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10 Effective Crystals for Self-Care in The Time of Quarantine

10 Effective Crystals for Self-Care in The Time of Quarantine

The world pandemic took us by surprise and quarantine measures were taken quickly. To limit the virus spread, we must isolate ourselves and limit our contact with friends and family. Even though some people might see this quarantine as a chance they were long waiting to spend more time with their family or develop new skills, others are terrified by these measures. 

Humans are sociable beings. We are born to socialize and to increase our network. A study by best assignment writing service uk showed that socializing is good for our mental and physical health. Having close friends that offer you comfort and support is essential for our wellbeing.

But what to do in these hard moments where we need to keep a social distance? This long period of isolation will be damaging to our mental health unless we start practicing self-care. 

Self-care comes in many forms. While some might find comfort in practicing mindfulness and yoga, others might relax when they paint or create music. How you practice self-care is up to you and your personality. However, crystals are an important part of this process.

They hold vibrational frequencies that are constant and that can help you be less stressed and anxious. Others can protect you from negativity. Some can help you nourish your self-love. 

These healing stones can be used everywhere. You can have some at your workplace, wear others as jewelry stones or just place them in your room. Here are 10 effective crystals for self-care during these hard times of quarantine and isolation. 

  1. Rose Quartz 

An essay paper published by assignment writers uk showed that most people think that rose quartz is the crystal of love. This is not wrong at all, but it has other powers too.

Rose quartz is used as a natural stress reliever and it can help you cope easier with these difficult times. At the same time, its pink and cute color promotes love, and more importantly, self-love. 

Now that we have a lot of time to think and overthink our past mistakes and failures, we might drain ourselves of our self-love. We might start having trust issues and finding problems that didn’t even exist.

 Rose quartz is the crystal that opens the chakra of your heart. It’s the crystal that promotes self-love and that inspires you to look at the beauty within you. And self-love is a form of self-care. 

  1. Rhodonite 

If Rose Quartz is the crystal that opens the chakra of the heart, the crystal of love, Rhodonite is the crystal of self-love. They have similar effects, yet they complete each other perfectly.

Rhodonite is a beautiful combination of rose-red shades and brown spots. 

Its strong healing vibration makes the connection between the lower and upper chakras. It is known for its ability to establish emotional balance and foster self-love.

Rhodonite helps you connect with your inner child and to practice self-compassion during times of negativity. 

  1. Green Jade 

Green jade is considered a lucky crystal that helps people pursue their dreams and turn them into reality. It is known for its intense green colors, although it can be found in more than one shade of green, from pale to imperial green. Sometimes it can even be found in lavender, red or blue forms. 

Green jade is mostly known for making the connection between the spiritual and real realms. It brings you peace and harmony and it helps you remember your dreams.

This crystal can be used for finding your inner balance and nourishing new opportunities. It helps you get rid of toxins and take care of your soul. 

  1. Serpentine 

Serpentine is the crystal that helps you connect with nature. It comes in shades of light to dark green, often being a combination of different shades of green with brown lines.

According to paper writers from an essay writing service, a better connection and appreciation of nature comes with an increase of self-esteem and the ability to cope with stressors. People who have a strong and deep connection with nature improve their creativity, focus, and self-awareness. 

Serpentine is the crystal that nourishes your connection with nature, and thus positive emotions about one’s self. It helps you clear your body from toxins and blockages, encouraging regeneration. 

  1. Obsidian 

Obsidian is one of the most protective crystals. It is usually black, although it can be found also with a cute snowflake coloring. This powerful crystal can protect you from negative emotions and it blocks psychic attacks, nurturing wellbeing. 

And the higher your wellbeing level, the healthier behaviors you will adopt. Getting rid of toxic habits and behaviors might be challenging, but the healing energy of obsidian can help you do this and replace them with healthier ones. 

  1. Amethyst 

Amethyst is one of the most well-known crystals for self-care and tranquility. Its amazing intense purple color can relieve stress instantly, almost hypnotizing you.

Just like Obsidian, amethyst is a very powerful crystal that can help you balance mood swings and relieve stress and psychic blockages. 

Our minds and bodies are often home to negative feelings and emotions. We often feel angry, frustrated, sad. We grieve and let negativity embrace us.

The Amethyst helps you purify your body and mind and get rid of negativity. Its energy gives us the light we need during times of stress and panic. 

  1. Tiger Eye 

Tiger eye is a crystal of the mind. Its energy helps you acquire a clearer state of mind, encouraging you to be more open to new perspectives. It helps you rise above your problems and find solutions unbiased by emotions. 

Problems are part of everyone’s life and they disturb our routine. While this might be good sometimes, they often come with negative emotions and feelings of helplessness. Emotions often cloud our judgments, especially when they have a high intensity.

This makes our problem-solving process harder and it can intensify our negative thoughts and emotions. Tiger eye is the crystal that can help you clear your mind of these negative emotions and it promotes mental clarity. It keeps fear and anxiety away, taking care of your inner energy. 

  1. Moonstone 

Moonstone is a pure magic crystal that promotes inner strength and resilience. It is also known as the stone of new beginnings, so it is a great choice for self-care during these harsh times. Moonstone helps you connect with your inner intuition by encouraging self-analysis and introspection. 

Moonstone comes in iridescent shades and it provides calm during stressful moments. It is a crystal that is guiding us to the path of finding our inner peace and it connects us with the Moon and the Earth. 

  1. Kunzite 

Kunzite is also known as the stone of emotion. It comes in light pink to dark purple shades and it connects the mind and the heart. In times of quarantine and isolation, we might find ourselves sad and depressed. Even though the mind says that it’s not wise to go out, the heart still longs for nature and love. 

Kunzite is the crystal that connects the heart and the mind, establishing a healing communion between these two. It helps you get rid of the protection mechanisms you have built and connect deeply with the ones around you.

This crystal helps you understand the importance of having social relationships and communication. Its gentle healing power encourages you to express your emotions as they are and build your relationships on the pillars of love and trust. 

  1. Turquoise 

Among many other healing benefits, Kunzite has the power of enhancing communication. But Turquoise is known as the stone of communication, the one that blocks negative thought patterns.

These damaging cognitive patterns make us sensitive to negative comments and feedback. They make us form internalized models of the self, where we see ourselves bad and distorting our inner balance. 

Turquoise is the crystal that enhances your immune system and stops negative self-talk. It is the crystal that interrupts those negative thoughts and promotes self-realization and healing. It promotes self-care and can heal and guide you through a better you. 

Final Word 

We live harsh times when we must isolate ourselves and spend time far from our dear ones. And this can have damaging effects on our mental health.

These crystals promote positive emotions, a clear state of mind and self-awareness. Their healing energies help you find the strength, intuition, and power within and get rid of psychic attacks or blockages.

Self-compassion and self-care are important in times of quarantine and these crystals can help you connect your mind to your heart. 

Scott Mathews
Scott Mathews is a psychotherapist from the UK. He offers the best paper writing service at essay writing services uk on topics related to mental health, inner energy, and spirituality. Scott supported experts from write my dissertation design self-discovery program for students all over the world. 

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