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The Love Commitment Stone

Kunzite has a pronounced calming effect on the heart. Kunzite symbolizes straightforwardness. It helps people who suffer from inner turmoil to achieve a balance between reason and feelings.

Energy: tolerance, balance

Colours: violet, pink and pink-white

Uses: stone with high lithium content beneficial for mental disorders, circulatory system, receiving love, joy, building tolerance and gratitude, releasing old hurts and unwanted memories, and balancing mental and emotional bodies

Star Sign: Taurus 
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Chakra: Heart

Rough Kunzite

Tips for Kunzite

Carry or wear kunzite to help you express love
Place kunzite in your home to remove negativity and provide a protective energy shield
Put kunzite under your bed to promote female sexuality 
Keep kunzite with you and hold it when you have withdrawal pangs from smoking or any other addiction
Carry kunzite to promote a youthful appearance hold kunzite whilst meditating to speed the centering of your being

Energizing kunzite helps remove obstacles

Kunzite Gem

Kunzite water ensures a balance of production of blood corpuscles and healthy circulation.

Violet kunzite regulates the activity of the thyroid gland and promotes hormonal balance.

Kunzite alleviates sciatica and painful joints when applied directly to the site.

Pink kunzite prevents narrowing of the arteries, relaxes tense muscles.

Kunzite is helpful in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

The stone stimulates self-development in the wearer.

Kunzite promotes tolerance towards others.

Kunzite helps the wearer form friendships.


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