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Best Healing Crystals for Concentration and Focus

Best Healing Crystals for Concentration and Focus

It has long been known that crystals, in addition to their bewitching beauty, have powerful healing and even magical properties. Each crystal has a specific connection and effect on a person.

Properly selected natural stones help attract good luck, cleanse the mind, and protect against disease. What about crystals that have a beneficial effect on intellectual activity, focus, and concentration? We have picked up some for you.

Top 5 Crystals That Reboot Mind

Most crystals are able to improve brain activity and have a beneficial effect on attention. Such crystals help in many matters that relate to career, study, or creativity. Below you will find the top 5 stones that are rich in their favorable properties and are the best assistants in mental activity.

1.   Aquamarine


Just looking at this pleasant crystal is enough to immediately make your thoughts clear and calm. This crystal for studying has a special energy that gives person support and self-confidence. The stone is able to protect the mind from unnecessary thoughts and works as a filter. That is the crystal filters the information that will come in and facilitates the process of its perception. With the help of this crystal, the mind becomes clear, chaos disappears, and a person is able to quickly finish all started work.

Therefore, if you need a stone that will put your mind in order, eliminate elevated emotions, and help you concentrate, you can safely consider amazonite. You can either place it in the workplace or wear it as necklace. If, as the last, it is necessary to look at the stone from time to time. So your eyes relax and your mind tune in to work.

2.   Amethyst


It is vital to note that the feature of this crystal is the ability to protect from addiction. As for mental activity and concentration, the stone always works for the benefit of its owner. At the right time, the crystal can reassure from increased mental activity, but it can stimulate the mind on the contrary. The stone will help focus even for those for whom this task seems impossible. Interestingly, many people say that making decisions with the help of this stone has become easier.

Also, this stone is attractive because it controls mood swings and is suitable for those people who have a changeable mood and increased emotionality. The crystal acts as a balancer of not only emotions but also in terms of mental activity. Therefore, if you want to put your mind, attention, and emotional state in order, then you need to become the owner of amethyst.

3.   Sodalite


This crystal is a real must-have for those who spend more than 3 hours at the computer. The crystal is able to protect against electromagnetic radiation. It is enough to have such a stone on your desktop and forget about what confused thoughts, headaches, and distracted attention are.

Such crystals for focus are excellent stimulant for the mind, that eliminates the disorganization of thoughts and limited thinking. Due to the fact that the crystal has a calming effect on consciousness, it helps to obtain new information and launches updated flows of thinking. Also, the stone adds confidence in the strength and motivation of its owner.

Interestingly, this crystal has a good effect on groups of people. For example, it can be located in the office, where each employee can benefit from the crystal. Moreover, it is able to create a friendly atmosphere and trust.

4.   Citrine


“Once I was advised to place citrine on the windowsill in my office. I want to note that the atmosphere in the team has become friendly, all conflict situations have come to naught, and every employee seems to be calmer and recharged. ”- says CEO of Online Writers Rating writing services reviews company.

In addition to assisting in mental activity, this stone is the best helper for smoothing out conflicts and disagreements. Citrine has a beneficial effect on the human mind and helps to overcome difficulties with the expression of thoughts and feelings, which is often encountered by many people.

Crystal develops individuality, enhances motivation, self-expression, and even more. With this crystal, it’s easier for a person to hear criticism. Citrine also revitalizes consciousness and increases concentration. Place the stone in your workplace or carry it with you so that it always helps to keep your mind clean and clear.

5.   Fluorite


Looking for crystals for concentration? Fluorite is equally effective if you want to improve your concentration and be protected against computer radiation. This stone is especially relevant for those who know what disorganization is.

It is believed that fluorite is able to improve mental and physical coordination and protects mental activity from disturbances. This stone is the best assistant in learning or any business that is related to mental activity. It helps to connect what is already known with what is being studied for the first time. All new information will be quickly absorbed and the person will have concentrated attention. If your activity is related to creativity, then yellow fluorite will help you. In addition to maintaining intellectual knowledge, it will help unlock creativity without waiting for inspiration.

How to Prepare a Crystal for Work?

Regardless of which crystal you choose to be your assistant, you need to prepare it for favorable work. It does not matter if you use a crystal or jewelry with it, you need to reset its energy charge so that it works for your good.

The easiest way is to flush energy with running water. To do this, you will need to place the crystal under a stream of running water for several minutes. Water will wash away unnecessary information and then the crystal will recognize you as its owner. After you have washed the stone, squeeze the crystal in your hand for a minute. Now the crystal will work for the benefit of you and your body.


Make your life best with one of the crystals. Almost everyone who has any natural stone notes that their life has become better and there is more strength to cope with stresses and other problems. If you feel constantly tired of mental activity, select one of the above crystals, and get a boost of energy

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