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Frogs Return Moon

Frogs Return Moon by Ben Morales

Beaver – Chrysocolla - Blue Camas – Blue

April 20 – May 20

The Frogs Return Moon is the second moon of Wabun of the East. The plant for the moon is blue camas, the mineral is the chrysocolla and the animal is the beaver. The colour is blue and the elemental clan influence is the Turtle clan.

From the chrysocolla, people learn to balance the earth and sky within themselves; from the blue camas, to sustain themselves and others; from the beaver, to make all environments as pleasant as possible. This is the position to explore when you wish to learn about stability, the value of hard work, luck, and your ability to create and maintain an orderly and beautiful environment.

The Frogs Return Moon will teach you about perseverance, patience, stability, and practicality. People in this position need to guard against being too stubborn, overindulging, and holding back all their feelings.

Animal: Beaver


The beaver is, apart from man, the only animal capable of changing its environment drastically to provide for its own peace, security, and contentment. The beaver is the largest rodent in the United States. Adult beavers weigh between thirty and seventy pounds. Beavers never stop growing, and can grow to three to four feet in length.

Beavers do not make any sounds. Occasionally they bark, hiss or squeal, but usually they only make a soft mew in the privacy of their lodge. They slap the water with their tails to warn of danger. Beavers mate for life. They are affectionate parents who keep their children around for two years, or until the next litter comes. Old males who lose their mates sometimes become surly.

The beaver is a land mammal that spends a lot of time in the water. Its body is amazingly engineered to suit its habits and habitat. Beaver’s adaptable bodies could have made them the dominant animal on earth except that beavers have two things that men desired: beaver fur and a gland that secretes castoreum. Castoreum was regarded as a cure-all from the time of the early Greeks until the eighteenth century. Beavers were in such demand that the search for them probably did as much to motivate European exploration of the Americas as anything else. Because humans wanted their parts, beavers were almost driven to extinction by the 1800s. Finally humans discovered that beavers helped maintain the water table and were of great value to fishing, wildlife, vegetation, and aesthetics, so they let the species live.

Native people had also valued beaver fur and meat and had used the castoreum to effect healing, but they had hunted beaver with moderation and respect. When the Europeans came they encouraged the Natives to hunt more beavers and offered the most prized goods in exchange for beaver fur.

Working with the beaver can teach you about stability, balance, tradition, true value, adaptability with the environment, healing, affection, tenacity, hard work, and self-reliance.

Mineral: Chrysocolla


Chrysocolla helps to balance the elements of earth and sky within you. It assists you in reaching the highest realms of consciousness while keeping a firm foundation on earth.

Chrysocolla is a stone of good medicine that can bring luck and health to the wearer. Chrysocolla helps purify the heart, mind, and spirit. It helps to balance, ground, and have an overall sense of well-being and strength. It is a stone that promotes a feeling of peacefulness and stability, thus giving you a stronger sense of connection with the earth.

Plant: Blue Camas

Blue camas was an important food for many Native people. It is essential to use only camas with blue-coloured flowers. Any with yellow or greenish white flowers are deadly poisonous. Blue camas is a good food staple, and can be used to make pancakes, molasses, and a sugar substitute. It is a food that has sustained people for thousands of years. Blue camas is purported to be good for balancing blood sugar levels and as a purgative and emetic. This plant is excellent for creating movement where there is stagnation, for providing sustenance, and for teaching discrimination on all levels of life.

Blue Camas

Colour: Blue

This is the brilliant blue found in the camas flower or in the chrysocolla that has no impurities. This colour radiates feelings of peace, happiness, and a subtle energy. This blue can lighten dark moods and remind one of the more subtle realms. Having this blue around you will help you to be satisfied with your surroundings, emotionally content, harmonious, and happy with life as it is unfolding for you.

Source: Dancing With The Wheel
Written by: Sun Bear, Wabun Wind and Crysalis Mulligan

The Energy of the Frogs Return Moon:

Keywords: building dreams, determination, cooperation


The Frogs Return Moon signals the perfect time to begin a venture or build upon plans already in the works.

The energy of this moon brings you the stamina, determination and mental clarity to successfully plan, build, and create what you desire. Once you begin the process, your plans will quickly unfold. This is truly the time for planting the dream seed.

Those born under this sign sometimes experience a disruption of their work because of their “I can do it all myself attitude”. Do not tackle the project alone. Be flexible and accept help and valuable input along the way. Working with others will help you reach your destination faster. Channel your stubbornness into determination, work toward your dreams with the group mind attitude. Whether that group is your family, friends, or co-workers, their love and support will help you reach your dreams.

Prayer:Great Spirit, help me to have the courage and the strength to build my dreams, and to accept the loving support of others along the way.


Source: Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck
Created by: Linda Ewashina

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