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Crystal Skulls - Messengers of Light

Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

by Maia Mallika

In issue 4 - 1982 of The Source I wrote about the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, stating that it had been created through morphacrystallic generation. This process was used to transform a once-living or inanimate object into quartz crystal. Since time photons bombarded the forming crystalline structure, the quartz would appear to have undergone eons of growth within the earth. This allowed the now-crystalline object to contain the charge, the consistency of frequency of ancient crystal.

From issue 4 -1982 of The Source: The famous Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull unearthed in the ruins of the Mayan city of Lubaatun in 1927 is an example of morphacrystallic transformation. Yet the crystal skull was transformed in Atlantis at a time when the true art form was ebbing, and is therefore not a classic example of the science. The crystal skull of Lubaatun was not entirely worked mentally... lasers finished the polishing and extra faceting required for specific light functions. Although the latter Mayan priests used the crystal skull for black magic and trick performances, it was originally used as an ocular medium. With its pivotal jaw, a beneficent spirit could "move" through it, lending a greater reality to the messages given. The skull was that of the female priestess, Shalkuunthee-tra, killed in one of the last earthquakes of Atlantis.

At the time I wrote the above, I had not yet received the greater story concerning this crystal skull. This would not be given to me by my Illumined mentor Thoth, until 1990. More on this in a later portion of this article.

To continue from 4 -1982 of The Source:

As I was preparing the material for this issue, and had already included mention of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, I felt summoned to the local library. I didn't have any idea as to what I might find there, but almost immediately my hand fell on a small hardback. The title... "The Crystal Skull"! Up until that moment, I had little information about the circumstances surrounding the finding of this artifact. At this particular time, to find this book in my hands, would seem to be more than coincidence. When I read the book (by Richard Garvin) I made an even more astounding discovery. Just the very night before the book came to my attention in the library, I had one of the most acutely sensoral- metaphysical experiences of my life. It was also the most sustained in length (or apparent length) of time.

I had awakened in the early morning hours, just as darkness was beginning to recede, and was lying still, with my eyes closed. I realized that I could see every detail of the room as it was in the semi-darkness, with my eyes closed! I opened them and shut them again. It was the same scene, whether my eyes were opened or closed. Then suddenly, I began to feel the sensation of motion, familiar to me as the first stage of a guided astral projection. I sensed my guides near and I knew I was off to a specific place already decided by the Elders. I had no idea where that place would be... I just hung on and took off! At first, I was moving in a fast blur, but then I slowed and could see that I was traveling through a city of stone buildings, very large, ornately carved and of an ancient order. I heard, very physically, a rhythmic sound somewhat like two soft metal spoons being struck together, emitting a medium-high pitched "tang-tang-tang," with intervals or breaks in the rhythm. The sound seemed to conduct my motion through the space.

My journey brought me extremely close to a giant stone wall, built in a circle. I saw through one of the many archways into the stadium-like, unroofed interior. I only glimpsed inside, and from my perspective saw a pyramid, but sensed that there were others within the stone walls of equal majesty. The interior "field" must have been immense! The pyramid I saw gleamed prismed jewels of light from its perfect white form. Indeed, the whole of this city shone brilliant white, like the bones of a great whale, bleaching in the sun. While close to the wall, I studied the intricate symbols carved in the white stone that seemed to be covered in places by equally white cement granules, giving a textured effect to the surface of the rock. The carved designs seemed not wholly Egyptian, not wholly native South or Central American, but there were traces of both cultural references commingled in the motif. I don't recall if the pyramid I saw had a flat or pointed top.

After several moments of surveying these enchanted wonders, I began to travel once again, in a fast blur, entering a long, dark tunnel. There was a light in the distance, almost no more than a pinpoint. Streams of colored rays were flung about from the sides of the tunnel toward me in fantasy spectrum. The "tanging" sound had never ceased during the entire voyage. I began to feel a little apprehensive, as I sensed I was going down to Earth, and I was receiving too much sensation from the sheer drop for me to manage comfortably. I felt it was time for me to pull out and come in for a landing. When I, with some effort, opened my eyes, the sound and motion stopped. I was back in my room, the gentle sunlight softening the darkness. I then went soundly, and uneventfully, to sleep.

It was the next day that I found and read "The Crystal Skull." Prior to this reading, I had never, to my remembrance, heard or read of Lubaatun (the ruins where the skull was found), nor had I any knowledge as to the architecture of that ancient city. In the book, I read that Labaatun had been a city of white stone, referred to by Mr.Garvin as “pearl-like”. The architecture of the city described in this book perfectly matched my dream experience there.

In summary to what I believe was my personal experience with the "pearl-like" city of Lubaatun, I sensed I was back in time, visiting an ancient city as it had been when it was newly sculpted and alive with the energies of the age and culture (although I must admit, it was at least visibly empty when I was there). I feel the original city, now called Lubaatun, meaning "City of Fallen Stone," was more ancient than the Mayans - part of the colonial cities of Atlantis, and later occupied by the Mayans. This would account for the detailed motif of the structures being a composite of what we now recognize as Egyptian and Mayan, both cultures actually stemming from Atlantis.

I am reminded of an Atlantean dialogue of self which I translated from the akashic eight years ago:

"I stand in silence near the city gates, the cold metal glistening in my sight. Gates that conceal, oh, the mighty wonders within. A kingdom bound within walls? No, never bound, but embraced by protective stone, set apart to become truly recognized from among the rubble of lesser past cities. Chaste, in countenance with time, long fasted from living flesh. The gates open to me, and I retreat a moment, to gather the flowers of my earthen bed, that my token might be worthy. My sandals I cast aside, so that the bareness of the Sacred Earth shall lie open to my feet. I loosen my hair, allowing it to fall into space, into the melody of my soul. As I enter the Holy Place, my robe of poor and simple self becomes enchanted in the sun, and spins into a new thread, a raiment of glorious white, as if silver stars caressed each fold. My skin becomes as golden light, my eyes the fire of deep blue moons. I see this illumination of my body in the faces of those around me who cluster in the streets of gold. They flutter as on wings of crystal, clear and smooth, about me. I find the people to be the dawn and the night, the chill and the warmth, the laughter and sorrow - the spirit of the city... Where shall I look for the perfect image from which to make my likeness in the city of Light? Shall I be as the tallest spire that sees farthest above and looks down upon all else?

"But without the foundation, the spiral would surely crumble. Shall I be as the gate that calls in voiceless song, 'I am a boundary, come cross my threshold... But gates cannot become the treasure, they only slide open and shut for others. As I look about, there is no one thing into which I wish to fashion myself. No single piece of stone or metal alone may find meaning in the depths of my soul. The words that make of myself whole are joined in the harmony of my floundering heart, sympathetic to itself as it is to others; my mumbling brain that engages in thought as a passing fancy, and my groping tongue that bribes my mind to give it lightness and a burning phrase. Like the foundation of a dry clay that carries on its back the golden spires of the great city, I am as a syllable of this place, yet I am a kingdom within.”

Now we progress to the year 1990. In issue 4 - 1990 of Temple Doors I wrote about the crystal skulls once again. This time it was revealed to me that there were a total of 72 crystal skulls (including the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull) which my Ilumined mentor Thoth, called the Dwellers. These crystal skulls are morphacrystallic transformations of once-living beings..the Illumined Ones. Forty-eight of the skulls are on or within the earth. One is in another dimension. Twenty-three more are now kept on other worlds, yet will come to earth in the future.

All these crystal skulls have a lower detachable jaw. They contain the Light Codes of our past, present and future. The Light Languages these skulls are capable of “speaking” are vast and transformative to not only human and animal DNA but to the World DNA template at the center of the earth.

Eleven of the earth’s forty-eight Dweller crystal skulls are holographically projected (from there individual physical locations on and in the earth) into the Valley of the Blue Star in Tibet. A valley that is slightly removed dimensionally from our current reality. Thoth refers to these eleven crystal skulls as the LOTUS (Legion of the United Stars).

From issue 4 - 1990 of Temple Doors:

Each of these eleven skulls has been seeded to project holographic universes...the LOTUS (crystal skulls) are the galactic resonators for the entire 48 crystal skulls (now on and in the planet).

The LOTUS crystal skulls are holographically projected into the Sapphire Palace in the Valley of the Blue Star. I now (as of 2005) know that there are two more of the Dweller crystal skulls that will project themselves holographically into the configuration of skulls in the Sapphire Palace at a future date. When this occurs, the earth will be ready to begin a new cycle in it’s evolution within the New Earth Hologram.

13 Crystal SkullsIn Native American legends there are said to be 13 Crystal Skulls that will come together in the future. Could these be the projections of the LOTUS when the 2 additional skulls are brought into the holographic circle? I get no clear answer on this. However, Thoth addressed the “13" in the following transmission I received, which can be found in the book “Journey of a Crystal Skull Explorer” by Joshua Shapiro with Desy Shapiro.

There are numerous sub-groups of “Dwellers” which could be referred to here. A primary ‘13' however, would be either a set of 12 (crystal skulls) with the 13th being the skull/brain/mind of a living human being who raises their vibration to the state of Christic Translation (as did Yeshua/Jesus) so that they become crystalline in appearance. In this way the circuitry of the ‘12" would then pour into the 13th living being. This human being would then act as a receptor for all humanity by entering his newly received Light Program into the morphogenetic field of the DNA.

I believe that the crystal skull of the Atlantean, Shalkuunthee-tra to be the only Dweller placed before public scrutiny thus far. There are other impressive crystal skulls which Thoth refers to as “seed skulls”, as they carry a charge of one of the Dwellers. Some seed skulls are more attuned to their Dweller host that others, depending of various factors: the quality of the crystal, the craftmanship of it’s creation, how and through what means it was seeded (ie bonded with an original Dweller). Even contemporary, small skulls can be seeded by the Dwellers.

As an interesting aside: I received that the Mitchell-Hedges skull was female in 1982. I had not read at that time what gender it was thought the skull to be. In fact, this was not known until many years later, when two separate experts re-created the face of the skull through modern scientific means and found it to be female.

In the book “The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls” by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas (a book I only just recently read) the authors write about a legend of the indigenous people of the Americas in which thirteen crystal skulls will be brought together, at which point a major transformation for the planet will occur. According to the authors of this book the life-size crystal skulls which have movable jaws are known as the “singing skulls”, while the life-size crystal skulls with the non-movable jaws are called the “talking skulls”. I believe the Dwellers to be the “singing skulls” and the “seeds” to be the “talking skulls”. Although I do believe that contemporary, small skulls can be seed skulls as well...only of another variation in frequency.

from issue 1 - 1992 of Temple Doors:

My question to Thoth and his Chariot of the Sun merkabah of souls: Could you please explain the reason as to the importance of the skull form as (the vehicle for the Illumined Ones transforming their skulls into crystal)?

Thoth: It is the grail in reverse...The skull form is imbued with the equation (mythos) of the ‘Fall from Grace’ which must be redeemed by the quest of the upturned grail, centered in the heart. Thus, the head and the heart are created to be reconciled through the eternal solvent of Spirit...the skull has become in this drama, a vessel of sanctified Light, pledged to restore the Ruler (Divine Wisdom) to it’s Throne (Eternal Truth).

In the form of the skull is found the map of illumination beyond the pale of lesser Gods. Humanity, as Bearers of the Skull, reveal themselves to be the greater Gods snared in the trappings of their own powerful illusions.

Thoth has also equated the Mystery of the Skull with the path of Golgotha, physically the hill upon which Yeshua (Jesus) was crucified. In Aramaic, Golgotha means “the place of the skull”.

In her Bible Interpretation, New Testament, Vol VI Corinne Heline writes:

In this alchemical work the spinal cord plays a leading role. It connects the generative organs in the lower part of the body with the regenerative centers located in the head, extending from the coccyx (lower part of the back) to the cerebrum. The precious spinal essence is symbolized by the sacred rivers mentioned in all world religions. It is the Biblical Jordan in which Jesus was baptized to become the Christed One.

Near the medulla is the Mount of Olives. At the base of the skull where the spinal chord enters the head, the cross on Golgotha is formed by the transection of the positive and negative nerve currents–designated in oriental phraseology as the Ida and Pingala.

Ms. Heline is bringing forth in her interpretation above only one aspect of the whole mythic picture. This same path of the body could be viewed in other mythic patterns of religious context. Nevertheless, all these patterns are genuine and reflect IN THE BODY our dynamic templates of co-creation.

In Elizabeth Van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse she writes about three mysteries which she sees to be presented to the world in the symbology within the Church of St. Magdalene at Renne-le-Chateau in France: “One relates to the symbol of the skull, another to the zodiac, and the third relates to the Science of Light which was possessed by the ancients.”

in issue 1 - 1992 of Temple Doors I write (in referring to these three mysteries):

We can clearly see these three mysteries contained within the mission of the Dweller Crystal Skulls: the zodiac in the twelve stars revolving around the head–the evolution of the higher centers, and the Science of Light being the full spectrum of divinity penetrating flesh, blood and bone (through the DNA) to resurrect the Eternal Light Race (new Adam Kadmon template).

As of 2008 the 12th Crystal Skull was projected into the LOTUS formation, opening the path for the 13th Living crystal Skull. See volume 3 - 2008 of Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron.

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