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Aventurine, Green


The Emotional Balancer Stone

Green Aventurine is perhaps the best balancing stone for the heart chakra. It encourages calmness and positivity, and helps to release emotional pain in a gentle, effective way.

In any color, aventurine is both a cleanser of negativity and an activator of positive life-supporting qualities. It can help to release childhood anxieties and fears.

Energy: opportunity, chance, freedom

Colours: green, red, blue, brown

Uses: Green aventurine will help you with positive participation, growth, healing, general well-being, activating the imagination, creativity, prosperity, good luck, charm, and as a travel amulet. It strengthens eyesight, increases perception, and calms emotions.

Star Sign: Aries
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Chakra: Heart


Tips for Aventurine

Hold aventurine to strained or aching muscles for relief
Place aventurine around you when revising for or taking exams to ease your nerves and reduce stress
Keep aventurine near you to benefit from increased reaction times when engaging in competitive sports or driving
Carry aventurine to prevent "energy vampires" from sapping your energy
Meditate with aventurine to bring you closer to your spirit guide

Relaxing aventurine helps you centre your intent

Aventurine Wand


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