational prayers that are in the form of energy rather than words. If they could be spoken, they would say, "May the world feel my joy. May the world feel my contentment. May the world feel my peace." The world does need your peace. It is anything but selfish.

Our personal goals will come much more easily if we focus on our peace and our joy right here and right now... and right here and now, that energy is needed upon the planet.

Here are a few tips to help you continue to contribute to peace on earth...

1. Choose Compassion vs. Criticism

So many of us learned to attack ourselves. We witnessed others putting themselves down for perceived mistakes. We witnessed others with low self-esteem. We were put down or criticized for our mistakes. How we got here matters less than what we do now. When you catch yourself in an act of self-judgment, make a decision to stop attacking yourself and choose compassion instead. Think of something you like about yourself instead.

When you catch yourself judging another remind yourself that you haven't walked a mile in their shoes. You don't know what they experienced or what has affected their decisions. You don't know their hopes, dreams, and disappointments. The Catholic nuns who taught in my grade school used to say, "There but for the grace of God go I," meaning we could be that person under different circumstances. Look for something you can appreciate in the other person even if only the little spark of light within.

Choose compassion and pray for those you would normally criticize –  including yourself. Every act of criticism is a vibrational act of war. Every choice to focus on compassion rather than criticism is a choice for peace, and shifts your vibration, as well as the collective.

2. Focus on that which you love

The angels say this constantly. Focus on what you do want, not what you don't. If you hate war, focus on peace. If you hate cruelty, focus on kindness. If you hate ignorance, focus on education. If you hate poverty, focus on abundance. The lower vibrations and problems exist and we know it. We see them but if we focus on fighting them we are at war.

If instead, we empower the vibrations we wish to see, we empower peace. When you see something you don't like, instead of condemning and battling it, ask yourself immediately, "What do I want to see instead?" Love that. Focus on that. Imagine a world with more of that. Empower the vibrations you want to empower rather than focusing on fighting, and thus empowering the ones you don't like.

The angels like to say if you feed the poor with a hatred of starvation you are starving yourself of love and feeding the vibrations of poverty with your hate. If instead, you love the thought of people warm and well-fed you are empowering that reality. Instead of making war with the world's problems, focus kindly, peacefully on your love for the solutions. It might appear to be the same thing but you are on opposite ends of the vibrational spectrum depending on where you place your focus. One end makes you a vibrational contribution to the problem. The other makes you a vibrational contribution to the solution.

3. Pray to see through God's eyes

When you find yourself stuck in inner battles, pray to see yourself or others through the eyes of the Divine. Whenever I've been disturbed by the behaviors of others – be it personal or global, I pray to see through God's eyes.

This week I saw a truly sad image of a mother and her two children who were killed in a bombing. I immediately felt a gut-wrenching reaction of disgust for such inhumanity. I didn't want to stay in that vibration. I didn't want to focus on the horrors of war and thus empower them.

I prayed to see through God's eyes and saw the bliss of this family in heaven, their feelings of having succeeded at a soul level mission to awaken compassion in hearts all over the world, to inspire even greater cries for peace and an end to senseless killing. I saw their eternal souls who loved so much that they incarnated knowing they might leave in a way that would make a mark. I saw love. That is all you'll ever see through the eyes of the Divine. That will give you the peace that surpasses human understanding.

These are volatile times, but we can make a huge difference. We can empower the peace, stability, temperance, loving-kindness, and wisdom the world needs. We can, in the smallest of actions choose large loving vibrations. We can prevent the escalation of current world events. We already are. So if you're tired, rest. If you're unmotivated, focus on simple pleasures. If you're despondent about the future, make the moments count.

Keep up the prayers. Keep up the peace. Keep up being kind to yourself and accepting of yourself where you are in the moment. Stop making war with criticisms and choose to make peace with compassion.

We are creating changes that we'll only fully appreciate when we see from the other side what could have been vs. what we have consciously and lovingly chosen to create – both for ourselves and for this beautiful world.

Have a beautiful, peaceful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
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