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Top 10 Crystals For Protection

Crystals For Protection

Crystals have the ability to provide spiritual protection against negative energy, psychic attacks, manipulation and ill-wishes. Different crystals offer different types of protection. The key is to choose the right crystal for you and your needs.

Black Tourmaline

As one of the most popular protection stones, Black Tourmaline encourages good luck, happiness and positive attitudes. Rather than absorbing negative energy, Black Tourmaline actually alters it into positive energy. It is most effective if worn, but can also be advantageous to have in your bedroom. Placing the stone beneath your pillow can help your etheric body to cleanse as you sleep.


Jet is a protection stone particularly suited to empaths, as well as older souls who have reincarnated often. It absorbs more energy than it emits and so is particularly good at alleviating negative and powerful emotions, including grief. For this reason, Jet should be regularly cleansed. Jet also carries many healing properties, including providing pain relief for migraines and headaches.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a powerful healing and psychic protection stone.

“It’s a stone often favored by white witches and shamans for protection, as well as returning curses, sorcery and negative energy back to the sender,” explains Jerry Aikens, a spiritual blogger at Boomessays and Eliteassignmenthelp. “Its sharpness can also be used metaphysically to cut through lies, illusions, blockages and destructive habits. It is a stone which needs to be used with respect and care, but which allows truthful energy to be released. It has the ability to draw in negative energy and so, protects the wearer.”

Blue Kyanite

This crystal offers protection for those suffering from manipulation, bullying and coercion. It helps to boost self-confidence and as such, will help provide you with the strength you need to speak honestly. Blue Kyanite doesn’t accumulate negative vibrations or energies, meaning that it doesn’t need to be cleansed.


Fluorite is an extremely powerful protective crystal. It can guard against picking up negative energies from others nearby including unwanted outside influences. Another beneficial feature of this crystal is that it has the power to cloak your aura, thereby hiding you from psychic and sorcery attacks. Additionally, fluorite protects you from computer and electromagnetic stress and is particularly useful when placed around a computer to provide relief and protection.


This stone is particularly effective at providing protection from the unwanted attention of others (such as jealousy, gossiping and obsessions), as well as protecting against negative energy. It shields your aura from psychic attacks and ill-wishes, deflecting such energy and attacks away from you.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is an extremely powerful protective stone, which helps to disperse fear and allows for negativity and depression to be lifted.

“If you’re a spiritual worker of any kind, then this stone is a must-have,” says Ashley Skinner, a health writer at Assignment Writers and OXEssays. “It’s able to dissolve negative energy fields, such as those that are caused by anger and resentment, by grounding them back to the earth. It also transforms an unlimited amount of negative energy into positive.”

Fire Agate

Fire Agate is able to create a strong shield around your body, protecting you against attack and conferring psychic protection. It returns harmful energies back to the person who sent them, whilst enabling the sender to become spiritually aware of the harm they have been causing to you. Its powerful vibration will help to ground you and allow your desire to take action to be sharpened.


Amethyst’s high vibration means that it has the ability to transform negative energy into positive. It is a highly spiritual stone with high vibrations, which will protect your energy field against psychic attacks. Amethyst was also used by the ancients to encourage inner strength and help to break away from addictive relationships.


Infinite provides protection by boosting your own natural defenses and by healing your aura. It will allow your sense of wellness, strength and vitality to be boosted. Infinite not only strengthens, but also repairs the damaging effects to your aura caused from negative self-talk, lack of sleep, illness and daily stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices. By repairing your aura, Infinite enables you to be less affected by negative energies around you.

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